Chapter 96: Deity Eyes

As Fang Yimu Soul entered within Fang Tien’s body a strong flow of energy linked to his Du clan bloodline could be found, as she entered inside the deepest parts of his soul a black hole occupied the deepest regions, This black hole seemed to perform the opposite of a typical black hole as it rotated quietly, releasing massive amounts of the purest Spiritual energy.

“Such an untainted source of spiritual energy, this is comparable to a refined drop of an ancestor blood.” Fang Yimu Looked forwards in surprise, as energy this pure in a low-rank cultivator was unheard of.

“The source of his Du Clan bloodline is strongest here, Is this the entrance to his inheritance?”

As Fang Yimu walked forward she was willingly absorbed by the black hole, a world of deathly stillness greeted her upon recovering, this place was filled with primordial chaos energy, such energy can only normally be found at the deepest and purest ends of the universe.

“Dun, Dun, Dun” sounds of a heartbeat resonated within Fang Yimu’s mind as a golden aura covered her automatically, two yellow halo’s filled with angelic aura stood erect upwards as they rotated behind her back, these halo unlike her single one in the real world which rotated above her head appeared as two and stood straight as if they were two 0’s.

Her once jet black hair transformed into golden silky strands, a small parting appearing at the top her head as two small bones protruded outwards, these bones quickly grew flesh followed by feathers quickly populating them, these white feathers radiated with an angelic brilliance as they fully form, it was as if she grew two miniature dove wings on her head.

A once plain face had now changed beyond recognition as her beauty could only be described as otherworldly if anyone was to see her currently an impulsion of lowering ones head in shame would overcome them as if the act of viewing her was blasphemy towards a deity.

“I’ve been forcefully transformed?…something is resonating with my bloodline source.”

As Fang Yimu looked far and wide, despite her superb eyesight as at her level, even seeing someone

82.69 km away would be easy if she focused in her transformed state, but even so, this space seemed endless her only direction was the feeling of her bloodline being summoned by another source.

As Fang Yimu shifted through the void, each step taking her 50km ahead she appeared to be casually moving until eventually, she came upon another black hole, this black hole gave her a strong sense of comfort and danger, these two conflicting feelings perplexed her as she stood in front, hesitant to move forward.

“What is this, I can sense my destiny is tied with something inside but…I can also feel the end of it.”

“It’s unlikely for me to die in an inheritance but my premonitions are never wrong, am I at a cross-road in my destiny…?”

Fang Yimu head raised as her translucent blue eyes stared inside the black hole, a suffocating pressure as if something gripped her heart increased with each passing second, with a decisive step she disappeared within the black hole.

As Fang Yimu appeared within another space her eyes opened wide in shock, “Is this the eyes in his dream?”

Deep within this space floated an eyeball, surrounded by heavenly bodies and chained by stars!, Primal chaos qi filled the air as if the energy required to sustain this Eye could contain multiple words.

This Eye seemed so large that it could contain the entire universe, The stars that chained it appeared tiny in comparison as if they were flies orbiting the moon.

The pupil periodically emitted divine light, that seemed to shine upon all.

The pressure emitted from this light seemed like it could cut an immortal and grant true death! under such radiance all law seemed invalid, any dao or divine ability appeared futile in front of it, its imposing manner and grandiose size would make any being feel meek in front of it.

But what shocked Fang Yimu wasn’t the imposing stature of the eye, but rather the insignificant stars that chained it, “This is the source of what summoned me…Our Fangs taboo angelic sealing technique.”

“Did another bloodline inheriter awaken after my absence?…this .” As Fang Yimu walked the distance seemed endless, it was as if the Eye in front of her was in another plane as regardless of how she moved the distance would always be the same.

“A drop of my blood should work.”

With a thought, a small slit appeared on Fang Yimu’s head inside the hut, this blood was golden in color, the pressure it emitted was luckily contained as the energy was enough to destroy a continent.

“Tzzzzzz.” As a spatial tear appeared the drop of blood vanished within it, with her soul as a beacon the blood traveled through space and time.

“Bzzzzz” a spatial tear appeared inside the void which contained Fang Yimu’s soul and the colossal eye, as the blood fell within the palms of her hands, her golden brillance diming with it.

“With this, I can reactive who ever used our taboo technique, for a bloodline inheritor to willingly sacrifice themself..”

As Fang Yimu thought this the drop of blood floated from her hands, as it seemingly moved slowly through space the distance between it and the Giant eyeball closed, it was as if regardless of the distance within space and time nothing could hinder its movements.

“Boom!” As it got within range a deafening explosion rang out as the chains of stars shook and rocked, the giant Eyeball radiated with blinding purple radiance.

“Filthy angelic mongrel, do you dare to disturb my sanctuary?” a crystal clear voice reverberated inside the entire void.

As Fang Yimu Looked up a young boy seeming 9year old in appearance could be seen standing atop the eye, his eyes as if they were two purple gems appeared enchanting in nature, if Fang Tien was here he would be shocked because this young boy looked exactly the same as him.

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