Chapter 10

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“How will you do it?”

“Don’t ask. Read the pledge and decide whether to accept it or not.”

I can’t explain what it is, but it will develop my skills at more than double the rate of growth. The two men were perplexed by the proposal.

No, to be exact, Kang Yoo-sik was just pretending to be embarrassed, and he knew everything.

‘Authentic Skill-Leader, a morale skill that shows potential and can double the growth rate for those who agree to use it.’

It is still a secret, but in the future before my return seven years later, the Sungjin Military Academy will become the world’s best incubator, and Namgoong will be inaugurated as the deputy head of the institute and announce this skill in public.

Considering that the Sungjin Military Academy has never come down from its top position since then, there is no need to explain how great the effect of the skill is.

‘There is a side effect.’

The skill-leader will not only affect the growth of the body but also the growth of the ‘personality’, although the party, Namgoong Ryun, is not aware of it yet.

There was an inherent risk of a person’s extreme change, and there was the incident in which an S-level hunter was turned into a disastrous devil. 

‘It was really noisy back then.’

The group of hunters who had been taught by Namgoong Ryun was investigated. Then, the kidnappings of terrorist groups in detention, and the activities of the tracking team led by Kim Jin-hyuk, Kumkang Shingum.

As each and every major incident was serious, newspapers and the Internet was so hot about it that Kang Yoo-sik was naturally well informed.

“Will do.”

And I knew how to use it.

“……will it be all right?”

Kang Yoo-sik nodded at Kim Jin-hyuk who asked with a slightly worried look.

“No problem. The written oath tells us not to say anything. You don’t have to do it if you think it’s weird.”


“And I’m sure this will also affect the fact that there have been outstanding students under Mr. Namgoong Ryun. If we don’t accept it, then we’re only the losers.”

In fact, the number of students who are benefiting will be small, but Kang Yoo-sik continued to encourage Kim Jin-hyuk because Kang would be in trouble without Kim.

Then Kim Jin-hyuk agonized for a long time and soon nodded.

“I’ll do it.”

“Okay, let’s sign it right away.”

The two immediately signed the oath, and a blue light came out of the writing and was sucked into their bodies.

[The pledge ‘secrecy’ has been applied.]

[All stats will be reduced by 50% if you break the agreement.]

A system notification came indicating that the pledge was done, and Namgoong Ryun took the pledges and put them on his desk.

“Okay, then I’ll explain to you what the training is.”

Namgoong Ryun explained his unique skill, the leader, and then released all the information through the system notifications.

Kim Jin-hyuk, who was a little anxious, also heard the story and understood why Namgoong Ryun tried to let them keep the secret, and immediately went into use.

“Then let’s go.”

Namgoong Ryun, who went behind the two, put his hands on each shoulder, and a system window rose before his eyes a moment later.

[Do you want to authorize the launch of the authentic skill ‘Leader’?]

“I grant permission.”


At the same time as the permission was given, hot energy flowed in through Namgoong Ryun’s hand, and there was the feeling of something boiling inside the body.

And at that moment, I felt my whole body creaking and my muscles stretching to the point of stiffness.

[Skill ‘Kumkang Seonggol (+F)’ skill level rises.]

[The effect of the skill ‘Kumkang Seonggol (+E)’ is activated. Muscle strength, stamina stats increase to 70.]

The level of the skill Kumkang Seonggol has risen by one notch, and the total stats of muscle strength and stamina rose by 48 in a single stroke.

Kang Yoo-sik, who had never thought that the stats would rise, looked slightly surprised.

‘Kumkang Seonggol has such an effect……Oh, that’s it.’

A growth-type skill that evolves with the stats.

In other words, there existed the figures required to reach each level, and this time the skill level went up first, and in reverse, the stats went up to that minimum at once.

‘Kim Jin-hyuk wouldn’t have known about this before.’

When Kang Yoo-sik had an interesting expression unexpected of the Kumkang Seonggol skill.

‘You son of a bitch…’

Namgoong Ryun, who looked down at him, had an incredible look on his face.

The leader skill is only drawing natural potential out quickly. It couldn’t create the original potential. 

That’s why Namgoong Ryun taught only talented people with great potential, and never thought his choice was wrong. 

This is because he had never heard of the potential growth and thought it was impossible. 

‘It’s getting better.’

However, Kang Yoo-sik has increased his potential. 

His level of silver class before and now is unchanged, but it is a change in the potential considered to be immutable! 

‘No, no, no. It can’t be. I can’t believe his potential is growing. That is ridiculous.’ 

For Namgoong Ryun who did not know the existence of growth-type skills, Kang Yoo-sik’s change was an incomprehensible phenomenon and he naturally began to deny it, bringing different reasons.

‘Yes, it’s because I haven’t seen it right before. I wasn’t interested back then.….’

Otherwise, this would be impossible. Namgoong Ryun, who denied what had happened before him, shook his head strongly and returned to his seat.

“Since it’s been activated properly, go to the classroom first and wait!” 

Namgoong Ryun almost kicked the two out, and Kang Yoo-sik, who was pushed out, looked at the door with a suspicious look on his face.

‘What’s wrong with him all of sudden?’ 

Perhaps he was surprised that Kim Jin-hyuk’s potential was better than expected. 

When Kang Yoo-sik had a mysterious look on his face. Kim Jin-hyuk, who was standing next to him, muttered in a slightly excited voice, “Yoo, Yoo-sik. I have two, two skills!” 

“What skill?”

“They’re both B-levels, but acceleration vision and foresight. What kind of skills they are…….” 

‘Accelerated Evasion’ accelerates the body when dodging, and “Foresight ” allows one to see the enemies’ moves three steps in advance. 

Both of them were skills that were treated as A-levels, but Kang Yoo-sik, who heard the names, looked a little strange. 

‘Did Kim Jin-hyuk have that kind of skill?’

Kim Jin-hyuk did not disclose all the information before returning, but he did not hide skills below the A level.

That’s why the B-level skill should have been remembered clearly, but somehow neither acceleration evasion nor foresight came to mind. 

‘……So what.’ 

Kim Jin-hyuk changed since Kang took out the Kumkang Seonggol skill from him, and what was important was how much debt Kang could increase.

Kang Yoo-sik, who shook off the useless thoughts, tapped Kim Jin-hyuk on the shoulder as he continued to talk excitedly. 

“Let’s talk about the skills later and go to the classroom first. Class will start soon.” 

“Oh, it is. Then I’ll show you the skill later when I get used to it.” 

“Okay. I look forward to it.”

Kang Yoo-sik, who answered without sincerity, immediately took Kim Jin-hyuk to Namgoong Ryun’s lecture room on the second floor of the Gold Class main building. 

It may be because of the mood, but the doors were heavier than other classrooms. 

When other students cringed as they passed by, they seemed to feel an unknown pressure from it. 

“Let’s get in.”

Kang Yoo-sik opened the door under the pressure and entered a spacious and colorful lecture room that was incomparable to the main Silver Class building.


And the pressure weighed on Kang’s body as if it was planned. 

An advanced operation method that adds mana to the intangible will crush the opponent. This power, which was more sensible than the amount of mana, was a kind of greeting.

You can’t stand this much, can you? A greeting exchanged among elites in the same way. It was also a pre-emptive pressure for others to bow down on their own. 


Kim Jin-hyuk, who knew nothing in that area, couldn’t move with an embarrassed look, and Kang Yoo-sik looked down at his body, which was pressed down. 

‘There must be a very naughty young wacko.’

Kang couldn’t believe that guy was crushing Kang with all his power. There seemed to be someone who didn’t want to take classes with Silver Class students.

‘Then I don’t need to ignore it.’ 

He didn’t avoid such challenges, but he had to respond to them in order for them to like him.

Kang Yoo-sik, who moved the mana inside his body, let go of the pressure that was being weighed down and put the mana in his palm, recalling the magic formula that would not have yet been developed in this era.

And then he clapped his hands together.


With a cheerful sound, a stream of mana spread throughout the classroom.


A smiling man sitting in his seat threw up his breath with his eyes wide open, sweating, and clutching his chest.

Counter magic was created to relieve the same pressure as before. Without defense, he would suffer such a setback in his mana, but he was enduring well. That’s why he was chosen by Namgoong Ryun. 

“Argh……you…… How dare…….” 


Kang Yoo-sik was purely impressed by the arrogant guy staring at him with his teeth tightly clenched, even though his mana was twisted. 

Clap, clap, clap—!

A warm round of applause was given to the outstanding ability. 

“Argh…… Argh…….” 


The guy, who had endured it, fell on the floor with foam in his mouth, and there was a heavy silence in the classroom about what happened in the blink of an eye. 

Kang Yoo-sik, who saw the subtle glances toward him, looked around the face of students who were going to take the class together. 

“I look forward to your kind cooperation.” 

He gave the most gentle smile he could have.


Ban Kyeong-hoon, who lost the battle against Kang Yoo-sik and was transferred to the clinic, took sick leave the next day and missed class. 

There was no injury on his body as the sparring ground system worked well, but he couldn’t get out of the room. 

‘You owe me today.’ 

Every time he thought of the voice, his whole body was drained of strength, and the sound of the fingers bouncing echoed like an auditory hallucination.

Had it not been for school here, and without the magic of the Sparring Hall, he would have died there horribly.

Whenever he recalled the fact, he lost his confidence in facing Kang Yoo-sik, and his head was filled with the thought of wanting to run away. 

‘I can’t get any more involved.’ 

Ban Kyeong-hoon would have played against other people, he could have said something like his parents would do it back. But he couldn’t do so against Kang Yoo-sik.

Because Kang threatened him to burn his eyes blind and his fear caused by his debt level totally destroyed his will to resist. 

‘Yes, I’m taking a leave of absence. I will tell my parents and take a leave of absence until he gets into second grade…….’ 

The moment Ban Kyeong-hoon, whose head was full of running away, just grabbed his cell phone to make a call. 


The door was ripped open.

Ban looked at the man who came into the room with a surprised look on his face. 

Snake-white eyes with torn ends that could shrink anyone just by facing each other. It was a tattoo of a black snake climbing up the neck. 

“Hi, brother……?”

Ban Kyeong-hoon opened his eyes wide when he saw his brother Ban Ki-chan visit. 


The fist hit Ban Kyeong-hoon right in his face. 


Ban Kyeong-hoon, who scattered his nosebleed, rolled over the floor, and Ban Ki-chan, who saw the scene, approached him with frowns and grabbed him roughly by his hair. 

“I’m calling this my brother. Shit…… What the fuck.” 

“Bro, brother…”

“Shut up, asshole. I’m so embarrassed.” 

Replying nervously, Ban Ki-chan looked down at his brother who was bleeding and groaning. 

Then he asked with cold eyes, “Blab everything about that Kang Yoo-sik.”

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