Chapter 2

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Two days after he regained consciousness and was hospitalized, Kang Yoo-sik was able to sit down and read the newspaper.

[Continued gate expansion, where is the world headed?]

[21st anniversary of the gate, signs of new changes.]

[Sungjin Military Academy, ranked top 3 Hunter Incubator, moves on into the world.]

The newspaper was packed with news about Hunters and Gates. As always, it was the date at the top that caught Kang’s eye, though it was familiar to him anyway.

[April 12, 2023.]

’28 years ago……’

That was when he was just 17 years old, awakened as a Hunter, and entered the Sungjin Military Academy. Kim Jin-hyuk also stabbed his lungs and his life fell into the abyss.

‘Return? It’s not a game.’

He wondered if he had been off his rocker, but, the memories of his 28 years of life were wriggling vividly like leeches.

And most of all, Kang Yoo-sik had no choice but to admit that this was reality.

“Next page.”

“Oh, all right!”

Kim Jin-hyuk, a 17-year-old young man, was simply turning over the pages of the newspaper next to him.

Kim Jin-hyuk, Kumkang Shingum. Behind him, he was the most emotionless and expressionless hero called cement face or insensitivity.

When they met, they passed by as if they were like a cow and a chicken, but now Kang was playing Kim Jin-hyuk in a boss-subordinate relationship.

Kang never dreamed of such a ridiculous scene. That’s why Kang admitted that he had returned!

‘For the reason… … There is only one reason.’

The last words he shouted angrily and the system window that appeared immediately after that.

He couldn’t remember exactly what it was about, but there was nothing else that could’ve triggered it.

‘Return… …return?……’

He returned to the past with memories of what was going to happen over the next 28 years. Kang Yoo-sik made a simple decision based on that huge fact.

“Jin-hyuk, buy me some bread.”

“Oh, all right!”

He decided to just enjoy that moment.

Kim Jin-hyuk, who visited the hospital every day, ran all kinds of errands because Kang was sick. Kang coughed seriously until he vomited blood whenever he had time, making Jin-hyuk feel guilty about building up additional debts.

These were the days he was spending so pleasantly.

“Huh…… that’s amazing.”

The doctor who came for check-up had a curious look on his face.

“It’s not supposed to heal.…”

The sword with mana penetrated the lungs, and the first aid was late. He was barely surviving.

Even with advanced medical technology since the gate’s creation, it was such a serious injury that anyone with it would have to live with lung disease for the rest of his or her life. So, the doctor could not believe that Kang had recovered in a week.

It was impossible.

“Kang, have you had any awakening skills since the incident?”

Kang Yoo-sik nodded casually to the doctor’s question.

“Yes, I’ve learned one physical strength skill.”

“As expected. I think the skill has cured the wound on the lung. It’s really rare, and that’s great.”

“Will I experience any aftereffects after that?”

The doctor smiled at Kang Yoo-sik’s question.

“Of course, it could be better than before if the figures are correct.”

“It’ll get better……”

“I’ll examine you for a few more days and go through discharge procedures. You did a good job.”

The doctor finished the treatment and went out. Kang Yoo-sik, who was left alone, opened his system window and looked at it.

[Kang Yoo-sik]

Physical strength: 48 Agility: 42

Stamina: 44 Magic: 38

Intrinsic skill: ‘Creditor’

Retention skill: Kumkang Seonggol (F+)

‘It’s weird that the wound doesn’t heal.’

Kumkang Seonggol Skill. This skill, which helped Kim Jin-hyuk gain the nickname “Kumkang Shingum“, was a normal passive-type physical strength skill that could be seen anywhere.

However, there was one special force attached to this, which was the + level, a growth-type skill.

[Kumkang Seonggol (F+)]

Skill of producing strong bones and tough veins.

You will be able to grow with your body and get a body with powerful powers.

*Makes your body grow stronger.

*Skill grows with the stats.

In the future, Kim Jin-hyuk grew this Kumkang Seonggol to an S+ grade and had a huge body to the point where he fought with Ma Chul-han, who was also called Giant God.

The top swordsmanship and perfect body. These two were the symbol of the Kumkang Shingum.

‘That’s what I took away from him.’

It is now Kang Yu-sik’s.

No, to be exact, it’s like a settlement. How did Kim Jin-hyuk manage his life by receiving the Kumkang Seonggol that would have been ruined by stabbing a knife in his lungs?

If the lung disease had been cured again this time, it would have been eaten for the rest of his life, so we should be glad to see that this was the end of course.

‘Oh, yes.’

When Kang Yoo-sik was so brazen, gilded in his face.

“Kang Yoo-sik!”

A man with a nervous voice stormed into the door of the hospital room.

A frowned face and a shabby body that looks bad just by looking at it. Kang Yoo-sik looked with wide eyes at the appearance of Lee Hyun-chang, a man who looked like a gangster.

‘Oh, at that time this moron came.’

Lee Hyun-chang.

As he, who is B-level hunter, was the first staff of Sungjin Military Academy, he just one of the normal teachers who just do jobs for living.

It was not worth remembering him compared to other hunters and teachers who would make a big name in the future, but there was little reason why Kang Yoo-sik remembered the three letters of his name.

“If you’re up, answer me! You’ve been feigning illness for a few days, and lost my mind.…”

Unwilling eyes, harsh voices, and gestures to pressure Kang. Kang smiled inwardly at the fact that he was almost a threat, not a visit to the hospital.

‘You’re still the same as before.’

When a serious injury occurred due to his mistake in management during a mock hunt and was disciplined by the school, he came to the hospital room in revenge and threatened Kang to transfer to another school.

That was Lee Hyun-chang. That was the reason why Kang Yoo-sik left the Sungjin Military Academy, where he was barely accepted after receiving a special screening.

“Huh, you are totally lost. Hey, Kang Yoo-sik!”

The growling voice used to call in students who are usually at a low level. The Silver Class cadet he was in charge of had a terrible voice.


Kang Yoo-sik replied with a smile.

“…… smile?”

It’s not just a smile, it’s a sneer with just one corner of the mouth up. As soon as Lee saw it, his blood vessel stood on his forehead.

How many reprimands and insults did Lee get when he was called by the vice-principal since Kang, such an idiot, didn’t avoid the sword properly?

Half of his salary was lost just because he made a mistake at an important time, and the position of student dean, which he was scheduled to receive next year, has also gone.

The boy laughed at Lee instead of begging for mercy. It was an unbearable disgrace to Lee Hyun-chang, who reigned as a tyrant above the students.

“I don’t say much. Kang Yoo-sik. If you don’t want to die, down on your knees, you son of a bitch.”

With a low voice, the will to kill him came out and began to squeeze Kang Yoo-sik’s whole body.

Incredibly serious murderous intent toward a student, actually to a patient. If he had a lung disease, he would have difficulty in breathing, and in fact, Kang Yoo-sik passed out before returning.

Kang woke up several times, fainted, and rolled around the floor repeatedly, and signed the transfer application Lee brought because he wanted to survive from the threat.

‘This shit is playing cute.’

However, Kang Yoo-sik only smiled at his threats. There was no lung disease to come with difficulty breathing, and he got too used to this to be afraid of Lee Hyun-chang’s stupid threats.

“Are you going to be okay?”

To threaten others.

“What? You son of a bitch……”

Kang Yoo-sik smiled at Lee Hyun-chang, who rolled up his sleeves and threatened him, and took his hand out of the blanket.

“Ta-da. What is this?”

What came out was a mobile phone that was recording for 24 hours without missing a single voice.

Why Kang was suddenly taking out your cell phone, and why he looked so confident. Lee Hyun-chang, who understood everything, opened his eyes wide and rushed straight to take it away.

“I’ve already posted it.”

But when he took it away, the notification that the upload had been completed already came to mind, and Lee Hyun-chang’s face turned white.

“You, you’re fucking……!”

“Wow, calm down. If you accidentally break my phone, it’ll be all over the Internet and it’ll be over.”


Outraged Lee Hyun-chang hurriedly unfolded his hand, which he was trying to grab, and his cell phone fell on the blanket.

Kang Yoo-sik, who picked it up with ease, looked up at the embarrassed Lee Hyun-chang.

“You… …do you know what you’re doing now? If it goes up, the school……”

“You’re going to bury me to get rid of gossip? With the head of the academy using all the connections in the press and the Hunter Association?”


When he lost his words, Lee Hyun-chang shouted in embarrassment, and Kang Yoo-sik smiled at him.

“That’s scary. With the help of the head of the academy, a guy like me could disappear from the world without even realizing it.”

“Yes! So right now……”

“But I don’t think I’m the only one going to disappear.”


When asked by Lee Hyun-chang, Kang Yoo-sik threw the newspaper on the floor, which was on the next table.

The news of the entry of the Hunter Training Agency into TOP3 of the Sungjin Military Academy, which was published in the first special edition.

“If we put the school on top three and a teacher created a serious wound in a mock battle and threatened a seriously wounded cadet, the head of the academy would love it, wouldn’t he?”

“You, you…”

“Disqualification of a teacher’s position is a basic threat and deprives Hunter of your position. I’m sure he’ll wipe out everything else he can…. wow, you’ll be sent to prison for decades.”

Not only would he be disqualified, but he might also be imprisoned as a criminal.

Lee Hyun-chang’s face was pale and his fingertips trembled as he recalled the miserable environment of the Hunter-only prison facility.

In the classroom, he behaved like a tyrant, but when he was said he would lose everything, he shrivels up. That was the nature of the moron called Lee Hyun-chang.

“Well, what do you want……?”

There was already no energy left to threaten, and all Lee could do was try to avoid this situation somehow.

Maybe in his head, he is just thinking about doing a good job next time and burying Kang.

‘I was jealous of Kim Jin-hyuk’s talent, so I had a few clashes, and then I lost the battle, and I was going to take revenge, and I was probably dead.’

At that time, Kim Jin-hyuk’s trial was so noisy that he remembered clearly even though he was at another school.

Kang Yoo-sik decided to accept all the opportunities he had come to, even though he was a dummy who would eventually fly away even if he didn’t intervene here.

‘I’ll try different skills, too.’

Kang Yu-sik, who smiled, looked up at Lee Hyun-chang, who was shaking.

“Teacher, no, hey, Lee Hyun-chang.”

Lee Hyun-chang flinched at Kang Yoo-sik’s call, but he didn’t move any further. Because it was clear who was holding the leash right now.

“You want to keep living like you do now, don’t you? You want to bully students, drink liquors, drive a sports car, and enjoy a bunch of luxury goods inappropriate to you, don’t you?”


“Just upload?”

“Y, yes. You are right……”


“You are right, sir……!”

Seeing Lee clenched his teeth and talked, Kang Yoo-sik smiled contentedly and sat on the bed, lifting his fingers.

At that impertinent gesture, Lee leaned down while shaking his body, when Kang Yoo-sik lowered Lee with his hand on Lee’s shoulder.

Then Lee Hyun-chang’s body went down, just as huge pressure was pressing him down, eventually kneeling down and lowering his head.

Seeing the figure, Kang Yoo-sik put his mouth in Lee’s ear with a satisfied look.

“So you can live like that, I’ll let you go this time.”

A blatant joy that flinches and reveals itself. Kang Yoo-sik whispered hastily to the figure.

“Now, then, what do you have to say here?”

When asked by Kang Yoo-sik, Lee Hyun-chang rolled his eyes slightly and answered with a servile look.

“Thank you very much for giving me a chance! I will live a good life of virtue from now on!”

Kang Yoo-sik’s lips went up to Lee Hyun-chang’s answer, which was exactly what he wanted.

“Thanks to me, right?”

“That’s right. It’s all thanks to Kang Yoo-sik! You are my savior!”

Shit, what is a savior? Lee might be gritting his teeth to revenge. 

“Yes, yes. Keep it in mind.”

However, no matter what happens in the future, Lee will not be able to show his teeth to himself.

“You, you owe me.”

Otherwise, Lee will lose his whole teeth today.

 [Debt relationship conditions are satisfied.]

[Registration of debtor ‘Lee Hyun-chang’ is confirmed. His debt rating is determined as A-level.]

“Oh…… Oh……”

Lee Hyun-chang’s face, which was shining cunningly at the same time as the notification window came up, hardened slightly, and soon his eyes trembled and turned white.

Fear emblazoned at the root of the soul, not understood by the head. The new function of the enhanced ‘Creditor’ skill along with the return, and the debt rating, clearly understood their position as debtors.

Seeing the shabby figure, Kang Yoo-sik looked down at him with a satisfied smile.

“Please take good care of me at school from now on. Dear customer Lee Hyun-chang.”

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