Chapter 29

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“Looks like I am in your debt again Cho Eui-shin. Thank you for your cooperation in purifying Silver Light District.” 

The tone and atmosphere were completely different from Kim Shin rok he knew.

He didn’t look like the friendly teacher who came to his room with Seong Si-wan and said hello.

Kim Shin rok had a difficult expression to read.  

‘Somehow not like a person.’  


Kim Shin rok.

Entrance examination demon intrusion case.

Tiger tribe and Ung Tribe.

Now this place.

He put his thoughts together one by one.

It’s hard to believe, but there was one conclusion that came out.

“You are not human.”  

The odds of the Jin tribe and Jin tribe or Jin tribe and humans having children were extremely low, and even if they had children, the child did not become a Jin tribe.

In the case of the white tiger, the yellow tiger, and the red tiger, the sacred beasts became mythical beings to be recorded in the Kaecheon myth and became a part of the Jin tribes.

Yongje-gun was also born in the Chintamani of the Dragon King God.  

‘Ha, I can’t believe it.’  

Being in the realm of Jeokho without trouble means that they are either part of the tiger tribe or descendant of one.

However, if he were a simple tiger tribe or descendant of one, he would not have been easily beaten by the Ung during the entrance exam.

Even if the descendants were lesser beings of the Jin tribe, there was no way that they could seriously injure the descendants in a short time by tricking the other teachers before the entrance exam.

But if he was also a descendant of the Ung, the story was different.

The descendants cannot resist against Jin tribes they share blood with.

“You must be the descendant of the Tiger and Ung.”  

Kim Shin rok was the descendant of the Tiger and the Ung, he shared both of their blood at the same time.

To be precise, he was the descendant of Jeokho and the Ungnyeo of grief.

“You are definitely the Unknown Supernova. Very intelligent.”

Kim Shin rok, who answered that way and smiled, didn’t seem human at all. 

 “That’s right. I’m a Tiger and an Ung. I am a descendant of the two Jin tribes.” 

 Crazy national trash game.

In the tutorial, the character who died without much dialogue has had this kind of setting?

“As you know well, descendants are blood-bound. I cannot attack the Tiger and the Ung. So during the last attack, I couldn’t resist and I was beaten by the Ung.”  

Kim Shin rok smiled and pointed to the end of the dark corridor.  

“Let us go. Jeokho is waiting for us.”  

The Jeokho in the game continued to wear black clothes until the day of his death.

Perhaps it was because he grieved for the death of his descendant, his son, Kim Shin-rok.

As he reached the end of the corridor along Kim Shin rok, he saw Jeokho.

“Baekho, Cho Eui-shin. The Ung are locked up, but they lost their minds.”  

Inside the lab guided by Jeokho.

There, he saw Choi Pyeon-deuk struggling with the tamer Ung tribe who lost both arms.

When Choi Pyeon-deuk saw Kim Shin-rok, his eyes opened and glowed.

“Ki, Mr. Kim. Good timing! I, I mean. There seems to be some misunderstanding with these teachers! Please, please.”

“Don’t make flap your mouth in front of Baekho-nim and Jeokho-nim.”  

Kim Shin-rok threw a thumbtack at Choi Pyeon-deuk’s jaw.  


The thumbtack stuck exactly in Choi Pyeon Deuk’s chin.

Blood flowed from the place where the tack was stuck, and Choi Pyeon Deuk groaned.  

‘It is natural that Choi Pyeon-deuk is getting beaten. But why.’  


Why a thumbtack?

He looked at Kim Shin rok with his eyes full of doubts.  

“There are students and faculty members who prefer analog paper notice boards. So I always carry them around.”  


Kim Shin rok shook a small plastic bucket full of thumbtacks.

He took out two thumbtacks and simultaneously bounced them off his fingertips and repeatedly looked at the Choi Pyeon Deuk.  

“Do you have anything you want to ask?”  

He thought that the interrogation was going to be done by Jeokho.

Kim Shin rok said with an artificial smile that was still unhuman. 

“I am pretty good at stuff like this. Better than Jeokho-nim.”

“Let’s leave it to him, Cho Eui-shin.”  

Choi Pyeon-deuk, who was groaning at Jeok-ho’s words, looked at me breathing deeply.

“What? Cho Eui-shin? No, no way, the Unknown Supernova is…!”

“Answer only the questions we asked.”


Kim Shin rok put two thumbtacks that he was playing with into Choi Pyeon Deuk’s forehead.

There was no doubt about it.

Kim Shin rok really seemed to be able to do this well.  

“There is one thing I want to ask.”  

There was one thing he wanted to ask.

Other than that, all the information that Choi Pyeon-deuk had was all that he already knew or could know through a simple investigation.

Even in the game, he had to uncover unclear information.  

“Who are the ones among the Zodiac Alliance that broke the barrier of Silver Light high school?”

To my question, Baekhogun, Jeokho, and Kim Shin rok both sharpened their eyes.

Choi Pyeon-deuk flagged my question. 

“T-there is no way in hell I would answer that!”  


Kim Shin rok poured out a lot of school supplies in front of Choi Pyeon-deuk.

Ballpoint pen nib, zigzag scissors, cutter knives, thumbtacks, pencil sharpener…

They are obviously common school supplies, but when Kim Shin-rok displayed it, it felt dark.

Kim Shin rok, who felt his gaze, said with a smile again. 

“I’ve been a teacher for a while.”  

Kim Shin rok said, picking up a 0.38mm red ink ballpoint pen lead and bringing it to Choi Pyeon Deuk’s eyeball. 

“I can handle a lot of analog school supplies very well.”

Soon, Choi Pyeon-deuk’s screaming was heard.

He was able to see the true face of Kim Shin rok, the descendant of the Jin tribe who pretended to be like a normal, caring teacher…

One more teacher who he should never talk back against was added to his list.

After about 30 minutes.

Before Kim Shin-rok tested ten kinds of school supplies, Choi Pyeon-deuk made a declaration of surrender. 

“Oh, noh, I, I don’t know either! At the time of breaking the barrier, the shadow had a long tail, a long tail!”  

Kim Shin-rok nodded at him after checking Choi Pyeon-deuk’s eye movements, heart rate, and skin tremors.

It seemed to be the truth.

When breaking the barrier, it would have been necessary to change into an incarnation of a beast in accordance with the covenant of the Alliance of 12.

‘A long tail you say. Among the 12 zodiacs, the ones with long tails were rats, cows, tigers, dragons, snakes, horses, monkeys, and dogs. 

Of these, except for the clearly innocent tiger and dragon, six would be left.’ 

Rat, cow, snake, horse, monkey, dog.

The Rat tribe (鼠族), the Cow Tribe (牛族), the Snake Tribe (蛇族), the Horse Tribe (馬族), the Monkey tribe (猿族), and the Dog tribe (犬族).

Among these six, there was the Jin tribe who betrayed the Tigers.

It cannot be concluded that it was just one of them, but even if so, there was no problem.

‘The game is still early. The number of moves I can make remains infinite.’

When his question was over, Kim Shin rok started asking questions.

“Why did you aim for the job of the 1st-grade class teacher and the job of advisor to the intellectual society? You denied the offers given to you for homeroom teacher and other advisory positions before. What were you trying to do in Silver Light?”

“Ah, I don’t know… They told me to, “to…!”

Three colorful thumbtacks were held between Kim Shin-rok’s fingers.

Choi Pyeon-deuk got frightened and immediately replied.

“Oh! Excellent student, they said they needed an offering!”

There was something that came to mind when he said that an excellent student and an offering.

In the game, around a year later, the intellectual society gets annihilated.

Although most of the first graders survive because Joo Soo-hyuk and An da-in protect them.

“By killing the descendant, Kim Shin-rok, the power of Silver Light is cut down, and the procurement of offerings is facilitated by making Choi Pyeon Deuk sit as advisor and homeroom teacher. They’ve been working on it from the very beginning.’  

It’s what he expected, but to think he would hear that from a full-time teacher working in Silver Light high school.

After that, interrogations and confessions continued.  

‘······There is no end.’

They set up a decadent business to insult the territory of the Tiger tribe.

Taking talented students to fight clubs.

Students with rare talents were sold at auctions.

Preventing excellent teachers from becoming regular teachers…

Red sparks continued to erupt around Jeokho, and Baekhogun’s eyes gradually became colder.

Although those weren’t the only evil deeds performed by Choi Pyeon-deuk.  

‘Putting his hands on the students and taking tribute…Because they are not directly related to the tribe, they will not be condemned here.’  

Kim Shin-rok, who judged that he had heard all the necessary information, put a cutter blade into Choi Pyeon-deuk’s neck with the consent of him and Jeokho, preventing him from screaming.

Meanwhile, Jeokho brought a frame with ropes stained with blood bound to a bright red wooden board.

‘What is that······!’  

Jeokho brought the red frame.

On the frame, indescribable thoughts and a terrible curse were buried.

Just looking at it caused him to choke.

It was as if he had brought a little hell.  

“Ugh…… uh……!”  

Choi Pyeon-deuk also started struggling as if he felt something.

Kim Shin rok kindly explained the hell that Choi Pyeon-deuk will suffer in his near future. 

“After committing a deadly sin, Jeokho-nim bound himself here for about 4900 years before the other world conflict broke out to punish himself. Humans have a short lifespan, so trash like you must last maybe 100 years.”

Jeokho used that to punish himself?

A miniature version of hell would be right. 

‘Choi Pyeon Deuk will be in hell until the moment he dies.’  

He guessed this would be an eternal goodbye to Choi Pyeon-deuk.

He left a greeting.  

“I felt like a dog listening to bullshit in your class. Live a long life here, Choi Pyeon-deuk.” 

Originally, birthday punch is given in hopes of longevity.

He turned his back, leaving Choi Pyeon-deuk, who couldn’t scream and was twisting his body.

Baekhogun and Jeokho followed me in the elevator to the lobby of Eunyounggwan, except for Kim Shin rok, who stayed behind to clean up.  

‘With the entrance of Baekhogun, I still have strength leftover today.’  

It’s great because he still had work to do.

He looked back at Baekhogun and Jeokho and said.  

“There is still a building that needs to be demolished. Who wants to come?”

There were a total of five decadent business buildings operated by Choi Pyeon-deuk in front of Silver Light high school.

Only one was demolished so far.

Before the rain and wind stop, he planned to demolish everything and rob it as a bonus.

The Tiger tribe has the Hwangmyeong group on their back, so they would have no need for money and all the riches left in those buildings would be ripe for his taking.

“I will go.”

“We will be together. Cho Eui-shin.”  

The two tigers who were nodding were really trustworthy.

The finest free workforce was here.

As he stepped out of Eunyoung Hall, he saw rain pouring again.

As it was the research building area, the lighting of the laboratory and the large greenhouse, which was being tested overnight, were lit up here and there, but it was still dark.  


‘I don’t think the rainstorm will stop anytime soon.’  

Still, it was worth going out through this storm.

‘Since the days of the game, I wanted to destroy the maps where dogshit-like events occurred.’  

Unless there was a special gimmick in the game, it was impossible to destroy maps or buildings, no matter how strong the character was.  

‘It’s different now.’  

He could break anything as long as he had the strength.

The three of them broke through the storm and embarked on the demolition of illegal buildings.

The work was easy because he checked the drawings and blueprints of the buildings in advance and determined the weak points.

Opening the vaults hidden everywhere was quickly over.

Looking at the cash and item cards in the item window, he felt proud.  

‘It’s so easy and rewarding!’  

Since midnight has passed, it was now Saturday dawn, but in an idiomatic sense, it was also still Friday.

He, Baekhogun, and Jeokho happily destroyed buildings and burned their Friday.  

* * *  

After the burning Friday was over, one more address was stored on his wearable device.

The one that was newly registered was Baekhogun.

He and Baekhogun exchanged their codes just before returning to the dormitory.

‘It’s strangely easy to talk to Baekhogun.’  

He was always polite to Hwang-ho and Jeokho, but he used informal words to Baekhogun as soon as he saw him.

Is that because it is a playable character who has rolled 10 years?

Hwangho and Jeokho were NPCs, so they were a little different from Baekhogun.  

‘Baekhogun doesn’t seem to care so I’m just going to be informal with him.’ 

Sometimes, Jeokho gazed at him saying he did not understand.  

‘The weather is nice today.’  

Looking out the window, the rain and wind had stopped completely.

It was daytime Saturday now.

He was in the best condition because he hadn’t even dreamed like normal and got a good night’s sleep.  

‘Ham Geun Hyung’s message should be coming anytime now.’  

As expected, ding-dong, and the arrival of the message alarm sound was heard.  

[Ham Geun-hyung] Come to the faculty’s office break room by 2:00.  

Ham Geun-hyung would have wanted to call him as soon as he finished protecting Maeng Hyo Don.

He must have guessed what he had done last night, so he must have been considerate of him to sleep a little.

He thought he should not keep them waiting.

He changed his clothes and left the dorm room.

* * *  

The break room of an empty faculty residence that met the weekend.  


“Yes, sit down.”  

He sat across from Ham Geun-hyung.

With a shady face, he said calmly.

“Maeng Hyo-don is undergoing a close examination in the first health room in the central area. The exact result was not obtained, but according to the opinion of the player specialist, there were signs of excessive use of recovery items.”

Signs of excessive use of recovery items.

Maeng Hyo-don’s school uniform with traces of stitches here and there.

The Enemies that followed him.

Player SAT-K’s Enemy Alert, which did not sound.

Just by looking at those facts, Ham Geun-hyung must have a rough idea of ​​what happened.  

“All you told me was that Maeng Hyo-don would come running to the front gate of Silver Light after midnight, so protect him and report it to the Players Association. Did you have anything else you wanted to tell me other than that?”  

He talked about what might be known in the future.

He finished only explaining what Choi Pyeon-deuk did and what happened to Maeng Hyo-don.

When the explanation was over, Ham Geun-hyung stood up. 

“······Okay. Then I’m going to go see Maeng Hyo-don, so let’s go together.”


He thought it was natural for him to be questioned and was clearing up his mind to prepare to answer, but he became stunned at his reaction.

Ham Geun-hyung seemed to have no intention of asking for more. 

“Are you not going to inquire further?”

“If you don’t want to talk, I won’t ask.”  

He didn’t understand.

In this case, Choi Pyeon-deuk, a teacher, and Maeng Hyo-don, a student, was deeply related.

It was natural to ask how he knew and how he dealt with it.

But he still chose not to ask? 

“I’ve seen some just player students with excellent intelligence and independent information collection routes. I know that those types of guys don’t break their will. I haven’t even known you for a month yet, but I think you are one of those types.”

Ham Geun-hyung stood up and said. 

“Whenever I tried to stop them or tried to find out more about it, it resulted in injuries to them. I don’t want to hurt my students.”

“Mr. Ham Geun-hyung…”  

I’ve heard of this line before.

It was also what Ham Geun-hyung said to Joo Soo-hyuk.

It was the line that made him think that there wouldn’t be a real teacher like this, that games are just games.  

“If you can’t talk about it, then don’t talk about it, Cho Eui-shin. Instead, be sure to tell me when you need help. I will help you without asking anything.”

He thought it was very fortunate for him that he was his homeroom teacher.  

* * *  

He and Ham Geun Hyung each took an air board and moved to the central area.

When he got on the air board, an unusually blue sky came into his sight.  

‘The sky is blue…!’  

The rain had stopped and it was a little cool, but the sky was blue and the wind was refreshing.

After a short flight, they landed in the central area, and someone was waiting for them.

The man smiled brightly and approached him and Ham Geun-hyung.

“It’s been a while, Eui shin.”

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