Chapter 16

Translator: Hong | Editor: Darling


In the first half of the game, there was an extra cast that had briefly made an appearance before exiting after being beaten up by Soohyuk. 

It was an extra cast that was rare in Eunkwang high. 

He had been a nerd throughout secondary school but pretended to be a hooligan and someone stronger than he actually was. 

But due to his lax ways, he was neither this nor that. 

He tried to smoke when he didn’t have a good respiratory system and threw away his cigarettes even before he finished it, and started fights on the street but was beaten up and had to seek Soohyuk’s help. 

The extra cast’s short life in the game was the life of a loser. 

Then around the end of year one.

The extra cast is influenced by the morally upright Soohyuk. 

He seemed to repent on his past misdeeds and became friends with Soohyuk and was expected to become a side role. 

But an evil spirit that had been targeting Soohyuk converted the extra cast into an enemy. 

The evil spirit targeted the extra cast’s weak feelings and remaining feelings of jealousy. 

As a result, the top 7 evil spirits of sin, Invidious of jealousy possess the body of the extra cast. 

And when the extra cast was halfway into being converted as an enemy. 

He had killed tens of professors and students during the battle with the evil spirit.

The only one who was still capable of moving was Soohyuk.

If Soohyuk didn’t kill the extra cast, those still alive were about to be killed as well. 

Soohyuk is unable to kill the extra cast who had become his friend. 

As soohyuk hesitates and puts down his sword, the extra cast uses his remaining strength to regain control of his consciousness over himself.

[Joo Soohyuk you idiot, if you don’t kill me now I will kill you first! So please….]

Those words were the final will of the extra cast. 

Soohyuck yields his two swords for his friend’s final bravery. 

After he kills his friend, Soohyuk’s reputation and mental break down completely. 

The player association and his family defended him continuously. 

But due to the interference of the evil clan, there were no remaining records of the extra cast’s final will. 

Soohyuck was labeled as a heartless killer that killed his classmate who had regained consciousness. 

Thankfully due to the survivors witnessing for Soohyuk, he was not punished. But the Hwangmyeong corporation categorizes him as a dangerous person. 

As he reaches his second year, it is decided that he is to join class zero.

Hwang Myeong Ho Chairman finds Soohyuk entertaining and sends his alter ego to observe him.

That alter ego was Hwang Ji Ho that was just in class 1-0. 

“Eushin, how did you recognize me?’”

“Student Eushin, how did you recognize me?”

We arrived at the Chairman’s office in the main central building after taking an air shuttle from the freshman building. 

They…no he seemed to have no intention to hide his true form the moment we arrived. 

<’Notification on Hwang Myeong Ho’s Profile.>

[NAME] Hwang Myeong Ho

[TITLE] Chairman of Gwangmyeong corporation, Lineage of the legendary myth, The yellow tiger from the legendary myth, guardian of the new celestial territory 

[BELIEF] God willingly blessed my wishes

[ORDER] Inactive


[Overall skill] Lv.??


Magician Lv.??

Leap Lv.??

Brightness Lv.??

Roar Lv.??

(Failed to load partially)


The yellow tiger that appears in the legendary myth.

Blessed with the power to ‘exist anywhere’

As long as it is the land of god he shall exist wherever he wishes.

He has locked up the white tiger voluntarily; he is one allowed by God. 

To summarise, he had the ability to create an alter ego. 

Since any royal lineage member had the ability to change their age and appearance, the yellow tiger was capable of creating as many alter egos as he pleased. 

“….will only one of you speak, please?”

Seeing the yellow tiger speak in both his sixties and teens form gave me a headache. 

The royal lineage who had minimal interference with humans had an extra identity or two provided by the government. 

The yellow tiger must have requested for an identity of a student so that he could enroll himself whenever he pleased. 

“Then I’ll speak since I’m easier to talk to.”

“Both of you are not easy to talk to.”

“HAHAHA, I like this side of you better than the rigid and tensed up version of you from before. So are you not going to tell me how you found out?”

His tone sounded more like blackmail.

Hwang Myeong ho 

Hwang Jiho 

Hwang Ho ( Yellow tiger) 

If you took the yellow tiger’s character into consideration the names were not surprising. 

Then I came up with an idea to use as an excuse. 

“It’s not fun if I tell you myself.”

To keep a secret from the yellow tiger this was the best possible reply. 

As expected the yellow tiger’s eyes lit up brightly and he nodded. 

“Then I will find out on my own.”

The yellow tiger was a very simple man. 

“But when I’m in this form, talk to me informally. If I am found out because of you…I’m too fond of you to kill you so what should I do?”

The yellow tiger was simple but ruthless and fierce. 


I immediately adopted an informal tone. 

The yellow tiger smiled as if he was making a joke but I knew too well that he wasn’t. 

“It might be a good thing.’

If I had easy access to the yellow tiger it would make things easier to execute from now. 

It was a hassle to visit the main central building every time I had reason to. 

And it would also seem weird to onlookers for a freshman and the chairman to meet so regularly

“How timely. I had a favor to ask you.”

“You want to strike another deal?”

I affirmed since he wasn’t wrong. 

“Yes. There is a professor from Eunkwang high involved in both the ‘incident of the evil spirit trespassing the entrance exam” and the “disappearance of Saeum of April.”

I had hoped that he would have been unveiled from the dream auction but perhaps by luck, he had remained unscathed as I saw his name in the class timetables. 

That professor’s name was also not found on the dream list as well. 

“So what.”

The chairman is not doing his job. 

The yellow tiger seemed to not care how things were being operated in the school. 

‘I don’t understand why he would want to stay in the role of the chairman if he can’t be bothered.’

His title was the guardian of the celestial territory.

That territory was Eunkwang district in Seoul. 

The celestial territory mentioned in the myth of Gaecheon, where the sky opened and the gods came down and fulfilled the wishes of the celestial beasts was the Eunkwang district. 

‘So why was he not doing his job.’

To say ‘so what’ when a bear tribe member was making a ruckus in Eunkwang high.

If he was going to be so unbothered why had he named himself the guardian of the celestial territory?

It seemed it would be too much to expect the chairman to do his job.

So I decided to speak up on my end of the deal first.

“I need the financial records of the professor and the list of eunkwang high’s specially admitted students.”

“Fine. Then how will you repay me…”

I shook my head. 

“You’re not the one I want to make a deal with.” 


“The one I want to make a deal with is the red tiger. I want to inform the red tiger of that professor’s name in return for the financial records of the professor and the list of eunkwang high’s specially admitted students.”

The yellow tiger did not reply immediately.

In the pleasant looking Hwang Ji Ho there was a faint hint of playfulness in his eyes. 

Even though he was the same age and wearing the same uniform as me it was hard to tell his age.

“You know ‘us’ well.”

Of course, I had observed them through the screen for ten years. 

I knew them well. 

‘Although I still found them hard to understand.’

The yellow tiger was momentarily deep in thought before looking at me.

He must be anticipating something fun to happen. 

He seemed like he would inform the red tiger without asking for anything in return. 

“Fine. I will inform the red tiger. The red tiger is currently somewhere unreachable due to personal reasons. So it may take some time.”

He took the bait.

I had been initially worried that he would try to strike a deal to pass this information to the red tiger as well. 

My mistake in the classroom today had in turn worked in my favor. 


After my consultation with the yellow tiger, before returning to the dormitory. 

I stopped by somewhere else. 

The school campus included a 156m tall mountain. 

The name of the mountain was Cheon Ak San. 

It was named as the mountain looked like it was reaching for the sky with wings spread out from the top. 

The dormitories were located at the bottom of the mountain. So there were occasional appearances of wild animals at the dormitory gates.

The Eunkwang high protection barrier worked against enemies and the royal lineage, it protected against those that were not recorded in the school database so they were unable to stop wild animals. 

‘There was a pre quest to eliminate the wild animals that trespassed into the dormitories…”

A wild boar was not an enemy of this world and the rewards were little so it was a quest no one bothered to do.

‘Now let’s go look for them.’

I ran and looked around the parameters between the mountain and the dormitory areas.

What I found was the title heroine’s dog ‘cotton wool’.

“Where are you, cotton wool.”

In the first half of the fullmago storyline. 

Andain raised a limping stray dog. 

Andain named the dog cotton wool as it was fluffy and lovely. Then raised the dog in the mountain area after seeking the approval of the dormitory security administration team. 

‘Pets were prohibited in the dormitories so she had to raise the dog in the mountain area.’

But during the first semester of the first year.

Cotton wool dies after those jealous of Andain feeds it bread mixed with pesticide.

Andain cries out loud as she buries cotton wool in the ground. 

Joo Soohyuk, seeing this, investigates the incident and finds the culprits on his own.

‘The process of finding the culprits was a part of the game. It was Soohyuk’s personal quest. It was nice until the scene where he caught the culprits and handed them to Andain.”

The culprits denied and refused to admit initially. 

But once they were shown the evidence, they made up excuses saying they did feed it pesticides but did not know it would kill the dog. 

To make things worse they adopted a victim mindset and said Andain was the harasser for bullying them over one dead dog. 

‘They were shallow trash that aimed at Anadin instead of Soohyuk even though they were both first in class. Because he was the son of a conglomerate while she was not.’

The professor that investigates this case punishes Andain for bullying her friends over a ‘simple prank’ from her friends. 

Soohyuk involves himself actively so she doesn’t receive punishment and neither do the culprits. 

The angry Soohyuk tried to punish the culprits by using his family’s power but Andain stops him, worried that it might cause him trouble. 

‘This was the first insight into a typical hellish school system method of dealing with internal incidents.’

Reality seemed like a gutter because whenever there was an incident in school it was resolved in such a shitty manner. 

‘Andain was not lucky.’ 

There were many good students and professors in Eunkwang high. 

But that professor she had encountered was the worst of them all. 

The culprits were those that had entered Eunkwang high with bribery and the professor had received bribes from the culprit’s parents. 

Joo Soohyuk and Andain were naive to believe that every student and professor were fair and justified. 

The two were both geniuses but they were naive and innocent to the real workings of the world. 

‘In the storyline, I’m sure it wouldn’t make much of a difference whether cotton wool died or not…’

I did not want to see cotton wool die. 

Nor the main heroine crying. 

I had been searching the area and saw on my watch that it was already 6 pm. 

The sunset around 6:30 pm at the beginning of March.

I’m sure cotton wool wouldn’t move around in the dark. 

I muttered to myself to call off the search for today. 

“Cotton wool, I hope I see you tomorrow.”

I needed to return to the dormitory area and head to the Jiikhall cafeteria to ear my dinner, unpack, tidy up, but I think I will give the freshman orientation a miss…

I was planning ahead for the days to come when….

‘What is this.’

I felt a flying presence above and looked up. 

At the end of my gaze, there was a white tiger looking down at me. 

“White tiger…!”

There were several old vending machines along the path. 

On top of it stood the white tiger. 

It had the sunset to it’s back which dyed the white tiger with a shade of red. 

I stared at the hair of the white tiger that was reflecting the sunset. 

Whenever the white tiger appeared in front of people he disguised himself to look similar to an Asian. So I had never seen his white hair in the game. 


The white tiger jumped down from the vending machine once our eyes met. 

His landing was as light as a feather. 

The white tiger’s hair had turned black once his feet touched the ground. 

He now looked similar to the appearance I was used to in the playable cards. 


The white tiger was glaring at me. 

Like that time when we crossed paths after the ‘nameless supporting role tutorial’ was cleared. 

‘Why was he acting like that.’

Even in my world, a tiger had the ability to entrance a person’s gaze. 

Of all the tigers it was the white tiger’s gaze. 

It was hard to breathe or move. 

I needed a conversation starter. 

Let’s try to talk to him. 

“What are you looking at.”

Oh, oh no this wasn’t right.

I’m doomed. 

Why was I speaking so out of control today? 

And whilst speaking to the royal lineage. 

I shouldn’t; have done such a thing, but what was the point of regretting when the cat was out of the bag. 

It felt like it was too late. 

I’m doomed for sure. 

I was holding on tightly to my sanity and tried to mutter the words please stop looking at me. 

When I noticed….

‘Was he actually smiling…?’

The white tiger had a hint of a smile hanging from his face. 

Was he smiling or was he angry?

While I was confused the white tiger erased the smile from his face. 


With the sound of the win, the white tiger was gone instantly. 

He must have used his skills to fly somewhere. 

I definitely did not intend to chase after him. 

‘I feel like a storm just went by in my head.’

The white tiger of this world was weird. 

The fact that he had appeared at ‘nameless supporting role tutorial.’

ANd the fact that he had shown up in front of me Jo Eushin, a first-year student in Eunkwang high. 

‘It bothers me.’

He was my longest used playable character and my final character in my final battle. 

It was natural for it to bother me. 

‘But it’s not any of my business for now.’

The white tiger was not a character that caused harm to others. 

Excluding the final round, there were no other events that could cause him to die. 

I decided to save observing the white tiger for another day. 

All the best, future me. 


There were five large buildings near the dormitory areas. 

There were three 20 floored dormitories that accommodate 30 students per floor. 

Including the staff dormitories that added up to four.

Then there was the main central dormitory facility building called Jiik hall. That added up to five. 

In Jiik hall, the main central dormitory facility building, there was a cafeteria, mini-store, study room, seminar room, self-study room, simulation room, and the gym. 

The dormitories were built to accommodate the entire school population but the percentage of day boarders was 50% so it was fairly empty. 

Since the space for each user had been doubled. 

Even though the dormitories were 2 to one room, everyone was allocated to one room unless requested otherwise. 

As a result, I used the two-person room on the 17th floor of the freshman dormitories all alone.

‘It was a few times bigger than where I had been living until late.’

The interior imitated a small apartment. 

There were two bedrooms, a shared living room, a kitchen, a shower, and even a balcony. 

I unpacked my stuff and cleaned the apartment with an AI robot cleaner and an air purifier. 

‘I’ll wash up and go to sleep early.’

I didn’t have anything to do. 

Then I suddenly recalled Namwook being curious about Eunkwang high’s dormitories. 

I took a few photos of the dorm with my wearable device and sent it to the group chat. 

[Namwook] Wow your dorm is nice. Two rooms, a living room, and a kitchen attached. Is that a shower room, are you using a two person’s room alone?

[Sanghoon] Can I come over to visit?

[Me] Yes it’s a shower room. I’m using it alone. You can visit before 8 pm.

[Namwook] Can outsiders come and visit? I can come over on weekends

[Me] no no it’s against dorm regulations.

[Namook] What a shame ㅠㅠ

[Sanghoon] Transfer

At this point, I couldn’t tell if Sanghoon still wanted Namwook to join Eunkwang high or he was just teasing him. 

And Namwook, it’s not cute for a guy bigger than me to use ㅠㅠ.

I was contemplating on how to tease Namwook when.

<Skill ‘fate’ has been activated.>

I stood up from my seat at the alarm notification that sounded with no preamp. 

I closed all other apps the hologram was showing from the wearable device and used my esteemed ability. 

<Esteemed ability, ‘player identity’ is being used.>

Thousands of cards started to spin around me. 

With the player identity ability being activated, it would be able to handle most situations.

‘The skill fate was beyond imagination so I couldn’t anticipate what was going to happen.

If it was a short battle, ‘Hundred second Kwak Gyeogn Gu’s 100-second silver bullet’ was the most useful to use. 

If I had to move fast I could use the ‘light in the darkness Oh Hyeji’s moon in the sky.’

No, today the moon was blocked by the clouds. 

Then I can use ‘Majinsung the noble in the field’s esteemed ability….’

In my head, I was going through the events at the dormitory in the game storyline and was trying to decide what was the best character card to use in this situation.

One of the cards that had been spinning around me suddenly disappeared out through the window and was beyond my control. 

I opened my balcony window and stretched out my arm. 

‘The playable character shown on the card….’

Before I could see the character on the card my focus was redirected to what was above me.

It was a person falling from the roof of the dormitory roof.

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