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Chapter 1: The battle before the ancient times

Heaven and earth, the universe, the ancient and the present, the endless universe, the starlight of billion years old star and yesterday’s supernova-all of them are embellishing this eternal darkness.

A light pierced the dark curtains and broke the dead silence of the desolate star field.

Some small black trident battleship just left the space jump tunnel and flew away from that spot without stopping.

This starry sky, which has I don’t even know how many years remain undisturbed, lost its divine tranquility because of the warship’s departure.

A ray of light opened the black curtains, and nearly a thousand large and small warships sprang out like a colony of savaged bees.

“Order Carlos and Chen Dongping’s fleets to use their two wings and stop him at all costs!” said the federal general Chen Snow, while standing gloomily on the flagship command tower, issuing orders to the adjutants nearby.

When the order was released, two squads of fast fleets were separated from the main group, and the light and shadow disappeared into the darkness. Like a behemoth that lurks in the darkness, it opens its mouth with a bloody hunger and cruelly bit its prey.

The beam of death cuts the darkness, the fireworks of the missiles adorns the stars, and a black warship dances inside the fireworks, continuously passing by the light of death again and again.

“Can’t we really get rid of it yet!?”

In the black battleships main control room, a man in his twenties, wearing a dark nano battle suit, sat in front of the console with his legs crossed, watching the red dot approaching something on the screen, listening to the sharp alarm.

“The second turret has been damaged, does it start its automatic repair?”

“The six’s turret was destroyed and cannot be repaired!”

“The port side external armor is off by 80%, is the energy shield on?”

“Alert, Alert, failure of the No. 3 power turbine, energy output dropped to 30%, please repair as soon as possible!”

Along with the vibrations and the series of alarms, there was no good news at all, as if death was slowly whispering to you sound by sound.

However, there was no panic on the face of the young man, there was only harsh self-deprecating laugh.

“Ye Zan, giving you the last chance, hand over the secret key of Ye Family, you can still have a chance to live!”

An external communication forced access turned on and the federal general, Chen Snow, appeared on a screen. He had a proud look on his face as if everything were under control.

Ye Zan did not answer at all, but looked at a jade card in his hand, as he said to himself: “Is it here though?”

Three years ago, Ye Zan, the young master of the Ye clan, got this jade card in the earth’s ancestral land and found that there is a will, or soul, hidden in that jade card. It is a soul from another world, where people have magical powers and walks a completely different path.

Two years ago, the Ye family launched the inter-dimensional space storage technology, which became the top new technology of the Star Alliance. With this technology, the Ye family also ranked number 1 among all the wealthy families and it made people outraged just watching the Ye family’s prosperity and growth.

A year ago, the federal government forced the Ye’s trans-dimensional space storage technology under supervision, and the Ye family’s wealth shrank in half.

Half a year ago, the Ye family was accused of leaking federal secrets and allegedly stealing federal scientific research techniques. The top ten giants, the top 100 families, unrestrained pressure on the Ye family, Ye family’s glory was destroyed in the blink of an eye.

“What are you talking about, yes, it is here, as long as you insert the key…” Chen Snow was losing his nuts but he still tried to convince Ye Zan.

Ye Zan looked up and watching Chen Snow on the screen with a smile on his face and said, “Goooooodbye!”

“What!!?” Chen Snow stunned.

However, with Ye Zan’s “goodbye”, the communication was cut off, and suddenly there was just a lonely “beep” among the stars.

The sound could not have been transmitted throughout the universe, but everyone heard it at the same time. It seems to ring in the ear, in the depths of the soul, very clear, nothing could cover it up.

What is that!?

A tall figure stood in the sky, standing in the starry sky, wearing a weird robe, a strange hat on his head, and a long white stalk on his chest, holding a long sword.

With the appearance of this figure, some other figures also emerged around it, there were skeletons with white bones, giant beasts with fierce flames, and women with charms of all beings…

Every figure was bigger than a warship on this starry sky. Those warships, like the small boats that are gallivanting across the sea, are involuntarily pushed by layers of waves to make a big mess, even if the power is fully operated, it will not help.

Only the black warship of Ye Zan had a faint stream of light on its surface, which allowed it to stop at the same place.

“YO”-screamed someone.

The tall figure in the middle finally moved, and the sword in his hand slammed into the beast in front of him, such as a sword splitting the heavens and the earth. Where the sword light passed, dozens of warships disintegrated in an instant, bursting out in fire, telling everyone that this is not a holographic image but a deadly threat.

“This… What is this!?” The scene in the sky has completely shocked Chen Snow’s mind!

“Is this the power of the world?” In the black battleship, Ye Zan was unable to suppress the excitement, holding the jade card in his hand.

The battle has started!

Wearing a white bone as the crown, sitting on the throne made of bones, gently raising a finger, waking up countless monsters, billiards of monsters. Countless white bone beasts jumped out of that bone-sea, forming a giant wave- SMASH, and the passing by battleship was crushed.

The sky was empty until thousands of thunders started to dance among the stars. A tiger-shaped behemoth, with wings and a single horn on its head, appeared from nowhere. It was surrounded by purple thunder and lightning, and its wings seem to be as long as the horizon.

An amazing woman wearing a glamorous dress appeared in the sky. She was holding a jade pipa, and while she was picking the strings, the melody of her music was coming straight into the ears of the people.

Some strange figures were accompanying her. They were carrying torches-like artifacts.

And after a while-they burned out the sky! The flames devastated the sky, the stars were falling down, and each second some planets were dying.

And there was a person among them, holding a long sword in his left hand, and when he swings it, the sword would penetrate hundreds of millions of miles, and thousands of demons would be cut into powder.

The left hand shook a little bell in it and then in the blink of an eye it`s resonation destroyed the star, collapsed supernova.

The right hand of that mysterious warrior was holding a scroll, and when he unfolded it-the huge waves of illuminous light rushes into the starry sky, and everything floated in that light.

The Interstellar Era never lacks wars, there have always been some fights.

Thousands of warships were fighting among the stars, and the scope of the battlefield was far beyond the eyes.

 However, the scene in front of the monster annihilating the stars still makes everyone feel astonished, and the souls of each person beholding that scene were shaking.

“ABORT! RETREAT!” – Chen Snow screamed loudly. Although his flagship is at the edge of the battle, the battle was getting bigger and bigger, and it was impossible to hold and chill.

Under the command of the flagman ship, more than a dozen warships on the periphery quickly jumped into the light-space and rushed far away from the battlefield. However, the warships within the battlefield had no escape, under the turbulent power fluctuations, the power of no resistance was turning them all into ash.

In the blink of an eye, only the battleship of Ye Zan was left in this star field. Under the protection of his power shield, it seems to be in another space-time dimension, without being affected by it.

In the battleship’s main control room, Ye Zan had stood up and was quietly watching the battle that was outraging outside. Each figure was destroyed, broken like a foam bubble, and the monster in the middle was also seriously injured, the bronze bell was broken, the longhorn was torn, and the sword was cut into half.

Suddenly, that monster glanced at Ye Zan.

Ye Zan knew that it was millions of light years away, but it felt like Ye Zan was looking in a mirror.

He scanned the information of the jade card, raised his hand and decisively pressed the start button of the battleship, and the program that had already been set up forced the power of the battleship to be released.

While watching these people, Ye Zan was concentrating the light sphere in his hand.

The light sphere was dazzling and seems like it could take out all the light, sweep away all the dark, even the supernova explosion was nothing comparing to it.

In the blink of an eye, the whole surrounding was swallowed by this light sphere, and the infinite Thunder sounds were soaked by it.

Several figures were not strong enough, and they were drowned with the endless light within a moment.

 It’s time now!

 The black battleship slammed into the light sphere.


Everything went back to silence. 

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