Chapter 22

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Question 17. 

Choose the correct answer that correctly explains the relationship between the following example (ga) and the historical records (na).

Example (ga) 

The sky opened up and God of the sky came down to ask for a wish, to which the celestial tigers replied. 

White tiger wished to go anywhere. 

Yellow tiger wished to exist anywhere.

The blue tiger wished to serve god’s son.


God of the sky easily granted these wishes and returned back through the open sky. 

The remaining gods and tigers were very happy. 

The god that ruled over this land celebrated every year by opening up a banquet to show his gratitude to the God of the sky.

-Myth of Gaecheon-

  1. This is when totemism prevailed 
  2. You can infer there were more than four tiger lineages.
  3. The tiger lineage and gods were of the same level 
  4. It was a theocratic society
  5. You can confirm the relationship between the tiger and bear lineage. 

‘The answer is 4. Since the god who rules this world holds a banquet, so it’s theocratic.’

2 and 5 were true but it was a trick question. 

There are only three tiger lineages recorded in the myth of gaecheon, and the bear lineage does not appear in it at all. 

This was a question that tested if one was able to differentiate between myth and legend. 

‘That’s the answer.’

I checked the answer in the electronic workbook for my current class ‘Understanding of the royal lineage 1’ and was notified it was correct.

The questions on the myth of gaecheon were relatively easy. 

As the answer was reviewed it moved on to the next question. 

Question 18. 

From the list below, select the descendant that is not described correctly. 

‘This is a question testing the difference between the royal family and the royal descendant.’

The likelihood of an offspring between the royal lineage or even between a royal lineage and a human was extremely low. 

But there were a few that managed to accomplish this very difficult task. 

Even if a child is born to continue the royal bloodline, they are not allowed to become a part of the royal lineage. 

They are referred to as the ‘Royal descendants’

[The royal descendants’ question is not that hard. Simply, take Yeom Junyeol from our school for example. Yeom Junyeol’s mother was born directly from the dragon lineage. Even so, she and Yeom Junyeol are both referred to as royal descendants.]

I checked my answer while recalling the words of ‘Yim Yeonhwa’ the professor teaching the class understanding of the royal lineage 1.

‘Even though he’s not a pureblood Yeom Junyeol is still a descendant of the dragon lineage….”

Because Yeom Junyeol’s mother was a descendant of a pure royal lineage, his birth itself was considered a miracle. 

That’s why Yeom Bangyeol and the dragon clan treated Yeom Jung Yeol preciously.

‘The total number of the descendants of the dragon lineage were not more than ten.’

The number of descendants of a pure royal lineage were lesser than the actual royal lineage.

I couldn’t understand why they were asking such a meaningless question. 

Perhaps Yeom Junyeol’s popularity played a part when the questions were developed. 

‘A descendants born between a human and a pure royal lineage…they were stronger than an average human but weaker than the royal lineage also, they could not rebel against their own royal lineage. Their existence was full of penalties.’

I finished the 50 assignment questions and turned off the electronic workbook. 

As I had come to school early, I was the only one in class.

“…It’s only been a week since school has started and I’m already swamped by exams.’

A week had passed since the start of Eunkwang high. 

To name a few events that happened since the Seoul Ministry of education advocated a nationwide combined student assessment. 

A nationwide combined student assessment was entirely based on topics that were tested for the college entrance exams, so it applied to normal high schools in the whole nation as well as the player-specific high schools. 

Soohyuk and Dain scored full marks in year one and were momentarily the talk of the town.

‘While I scored somewhere midpoint.’

Eunkwang high may be an elite school but for a 4-year college graduate, it was an embarrassing result. 

To fend for myself, it had been 10 years since I studied for the college exam, and I had only studied on player relevant topics ever since I joined this world. 

Personally I was satisfied. 

‘The mock college exam was only applicable to those who had chosen relevant modules.’

I did not choose any module that was taught in a normal high school. 

Namwook who saw my chosen modules had nagged at me and asked if I was giving up on the college entrance exam. 

To enter college, even the special player students had to meet a minimum requirement in the college exams. So those who planned to go to college had to take up all the topics in a normal high school. 


I had already experienced college life. 

And I wasn’t exactly hung up on reliving that life. 

The only thing I was hung up on was the future of this world’s ending. 

‘Let’s just study.’

I put aside my depressing thoughts. 

As expected from an elite high school there were exams swamping me every day so I couldn’t be off guard. 

Each of my modules’ test results were currently in the top ranks.

‘It doesn’t reflect anything on my overall skill so it didn’t mean much.’

I had studied beforehand using my personal menu setting ability so I was not too stressed. 

In fact, I was learning in detail the aspects that weren’t covered in my personal menu setting.

‘In this world, the tiger clan referred after the white tiger and yellow tiger was the blue tiger…’

I read the completed version of the Myth of Gaecheon and thought through it. 

The tiger clans that appear in the gamer were the white tiger, yellow tiger, and the red tiger. 

It mentioned the existence of other tiger clans but they never appeared in the game. 

The only time it was shown was in the form of a silhouette in a character’s recollection. 

‘If the blue tiger wished to serve the god by his side, the chances are that he is still by his side serving him.’

I wanted to find out more about the blue tiger and the presence of a god. 

This was one of the blanks and unknowns that existed in the game. 

As I dug deeper into this I could roughly guess the current state of the blue tiger and the god. 


‘I have no way to confirm it or prove it.’

If the story progressed there must be a way to confirm it. 

For now, I had to wait. 


I heard the automatic door of the Year 1 Class 0 door opened. 

‘Wonder if that’s Yuri?’

I turned around thinking it was Yuri but was greeted with an unexpected face. 

A non-playable character in the game, NPC, Hanyi. 


As I greeted her, Hanyi replied back expressionlessly. 

“Jo Eushin, hello.”

Hanyi had a high score in her entrance exam and she had never gotten herself into trouble. 

She was on the quiet side but got along well with the professors.

But the reason why she was allocated to class zero was due to her disability. She had a level 2 hearing and deafness impairment. 

<’Notification on Hanyi’s Profile.>

[NAME] Hanyi

[TITLE] Eunkwang High Year 1 Class 0 (failed to load partially)

[BELIEF] (failed to load partially)

[Esteemed ability] Inactive

[CONDITION] (failed to load partially)

[Overall skill] Lv.17


Jumping skill Lv.3

Ability to detect presence Lv.4

Taehokwon Lv.4

(failed to load partially)


Grew up after being adopted from an orphanage at 5 years old. 

Disable with level 2 hearing and deafness impairment. 

Was unable to recover even with an eardrum transplant or receiving a player’s recovery skill. 

Assumed to have been strongly cursed when under the age of 5. 

Perfectly accomplished in mouth reading, hence faces no difficulty in communicating.

(failed to load partially)

‘She has top rank qualifications as a student. But played a rather small role because she was an NPC, I am now able to see more details I wasn’t aware of.’

Eunkwang high did not treat the disabled any differently. 

Eunkwang high students were exposed to fight with the enemy from the other world from Year 1 semester 2.

It was a matter of life and death. 

Therefore differentiating the disabled for special treatment was unnegotiable.

‘Hanyi entered Eunkwang high with the same requirements as any other student and entered within the top ranks.’

The school had never admitted a severe disability before, so the teaching staff had a long discussion before deciding to allocate her to class zero. 

They assumed it would be better to place her in a class of 20 instead of 50 so that it will be easier to support her. 

‘Although Hanyi doesn’t require much help from the professors much anyway….’

Hanyi possessed a high level of presence detection and mouth reading. 

Hanyi was able to converse perfectly as long as she was able to see the other person’s mouth and replied with clearly articulated words. 

There were a few times in the game where people were surprised after finding out that Hanyi was deaf.

“You’re here early today”

“Because we get to choose our club activities today.”

The club activities were probably the biggest reason why Hanyi decided to enroll in Eunkwang high.

Hanyi must have come early to submit her application. 

‘It must be because of Gong Chung Hwen.’

Gong Chung Hwen was a volunteer through Hanyi’s time in the orphanage. 

He was the first to find out that Hanyi was a player.

He taught her mouth reading and Taehokwon, one of the traditional martial arts of Korea in this world. 

‘He taught her perfectly to the extent that Hanyi was able to enroll in Eunkwang high. He’s an amazing person.’

And now. 

Gong Chung Hwen was a contract teacher in Eunkwang high and in charge of the Taehokwon club activities. 

“Are you going to join Taehokwon?”


Hanyi replaced her expressionless face with a longing expression and replied with a smiler. 

‘….This is the first time I’ve seen such an expression in this world.’

Gong Chung Hwen dies while protecting a student. 

Hanyi arrives late at the scene and puts on the same kind of expression. 

Even as the enemy approaches she does not react. 

She sits quietly next to Gong Chung Hwen and a close up of that was her last scene. 

‘I should stop thinking about it.’

Maybe I had studied too much. 

My thoughts continuously ran in a depressing direction. 

I changed the topic to lighten up the mood for myself. 

“I saw the cool Taehokwon match during last week’s lesson. I’ll drop by when I have time.”

During last week’s first-class, player battle practice 1.

Hanyi was up against Hwang Jiho.

Hwang Jiho looked at Hanyi with sparkling eyes as she actualized an item card and wore the safeguard to fight with her Taehokwon.

`There was a rumor that Taehokwon was formed by the tiger lineage, seeing how Hwang Jiho reacted, it must be true.’

After seeing Hanyi take a Taehokwon stance, Hwang Jiho threw away his item card. 

The professor and other students found this odd. 

Hwang Jiho put aside the battle skill he submitted and adopted his bare hands to use Taehokwon.

Hwang Jiho must have been excited to meet a successor skilled in Taehokwon he seemed excited and gleeful as he performed Taehokwon. 

The sight of him was amazing and crazy. 

‘Taehokwon is forgotten over Taekwondo and is recorded as a traditional form of martial arts only in history, so it must have been a long time since he last met a successor.’

The outcome of the match was the yellow tiger’s win. 

Due to the crazy acts of the yellow tiger, the rumor that class zero students were a bunch of psychos started again. 

“Do you think Hwang Jiho will join the Taehokwon club?”

Hanyi seemed angry as she spoke.

“I’m not too sure. But he might barge in and ask for a match if he’s bored.”

Hwang Jiho who was negligent on school affairs probably wouldn’t even know that the Taehokwon existed. 

He will naturally find out if Hanyi joins the Taehokwon club. 

Based on Hwang Jiho’s reaction during the first class, it seemed like he would request for a match whenever he got bored. 

“I will win him next time.”

Hanyi’s eyes were determined. 

But her opponent was the yellow tiger of the tiger clan. 

He wasn’t demoted like the white or red tiger and fully sustained his title as the tiger clan of the myth faction. 

Her opponent was too strong. 

Even so, I decide to root for her.

“Yes, I’ll root for you.”

Just when Hanyi opened her mouth to thank me.

Knock knock –

We heard someone knocking on both the front and back door of the class. 

Hanyi who had detected a presence looked to the door. 

It was impossible to open both doors at once so I answered. 

“Come in.”


“Eushin, can we talk?”

“Jo Eushin, you here?”

The one who had opened the front door was Yoo Sanghee. 

The one who had opened the back door was Yoo Sanghoon.

“…..Did they come separately?” 

The Year 1 Class 0 was located at the most corner of the building so it was near the entrance of the building.

The back door was near to the corridor where Sanghoon’s class 1 was located. 

So Sanghee and Sanghoon must have arrived simultaneously without bumping into each other. 

The two seemed to have finally realized the other.

“Why are you here.”

“What a way to talk to your sister.”

“Why is a third year in a freshman’s class?”

“To meet Eushin.”

I had no idea why the two of them were here. 

But having a third-year would attract attention. 

Sanghee was not any third year but a top ranker who’s overall results were always top ten in class and she was the student committee’s secretary. 

‘Sanghee was a player who possessed a precious recovery skill. Of course, she would be famous.’

Students who had spotted her started to gather.

Already, the surrounding was getting noisier. 

“Senior Sanghee, hello. Sanghoon, hey. But what are you both doing here….”

I wanted to quickly hear them out to send them back. 

At my question, the two siblings answered me in perfect unison. 

“Eushin, would you like to join the school committee?”

“Jo Eushin, wanna join the basketball club?”

I was speechless by their sudden offer.

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