Chapter 18

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With a loud swishing sound, a strong wind swept over Xuan Cao’s head and went straight toward Yu Linglong.

Squinting her cold​ eyes, Yu Linglong suddenly moved her hand and grabbed that thin horsewhip with her hand. Then she pulled it back so that the thin whip was suddenly pulled straight.

He didn’t expect a girl like Yu Linglong to have such quick reaction and vigorous skill. Even though the man almost lost the whip in his hand,​ he swayed a bit, but he still sat on the horse steadily, and put more effort into his hand.

“Let go!” A lazy voice came from the darkness, but the whiff of alcohol in the sound seemed to be clear.

Yu Linglong laughed grimly, tightening her hand as she barely fought back the man.

For such a rich dude, if he was not given a lesson​ today, he will regard himself as special.

With one on the ground and one on the horse, the atmosphere seemed to have frozen suddenly.

At this time, the man’s face was facing the lantern’s light from a higher place, and one could see his swordlike brows wrinkle slightly. His eyes were as bright as the finest diamonds, like even the starry sky instantly lost its light. The face is sharp and angular, and the thin lips are tight at the moment, showing that he was hiding his actual strength.

Such a handsome man with extraordinary​ temperament was now struggling with a woman. It was really a shame.

“Miss… Miss!” Xuan Cao on the side recovered, and immediately threw herself up, and try to help Yu Linglong.

“Stand there, don’t move!” Yu Linglong shouted coldly, but the other side’s strength increased, and suddenly a beautiful arc came out in the air. The strong whip tail immediately scratched a long bloodstain on Xuan Cao’s face who just came over!

“Ughh…” Xuan Cao suddenly took a breath in pain.

Hearing Xuan Cao’s exclamation, Yu Linglong’s beautiful eyes immediately shot a sharp awn!

How dare you touch her!?

Without thinking too much, Yu LingLong, who originally wanted to protect herself, quickly take action.

This arrogant second-generation — without giving him any lessons, he would really think he could dominate the world!

The white​ small hand grabbed the bridle of the horse, using her right foot to climb up the horse, Yu Linglong flew up onto the horse’s back. While her body was still in the air, she used her left foot to kick the man’s waist. Hearing only a gentle shout, the tall figure of the man fell off the horse directly onto the ground. He could stand up even after two back rolls.

The man seemed to have completely awoken from drunkenness, and said with a clear angry voicer: “You, what bold courage!”

On the snowflake-white shirt, there was a delicate footprint on the waist, particularly eye-catching at night, but it did not diminish the masculinity of the man. At this moment, he was standing under the lamp, and his eyes were shining. With anger, he seemed to wish to pierce Yu Linglong’s body into several pieces.

At the moment, Yu Linglong was already sitting on the horse leisurely, not even glancing at the man.

This really was an embroidered pillow. Even he fell off from​ horse, he could handle himself by kneeling down​ on​ one​ leg. How did he have a skill like that!?

“I will take away your horse.” Yu Linglong says that with unpoliteness, as if it were the right thing to do, “Moreover, go back to your parents and learn what is culture!”

A small hand patted the horse’s buttocks. In pain, the horse couldn’t help but move forward. The stunned Xuan Cao, who had already recovered, quickly followed her.

They hadn’t gone too far when they heard rushing footsteps from the other side of the road.

Yu Linglong’s eyebrows furrowed. Were helpers coming?

When they looked back, the man was greeted with a gloomy glare, still shining in the darkness, with a scent of wine floating in the air. On this late spring night, that was a kind of surprise. Suddenly there was a feeling of intoxication…

“Prince, you have to wait for me……” The breathless voice had a sharpness that was different from ordinary people. The incoming made an exclamation when he saw the figure of the man standing on the street, “Prince, what happened to you!?”

Without waiting for the horse to stand still, that person had already ducked past the horse, headed straight towards the man, and knelt down anxiously: “Prince, are you okay?”

Under the night, a smile suddenly appeared on the clear face of the man, and he thoughtfully watched Yu Linglong’s back.

Feeling the complicated eyes behind him, Yu Linglong didn’t look back. What happened to the Prince? Will the Prince be able to run wildly on the street in the middle of the night, and disturb the passersby by throwing the whip for no reason?

Even if it were the Emperor, who annoyed her can get beat up!

With​ the​ sound of clopping horseshoes, the woman on the horse immediately disappeared across the street.

As if nothing happened, the man brushed away the dust on his body and said, “Go find out who that girl is.” There was only his voice in the dark night.


Arriving back at Yu’s house, it was already very late. Seeing Yu Linglong dragging in a fine horse, the porter was surprised and even lost his sleepiness.

“Take the horse to the stable, and keep it well.” Ignoring the porter’s horrifying look, Yu Linglong said that and entered the inner courtyard.

“…Yes, 4th miss.” Finally, he closed his​ wide-open mouth, and he quickly lowered his head and answered.

The great achievements of this 4th miss were spread around the whole Yu house since a long time ago, even Madam didn’t dare to order her, how dare a little porter like him not listen to her words.

After entering the second gate, Xuan Cao could now speak, “Miss, is the man we met tonight really a prince?”

Xuan Cao was very terrified in her heart, they only went out to eat. How could the meet up with the Prince? By looking at the clothing and the manners of that man, he wasn’t one who could be easily pushed around.

Her miss kicked the man off the horse with one foot and snatched the horse from him. If the man were really a prince, would he be willing to​ forgive her?

Yu Linglong didn’t seem to care: “What about the prince? Your miss does this for the people’s sake!”

She has never been afraid, so how could a prince like an embroidered pillow be useful or make her fearful?

“But……” Xuan Cao couldn’t continue with her words, even a governmental first-class officer could crush people to death, and now one is the Emperor’s relative!

Not only​ for​ a​ girl​ of​ Yu family​ like​ Yu​ LingLong​, but even​ General Yu also​ has to respect him.

“Okay, don’t say too much.” Yu Linglong entered the Pinlan Garden and went straight to the bedroom. “I’m tired and I​ want to sleep.”

So many things happened on this day. She had a good living environment, so of course, she should enjoy it.

Xuan Cao didn’t dare to say much. After helping Yu Linglong wash up, the two fell asleep.

In the soft and thick bedding, Yu Linglong soon fell asleep. 

In her dream, she seemed to have returned to her previous life. Those bloody winds, scams, and licking blood on the tip of the knife, somehow, she suddenly felt exhausted.

It’s enough, how much she wanted to retreat from the rivers and lakes and seal up all the painful memories; how much she once wanted to believe that​ one​ life one​ world​ one​ lover; how much she wanted to be with him, wash his hands and make soup for him, and wanted to live the most ordinary and simple but happy life with him.

It turned out to be nothing more than a big dream in the world, and life was refreshing.

It turned out to be​ gorgeous rivers and lakes, but in reality, it was just showy disillusionment.

In the dark, there seemed to be someone crying in a low voice. Was she unable to control her tears?

Betraying him ruthlessly and shamelessly? Did you willingly give your everything but ended up so tragically?

Yu Linglong only felt that her heart was under a big rock, and the faint crying sound in the dark seemed more and more obvious.

In a trance, she suddenly felt that someone had grabbed her arm. The habitual vigilance she developed over the years made her suddenly sober. She grabbed the hand with her backhand and whispered: “Who!?”

In the middle of the night, the voice of Xuan Cao sounded full of horror: “Miss, listen, what……what is that voice!?”

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