Chapter 14

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“I’d like to take you inside.” 

When he follows a giant, who introduced himself as a manager, into the club, two of the guards at the entrance naturally follow him to block the exit. 

At that skillful move, Kang smiled and looked at the hall of the club where the music was playing loudly.

‘It’s still 6 o’clock. The location is good, so there are many customers.’

The Black Snake Guild seems to be excellent at running business. 

Kang Yoo-sik looked around meticulously like a tenant who came to see the building, and the manager and guards around him looked curious. 

‘Is this guy stupid?’ 

‘I’ve never seen such a tactless man like this.’

‘What is he thinking..….’

Usually, when someone is surrounded like this, he gets nervous, but Kang was just snooping around like he came here to play. 

The manager and guards, who were nervous that he might be trying to run away, looked giddy, and moved with Kang Yoo-sik surrounded. 

He opened the door protected well and went down the dark stairs to the second floor. 

After passing through the VIP room with various sounds, another passage appeared through the iron gate inside.

‘Huh. Look at this..….’ 

They might have built quite an interesting facility inside the club. While Kang Yoo-sik was looking around, the end of the passage was near, and the scenery inside was immediately visible.

The Sparring Hall in the center and the table surrounding it. Seeing its familiar form, Kang Yoo-sik opened his eyes wide. 

‘Underground fighting field?’

About five years from now, an active attraction and gambling street in the underground economy. That’s already built in the club of the Black Snake Guild. 

It’s not known who started it first……. Was it these bastards?  

He wondered if they were just normal because there weren’t many memories of the Black Snake Guild, but they weren’t. 

When Kang Yoo-sik was looking at it with an interesting expression.

“This way.” 

Ban Ki-chan waved at the table just in front of the Sparring Hall. Kang Yoo-sik, who approached him with his managers and guards, looked curious. 


“Ban Ki-chan, a brother of the guy you beat before.”

Ban Ki-chan, who tapped Ban Kyeong-hoon on the shoulder with his head down next to him, twisted his mouth. 

His cooling snake eyes and a black snake tattoo on his neck. Kang Yoo-sik smiled inwardly at the familiar appearance.

‘You’re a thug.’

Kang had been sick and tired of dealing with such a person before his return. Kang Yoo-sik smiled at his familiar appearance.

“You’re Ban Kyeong-hoon’s elder brother. Are you here to see sparring today?” 

“Yes, just in case he’s in trouble.” 

With Ban Ki-chan lying without blinking an eye, Kang Yoo-sik glanced at Ban Kyeong-hoon sitting next to him and sat at the table opposite him. 

Then leaned back and asked leisurely. 

“Then will you proceed with the sparring?”

“……it cannot be called a proceed. I’m just pointing it out.” 

Ban Ki-chan, who wriggled his eyes at the sight of relaxed Kang Yoo-sik, stretched his hand to the side. 

Then a guild member waiting handed me a piece of paper, and Ban Ki-chan put it straight on the table. 

“It is a pledge not to hold you responsible for the wounds you suffered during the sparring today. It is written below that you and this guy are both eligible, and that if you win the 500 million promised, you will get paid.”

The contents of the pledge were exactly the same as Ban Ki-chan’s story, and Kang Yoo-sik picked up the ballpoint pen set by the manager next to him. 

“You’re not going to be lying about it later?” 

“You are complicated…… Then I’ll sign first.” 

Ban Ki-chan signed the pledge as if he had no hesitation, followed by Ban Kyeong-hoon. Kang Yoo-sik, who saw the two of them for a while, then signed the pledge.

And Ban Ki-chan, who saw the figure, smiled thickly and took it like he snatched the pledge. 

“Now, then, writing the pledge is over, and shall we begin?” 


Standing up, Kang Yoo-sik took off his jacket, and Ban Ki-chan, who saw him, told a guild member standing next to him. 

“Tell him to come in.”


At the same time as Ban Ki-chan’s talking, the door on the other side of the entrance was roughly opened, and a sports-haired man, who was about 2m 30cm tall, walked inside. 

Like Ban Ki-chan, a man with a black snake tattoo on his neck. Kang Yoo-sik opened his eyes wide at the hideous appearance. 


“Who is it? He is the one you will be fighting with.”


Ban Ki-chan twisted his mouth at the embarrassed Kang Yoo-sik. 

Then he grabbed the pledge in his hand and pulled it slightly to the side. 


Then, a piece of paper that seemed to be one page fell off, and the contents of the pledge that had been covered were properly revealed.

The area where Ban Kyeong-hoon was supposed to fight disappeared neatly and the scope of the injury was extended to death. 

A method of concealing contents by placing special paper on top of a contract or pledge. One of the dirty tricks rampant in the black world has completely changed the content of the game. 


The iron gate at the entrance was heavily closed, and guards everywhere surrounded the area. 

Ban Ki-chan leaned against the sofa and looked up at Kang Yoo-sik in a moment of siege.

“If you give up the fight, the amount you have to pay us is one billion Won. If you don’t pay us within a week, we’ll run in the form of debt. What, conscientiously, about 24 percent a year?”

1 billion Won and 24 percent of annual interest. It was like tearing an organ out of sight, but there was no way to refuse it. 

Because as soon as he goes against that pledge, a penalty by pledge will be applied. 

“……did you intend to do this from the start?”

“Of course, it’s obvious he’s going to lose. Does it make sense to fight again for 500 million won?” 


Ban Ki-chan, who hit Ban Kyeong-hoonon the back of his head, looked up with a smile. Kang Yoo-sik bit his lips and spat out. 

 “I can check CCTVs…….” 

“Oh, there’s a problem now and we are checking it. I don’t know what’s wrong with it, but ‘fortunately’ there’s nothing left in the hours that’s happened around here.”

There will be no record of Kang’s visit to the Black Snake today, meaning that even if he dies here, he will be treated as missing. 

‘This is why I can’t quit.’ 

The moment he accepted the offer, he belatedly realized that it had already been swallowed from the tip of his toes.

Ban Ki-chan twisted his mouth as he looked so cheerful, and Kang Yoo-sik looked forward while looking around.

“That’s right.” 

Ugh! Snap!

The eerie sound of a head burst and a broken rib rang out, and what was a manager and guards who were blocking Kang’s back broke down. 

Then the guard who killed the two showed his face, taking off his sunglasses with his bloody hands. 

 “Lee, Lee Hyun-chang?”

Ban Ki-chan shouted with an incredible look at the appearance of a guard standing behind Kang Yoo-sik, Lee Hyun-chang. Why did he appear here, a teacher at the Sungjin Military Academy?! 

Ban Ki-chan opened his mouth looking at Kang Yoo-sik, the main culprit, with a surprised look on his face. 


The sparks of fire pierced his mouth. 


Bang bang!

Ban Ki-chan rolled over with pain in his tongue and throat, and the table flipped over. 

“Kill them!!”

Only after Ban Ki-chan was attacked, guilders, who realized for sure that the situation was wrong, rushed toward Lee Hyun-chang and Kang Yoo-sik. 

He was soon promoted to B-level hunter and was loyal to Ban Ki-chan. 

“Kill who?”


His neck was snapped at once at an angle that it could not return at the hands of Lee Hyun-chang. 


The strongest guild member laid on the floor without even fighting properly, and the guilders who saw it turned pale. 

Even if they are the same B-level hunters, there is an overwhelming gap between him, who is about to be promoted, and Lee Hyun-chang, who had experienced in the dungeon for several years. 

“Please kill them all so that they don’t get upset.”

“……I see.”

Lee Hyun-chang, who answered dissatisfiedly, rushed at the guild members and crushed them at once, brutally breaking their bones. 

Satisfied with the unilateral massacre, Kang Yoo-sik turned his head and looked at Ban Ki-chan, who had fallen on the floor. 


Though the power of ignition skill was not that strong, Ban Ki-chan had already come to his senses, but he looked at Kang with a look of fear that he had lost his will to fight.

The perfect plan was suddenly shattered and all the guilders who would protect him were dying, so it could be natural. 

‘This is the best time.’ 

Everything seemed to be going his way. He was happy, but he was embarrassed when everything went wrong. 

Kang Yoo-sik grinned and approached him with a cheerful look that had never changed. 

“Don’t come…….” 


The flame burned his right eye, and Ban Ki-chan rolled on the floor. 


It will end up as a momentary pain in the sparring hall, but in this place where such magic does not exist, the pain of burns continues to be felt. 

Of course, considering Ban Ki-chan’s stats at the top of the gold class, he may ignore them and continue the battle, but he is not able to move properly because he has no experience. 

Kang Yoo-sik, who looked down at the scene as if he was pathetic, picked up the pledge that fell on the floor. 

“You. You didn’t read this pledge properly, did you?”

“What does that mean…….”

Ban Ki-chan’s face, which he didn’t understand, suddenly hardened. 

In this mess, his brother, who was standing next to Kang Yoo-sik, was the only one who had not worn any harm. Because he found Ban Kyeong-hoon. 

“If the opponent presents a proxy, Kang Yoo-sik can also present a proxy, it says.” 

“No way……Ban Kyeong-hoon, you son of bitch……how, how can you betray your family, you scumbag!!”

Ban Kyeong-hoon’s face was distorted by Ban Ki-chan’s cries, which seemed to vomit blood, and he shouted in his voice, filled with anger. 

“I told you not to touch it! Let’s just not get tangled up, I just told you to ignore it, but why force me to send a letter to make this happen!”

Ban Ki-chan started this thinking that he could easily handle with Kang Yoo-sik, but Ban was different. 

Fear of Kang Yoo-sik, produced by debt ratings, and hostility to Ban Ki-chan, who only tries to exploit himself, ignoring himself.

A mixture of those two emotions, Ban Kyeong-hoon betrayed Ban Ki-chan and went to Kang Yoo-sik. 

“You……you stupid…….” 

“Oh. That’s it.” 


Kang Yoo-sik, who pressed Ban Ki-chan’s neck with his foot to shut his mouth up, looked at Ban Kyeong-hoon. 

“All his associates have been cleared up, and now all I have to do is to kill Ban Ki-chan?”

“Argh……wait, wait a minute. What…….” 

Ban Ki-chan’s eyes widened when he heard that he was going to kill, and Ban Kyeong-hoon nodded facing Kang Yoo-sik while shaking his whole body. 

“Yes, yes…… Hurry to kill him.” 

“Hmm. Isn’t that a little too much, though? He’s your brother.” 

“He will kill me one day……! We have to make sure to get this done!”

They looked like enemies rather than brothers. Kang Yoo-sik thinks for a moment about Ban Kyeong-hoon’s cry. He looked down at the Ban Ki-chan below his feet. 

“But come to think of it, I think it’s better to save this guy than kill.” 

The sudden story made the two brothers’ eyes wide open, and Kang Yoo-sik calmly continued his words. 

“He failed, but he is smart and talented, isn’t he? They’re both trash anyway, so it’s better to save the good ones.” 


Ban Kyeong-hoon looked really embarrassed at the sudden situation, and Ban Ki-chan, who recognized it, shouted quickly. 

“That’s, that’s right! I’m going to do much better than him, so give me one more chance!” 

“…can you really do well?” 

“Yes, I will, so please give me a chance……!”

Ban Ki-chan’s heart beat violently in the rope that came down in front of him, and Kang Yoo-sik, who saw it, raised his head and winked. 

Then Lee Hyun-chang, who killed all the guild members, caught Ban Kyeong-hoon. 

“Hold on…… Ugh!”

Before Ban Kyeong-hoon said anything, he was taken away by Lee Hyun-chang, and Kang Yoo-sik raised Ban Ki-chan.

“You have to think about negotiating. You’re only saying it’s unfair, so you’re not going to fall off, are you?” 

“That’s right.” 

“So, I’ll give you a chance, you know how big an opportunity this is, don’t you?” 

Ban Ki-chan was also known because he saw guild members dying in vain in front of his eyes. 

Today, he almost died if he made any mistakes here, and It is because of Kang Yoo-sik that he was able to survive. 

“I know. I will pay you ten times, a hundred times, a thousand times……!” 

Of course, he doesn’t intend to live like that for the rest of his life, but at this moment he has to. 

“Yes, yes. Keep it in mind.” 

Kang Yoo-sik smiled at Ban Ki-chan. 

“You owe me today.”

[The debt relationship conditions are satisfied.] 

[The registration of the debtor ‘Ban Ki-chan’ is confirmed and the debt rating is determined as A-level.]

“Ah…… ah…….” 

The moment the debt rating was set. Ban Ki-chan’s complexion turned white. He realized how ridiculous the pledge was. 

The desperate face that seemed to collapse at any moment. Kang Yoo-sik twisted his mouth at the sight. 

“And pay me back right away.”

[The enforcement to the debtor ‘Ban Ki-chan’ will be exercised. ‘Shadow Snake(B)’ skill will be collected.]

[The enforcement to the debtor ‘Ban Ki-chan’ will be exercised. 100 of stat ‘Stamina’ will be collected. Total 73 will be added to the strength.]

The collection of Ban Ki-chan’s stamina stats caused a change in his body, which felt strangely foreign as if his body had been twisted together.

When Ban Ki-chan was embarrassed by the grotesque sense. Kang Yoo-sik calmly asked. 

“Hey, do you have a skill called Shadow Snake?” 

“Shadow Snake? That’s…… uh…….” 

Ban Ki-chan, with a hazy expression on his face, muttered in a mysterious voice. 

“It was……was it with me?” 

Kang Yoo-sik smiled at the weak murmur. 

“That’s enough.”

[The enforcement to the debtor ‘Ban Ki-chan’ will be exercised. Abnormal state ‘Mana deluge’.]

[Debtor Ban Ki-chan’s debts have all been paid out.]


Ban Ki-chan’s entire debt disappeared, and the mana deluge swept through the body and drove him into a disabled person 

“What. What…….”

Ban Kyeong-hoon, who came back to the scene after hearing the scream, looked perplexed. He thought Kang was abandoning him, but what else is this? 

When Ban Kyeong-hoon was stiffened in such a sudden situation. Kang Yoo-sik tapped Ban Ki-chan on the shoulder.

“The best revenge is, sincerely forgiving.” 

That’s the only way to make a last-minute debt so that he can clean up all his debts. It was something that anyone would agree with if they knew the creditor skill, but it was not understandable for Ban, who didn’t know it. 

‘I can’t believe Kang made him suffer forever without killing him…….’

Ban Kyeong-hoon’s face turned white at the sight of Ban Ki-chan, who had become a crippled person. Kang Yoo-sik smiled and took his hand off his shoulder.

And passed by it, whispered lastly. 

“Remember well.” 

Kang Yoo-sik walked out, and Ban Kyeong-hoon, who was left alone, fell down on his knees after sweating for a long time. 

‘I, I was in danger, too……!’ 

Ban Kyeong-hoon, who realized what kind of man he had cooperated with.

[The debt of debtor ‘Ban Kyung-hoon’ will be increasing.] 

[The debt rating of debtor ‘Ban Kyung-hoon’ will go up to A-level. A collection list will be added.]

It was the moment when he was strangled even tighter.

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