Chapter 2

Translator: Darling | Editor: Nebosuke


I don’t dream. 

Once, I didn’t understand the concept of a ‘dream.’

My parents told me when I was young, I used to talk about dreams.

Since my own identity is made, I stopped dreaming.

I don’t have a memory of seeing dreams.

However, I can’t be sure if this situation is a dream or reality.

‘It’s a school uniform……!’

I’m wearing a school uniform right now.

A yellow name tag was located on my left chest.

I wore an awkward length jacket and a red tie.

This old-fashioned design is a school uniform from my middle school.

‘Until now, I was throwing up blood in my gym clothes in the private room…. Why am I wearing a school uniform?’

After graduation, I donated my school uniform.

There is no way a school uniform would be in my private room.

‘It seems like my arms and legs got shorter.’

While looking at the school uniform, I stretched my limbs.

I almost tripped.

It seemed somewhat awkward as if it wasn’t my body.

However, the most awkward feeling was from something else.

‘I’m not coughing.’

The pain that pressed the chest and cough disappeared.

It seemed like the body returned to a healthy body with no lung cancer.



I was surprised.

There were three other people besides me.

“I’m Sanghoon.”

“I’m Minki. Nice to meet you.”

Those guys who talked to me all pointed at their name tags.

Three middle schoolers or high schoolers were wearing all different designs.

It was strange that they were talking to me casually.

Do they think I’m their age because I’m wearing a school uniform?

No way……

“Were you dozing off? Wake up, there’ll be a test soon.”

“A test?”

“It includes cooperativeness, so let’s work hard. I’m Namwook.”

The one who talked to me was the tallest one with glasses.

After the three introduced themselves, it was my turn.

I just said my name.

“I’m Euishin.”

Everyone introduced themselves.

There was an awkward atmosphere and silence just like how strangers were meeting for the first time.

Namwook broke the mood.

“Let’s warm up. We shouldn’t get cramps while testing.”

Namwook’s suggestion made three people stretch.

Three people were moving lightly and they seemed to have good athletic skills.

They were flexible like gymnasts.

There was air time while running.

The wind sound made while punching the air…. It sounded like ripping the air.

‘Are these three people professional athletes?’

I don’t know what it is, but I’m screwed.

After getting the term date, I haven’t exercised once.

I didn’t even go outside.

I ate and drank what was offered in the private room.

‘There is no way I can move my body all of sudden.’

However, I need to take a test with these guys.

Even in the dream, it wouldn’t be good to see people getting screwed because of me.

So, I stretched like those three guys.


There was that awkward feeling again.

The body felt way too light.

It felt like removing the metal plate attached to the body.

The body size decreased but it feels way better than being healthy.

‘Is this really a dream?’

Three people began to chat without me as I was daydreaming.

“The test seems difficult. Will we be okay?”

“When we do simulation, don’t make any visible mistakes. I heard the test here and the military school are similar and the test there wasn’t difficult.”

Minki seemed nervous.

Namwook tried to talk calmly despite being nervous.

Sanghoon seemed relatively relaxed.

The three people carried out the conversation I couldn’t understand.

“Right. Eungwang High School uses a simulator as well.”

Sanghoon’s comment almost made me fall

“Eungwang High School?”

“……Are you okay?”


I was a terminal lung cancer patient, but I’m not sick at all right now.

My thoughts are becoming clear.

Eungwang High School.

There is no way I would forget.

It was a school I heard for more than 10 years.

Eungwang High School was a place where the national failed game ‘Player Master High School’ took place.

<’Euishin’, the two-dimensional future transformational object recognized in the current dimension. ‘Euishin’ skill and exclusive menu for two-dimensional future transform object will be used.>


There was a notification sound.

Thinking that it was a familiar notification sound, a familiar design window popped up with a familiar design. 

This gradation and design…

I recognized it as I have seen it for 10 years.

‘It’s a system notification window from PMH!’

Automatically, I looked at the category at the top.

<Viewing information on ‘Euishin’.>


A blue window appeared in front of my eyes.

The gym was dark so it looked like it was only visible to me despite sticking out.

Perhaps using and looking at this window is a skill for <’exclusive two-dimensional future transform object menu’.>

[Name] Jo Euishin

[Title] Two-dimensional future transform object, 8th grader

[Family title] (Failed to load)

[Esteemed Visit] (Locked)

[Status] Normal

[Overall ability] Lv. 10

It’s very similar to the game.

The window design and components are the same.

If you choose overall skills, it’s the same as it showed the HP, MP, Power, Magic, Defense, Agility details

Also, the ‘failed to load’ bug was identical.

There was a quote like that and it was common to see nothing appearing on the screen.

As a failed game, there were always bugs that may become a reality.

‘Are there any skills?’

I scrolled down the menu to see the skills.


Using things Lv.1

Exclusive menu for two-dimensional future transform object Lv.1

Transcending contact with universe Lv.1

Destiny Lv.3

(Failed to load)

There were skills and terms which didn’t exist in the game.

Out of those, I had a memory of hearing them before receiving the lights.

‘Perhaps this is related to the reward for clearing the final chapter?’

I heard things after opening the gift box for rewards on clearing the final chapter.

I recalled my memory.

‘Completed connecting with transcending universe.’

‘Checking appropriateness for the accessed player.’

‘Selected Euishin as a two-dimensional future transform object.’

‘Processing synchronization and transform for information and dimension.’

To speculate, this phenomenon was caused by some transcending universe.

I came to the PMH world by becoming a two-dimensional future transform object.

‘It doesn’t make sense perfectly.’

It felt like I was missing something but I couldn’t figure it out.

I skipped the observation and I tried to read the detailed skills. 

Other than ‘using objects’, I didn’t know what my skills were.

<Accessing skill information>

[Skill name] Using things

[Rareness] SSR

[Skill level] 1

[Effect] Skilled with using all weapons and defense tools.

[Explanation] A skill that is closer to talents rather than techniques

[Skill name] Exclusive menu for two-dimensional future transform objects

[Rareness] EX (Not able to measure)

[Skill level] 1

[Effect] Able to access information and transcendently interfere with objects in the same dimension.

[Explanation] Skill exclusive for someone who has passed appropriateness in the universe. The range increases based on adjustment and understanding for dimension.

[Skill name] Communication with transcending universe

[Rareness] UR

[Skill level] 1

[Effect] Communicating with transcending universe

[Explanation] Multi-dimensional, multi-space. Multi-universe communication gives a huge burden to the skill user. If the result of communication exceeds the storage capability, the skill is canceled automatically.

[Skill name] Destiny

[Rareness] EX (Not able to measure)

[Skill level] 3

[Effect] Causes surreal interference.

[Explanation] Leads the user’s destiny based on experience, expectation, ideology, goal, and faith.

Based on the skill user’s life and future, destiny may increase or decrease.

It occurs randomly.

Unmeasurable other than the standard size, 2 EX rank which is unknown.

1 UR rank and 1 SSR rank.

In terms of the rareness of skills, it’s the best rank from all playable characters which I developed.

‘It’s an EX level character based on skills.’

However, it seems like there is no skill usable other than the menu at this point.

‘How do I test these?’

While I was thinking, I felt a slight pressure right now.

If I enter the game, there is something strange.

When I entered the PMH world, why am I wearing a middle school uniform instead of a Eungwang High School uniform?

‘By the way, if the test is for Eungwang High School…..’

I reviewed my ten years of my game life.

Middle school uniform.

Four children including myself.

The entrance exam for Eungwang high school.

Dark gym.

Something came to mind.

“Which group are we?”

I ignored the cold atmosphere and engaged in conversation.

I had to find out right now despite my lack of manners.

It was an event which happened a long time ago so it took a long time to recall.

I hope it’s not group 13.

I can fix things easily if I’m not in group 13.

Namwook pushed his glass and replied.

“Group 13.”

Damn it.

I tried to go outside.

However, as soon as I grabbed the gym door, there was a spark and I heard a warning sound.

<Warning, contacted with N+ level block ‘Block for testing’. If you contact more than twice, abnormal conditions will apply as well. Currently contacted once.>

I felt my blood turning cold after seeing the system window.

‘It started already……!’

N+ level blocks can be deactivated with N+ weapons or skills or the equivalent.

Also, this block is more special so it’s not possible to deactivate using a rare weapon.

We are trapped in here.

‘What, there is a trap already.’

‘There is no damage by contacting it but there is a strong penalty so try to avoid it. That’s what I heard from my tutor.’

The other three didn’t sense the risk and were chatting.

Anyway, it’s impossible to escape.

I opened the item window.

<Opening possessed item list.>

[Possessed item]

1 Student ID

1 Test ID

1 Copy of Test Commitment




Luckily, the last row contained a wanted item.

When I found the wanted item, I heard a warning system message.

<Warning, enemies are approaching.>

“Guys, take out what you received before arriving here.”

They ignored what I said all of sudden.

“Shouldn’t you only open it with the proctor’s permission…..?”

“It’s not cool for a guy with an old-fashioned uniform to act seriously.”

The system alarm sound became bigger.

Soon, the enemies will be here.

“Enemies will be approaching. There is no time. Open the item box.”

About 100 years ago, ‘Enemies’ came from a collision between the world and players against the enemies.

Also, the world is made with dungeons, towers, castles, gardens, and mazes, etc with items that have special effects.

Item acquired from the other world.

Item made with special skills.

Players must make items into a card and have the ability to make it into an item from a card.

Eungwang High School wanted to check if the students had such an ability by providing the box with an item card addressed to the students during the test.

That was the ‘random item box for students’ provided before entering the test center.

I looked at the black box located above my hand.

Out of random boxes, the black box was the lowest in rareness.

A failed player like me would dispose of or destroy these without putting anything inside the item box.

‘This is the only way to fight against enemies.’

Although there is a useless item, I can’t reinstall after deleting the game or starting over again.

So, reset and restart doesn’t work.

I have to choose a good item in one run.

<Using random item box for students>

The box opened and the item card to start rolled in front of my eyes.

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