Chapter 21

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Taking Sanghoon’s suggestion into consideration, we decided to use the winnings to buy everyone snacks. 

Soohyuk and Yuri agreed to the suggestion. 

All those who had lost their bet and the professor seemed to like the suggestion. 

The class ended 30 minutes earlier. 

Those who had lost their bets on Bang Yoon Sub rode their airboards and went to the school gates to collect the delivery food they had ordered in advance. 

“What were you so confident about to bet a thousand dollars.”

“I was confident in you.”

Sanghoon replied as he took a bite of his deep-dish pizza topped with king prawns and hot chicken. 

There were five people seated near me in this eating spree. 

The three who had backed me up; Sanghoon, Soohyuk, and Yuri. 

And the others were Hwang Jiho and Hanyi from class zero. 

“Soohyuk, why did you bet on me?”

“Magic is hard to fight against if you don’t have the appropriate shield or item. I guess you could stop it if you had substantial power, to begin with. But I knew Eushin would win.”

Soohyuk must have known exactly what I had in mind.

I’m sure some of those who didn’t bet and were in the top tier like Dain and the professors, had expected the use of a magic weapon.

‘As expected of the top in Eunkwang high.’

The all things ability and a magic user were both rare. 

Bang Yoon Sub and I started this on a whim and the time to decide the bet was relatively short. 

‘To think of the use of a magic weapon after hearing the all things ability.’

I then looked to Yuri who smiled. 

“A magic weapon didn’t cross my mind. But I thought the nameless supernova wouldn’t start a fight he would lose.”

After answering Yuri took a plastic fork and ate a garlic roasted oven chicken. 

Even though Hwang Jiho had not taken part in the betting he seemed to have enjoyed the battle lesson as he ate his tandoori chicken with a satisfied face. 

“Jo Eushin, if you hadn’t stopped me I would have bet on you too.”

“Yaya. Thanks, Hwang Jiho.”

Actually I wasn’t thankful at all. 

Hanyi on the other hand was seated next to Hwang Jiho and silently eating her Gorgonzola pizza with honey. 

‘I’m sure even though these two didn’t take part, they would have clapped for me.’

I didn’t really expect them to be on my side. 

But it was a joyful thing to know that there were people supporting you and congratulating you. 

Somehow today, the oily chicken tasted sweet. 

Just as the topic on Bang Yoon Sub and I died down.

Yuri opened up another topic.

“You know just now, the fight between Dain and Soohyuk was tense. I’ve never seen someone so strong against Dain.”

Soohyuk choked the moment he heard the world ‘Dain.;

Thankfully he didn’t spray the cola in his mouth. 

I had just helped soohyuk avoid a dark chapter and here he was about to make one again. 

Maybe Dain’s smile was still spinning in his mind. 

I added on to transfer the attention away from Soohyuk. 

“Ya. I didn’t know both of you knew how to use the differentiation skill.”

The differentiation skill was the result of personalizing your skill into your own form and appearance. 

Soohyuk and Dain were geniuses who had already acquired the differentiation skill even before they entered high school. 

It was amazing, even the star player Yeom Junyeol learns the differentiation skill for his targeted flaming skill in his second semester of Year 1. 

“Both Soohyuk and Dain fought well.”

After my match with Bang Yoon Sub was over. 

The professor pointed out Dain and Soohyuk and engaged them in combat. 

“Ha, haha. I was lucky to have won a draw. Dain is strong.”

“Right? I’ve never won her before too.”

Soohyuk who used a dual sword.

Dain who used a sniper’s gun. 

Once the battle was signaled to begin. 

Soohyuk, to prevent Dain from loading her gun, threw one of his swords to Dain’s vital point. 

As Dain reflected the sword, Soohyuk crouched low and reduced the space between them. So that he could prance and attack her vital point.  

‘That’s when Dain’s differentiation skill was activated.’

Immediately Dain’s shooting skill adopted the differentiation skill. 

She adopted a high energy skill that converted her entire body into a gun known as a ‘whole body gun.’

Just as the bullet from the end of Dain’s fingers shot out aimed between Soohyuk’s head. 

Soohyuk used his remaining sword and deflected the bullet. 

Meanwhile, Dain lifted her gun to press and hit Soohyuk’s spinal cord. 

‘But Dain wasn’t the only one with the differentiation skill.’

Just when the result of the match seemed clear.

The sword Soohyuk threw before, returned back to his hand, and stopped the gun. 

This was Soohyuk’s differentiation skill, ‘dual sword one body’.

Ignoring the rules of physics, the dual swords always returned back to Soohyuk’s hands. 

Nobody was able to keep their eyes off of these two.

“It was hard to keep up with our bare eyes. All the attacks were fast and it was a smart move to go straight for the other’s vital point”

Sanghoon must have been impressed by the match as he commented as well. 

Yuri seemed to be yearning for something. 

“It’s a shame the combat was limited to 10 minutes and banned the esteemed ability. This time it was a draw but I wonder what the results would be like if you two fought for real.”

“The entire sports hall will fall apart.”

The freshman’s sports hall was already full of damage marks. 

Within the school, there were players with recovery skills so that amount of damage wouldn’t be a big deal. 

But if Soohyuk and Dain fought for real, no amount of recovery skill will be able to put back the sports hall. 

“So what, doesn’t matter.”

Hwang Jiho do you even know what you are saying? 

It must be costly to establish a sports hall that could withstand the powers of players. 

“Hwang Jiho, just eat your pizza.”

I passed him a slice of pizza that Sanghoon had chosen.

Hwang Jiho looked at me with bright eyes as he accepted the slice. 

‘Just because Hwang Jiho utters nonsense it won’t blow his cover, and even if he does it has nothing to do with me.’

Even so, Hwang Jiho was a classmate in the same year as me. 

It wasn’t nice to let him be treated as a weirdo. 

Even though most of the class zero students were already treated that way.

“This is tasty.”

“Ya? Have some coke too.”


Hwang Jiho gladly accepted and ate with bright eyes. 

I should continue feeding him to keep him quiet.

He ate everything I gave him.

And kept quiet while he ate. 

‘To be unconcerned with the sports hall falling apart? What a different mindset.’

As per the architectural regulations in this world, a facility that catered to a player’s skill had one of the highest requirement standards so it incurred a lot of money. 

To build a sports facility to meet the requirements for a special player high, it would require skills and items. It would also require multiple times more money and time as compared to a normal sports hall.

“Hwang Jiho, do you want some pickle?”

“No, give me another slice of the deep-dish pizza.”

“Sure. Eat more.”

Hwang Jiho seems to have completely forgotten his role as a chairman. 

Well, maybe it was okay since the Hwangmyeong corporation had a lot of money. 

The class bell announcing the end of class started to play. This time it was the Triumphal March from Verdi’s Opera ‘Aida’.

A trumpet march where in the story they congratulate the Egypt armies victory. 

“This song is much too grand to celebrate my victory for a slave match.”

It must have been a coincidence but this song made me feel honored. 

The first lesson I had since I had entered Eunkwang high. 

Player battle practice 1. 

It ended off pleasantly with everyone except Bang Yoon Sub being satisfied.


The entire morning came to an end after the first lesson. Now it was lunchtime. 

Students that were already full, from chickens and pizzas went their own ways to enjoy their free time. 

I followed Bang Yoon Sub.

“Shit…why did I….”

He lost to me.

Was scolded by a professor.

Dealt with complaints from students for losing the bet. 

Bang Yoon Sub must be in a poor state. 

But it was all a result of his own actions.

“Why do I have to be a slave to that loser…cough.”

At the most secluded part of the freshman zone. 

Bang Yoon Sub was squatting and smoking a cigarette.

He was a joke, not even able to smoke a full breath. 

“What do you mean why, it’s because you lost.”

I came out of the shadows and accurately kicked the cigarette Bang Yoon Sub WAS holding in his hand.


The cigarette left his hand and was thrown high up in the air before falling to the ground. 

“Gah, Jo Eushin!”

Bang Yoon Sub fell to his butt, surprised. 

He must have been unaware that I had followed him. 

I spoke as I stepped on the cigarette bud in front of him. 

“Make sure you keep your promise, Bang Yoon Sub.”

“Wh…what. Damn it…what are you going to ask me to do!”

A few hours since I met Bang Yoon Sub. 

I couldn’t get a scene out of my head. 

Where he begged Soohyuk to kill him while shaking in fear. 

The final sacrifice of Bang Yoon Sub.

Bang Yoon Sub was a cowardly loser but deep inside he was a good guy. 

“Go and sign up for ‘Eunkwang Training course’”.


Bang Yoon Sub joined Eunkwang high with the stupid goal to become the school’s bad guy. 

But this guy was a pathetic idiot who didn’t really dare to go down an unconventional path. 

The best he could do was skip out on one class.

‘In Eunkwang high it didn’t mean much to miss out on class because all that really mattered was your exam score.’

Because he had such a weak mind and body, evil was able to possess his body. 

“You’re too weak so you don’t stand a chance. So, enroll in the Eunkwang training curriculum. If you can beat me even once I will undo our ‘promise’.”

I spoke while pointing at his nails.

He probably wouldn’t have it in him now to go against his promise and have his nails pulled out. 

Bang Yoon Sub looked down at his nails then shouted back. 

“Ah, I’ll do it! Damn it…If I win, don’t forget your promise!”

Bang Yoon Sub was about to leave.

But before he left the scene I added on. 

“Every time I catch you smoking I’m going to send you to buy me bread.”


“Go and buy me bread and a packet of milk. From the store in the third year zone.”

I smiled and handed him 5 dollars. 

Smoking would reduce his physical stamina. 

So he should train himself as much.

And he was my slave. 

“Why should I!”

“You don’t want to?”

As the fire tongs of promise sensed something affecting the contract, Bang Yoon Sub’s nails flared red.

Panicking, he immediately snatched the 5 dollars.

“You can’t use your airboard. Take a bicycle.”

“What! The third-year zone is bloody far!”

“Then do you want to run there?”

“Jo Eushin you suck!”

Bang Yoon Sub got on a bicycle and headed towards the third year zone.

Seeing how I could catch the sound of my name, he must be riding on as he was cursing me. 

‘If he cursed out loud, then he would be advertising the fact that he was my slave. What an idiot.’ 

After confirming that Bang Yoon Sub was out of sight I looked up at a tree nearby. 

This tree was the only place anyone could hide around here. 

They were probably watching from above. 

“Both of you should come down now.”

Two people jumped down from the tree that was at least 10m high. 


The two landed lightly on the ground. 

One was Year 1 class 2 homeroom teacher, No Young Mi. 

The other was Soohyuk.

“How did you know?”

“Haha, we got caught.”

The two seemed taken aback. 

“I thought there would be someone worried about Bang Yoon Sub”

Joo Soohyuk and No Young Mi. 

Based on their characters I knew they would come. 

“I was going to stop you in case you asked him to do something too much….sorry for suspecting you.”

Soohyuk who knew what my intentions were, apologized. 

It wasn’t really something to apologize about. 

“It’s okay. I don’t care. Because I am going to make him buy bread for me from time to time.”

I knew they understood my intentions but I vocalized it nonetheless. 

“Bang Yoon Sub had the skills and diligence to come to Eunkwang high. With the right opportunity and guidance, he will become a good player.”

Even though Bang Yoon Sub in the game dies.

No Young Mi smiled faintly after hearing my words. 

She looked cold but she had a lot of empathy in her. 

“I hope you’ll take good care of Bang Yoon Sub.”

10 minutes after the two had left, Bang Yoon Sub returned soaked in sweat. 

I offered the bread and milk to him for his hard work. 

He hadn’t eaten much in the sports hall so he must be hungry. 

Knowing him I was also a little suspicious to eat the food he bought back. 

“Eat it.”

“Why! Damn it…”

Bang Yoon Sub looked from his nails to the bread and milk in his hand. He looked like he was going to cry. But he must have not wanted his nails to be torn off. He finished the bread and milk quickly. 

“Jo Eushin you’re like the enemy you ass!”

Bang Yoon Sub ran towards the toilet and shouted. 

As suspected he must have put something in the bread and milk. 

This is what you get for playing with food. 

I sighed at the expected behavior of Bang Yoon Sub.

‘Seems like Bang Yoon Sub has a long way to go until he can get out of this slavery contract.’

I should consider how I will use him for one year. 


There were many brilliant professors in Eunkwang high. 

The most prominent was the head of department, Jegal. 

Year 1 class 0 homeroom teacher and student manager, Ham Geun Hyeong

Year 1 class 1 homeroom teacher, Kim Shin Rok. Who had shouted at the student to escape during the entrance practical exam, even when he was half unconscious. 

Year 1 class 2 homeroom teacher, No Young mi. Who had trailed me, worried about his student. 

‘There were many admirable professors in the game.’

But wherever you go the rule of life is fair. And this applied to the professors. 

A good example was right in front of my eyes. 

The professor that was leading a class in front of me. 

Choi Pyeon Deuk. 

“You young folks, just because you can study a little. You don’t even know what a good lesson is. Hmm.”

Choi Pyeon Deuk’s lessons were only allocated to those in year 1.

Nobody in year 2 and 3 voluntarily chose his class due to its bad reputation. 

“Th…That law on banning gifts and corrupt favors! In the past, there used to be a bond between teachers and students. Where they exchanged gifts, helped one another. And there was a deep fondness but to think they banned this.”

In this world around 10 years ago the government instilled a law that banned gifts and corrupt favors.

Choi Pyeon Deuk seemed enraged as he had enjoyed these small token of goodwill in the past. 

“I don’t care about that. So you can always show your appreciation to me. It’s a relationship between a teacher and a student!”

Choi Pyeon Deuk indirectly hinted for tokens of favors.

‘He must be twisting his word around in case he is recorded.’

Most students were aware that Choi Pyeon Deuk lacked professionalism. 

According to students, those that selected his class without much thought seemed drained by the end of the year. 

In Eunkwang high, for three months you were able to change your curriculum. 

During break time many students will probably escape this class and try to find another. 

“Those seniors that you look up to! The player team. Red lion, the lake of eternity, air society, white tempest, scent of hydrangea. All of them are my students!”

He shouted proudly. 

Students go past at least a hundred professors during their years in Eunkwang high. 

Choi Pyeon Deuk must have been one of the many so why was he taking the credit like this. 

“So be good to me. Do you hear me? I might slip in a word or two to your seniors if you are.”

On the back of Choi Pyeon Deuk’s hand, there was a hint of a scar from where his flesh had been cut away. 

The brand I left with Yeom Junyeol’s powers from the Cidelentium coin during the dream auction. 

‘To remove it you need to use a very expensive scar removal item or cut off the flesh that was imprinted with the brand and have it treated.’

Choi Pyeon Deuk is a player after all. 

So he must have had the will to cut off his own flesh. 

“I am connected to many higher-ups.”

This was an example of his most commonly used phrase ‘evil that escapes judgment.’

He undertakes horrible acts, but until the very end survives the consequences out of luck and does not repent on his sins.

Choi Pyeon Deuk is assumed as an NPC who survives until the final battle and what follows.

“In a sacred classroom, of course, you should trust and follow your teacher. Mmmhmm.”

Choi Pyeon Deuk from the game communicates secretly with the bear lineage during the entrance practical exam and ends up killing Kim Shin Rok and four other students. 

He was the descendent of the King’s maternal relatives and recognized the identity of Saeum of April. Then he sold him over to the dream auction and benefited from it. 

There were other students he pushed off a cliff as well. 

‘And he allowed trash into Eunkwang high.’

After receiving corrupted bribes, he set up a special administration process. Allowing unqualified students into the school. Those students were the ones to bully the weak and killed Cotton wool with pesticide, out of their jealousy for Dain.

Choi Pyeon Deuk tries to cover for them and tries to blame Dain who lost Cotton wool, as a bully. 

‘The more I think of it he’s like a dog.’

In the game, Choi Pyeon Deuk commits countless sins but survives and lives happily till the very end.

His title as a professor in an elite high provided him stability and status. 

He was able to make use of this with luck and connections. 

‘No, to compare Choi Pyeon Deuk to a dog, would be offending the dog.’

After Jegal leaves Eunkwang high and slowly dies. 

Choi Pyeon Deuk climbs to the position of head of department and is on a roll. 

‘If I leave him alone, he will continue to grow his influence.’

As the final battle drew near.

Choi Pyeon Deuk is highlighted as an influential person in Eunkwang high as most of the professors have already died. 

“A student that chose my lesson definitely has a good instinct. You get my point right. So be good to me this year. Do you understand?” 

There were sins he had not committed yet.


‘I have no intention to sit back and watch him commit them.’

As soon as I find a piece to get rid of Choi Pyeon Deuk, I will. 

I considered the choices one by one in my head. 

As I changed my thoughts, I was able to bear through his bullshit. 

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