Chapter 99: Good Night Du Tien

As Du Tien’s outstretched hands gripped the empty air, the space surrounding the golden drop of blood twisted unceasingly, as his eyes overlooked Fang Yimu from his commanding position atop the giant eye, she felt as if she was being viewed the same way one would a mosquito, as if she was an unneeded annoyance, though his facial expression remained unchanged and ever stoic Fang Yimu

couldn’t shake this thought from her mind.

“Bad human, you tried to revive mother? Mother said these stars were her way of protecting me.”

As Du Tien said this his other hands reached upwards as his fingers snapped, this motion was ordinary without any frightening function of power, void of any imposing manner and sense of danger, but while this motion seemed casual and without any might, slowly a feeling of death covered Fang Yimu, while her divine senses extended around the entire area no signs or source of this feeling of danger could be seen.

“BOOM, BOOM, BOOM!” an intensive sound of explosions rang out as the golden blood suddenly began to wriggle intensely as if each movement smashed against and shattered a great spatial barrier.

“I can see your true source, even if your real body is currently in a higher realm it won’t be able to escape.” Du Tien said calmly, his purple eyes dimly glowing as they covered Fang Yimu his eyes seeing pictures of another world and another Fang Yimu, once who’s power far surpasses the one in front of him, but his reaction stoic as if regardless of one’s strength he would always be uncaring.

“How?” These series of events lead Fang Yimu to a series of shock as they were unthinkable to her, as Du Tien’s words surprised her, not at their contents but his ability to see that, her current soul was indeed just a tiny fraction of her real soul which was located at a higher realm as she had ascended thousands of years ago but left behind a small incarnation of her spirit to practice a different form of cultivation as her main body had reached a bottleneck in its Dao path.

It was a common practice for those at a certain rank to try different forms of cultivating once stuck, some even forcefully reincarnate in hopes of achieving a higher rank, but such a drastic measure was unneeded to her.


“BANG!” An explosive sound rang out as a spatial tear the size the moon opened behind Fang Yimu, this tear created a large hole inside the void that reflected a world of lightning, inside this vast tear

Lightning fell in such abundance on would think they were raindrops, a vast ancient antiquity aura overflowed from inside this tear.

Floating inside this world an enormous bird could be seen, with just half its body visible through this giant tear one could imagine how large this bird was, as it moved through the skies the lightning seemed ineffective against it as its purple feathers seemed to just absorb each strike of lightning, it was as if it possessed an unquenchable thirst and the lightning was its oasis!

Suddenly the bird had vanished and a great eye blocked the tear, it was as if this eye the size of a moon filled the gap allowing only its purple enchanting pupils to be seen through the tear.

If a Du Clan member were to see this sight they would stare in amazement as this pupil looked the same as their Deity eyes shape.

“Angelic mongrel, you should be happy to be able to view upon my bloodlines true might.” Du Tien’s immature voice reverberated inside the void.

Angelic white feathers could be seen falling slowly inside the vast void where they stood, these feathers appeared seemingly out of nowhere but slowly fell from the above.

As Fang Yimu stared upon these eyes her body as if paralyzed by fear refused to move, such a thing was thought to be impossible for her as what scenery has her true body not seen? to be able to explore the vast universe and ascend to a higher realm with a weak dao heart was impossible, yet

her current body stood immobilized as she stared upon the eyes contained within the spatial tear.

“Its a pity you crossed the line, had you not tried to affect mother you could have humored me with your company.” Du Tien sighed as he looked down onto Fang Yimu, though his words sounded of one of regret his expression remained the same as always.

“BOOM!BOOM!BOOM!” As the Golden blood struggled an intense blinding light projected from it, this beam of light shot upwards as it pierced the void as if going to the heavens creating an opening within the above space.

Clouds the color of gold formed in the opening created by the great beam of light as an ethereal mantra reverberated, this unknown language of words spread far and wide, a Giant hand extended from the clouds as it forcefully closed the spatial tear created by Du Tien, as if this act consumed its strength this giant hand grew dim before vanishing into bright golden particles, these particles

ran through the void as if searching for an invisible item before shortly being absorbed by the golden blood.

“It destroyed all karmic threads of fate belonging to her? trying to stop me from finding her true body…” Du Tien looked at this uninterested as if it didn’t matter to him if she truly died or not.

As quickly as it had broken through from its confinements the golden blood engulfed Fang Yimu as it brought her upwards through the gap, which quickly closed, peace and quiet once again returned to this primordial covered space.

“Gone already? oh well, we can finally be at peace again mother.” Du Tien muttered as his small body curled up as his eyes looked upon the group of stars chaining the giant eye, a rare smile appearing on his face, with his thumb placed quietly inside his mouth he quickly dozed off.

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