Chapter 97: Essence of Space

Hearing this voice Fang Yimu looked up in surprise, as this young boy reminded her of Fang Tien.

His familiar star-shaped pupil and crystal-like purple eyes were are too familiar of the Du Clan bloodline.

“Are you Fang Tien?” Fang Yimu said as her thoughts wondered.

“Fang Tien?” As the young boy looked down upon Fang Yimu from afar his eyes and expression gave one the feeling of missing emotions, as if nothing in the world could change his stoic facial expression.

“My Name is Du Tien, mongrel why have you invaded the sanctuary of this Lord?” Du Tien said, his eyes shone dimly and seemed to be almost dispirited as if it were a ball of light whose energy was almost depleted.

“Du Tien?” Hearing this name a strange theory formed within Fang Yimu’s mind, “Are you the manifestation of Fang Tien’s Bloodline inheritance?”

Hearing that name Du Tien’s expression remained unchanged as if his face was eternally frozen”Fang Tien? I’ve already awakened my bloodline inheritance at birth, how could I be its will?”

This reply had shocked Fang Yimu as this explanation and his appearance meant that he was indeed Fang Tien but not the one she knew of, there have been stories of a person soul being split into two but such an occasion is rare and mostly unheard of, as most die shortly after, even more, rare and unheard of is someone as young as Du Tien surviving.

The Golden blood that floated midair wriggled as if trying to break free of some invisible constraints.

“Boom!” as a loud explosive sound rang out the drop of blood sped towards the colossal eyeball, its speed unimaginable as it broke through multiple space barriers and dimensions, cracks appearing in space as if it was a broken mirror, it was as if the Giant Eye was located inside a maze of mirrors as multiple space barriers shattered in its wake, as if the space itself was shedding its skin the spatial barriers broke down one by one as the drop of golden blood pierced through the void.

Even though the EyeBall appeared close at hand, it was really separated by countless spaces, if one were to attempt to travel normally to it an infinite amount of time would be taken, it was as if trying to walk from one end of the universe to the other end.

Looking at the golden blood’s display of power Du Tien seemed unimpressed and disinterested as if this feat meant nothing to him, “I’ve seen a similar blood inside my inheritance memories, to think even a bloodline as unpure as yours could produce a drop of real angelic blood.”

With his small hands stretched outwards Du Tien palms slowly gripped tightly as if his hands were trying to crush a ball.


The golden blood came to a halt as the space around it twisted, an immense pressure descended upon Fang Yimu causing her to cough up blood, a feeling as if someone was squeezing her heart came upon her as she looked towards Du Tien in surprise as she felt the aura of strange Dao, ” Dao of Space?”

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