Chapter 24

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“….with him? “

Lee Byung-ho, who glanced at Kim Jin-hyuk, looked suspicious.

On the first day, he couldn’t even stand his pressure, 

and he was a weakling who learned how to arrange horsepower in a very ordinary way.

For Lee Byung-ho, Kim Jin-hyuk was only recognized to that extent.

“Are you sure? “If I fight, I won’t go easy on you”

Kang Yoo-sik smirked at Lee Byung-ho, who never thought he would lose.

“You have to do it properly. Instead, we need to prepare a few things, so let’s make it next Tuesday. 

 What do you think?”

Today was Thursday, and there were five more days to come. It wasn’t too long, so Lee Byung-ho nodded.

“I don’t care. Either way, it’s the same for me to win.”

” So next Tuesday, let’s make it three out of five. The equipment is for cadets, 

and if you win, I’ll train you for free. On the contrary, if I win, I’ll write a new contract and sign a contract. 

Both of you have no objection, right? “



Lee Byung-ho nods confidently and Kim Jin-hyuk nods in wonder.

Upon hearing the answer, Kang Yu-sik grinned and touched the inside pocket slightly.

“Fine. then Let’s see next Tuesday”

After the conversation, Lee Byung-ho and Kang Yoo-sik broke up in the garden, and Kang Yoo-sik took Kim Jin-hyuk to the training camp.

“…are you sure you’re okay? “

Kim Jin-hyuk was tactless, but he could see that the bet was for himself who felt a desire to win against Lee Byung-ho.

He accepted the bet because he knew the consideration, but as time went by, he thought he had done something unnecessary.

‘Teaching spears would get a lot of money… What if he doesn’t get it because of me..’

He made a bet out of consideration for himself, so Kim Jin-hyuk thought he would be really sorry if he screws up.

Of course, there is no need to be sorry because Kang Yoo-sik Kang Yu-sik decided as he pleases.

but Kim Jin-hyuk who became submissive due to debt relationships and the effect of the leader did not think so.

I was wondering why you weren’t saying anything, and you were worried about the fight?

“Because there’s a big gap…”

Kang Yoo-sik stroked his chin at the appearance of Kim Jin-hyuk who was not confident.

“Well, there’s definitely a big difference between you and Lee Byung-ho.”

Kim Jin-hyuk is growing hard with Namgoongryun’s support items, but his stats were still at the top of the silver class.

On the other hand, Lee Byung-ho is a 2nd grader in the gold class. 

Considering that even the same class varies in statistics depending on the grade, there were as many as two barriers

If other teachers were asked to predict the outcome of the competition, 

they would have thought it was a fight that they could never win.

“But you can still win. If you practice properly, you’ll win at this level. I guarantee it.”

Usually, those who have huge stats get caught by those who are weaker than themselves and lose badly.

It was the skill that made it that way, and “sword soul,” a unique skill latent in Kim Jin-hyuk, was the highest level of skill among them.

Although he has not fully awakened yet, he could win Lee Byung-ho if he used his potential well.

“So don’t doubt it and just practice hard. Then I’ll make you beat that stupid bastard up for you.”

“Ok. I’ll beat him up.”

“All right. Do it with that mindset.”

Kang Yoo-sik patted Kim Jin-hyuk on the back and arrived inside the training center while they were talking.

“You still have time for specialized classes, right?”

“Yes, I have about two hours left.”

“Two hours… appropriate.”

Kang Yu-sik, who measured the time, climbed up to Battlefield, relaxed, and raised his hand toward Kim Jin-hyuk.

* * *

For two hours, the beating under the guise of sparring ended, Kim Jin-hyuk staggered to go to class, 

and Kang Yoo-sik stretched lightly after sending him away.

“Whoa, it’s been a while since I’ve warmed up.”

In the past, after moving his body once like this, his lungs ached and groaned, but after collecting “Geumgangseonggol,” he felt a little stiff, but refreshing.

(* Geumgangseonggol = one of the skills)

In his previous life, he was immersed in magic because of lung disease, but his aptitude was originally in the area of close attack.

In addition, there is a great skill called ‘Geumgangseonggol’, so it was worth a try.

“I need to find someone who has the skills to use in a debt relationship.”

Nam Young-il was difficult to care for, so Kang Yu-sik was rolling his head to think Lee Hyun-chang or Ban Ki-hoon.

“……..Excuse me.”

Cha Si-hyun appeared.

It was the same greeting and expression as usual, but it was a little different today.

t may be hard for others to recognize, but the difference was seen in the eyes of Kang Yoo-sik, 

who worked with Cha Si-hyun before his return

‘Hwang Hui-chan must have called the terms pretty good.’

Kang Yu-sik smiled and looked at the signs, instead of being wary of them.

“Are you still invited today? “

“…you’re well aware of it.”

“I’m sure you’ve made a difference in your gift… how many times has it increased? “

Kang Yoo-sik, who doesn’t hide his greed and asks questions unlike when he refused with a firm face. Cha Si-hyun’s eyes shook at the appearance of a completely different person.

‘… was everything he’s been doing intended? ‘

The impression of Kang Yu-sik in Cha Si-hyun’s head so far has been that he is a potential high-ranking cadet. 

He was also a worthless person who only remembered his name obligingly.

However, when he saw Hwang Hwi-chan go wild last night when Kang Yu-sik’s blood wolf punitive expedition was revealed, Cha Si-hyun realized that his assessment was wrong.

The previous rejection was intended to provoke Hwang Hwi-chan and buy time until he finds a chance to raise his ransom.[Read this novel and other amazing translated novels from the original source at the “Novel Multiverse dot com” website @]

‘What the hell…’

Cha Si-hyun, who was looking at Kang Yu-sik without saying a word, soon realized his mistake and answered immediately.

“Ten times as many as yesterday.”

If Hwang Hwi-chan met Cha Si-hyun yesterday, the money Cha Si-hyun was going to give as a gift was about 10 million won.

Even that was the level of throwing money into the air, but it increased to as much as 100 million overnight.

It was enough to point out that he was crazy when others saw him, but it was not that strange because Hwang Hwi-chan was actually crazy.

“Hmm, decuple…”

Cha Si-hyun did not say the amount, but it was clear that it was less than expected. Otherwise, Cha Si-hyun wouldn’t look so surprised.

‘It’s cumbersome…’

Kang Yu-sik, with his tongue in his mouth, looked at Cha Si-hyun and talked.

“Can you get in touch with Hwang Hwi-chan now?”

“… possible.”

“If triple that price, tell him right away that I’m willing to meet him.”


Cha Si-hyun’s eyes were shaken by Kang Yoo-sik’s words.

300 million won for just meeting him? No matter how much Hwang Hwi-chan is a money-spending idiot, he completely crossed the line.

“……please wait a moment.”

However, Cha Si-hyun quickly calmed down.

Whatever the man in front of her does, it doesn’t matter to her after all. Feeling that all she had to do was her job, Cha Si-hyun took her hand to her ear and contacted him.

‘You’re agitated.’

Her mask is collapsing even if it doesn’t show on the outside. Kang Yu-sik smiled at what was going smoothly.

After a while,

“The Master says he’ll give you money.”

300 million won just by meeting without any strings attached.

The person who offered it or the person who accepted it was out of his mind. Unbelievable conditions have been achieved.

When Cha Si-hyun was surprised by that unbelievable situation.

” Come to think of it, is it over 500 million?”


“So, Is that over 500 million?”

Cha Si-hyun shook his head at repeated questions.

“No, 300 million…”

“Oh, really? It’s smaller than I thought.”

Kang Yu-sik with his tongue crossed his arms and added words.

“Then tell him I’ll go if he adds 300 million to 600 million. I’ve miscalculated.”


Cha Si-hyun looked blankly at the request, which had no common sense, and soon after she erased her thoughts, she delivered them mechanically.

” The Master said he’ll paying you.”

And the Master’s answer was a mixture of curses.

The amount of 10 million won has increased to 600 million won in a day.

Cha Si-hyun looked at him sadly, even though he was amazed at the appearance of what kind of nerve he had.

‘He’s good at making money, but…have no idea about his situation.’

Hwang Hwi-chan always uses the same method whenever he plays with a target he uses as a toy.

It lures people to their seats through gifts and issues slave contracts under the guise of employment contracts. And the reason depends on the reaction.

If they accept it, the lawful ‘use of power’ under the contract. If they refuse, the ‘revenge’ for ignoring their sincerity.

This is ridiculous, but surprisingly, this crazy thing was already repeated several times after Hwang Hwi-chan entered Sungjin Military Academy.

‘Cause, that’s a possible family……’

The toys that have been destroyed have been powerless ordinary people, and what stood behind Hwang Hwi-chan is the Hwang Young Group, which has the wealth and power of the world.

Cha Si-hyun knew better than anyone else that absurd things could happen in reality if the Hwang Young Group moved.

It was Cha Si-hyun and their families who collapsed like that.

“Do you have anything to say?”


Cha Si-hyun, who was lost in thought, replied with a slight surprise, and Kang Yoo-sik looked at it with a curious look.

“No, I was wondering if there was anything you wanted to say.”

“No, I’ve not. I was thinking about something else for a second…”

“Really? By the way, where should I go?”

“I’ll show you around because the master is waiting for you in the accommodation.”

Cha Si-hyun took the lead, and Kang Yu-sik quietly followed behind.

There was silence between the two, and Cha Si-hyun walked quickly not to be conscious of Kang Yu-sik.

This is because ignoring her opponent, who will become a toy like this, is the way she has been able to endure it.

“I’d like to ask you a question.”

However, Kang Yoo-sik spoke first before Cha Si-hyun ignored it.

“Why are you with Hwang Hui-chan?”


Cha Si-hyun, who was walking earlier, suddenly stopped walking, and the atmosphere became chilly.

DIA classes were at least the same level as C-level Hunter, and the top rank was at least B-level Hunter, a Silver-class teacher.

Among them, Cha Si-hyun was at the top of the list. 

She was a huge talent just before she entered class A. Kang Yu-sik couldn’t beat her now.

” Watch your mouth…”

Is it because he’s going to be a toy soon, or is it because of a question that’s been rummaging past memories?

Cha Si-hyun could not hide his feelings and revealed his intention to kill. 

Kang Yoo-sik looked at the back under pressure different from Lee Byung-ho.


Cha Si-hyun was currently living with Hwang Hwi-chan through the “Pledge Letter” and was a servant who had to carry out orders except for the minimum right to self-protection.

As a result, she was also in charge of the dirty work Hwang Hwi-chan ordered before Return, usually handled by Cha Si-hyun, and then Kang Yoo-sik was afterward.

For that reason, Cha Si-hyun was a murderer who killed thousands of people despite being a hunter, and the murderous intent made like that was covered with a sticky displeasure like blood.

‘She hasn’t killed anyone yet, has she?’

Now, it is somewhat tough, but not revealed “dirty” that killed people.

It would have hurt people somewhat, but probably not killed them.

‘… ..I didn’t want to kill anybody.’

A word that suddenly comes to mind for Kang Yu-sik.

It’s been a long time, but Kang Yoo-sik looked at the back of the voice, letting out the murderous intent that was pressing him.

“Can I help you?”

And Kang Yu-sik offered a new contract.[Read this novel and other amazing translated novels from the original source at the “Novel Multiverse dot com” website @]

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