Chapter 20

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An uncomfortable silence surrounded the year one sports hall.

The intentionally spiteful commented was directed at me. 

“I was wondering how great you were to receive 300 cards. But it seems like you’re nothing but a loser stuck at level 1.”

The person who said this was a student from Year 1 class 2. 

I was a little surprised after seeing his face. 

‘This is the guy is the extra who’s about to get beaten up by Soohyuk after picking a fight with him’

The extra who repents his poor misconduct around the end of year one and becomes friends with Soohyuk.

The one who is possessed by the evil enemy and breaks down Soohyuk’s mental form. 

<’Notification on Bang Yoon Sub’s Profile.>

[NAME] Bang Yoon Sub

[TITLE] Eunkwang high Year 1 Class 2

[BELIEF] A certain snake lineage’s words of encouragement, ‘your foolishness is your charm’

[ORDER] (Inactive)


[Overall skill] Lv.13


Dual Nunchaku Lv.3

Screaming Lv.1

‘It’s exactly the same information as what I saw in the setting menu of the original extra NPC .’

In the game the first place Soohyuk who had left a dark memory.

Bang Yoon Sub then tries to pick a fight with Soohyuk

Soohyuk was already in the worst mood after embarrassing himself in front of the girl he liked. 

Soohyuk shows no mercy to Bang Yoon Sub.

‘Although it was the game user using Soohyuk to beat Bang Yoon Sub in the game.’

Bang Yoon Sub is completely shattered and beaten to a pulp by Soohyuk. 

This incident will occur exactly a week from today during the Year 1 Class 2’s individual battle practice class. 

‘Did his target change to the nameless supernova now that Soohyuk doesn’t have a dark chapter to deal with?’

I, Jo Eushin, who was famously known as the nameless supernova. 

But I was in Year 1 class zero where all the problematic kids were in. 

My battle skill was level 1. 

I was considered as someone famous and seemed to have an opening. 

‘Perhaps he’d thought that if he managed to get a head start on me, he would be treated differently for having spoken over the nameless supernova.’

Today was the only time there was a combined class with class zero. 

If he was aiming for me then he had to pick a fight today and now. 

So he really changed his target from Soohyuk to me. 

“Bang Yoon Sub, were you talking to me?”

Bang Yoon Sub took a deep breath as I called out his name. 

He probably wanted to look cool but didn’t want to be against me. 

He had acted cowardly amongst the crowd but since I had called him out, he was clearly shocked.

But Bang Yoon Sub tried to put up a strong side and shouted. 

“Ye, Yes! So what. It’s not like I said something wrong. Loser.”

A commotion started in the sports hall.

No one would have expected to see an idiot like him in Eunkwang high, the most elite school in Korea. 

Unfortunately, there is something called the rule of survival.

Wherever you go there is always a fool. 

The professors and Ham Geun Hyeong in particular had adopted a stern look.

‘What should I do.’

Bang Yoon Sub

Joo Soohyuk

Battle practice class.

All things ability 

The way things would proceed.

Suddenly I had a good idea. 

I raised my hand before Ham Geun Hyeong could step in. 

“Today’s class curriculum is a battle between the students right? I request for my first fight to be with Bang Yoon Sub.

As I finished speaking there was a large commotion. 

I added on privately to Ham Geun Hyeong in a quiet voice.

“It’ll be a good example if I fight with Bang Yoon Sub.”

Ham Geun Hyeong seemed to be deep in thought as he looked at me. 

“Jo Eushijn, are you saying that because you know the objective of today’s class?”


Ham Geun Hyeong looked at me as though he was measuring me out. 

After a few seconds. 

Ham Geun Hyeong smiled.

“Make sure you do a good job, Jo Eushin.”

Kim Shin Rok and No Young Mi who must have seen me talking with Ham Geun Hyeong privately and understood the situation, as they nodded their heads slightly. 

As the three professors approved of the battle, everyone shouted “Ohhhhh!”

“He’s the nameless supernova right?”

“Just like professor Ham Geun Hyeong said, Jo Eushin has the all things ability.”

“I saw on TV that it’s the most desired top 5 skills. Looking at the number of cards he has I can understand why.”

The students tried to predict the outcome of Bang Yoon Sub and my battle. 

“Bang Yoon Sub is an idiot but his battle skill level is rather high…so I can’t predict what the outcome will be.”

“The nameless supernova is level 1. His overall skill seems around the same. No matter how many items he can yield, I’m sure it’s more advantageous for the skill level to be higher.”

“Shall we make a bet on this? I bet ten dollars on Bang Yoon Sub.”

Although we don’t know whoever started it, the sports hall started to get noisy as everyone started to talk about making a bet. 

And soon someone took the lead and turned on a betting application and shared the QR code via their hologram. 

“3 dollars on Bang Yoon Sub.”

“5 dollars on Bang Yoon Sub.”

“40 dollars on Bang Yoon Sub.”

“I’ll bet 10 dollars on Bang Yoon Sub. Hey, you better do a good job!”

Everyone was connecting via the code and making their transfers.

Even Dain and Soohyuk’s first battle didn’t create a commotion like this. 

The professors did not take part in the betting but did not stop the students and watched on. 

They already knew the outcome. 

And they knew how they could use the outcome to link it to today’s lesson. 

‘This is considered more as a form of entertainment than a gamble. Even if they didn’t stop them it would be fine. The students will learn something from this experience.’

The total amount the students betted on was increasing to rise. 

And the majority were betting on Bang Yoon Sub so it wasn’t much of a bet. 

“1000 dollars on Jo Eushin”

A student betting a rather large amount appeared and the sports hall became quiet. 

It was Sanghoon. 

Now that I think of it, Sanghoon was in Year 1 Class1. 

I had arrived late to the sports hall and was talking to Soohyuk, so I didn’t manage to say hi to him. 

“Can’t you tell from the look on Eushin’s face? If you don’t want to lose your money, you should reconsider.”

Sanghoon smiled at me with a meaningful expression then transferred the money using the hologram. 

Sanghoon’s unwavering behavior made a commotion again. 

“He’s the guy who survived the practical exam with the nameless supernova.”

“The guy involved in the Son of a bait incident…”

“Then he must know the nameless supernova pretty well. Now I’m torn.”

Meanwhile, Hwang Jiho was contemplating while looking at his bank account full of zeros using his hologram. 

“Shall I bet a million dollars.”

“….if the amount goes up too much you’re gonna be caught for gambling. So take it easy.”

“So what.”

I can’t believe he said, “so what.”

I convinced Hwang Jiho out of it. 

Hwang Jiho put on a grumpy look but did not argue as I convinced him out of it. 

The total amount was already as big as it was and I didn’t want to add another digit to it. 

A player is treated fairly as a player and will consider this to be okay but.

“What in the shit…this wasn’t what I intended….”

The small-hearted Bang Yoon Sub, who had picked a fight to grow his reputation and vent out his stress. He seemed afraid as things were getting out of hand. 

‘If he was going to be that scared, why did he even bother picking a fight.’

Then all of a sudden he must have had a thought. 

His expression changed all of a sudden and he shouted loudly.

“Let’s limit the number of weapons to one in the battle. And no use of the esteemed ability either!”

People started to sigh and look at Bang Yoon Sub pathetically at his cowardly suggestion. 

‘What a coward.’

Bang Yoon Sub’s dual nutchucker skill was level 3. 

My all things ability skill was level 1. 

Our overall skills were equally level 13. 

If we were to rely solely on our skill level it was impossible to win. 

And all the more impossible if the esteemed ability was banned. 

‘Not a problem.’

There was no need to hesitate.


As I accepted his suggestion, Bang Yoon Sub smirked with a confident look as though he had already won. 

Those who had bet their money on me looked like their souls had escaped their bodies once they heard my answer. 

I activated one item card from my item tab and actualized it. 

 “If we fight as you suggested, then the person who loses is to….be a slave for a year. How’s that.”

The item I actualized was a level R rarity item ‘fire tongs of promise’.

It was an item card I bought before the start of school. 

Whoever that made a promise on the fire tongs of promise, would have all their nails pulled out by the burning hot tongs if they broke that promise. 

It was a rather low standard since breaking a promise only resulted in the loss of your nails. 

It would hurt like hell but for a player that could use a recovery item card, it could be easily overcome. 

‘For a scaredy-cat like Bang Yoon Sub, this is enough to do the trick.’

Nobody would voluntarily want to have their nails pulled out by flaming hot tongs. 

“Wow slave for a year!”

“The nameless supernova is going out strong.”

At my suggestion, the year ones were even more excited.

“Fire tongs of promise…..!”

Bang Yoon Sub looked nervous as he muttered to himself. 

It was a popular item so Bang Yoon Sub seemed to recognize it immediately. 

“Did you think I would back down? Fine, let’s do it!”

Flames erupted. 

The moment Bang Yoon Sub agreed the fire tongs of promise burnt and dissipated into the air. 

At the same time, Bang Yoon Sub and my nails turned red momentarily before returning to its original color. 

The promise of slavery had been activated. 

There were only three people who had bet on me. 

Sanghoon, Soohyuk, and Yuri. 

I could understand why Sanghoon, but I wondered why Soohyuk and Yuri had made a bet on me.

Soohyuk bet the same amount as Sanghoon as Sanghoon bet 1000 dollars. 

Soohyuk was one of the eldest grandsons of the top four conglomerates in Korea. 

He probably didn’t have much money sense so he must have copied Sanghoon’s bet. 

As for Sanghoon, his parents gave him allowance for him to use when he met with Namwook and myself so I guess he was using that. 

‘It’s odd that Yuri bet on me.’

Yuri was not the type of person to take part in a bet but perhaps she was trying to show support since we were in the same class and a school committee role together. 

The total bet placed on me was 2050 dollars. 

The total bet placed on Bang Yoon Sub was 2478 dollars.

There were quite a few people who had not taken part like Dain, Hwang Jiho, Hanyi. Yet the amount was quite large.

“Now, both of you, in position.”


The 100 students seated in the audience seat of the sports hall screamed and cheered. 

The betting application was expanded and blinking brightly in the air from a hologram device. 

[Match of one-year slavery]

[The nameless supernova Jo Eushin VS The nameless contestant Bang Yoon Sub]

I wonder who was the one who had typed the title for this match. 

To add on someone added the Lucky OST, ‘Going Distance’ to hype up the atmosphere. 

I wonder if it was okay to use such a famous hit as a BGM for some dumb bet on two kids. 

“On my mark, you both can actualize your item card and begin the battle.”

The referee was the homeroom teacher of Year 1 Class 1, Kim Shin Rok. 

Since I was in class zero and Bang Yoon Sub was in class 2, having class 1’s homeroom teacher as the referee must have been determined as the best choice. 

I chose one card out of the 300 cards and stood in position. 

The sound of footsteps could be heard. 

Bang Yoon Sub and I stood with at least 10m between us and faced each other.

The BGM changed from ‘Going The Distance’ to ‘Gonna Fly Now’.

“Now ready,”


“Go, Bang Yoon Sub!”

‘Bang Yoon Sub, become a winner!”

Bang Yoon Sub seemed happy at the thought of an increased popularity and the thought of being treated like a hero. 

Kim Shin Rok raised his hand and signaled.


Bang Yoon Sub’s card in his hand changed to his dual Nunchaku


With the dual nunchaku in his hands, and shouting a battle cry, Bang Yoon Sub ran towards me

I actualized my item card. 

I heard the system notification as I actualized my weapon 

<Skill ‘All things usage’ has been activated.>

“Wait, hold on, is that a magic weapon?”

The crowd were shocked.

And they were right to be. 

In my hand, I was holding the R level soil element magic weapon called ‘Novice magician’s rod of soil’. Due to the all things’ ability I remembered the magic spells and its use, naturally.

“Wow, it’s magic!”

“Wah! Wah!”


Even amongst the players, only a few are able to use magic. 

Just like Yeom Jun Yeol’s ability to use fire and Saeum of April’s ability to control the wind. Magic didn’t require you to hold an actual weapon. 

Spells cast from a promised language. 

The ability to control the power of the natural elements based on a spell.

Result of perfectly calculated and researched intelligence. 

‘Magic is different from other abilities. It’s more like maths.’

To add on the ability to control the skill, and the difficulty to level up was one of the highest. 

Magic was considered impossible to use unless one was related to the royal family or prior arrangement with the highly ranked people. 

‘Even in this world, it’s only briefly mentioned in textbooks as an additional footnote to deepen people’s understanding. Although it is a basic requirement for players playing the game to fully understand their playable characters’ skills, and magic was one of them.’

A magic weapon is also a weapon. 

I had the power to use any kind of weapon so of course, a magic weapon was one of them.

“Terracia Ico!”


I cast a short spell and the magic that controlled the earth attacked Bang Yoon Sub’s eyes accurately. 

Bang Yoon Sub attempted to swing his dual nutchuckers but the speed of magic was impossible to match. 

A level 1 magic was not impactful but it was enough to seal someone’s line of vision and damage their eyes.

“Arghhh! Eye…My eyes!”

Bang Yoon Sub struggled in pain as the soil hit him hard in the face and eyes.

I reduced the space between us and continuously beat the back of his head with the rod. 


Bang Yoon Sub screamed in pain along with the sound of being hit. 

With that, I was done suppressing him. 


It would be a waste to end it so soon.

I attacked Bang Yoon Sub one last time even though he was about to fall to the floor of the sports hall. 

Just like the saying, kill your enemy with kindness.

It’s best to give the bad guy more than he deserves. 



I beat Bang Yoon Sub with the rod, the same spot as before. With that Bang, Yoon Sub was completely knocked out. 

I stepped on the back of Bang Yoon Sub as he lay on the floor and pressed him down with the rod. Then I looked at the referee, Kim Shin Rok. 

Kim Shin Rok raised his hand high up in the air and shouted. 

“Jo Eushin Wins!”

The entire sports hall filled with cheers as Kim Shin Rok announced the outcome.


“Omg, This is the first time I saw a magic weapon!”

“Ah….magic weapon…right…I totally forgot about that.”

“What a rip off skill.”

“Damn it my 100 dollars!”

From the application screen, Bang Yoon Sub’s name was removed. 

Instead ‘Nameless Supernova Jo Eushin Wins!’ was enlarged.

“Damn…that ass. To use magic….coward ass….!”

Perhaps his eyes were hurting Bang Yoon Sub was tearing up and muttering to himself.

Even before I could say anything, Ham Geun Hyeong spoke first. 

“Bang Yoon Sub, do you really think Jo Eushin is a coward.”

As Ham Geun Hyeong asked, Ban Yoon Sub shut his mouth. 

“Don’t you think trying to embarrass someone in public, and forcing an all things ability possessor to be restricted with one weapon is considered cowardly?”

Ham Geun Hyeong didn’t seem angry. 

He was just trying to teach a student a lesson as a professor. 

“Do you still not understand why we professor approved this match?”

Ham Geun Hyeong continued to add the blows. 

Bang Yoon Sub fidgeted and rubbed his eyes but could not reply. 

All the other students soon fell quiet. 

The one who initiated the bet must know how to read a room. 

The BGM and hologram turned off. 

“All of you accepted in Eunkwang high are talented and hardworking. Each of you strongly believes in your futures and take pride in it. But sometimes that confidence can be your own poison. For a player, they must know how to be alert and humble in the unknown.”

To be alert and humble in the unknown.

This was the first lesson and takeaway that the professors wanted to teach the students of this elite school. 

If Bang Yoon Sub and I weren’t here, they would have used Soohyuk and Dain and used them to show them a different standard of battling. Then they would have used that to reinforce this message. 

‘Even though Soohyuk fails by creating a dark chapter for himself in the game.’

Ham Geun Hyeong continued his speech. 

“The incident we had a few years ago. ‘The Naejangsan National Park murder case,’ ‘The crisis of the Seokcheon case.’ The level and overall skill of the enemy that wiped out the entire team at these cases is a well-known fact.”

The students who finally realized the intention of today’s lesson fell silent. 

“A moment being off guard differentiates life and death for a player. To underestimate the nameless supernova that is able to yield SSR rarity items and also previously wiping out an R+ leveled wanted enemy with his bare body.’

Ham Geun Hyeong’s already fierce-looking face made his words even scarier and the students tensed up. 

Ham Geun Hyeong slowly looked around at the hall of students, who had been excited just a minute ago. 

Multiple students bowed their heads and avoided his gaze. 

Those that bet their money on Bang Yoon Sub showed that they had underestimated me and would be feeling guilty. 

To end off Ham Geun Hyeong added. 

“Bang Yoon Sub. You formally…no cowardly made a deal with restrictions and still lost. Keep your word and be responsible by following up on your promise with Jo Eushin. Class dismissed.”

The deafening silence continued. 

It was even more comparable as they had been surrounded in a heated up atmosphere just a few minutes ago. 

“Should I step in and change the mood.’

Just as I was thinking to myself. 

Clap clap clap!

“Good fight, Jo Eushin!”

Snaghoon was shouting and applauding while looking towards me. 

Soon, Soohyuk followed his example, and then the three students from class zero added in.

Then slowly the other students in the hall started to clap as well. 


Soon the entire sports hall was filled with cheers and claps for me. 

Some of them came over to talk to me. 

“I lost my money but that was a good lesson. Thanks for the magic skill show! Nameless supernova.”

“Jo Eushin, show us other magic next time!”

As the applause and cheering were coming to an end. 

Bang Yoon Sub who had been lying on the floor must have removed the soil from his eyes as he had stopped crying and stood up. 

Bang Yoon Sub looked at me with a face full of rage then looked between myself and his own nails. 

I now have a slave.

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