Chapter 24

Sera Lee shrunk her eyebrows at the name, Sangki Beak.

“Why the hell is he calling me?”

She hesitated for a little bit and then answered.

“Hello? Yes… Can we talk with some respect? I don’t want to listen to your rude tone. Yes. The loser? What are you talking about? What?! What do you mean that I’m hiding something? What bullshit. If you are going to talk stupid, get the fuck away.”

Sera Lee hung up the phone.

“What a crazy dumbass!”

“What did he say to you?”

“He was suddenly saying that I shouldn’t use the loser by myself and he told me to lend him. I shouldn’t have answered the call.”

“You have gone through some hardship.”

While Saehyun and Sera had the conversation, Kimin dropped his sight and contemplated deeply.

‘He has found out.’

‘However, it doesn’t matter. Anyways he was on my list too.’

Kimin relaxed his facial expression and got involved in the conversation.

“What kind of skills does Sangki Beak have? I’m wondering if you guys know about him since you guys are rulers as well.”

“You already know some information because the rough concept of the rulers is famous.”

“Yes, Saehun Choi, the space ruler, Sangki Beak, the time ruler, Sungkyu Kim, the gravity ruler, and you, miss Sera are…”

“Aaah!! No!! Please stop!! Don’t say that! I shouldn’t have asked!”

Shocking names.

Kimin paused at her red face.

Saehyun burst out laughing.

Sera Lee shook her hands to cool down the heat on her face and then opened her mouth again.

“First, Sangki Beak’s skill is unexpectedly simple according to several methods that we can use to figure out a limited approximation. I can define his skill in two words.”

“What are they?”

“Unlimited regression, time control.”

“What? Unlimited regression?”

“Sangki Beak’s body regresses one second after one second. It’s a kind of automatic repair system.”

Saehyun added more explanation.

“Then, are you saying Sangki Beak doesn’t get old?”

“In theory, yes. There is no way to kill him since his body comes back every second and also he can control the time. That is why people avoid him. Shit is avoided not because it is scary, but because it is dirty.”

“Don’t you think he wouldn’t even die if we turn him to dust with a nuclear weapon?”

“It wasn’t a nuclear weapon… but he has been attacked by this and that.”

“Wait, how did it happen? If the time control is the one I’m thinking about, it’s going to be hard to hit him.”

“He just let them hit. He wanted to see if he could still regress after the attacks.”

“Oh… He’s like a starfish. It feels more like regeneration, not regression.”

Kimin scratched his head and then asked a question again.

“By the way, does it mean his brain regresses too? How does he retain his memory?”

“I have no idea. He probably has an attribute.”

Kimin nodded.

“Hm… Time control.”

“According to the information that I saw with my detection skill, he seems like he can control the time speed. He appears here and there with something like the speed of teleportation… I think he can slow down things around him except himself.”

Saehyun answered instead of Sera.


“I saw an old video of a monster that was being hunted by him and it looked like his strength becomes extremely strong when he controls time. I don’t know about the mechanism, though.”


Sera drank a sip of her tea and opened her mouth again.

“The information that I have found out only with my detection skill is that incredible… He probably has more skills that are hidden. He is a so-called ruler.”

“… Are the rulers all that strong?”

“Well, they are strong enough to not be killed by other fair-to-middling skill users. Same here, and others too.”

Kimin looked at Sera Lee who was talking with a smile and swallowed his spit.

‘He is much stronger than I thought… How can I kill him?’




‘Sera Lee… By the sound of her tone and what she said, she didn’t seem to lie to me.’

‘Well… Saehun Choi is not an easy one. How can she think that the guy is still alive? on second thought, Sera Lee’s face didn’t feel like she was hiding something at that time in Ohsung.’


Sangki Beak thought about the conversation with her and turned his head.

Sera Lee was excluded from his list of suspects.

Now, he came back to the starting point.

Sangki Beak thought, 

‘It’s not that Jinbum Park didn’t try hard. He did try as much as he could. He is… well, a funny guy.’

‘Then, I need to think about where his efforts don’t reach.’

Sangki Beak’s thoughts came up with the Dark auction.

He picked up the phone.

“Hey, it’s me.”

– Yes, Mr. Beak.

“Don’t you have any fun news from the Dark auction?”

– Of course not. That old-timer freak is operating here. It’s no fun since the rules here are too strict.

“Ahahahaha!! I know what you’re saying. You don’t really have fun news, do you?”

– Since you are Mr. Beak, of course, I should delight you even if it’s not fun. Well… it was about a few seasons ago. I had heard that there was an interesting guy. He looked like he had some kind of curse skills. He was an entertaining guy. His skill is transferring a wound or something.


– He might’ve killed an enforcer with the skill… I don’t know the details since I heard about it from someone else.

Transferring a wound?

‘It’s suspicious.’

He glared with his eyes.

“Do you have a video of it?”

– I don’t have it… I will ask around at the next gathering.

“Ok. I don’t really need a video. Just find out what kind of mask he was wearing. Say Sangki Beak ordered to find him before asking.”

– Ok.

After an hour since Sangki Beak hung up the phone.

– Mr. Beak. I got a report. It was a black wolf mask. They don’t have a video of him.

“Yea? That is enough. Thanks.”

He did not know that the report was slightly wrong and grinned.

‘There is a store he must stop by.’




Saehun Choi was at his desk in his empire.

The Dark auction where only authorized persons could enter.

Just like when in Rome, do as the Romans do, when in the Dark auction, do as the Dark auction does.

Saehun tried his best to make rules to be fair to all the skill users who came and managed the Dark auction under those rules.

He did not want people who came with the invitations to be confused by the inconsistent chaos.

It wasn’t an enormously huge world, but he loved the ecosystem he built.

And the ecosystem was now growing.

The Dark auction was getting crowded as days went by.

As the Dark auction became more and more crowded, he observed the principles more thoroughly than anyone else.

He wished that his subordinates could be just like him.


“How dare you break the rules and run into my office! Don’t you know about my personality?”

“Mr. Choi, Sangki Beak is…”

There were a few exceptions.

Saehun’s face became shocked.

‘I have never given him an invitation…’

“Sangki Beak is… Keep going.”

“Sangki Beak is… The owners of the artifact type mask shops… One of them has already passed away.”

Saehun’s face instantly turned evil.

He took out a golden mask, wore it, and disappeared as if he was never there before.




“Sangki Beak.”

“Oh, hey. You came later than I thought.”

“What the hell are you doing here?”

There were broken and smashed containers and scattered artifact type masks.

Also, there was a man whose body was limp while Sangki Beak held his neck.

Saehun Choi found a crowd who were murmuring and watching from far away. As he shook his hands, a dome appeared and separated Saehyun Choi and Sangki Beak from the crowd.

“These bitches kept lying to me.”

“What are you talking about?”

“I’m looking for a man who bought an artifact-type mask here and they were not cooperating with me. So, there was some friction while I asked for their cooperation.”

Sangki Beak sniggered without any mask at the Dark auction.

“Isn’t it obvious that they can’t help you out? No one can find out who people are here at the Dark auction.”

“No. I’m pretty sure they have records, but they kept lying that they don’t know. This one did and that one did…”

Sangki Beak slung the guy he was holding towards the front of Saehun.

“…Bastards. How dare they try to fool me.”

Saehun’s patience was almost at the breaking point.

“Stop. There is no such thing as records here. Everyone is wearing masks. How can they leave a record? Stop talking foolishness, tell me the real reason when I’m still in a good enough mood to understand you.”


The edge of Sangki Beak’s mouth twisted up.

“Understand? Son of a bitch, you just play with your sandcastle in this little pond. What are you going to do if I don’t?”


The golden mask stared at Sangki Beak without any words.

Crash crash.

Saehun took off his mask and broke it with his hand.

“Get out and wait there. I will kill you.”

“Huh? You? Just do it here. You are just nothing without your subspace, aren’t you?”

Sangki Beak laughed at him.

Saehun Choi shook his hand without answering.

Sangki Beak disappeared and soon, Saehun Choi disappeared too.

The dome was slowly melting down.

The enforcers scattered the crowd around the dome.




‘Shit… Was the location saved to here?’

Saehun Choi seemed to be frustrated.


Sangki Beak whistled in front of the statue of Admiral Yi Sun-Sin.

It was at the intersection in Gwanghwamoon.

There were so many people between tall buildings that looked like they were going to reach the sky.

“Isn’t it a suitable place to die?”

“Let’s move.”

“I don’t want to.”

Sangki Beak quickly came close and stroke Saehun’s abdomen.


It made a unique explosive sound.

Around them instantly turned into chaos.

However, Saehun Choi didn’t move a muscle.

Just like inside the secret room in Ohsung.

“I will open a portal then follow me.”


Saehun Choi started to open a portal.

“I don’t want to.”


Sangki Beak tried to punch again.

However, Saehun Choi didn’t care and kept drawing the portal.

“You can’t touch me even with your fingertips. When I tell you to follow, just follow.”

“Fuck you. I can’t touch you? Then, how about this?”

Sangki Beak suddenly disappeared from the front of Saehun.

When he came back again, he had two people in each hand.

Sangki Beak pushed one of the people inside the portal that was being drawn in the air.

As the person couldn’t even scream and got oxidized to blood, Saehun Choi stopped his finger.

“Why did you stop? Didn’t you tell me to follow you?”

Saehun’s finger swept down Sangki Beak who was getting on Saehun’s nerve.

A tear in space followed his finger and covered Sangki Beak.

Sangki Beak’s head was being split in half and then came back as nothing had happened. 

He grinned and said, “This is it? You just tried to kill me, didn’t you? Do you want me to show you what real killing is like?”

Sangki Beak had a wicked smile and pushed the other person to Saehun’s chest.


Saehun Choi separated the person, who stopped the crumply movement, from his body.

He glared at Sangki Beak and counted the cooldown time.

‘According to information… Time control persists for one second and cooldown time is for 5 seconds. Let’s aim at that timing.’

‘I know I can’t kill him. But…’

While Sangki Beak was continuing his meaningless attack, Saehun Choi made some tears in space with his finger.

Saehun moved slightly to lead Sangki to where he wanted.


Finally, the timing came.

Saehun made both of his hands into a shape of a net towards the irritated Sangki Beak, remained in the posture, and covered him down with it.

The space tears around Sangki Beak instantly gathered into one and shined.

The remaining cooldown time of time control was 4 seconds.

The space around Sangki Beak was being twisted.

Sangki Beak tried to escape, but the twisted space quickly closed a gap.

3.5 seconds…

The subspace prison.

When the space gets completely twisted, Sangki Beak will disappear into the subspace.

3 seconds…

Now, Sangki Beak looked unclear over the curved space.

‘… I can at least trap him!’

2 seconds… And the moment right before the subspace prison was completed.

Sangki Beak’s and Saehun Choi’s eyes met each other.


As soon as Sangki Beak smiled.


The world had stopped.


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