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Chapter 10: Options for Success (5)

 If it was a regular downswing, it could’ve been blocked. If he didn’t have Jensen’s memories, if he only had Lucas’ memories… Oban would’ve jumped back before the sword reached him.

But this was Jensen’s downswing.

A downswing without any defects as far as Baan could tell.

The sword made a perfect arc, enough for Baan to not feel a speck of wind resistance, and it didn’t give Oban a moment of hesitation. A lightning strike like sword flashed in the darkness, and the next moment the scent of blood came forth.

“…Ha phhh, ha….”

Oban opened and closed his mouth like he wanted to say something. But Baan’s shortsword had already split open Oban’s lungs. Oban looked down at his chest with great difficulty and spit out his last blood foamed breath.

That was his last moment. Baan pushed his foot against Oban’s body and pulled out his sword. He didn’t have a moment to rest on his first kill. He quickly ran towards Dolby.

“Are you ok?”

“…D, do you, phhh, think I’m ok?”

“Wait a moment. Dumbass. You call this keeping pressure?”

Baan tore part of his pants and made bandages. After wrapping Dolby’s midsection in the ragtag bandages, he looked a little better than before.

“I’m ok… go.”

Dolby mumbled out. Baan gave a small smile and said.

“Don’t talk like you’re about to die. You won’t die so easily from a small hole in your stomach. Looks like it missed the organs. You’re like a child crying about a little bit of blood.”

“Listen to what you’re saying when your friend is injured…!”

“Ok. Ok. Don’t get excited. You might actually die.”

He said it lightly, but Dolby needed treatment. Some medication to stop his wounds from being infected, and a good doctor in a clean setting.

But for now…

‘Sir WooRyong… doesn’t seem like he needs help. GintNell as well. The captain is doing ok… Vice Captain.’

Goad looked like he was in a bit of a pinch. Fortunately, he had no major injuries, but he had minor injuries all over his body that gave an impression that he was just holding on.

WooRyong and GintNell’s fight gave off the impression that he could do nothing to help. When they swung their sword and fists, trees were felled and stones flew, enough to make Baan wonder if his sword would be of any help.

‘Let’s start with someone I can help.’

Baan ran towards Goad. His body was tired, and his heartbeat enough to explode.

It wasn’t so bad.


“Any last words?”

WooRyong voice rang coldly.

It was a tough battle. Dolby had an injury on his stomach, Goad lost his left eye. And the rest were covered in blood from big and small scratches.

But it was ok. The victory was theirs. Sonad sneered and laughed. His arms and legs were already torn as though chewed through by wild animals. No chance of retaliation.

“Woo…Ryong. Are you proud of this Kingdom?”

“I’m not proud, but I don’t hate them. I don’t want to rebel like you.”

“You don’t know anything. You…”

“Ok. Is that all you have to say?”

“…For the rebels.”


GintNell’s sword embedded in Eeser’s heart. WooRyong let out an exhausted sigh. The injuries that ought to have healed were opened again and bleeding.

“I’ll treat you.”

“What? Oh yeah. You used to be an apothecary.”

“Not enough to call myself an apothecary but…”


Baan undid WooRyong’s bandages and rubbed medicinal herbs on the wounds. WooRyong saw that and smirked.

“Good job. I thought I might have to finish fast and help the others but turns out it was the opposite.”

“…I didn’t offer any help though.”

“Just standing by and having your sword ready is a big help. Because of that, Sonad’s movements were diminished.”

In that respect, Baan was the most distinguished in this battle. As soon as he finished Oban, he stuck his sword into the back of the rebel Goad was facing, and that was enough of a catalyst to hand them victory.

“If it was six instead of five…it would’ve been tough.”

“It’s very possible. Battle is always swayed by the small things… You said this was your first real battle?”

“Oh, I did.”

“You did a good job for your first time. I expect big things for your future.”

WooRyong patted Baan on his shoulders. Baan tightened WooRyong bandages and said.

“Take care to not let your bandages loosen. The medicine I put on only sterilizes and stops the bleeding. For it to be healed, it’ll take at least a week.”


WooRyong smiled widely. Baan was about to turn and leave. Upon seeing his back, WooRyong asked Baan with a peculiar look.

“That sword… it’s not one I have seen before. Did you take it?”

“Oh, yeah.”

Baan touched the sword on his back and said. It was a longsword.

“I liked this. This sword.”


[You are holding the sword of ‘A swordsman exploring Ki’.]

Material: Steel

Quality: Normal

Owner: Oban (2 star)

Memory Preservation Rate: Low

Note: It is a longsword with a good balance. It is made of well-tempered steel, so it won’t break easily.

‘Surprising that he’s not 3 stars.’

Last trip. Atop his horse, Baan stroked the sword he took from Oban.

He thought the ‘Ki’ he was talking about was the requirement for 3 stars but was it not. Or was it because he couldn’t fully control ki that he was still at 2-star level. From not being able to use the stab so often, it wasn’t out of the question.

‘I would’ve been better if the Knights used swords.’

But the opponents of Aidan and Goad were both 2 stars like Oban, and the Knight GintNell faced used a pole. WooRyong’s opponent Sonad… his sword was demolished just like his arms and legs.

Its fortunate he was able to get one sword. And continuing from that thought, Baan looked over to his back. Dolby didn’t look so good atop his horse.

“You ok?”

“…I don’t feel too good.”

“Nothing much can be done since you’re injured and having to ride. Just be paitient.”


“Hehe, so how is it. Are you giddy thinking about how you’ll be a ranch owner with Yuri?”

“Why. Jealous? Why don’t you just come to the ranch then.”

“Hmm. It doesn’t sound bad once I’m old. But not now.”

“…You were making fun of me because I sound like a geezer right?”

“Think like that if you want to. You’re not completely wrong.”

Dolby sighed seeing Baan make his sick smile. If he had to deal with Baan any longer he thought his injuries would get worse.

“Oh yeah. Captain.”

“What is it.”

“… Do you know what ‘ki’ is?”

“It’s impossible to not know.”

Aidan answered simply and nodded. At those words, Baan asked again excitedly.

“Are you able to utilize it? What is it? The guy we were against, he became super-fast when he used the thing called ki…”

“If he only became fast, he wasn’t using it properly. Normally, he would’ve been faster, stronger, sharper, and heavier. Even if the two of you deal with him properly, it wouldn’t have been possible to deal with him.”

“…Like how Sir WooRyong swung that tree?”

“It’s a little different from that… but you could say its similar. Why. Do you want to learn?”

“Of course! Is it something you can learn?”

“No. It’s not something you can learn. Its something you achieve.”

“… Whats the difference?”

Aidan laughed lightly and changed the subject.

“Look in front of you. Seems like we’re here.”

The Cho family castle gates were standing before them.


The Cho family land was an unusual village. It was the first time he was in an eastern town, but it felt completely different because of the tiled roofs and people wearing robes and gowns.

“…It’s my first time outside the village.”

“Me too.”

“Shut up you hicks. You’re embarrassing me.”

Goad muttered upon seeing Dolby and Baan so moved. But even he was busy looking around the Cho family land.

“You’re definitely from the east. The people look similar to you yeah?”

Dolby looked and Baan and said. Even the lack of double eyelids, and the straight black hair. Everything was similar.

He wondered if they would have to meet the head of the family in his office right away, but thankfully it didn’t happen. They unpacked in rooms so splendid that it wouldn’t even have occurred in their imaginations.

Nobody besides the maids looked for them. It wasn’t boring. WooRyong grilled them hard to ‘think about what you want as your wish’, that they all were busy thinking about what the best wish would be.

But when it was about to become boring, Baan swung ‘Oban’s sword. It was a little uncomfortable learning from an opponent he killed, but it wasn’t the standard for a bad swordsmanship and a good swordsmanship.

[Your current level is 2 stars. Memory Recall adjusted to ‘High’.]

[Training Required.]

‘The stab from that time…’

Even though he tried to do the same movements, he couldn’t feel the thing called ki. Maybe it was possible once he fully understood Oban’s swordsmanship.

The answer should come to him through training. Baan needed to have his clothes cleaned multiple times from the sheer amount of sweat. The maids, and even the Cho family members in the training grounds were talking about him.

And it was then.

Finally, the Cho family head called them.

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