Chapter 24

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A Jeokho stood on a balcony railing less than half a span.  

‘It must be using the Jeokyeon (赤煙) skill right now.’

 The red fog around the tiger was an effect that appeared when using Jeokyeon, a skill that makes the user invisible and increases defense.

They are trying to prevent being recorded by the CCTV monitoring the exterior wall of the dormitory.

 “We received a message from Hwangho. I would like to respond to the transaction proposed by student Eui-shin Cho.”

“Thank you. In addition to the deal, I’d like to ask you one thing.” 

Jeok-ho was deceived by the grieving old lady and committed a deadly sin.

Jeok-ho thought protecting the students from the Silver Light school was part of the atonement for his sins. 

 ‘I shouldn’t be the one that needs protection.’

Jeokho, a specialist in information collection, seemed to protect me and had the potential to hide important information.  

“Please let me accompany you when dealing with that teacher.”

“An unknown supernova. It is said that you defeated an R+ Wanted Enemy, but the other person is a teacher in the Silver Light school and is associated with the Ung Tribe. Having a student take on a dangerous job… … .” 

He took out an item card.

On the day of the dream auction, a failed item received from Ungnyeo.

‘The weight of wealth and life’

It was the item that symbolized Jinwoong Palsun’s will to destroy the gods.

In other words, it is proof that he survived even facing Jin Woong Palsun. 

 “I’m okay.” 

 The moment Jeokho saw the card in my hand, red lightning flashed and struck the night sky.

Screams were heard all over the dorm.

Jeokho, standing in front of the red lightning, jumped off the balcony and walked in front of me.

“What are you thinking?” 

A student who belongs to the new area of Silver Light school and is the subject of protection.

A player who survives face-to-face with the Ung tribe and passes information to himself.

The conflict between the two facts made Joekho appear confused.

His blunt face was harder than usual. 

“I will tell you the name of the teacher. Please conduct a survey of the teacher’s property list and the list of students responsible for the special admissions personality interview. I will plan the operation according to the results of the investigation.”

“Student Cho Eui-shin… … .”

“Please listen to my strategy and decide whether to accompany me.”

Jeokho alternately looked at the “wealth and weight of life” item card in his hand and his face.

It took a little time, but he nodded a little. 

“… … Okay.”

It was done. 

“And I also want to know the identity of a parent.”

“Is it related to this job?”

“Yes, a little.” 

Considering the behavior of the parents, there will be a high probability of a relationship.

There seems to be no direct connection though. 

“The teacher’s name is Pyeon-deuk Choi. The parent’s child’s name is Irena. When the investigation is over, please contact me through the device.” 

Finally, he asked what he had in his heart.

“Do you like black?”

“… … No, not really.” 

Jeokho, who had been hardened by his words, made a stupid face for a moment. 

‘When he appeared in the game, he always wore dull black clothes.’ 

Looking at his outfit today, he seemed to care about fashion, but why did it look like that in the game?

There were fans who said that they liked it.

Was it bothersome to knit a new game polygon and choose a costume color because it was a national trash game?

With such impolite thoughts, he saw Jeokho off.


The mysterious red lightning that struck in the middle of the night became a hot topic for a while.

However, because there were no casualties, people thought someone’s abilities went berserk for a little bit, and the incident was quickly buried.

It’s was just added to the numerous incidents in the Silver Light schools’ incidents. 

“Hwang Ji-ho, thank you.”

“Did you talk to Jeokho?”

“Thanks to you.” 

Before the ordinance begins.

Only Hani was in self-study in the front seat in the classroom.

Hani couldn’t hear through her ears, but she lowered her voice a little and chatted with Hwang Ji-ho.

“Okay, I brought snacks with my gratitude.”

“Oh, this is a moon rabbit rice cake. Every year, I eat well because of the rice cakes the moon rabbits send.” 

Hwang Ji-ho brightened his eyes and accepted the wrapped rice cake. 

‘It turns out that the Ho tribe and the To tribe were allies.’ 

The moon rabbit rice cake set received from Seong Si-wan was so much to eat alone, so he shared the remaining rice cakes with Kim Yu-ri and Han-i.

Everyone admired the taste of the rice cake, but Hwang Ji-ho in particular enjoyed the taste throughout the break, his eyes shining.

It was a piece of very useless information, but he found out that the 5,000-year-old old man loves rice cake very much.

After the ordinance was over, he visited Ham Geun-hyung.

It was a contrast to yesterday where he called him out. 

“Mr. Ham Geun-hyung.”

 There was no one in the passage leading out of the first-grade building. 

“Cho Eui Shin… …? Looking at the expression, it doesn’t look like you want to join the leadership department.” 

What was his expression like for him to say that?

Like Sang-hoon Yoo, there seems to be quite a bit of mention about his expression.

He didn’t think that the emotions are particularly revealed on his face. 

“You have a face that has something to think about.” 

He read his mind again.

Ham Geun-hyung was very tactful. 

“I’d like to ask you something.”

“Okay. I understand.”

Did he even know what he was going to ask for to accept it right away?

He stared at him. 

“How long do you think I’ve been a player or a teacher? Among the old disciples, there was a guy that was like you Cho Eui-shin. Admissions practical exam, the Irena case, the Bang Yoon-seop case. I know just by looking at those three.”

Ham Geun-hyung had his eyes looking at somewhere far away and nostalgic.

Even considering his previous age, Ham Geun-hyung was definitely older.

He didn’t know if it was knowledge about games, but he will have a greater degree of experience when it comes to dealing with people. 

“Tell me, Cho Eui-shin. Do you need my help?”

He felt a little moved.

Ham Geun-hyung was a playable character in the game.

Among the teachers, he was the quickest to understand and help Joo Soo-hyuk and An da-in.

‘When I saw it in the game, I thought about where in the world there was a teacher who could communicate this much.’  

Both Jegal Jae-gul and Kim Shin-rok are good teachers, but they died early in the game, so they did not contribute much.

Ham Geun-hyung survived for a relatively long time and, from the perspective of a teacher, lent his hand without thinking deeply about any help he could give.  

“I will explain in detail with the device.”  

He asked before leaving Ham Geun-hyung.  

“Who was that old student?”  

Similar to him.

He was a little worried.  

“… … The guy who made Jiikhoe 15 years ago.”

Was he talking about the student council president who drove out the board director and the dormitory director?

Since Ham Geun-hyung answered and turned his back, he couldn’t see what expression he had while talking. 

 * * * 

Jeokho’s findings arrived in one day.

The three materials he asked for.  

A list of students in charge of the special screening personality interview of Choi Pyeon-deuk.

Choi Pyeon-deuk’s property details.

Irena’s parents’ identity. 

 The personality interviews also indicated whether they passed or failed, and among the four passing candidates, there were names he was looking for.

Two illegal admissions.

One student who is inferior to those who were admitted for illegally.

The remaining one is the playable character Maeng Hyo-don.

‘Out of these four, the only student who can get into the Silver Light school is Maeng Hyo-don.’ 

The special screening is determined by the achievements of the preliminary player in the Youth Sports Competition.

Maeng Hyo-don was one of the strongest who confronted Joo Soo-hyuk several times in the finals.

Currently, however, Maeng Hyo-don has never been to school and has been sold as a fighting slave to the “Fight Club” run by Choi Pyeon-deuk to pay off his father’s entertainment debt. 

‘The reason he passed Maeng Hyo-don was to sell the brand of being an active Silver Light student.’  

 Maeng Hyo-don only had his father after his mother passed at an early age.

The unemployed father used up the remaining wealth with alcohol, gambling, and entertainment, and used abusive language and violence on Maeng Hyo-don.  

‘Maeng Hyo-don wasn’t exactly smart, but he was excellent at physical things that used his body and cherished his only family.’

Because of that, Maeng Hyo-don just listened to his father’s swear words and suffered violence without rebuke.

He participated in the sports competitions to earn money for his father’s liquor.

‘Pyun-deuk Choi knew that Maeng Hyo-don’s father was going through the gambling house, and he thought that his excellent fighting skills would bring in money. He seems to have a good idea of how to make money.’ 

I’ll use this one to save him.

If it is as planned, in the second year, Joo Soo-hyuk destroys the fight club and saves Maeng Hyo Don.

In addition to that, like the great-grandson of the Chuo Group, he even pays off all the debts of Maeng Hyo-don in a cool way.  

‘I have no intention of waiting until then.’

The next thing he checked was the list of Choi Pyeon Deuk’s properties.

The first thing he checked were five buildings owned by Choi Pyeon-deuk in the Silver Light District. 

‘There is an Ung tribe in one of these five places. I have to deal with it along with Choi Pyeon-deuk.’  

Choi Pyeon deuk was a son of a bitch, but he wasn’t incompetent.

Although he has a bad reputation among students, he has excellent administrative ability, and his ability to manipulate documents is fantastic.  

‘In terms of ability alone, the Choi Pyeon Deuk is several times higher than Byeon Sun Hoe of the Dream Gate.’

Choi Pyeon-deuk knew how to get along with the board of directors, be weak to the strong, and hide his malice from a righteous teacher like Jegal Jae-gul.

He was regarded as a sincere teacher with excellent administrative work ability, although his class evaluation was poor among teachers.

And in this case, the Ung was deeply involved, and they were not bystanders like Ung-nyeo of grief.  

‘The plan is ready to solve this case.’  

He organized the plans he had thought of and sent them to Jeokho.

Jeok-ho sent an OK sign, although it took some time to answer.

[Today, it is expected to rain all over the country. In particular, in Seoul and Gyeonggi provinces, heavy rains with strong winds, thunder, and lightning are expected from the evening, so care should be taken to avoid rain damage. The Seoul-Gyeonggi Airbus Corporation has announced that it will stop operating Airbus from 9 am. From the daytime tomorrow, the rain will stop and the chilly flower spring will continue. … .]


Friday morning.

He heard rain pouring out the window of his dorm room.

He wondered if it would stop later, but when he checked the forecast, the forecast says rain would not stop tonight and it would actually be coupled with strong winds and thunder.  

‘It’s raining too much.’  

Today is the day he decided to meet Jeokho and attack Choi Pyeon Deuk.

In the worst case, he was willing to risk embarrassment and show the world again, the “The Red Monster.”

Because of the rain, The Red dragon’s power will be halved, and Yum Jun-yeol’s condition will be poor so his level will drop.

‘Even if there is no red monster, there are other means.’  

He took his umbrella and headed to school.

Today is the last day of the application date for sub-activities.

It was also a day when he had to respond to the invites for the sub-activities he had received.

He tried to respond to the Yu’s sibling’s recommendation by sending a message with his device.

However, Yoo Sang-hee said that she would come to the classroom to see each other’s faces, and Yoo Sang-hoon came to him immediately before saying anything because he was closeby in the next classroom.  

“I decided to join another club. I’m sorry even though you gave me an invite, Senior Yoo Sang-hee. I’m sorry, Yoo Sang-hoon.”

Eventually, he had to go face to face and reject Yoo Sang-hee’s student council and Yoo Sang-hoon’s recommendation to the basketball team. 

“Why are you apologizing. If you want to play basketball, come to play anytime.” 

From the beginning, Yoo Sang-hoon wasn’t very greedy.

Anyway, it doesn’t matter if it’s not a side activity if it’s playing basketball together.

Yoo Sang-hee looked a little disappointed, however.  

“Yes, I’m fine. Rather, I’m sorry for making you apologize like this.”  

Those who were watching Yoo Sang-hee from afar booed me in a playful way.

It is the sound of resentment that shaded her neat face.  

“And call me Sanghee noona, Euishin.”


Suddenly, the sound of resentment grew.

He didn’t think it was done in a playful manner this time.

Yoo Sang-hoon stumbled with a dark expression as if swallowing mold.  

“She said Sang-hee noona. Sanghee noona… … Ouch!” 

Yoo Sang-hee pretended to lean on Yoo Sang-hoon’s arm and stabbed his side with her hand.

He decided to rescue poor Yoo Sang-hoon.

He would get beat up when he goes home either way but.  

“Sang-hee noona. It’s raining, and you have to take the ground bus so it’s not too late. Please head on home.”

“… … Yeah! Euishin. See you next time.”

“Yes, goodbye.”

He wasn’t ready to call a high school student hyung or noona yet.

If he thought of this as a senior who attended this school before him, he didn’t care about the age, so calling them a senior was okay.  

‘It’s subtle… … .’  

Anyway, Yoo Sang-hee disappeared with a satisfied face.

Yoo Sang-hoon muttered ‘he said Sang-hee noona’ without knowing my efforts and looked at me with his eyes looking at a moldy bread.

Okay. Go home and get beat up by Yoo Sang-hee.  

After seeing the Yu siblings off and entering the first-grade class 0 classroom, there was still time until the ordinance.

Only four students attended school today, whose class ‘On-time attendance’ of the 1st grade was unclear.

Due to the small number of people, we, who became quite friendly, chatted on the topic of sub-activities.

“I was asked by Dain to join the student council. Even when I was in girls’ middle school, I was a member of the student council.”  

When he was in middle school, Andain was the student council chairman and Kim Yuri was the student vice president.

Because she has experience in student council activities, he thought Kim Yu-ri decided to join the student council with Andain.  

‘Is the student association then Yoo Sang-hee, Kim Yu-ri, and Anda-in?’  

Then, he thought Joo Soo-hyuk will enter the leadership team just like in the game.

Since the leadership team missed Andain, Joo Soo-hyuk will never be let go.

“Hani entered the Taehokwon small group, right?”

“Yeah. I decided on the first day.”  

Hani nodded at Kim Yuri’s question.

This was as expected.

The problem was the one remaining, Hwang Jiho.

He decided to use this flow to figure out where he was going.  

“Hwang Ji-ho, where are you going?”

“It’s troublesome to decide, so I’ll go wherever you go.”

Was he planning on following him?

He had a face that he hated blatantly, but Hwang Jiho seemed to like his expression very much.  

“Take care of me well in the sub-activities.”  


Even if he hides where he will go from here, he will be able to check the documents for sub-activities with the authority of the chairman at any time.

In addition, even after this week, the period of membership in the club, mid-term membership is recognized if the sub-activities advisors and executives of the sub-activities approve.

It seemed that going into the same sub-activity as Hwang Jiho was all but certain.

“… … okay.”  

But if he moved with him, he might end up being useful in some way or another.

Hwang Ji-ho asked as not knowing what he was thinking on the inside, with shining his eyes.  

“So where are you going? Cho Eui-shin.”  

There were a total of four places where he got an offer.

Student Association, Basketball Team, Leadership Team, Intellectual Association. He declined all offers.

“The newspaper department.”  

Hwang Ji-ho and Kim Yu-ri both expressed surprises at his answer.

He had no intention of going into the sub-activities either, but he couldn’t help it.

Meanwhile, the class bell rang.  

‘Today’s first-class is the Jeux d’eau from the label, the play of water.’

A melody that sounds like a water fairy dancing on a piano keyboard.

Listening to this song and watching the rain outside the window made him feel comfortable.  

‘If I think about what’s going to happen in the future, I hope the rain stops quickly… … .’  

It was the first day it rained after attending the Silver Light High school.

It seemed like the broadcasting department prepared the first rain special class, there were only songs related to rain and water.  

‘The school is peaceful.’  

As time passed, the rain became stronger and stronger.

*  *  *

23 o’clock.

It is the time he promised with Jeokho.

Outside, the recommendation to ban the use of air boards and air shuttles fell, and the Air Hotel was also hitting thunder and lightning due to severe rain and wind that landed on the hotel site.  

‘He arrived right on time.’  

Jeokho appeared in front of his balcony right on time.

Because Jeokho was wrapped in Jeokyeon, he had neither an umbrella nor a raincoat, but he wasn’t wet at all.

“Student Cho Eui-shin, do you really intend to accompany me?”  

Hearing and agreeing to my strategy, but still hesitating.

One hour later, it is the birthday of Choi Pyeon-deuk or X-Day where they will execute the operation.

He was going to use his birthday party to score points with Jeokho.  

“Yes. I want to give him a birthday present… … No, I want to give him more than that.”  

There was also a ‘bonus’ to attain as well.

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