Chapter 30

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–  You saw my text. Cooperate with me.

Sera didn’t like the content of his text.

Plus, he talked in a commanding tone when he was asking for help.

Her face became stiff.

“Honestly, I feel unpleasant.”

His tone wasn’t polite, then she didn’t have to be polite.

She didn’t talk with respect and Sangki seemed like he didn’t care about that.

– Why?

“Are you ordering me?”

– It’s not an order… I guess it’s a strong request.

“I didn’t want to know about the information you sent me. I don’t even want to find him.”

– Now you know. Don’t try to wash your hands.

Sera frowned.

‘This son of a bitch doesn’t listen…’

“What are you going to do with him?”

– I need to use him. You can use him after me.

“Keep the fuck away.”


Sera hung up the phone and her face contorted badly.

At that moment, her phone rang again and Sangki’s text arrived.


[ I’ll give you 15 minutes. Think wisely if you don’t want to become Saehun Choi. ]


“What offer is it?”


Saehyun carefully asked and Sera showed the text Sangki sent to Saehyun and Kimin instead of answering.

“A saucy fellow….”

Saehyun dropped his eyes.

Kimin quietly sipped his tea and looked at Sera Lee.

Kimin’s mouth slowly opened.

“So, what are you going to do, Sera?”

Sera looked at Kimin

She looked like asking him ‘Why are you asking that?’

“Of course, I will reject it. Why should I bother the person who might be living well right now? Anyway, it’s a relief.”

She smiled proudly.

“He’s alive. I’m glad.”

However, Kimin found a little contradiction in her words.

“Oh… if you were uncomfortable because I asked for the security cameras, please tell me.”

“I wasn’t. Why?”

“If that is also bothering people who are living well… it might make you feel bad.”

He indirectly asked a question ‘isn’t giving me the information also disturbing other’s lives?’ 

Sera giggled.

“If you call me a hypocrite, it’s ok. Oh, am I not a hypocrite but being inconsistent? Anyways…”

She turned her eyesight to the table and fingered her teacup.

“When you ask, there has to be a reason. Well, I thought that way. You are very considerate. Thank you for considering me, Kimin.”


Kimin touched his chin and agonized something.

Saehyun asked Sera.

“So, what are you going to do? I’ll respect your decision. There’s enough time for our people to evacuate, so don’t worry about that.”

Sera grinned widely.

It was a confident smile.

“Of course, my answer is no. No doubt. I would rather die than yield to his threats.”

“You are right. I should order for an evacuation.”

At that moment.

Kimin made up his mind and smiled brightly.

They had never seen his smile like that before.

“No. Please don’t do that.”


“Tell him that you’ll cooperate with him.”

Sera and Saehyun’s faces looked confused.

“Kimin. What are you talking about? Didn’t you hear what I…”

While Sera was talking, Kimin put his hand on his face and took off something.

“Actually, I’m not a curse magician. Sorry for lying.”


Sera was surprised that Kimin had been wearing the mask type artifact and that he wasn’t a curse magician.

“You are not a curse magician? Then…”

“I saw you in the secret room in Ohsung the first time. Somehow, I survived thanks to you.”


“If you didn’t come at that time, I would’ve died by Dongsoo Choi.”

“What are you…”

Sera’s eyes shook harder than when she answered Sangki’s call.

Saehyun also couldn’t say anything.

“It’s me. The guy who was tied on the chair.”

They stood absentmindedly like a stone statue in front of Kimin who was pointing at himself while smiling. 

It was silent.

Their heads were full of confusion, but they organized things slowly and solved the puzzle one by one.


The reason why he needed the mask type artifact.

The reason why his skills were so varied other than paralysis and wound transfer.

The reason why the previous manager, Dongsoo Choi, the previous chairman, Daehong Park, and the healer, Hayeong Choi, died.

The reason why he was able to get rid of the curse from Sera Lee’s family.

The reason why he asked for the security videos of Ohsung and the database from the hospital…


“You are taking revenge on them.”

Sera mumbled quietly.

Kimin nodded without any words and pointed to her phone.

“It’s 15 minutes soon. Trust me and tell him you’ll cooperate with him.”


Sera stared at Kimin for a while and then picked up her phone.

After a short ringing sound, Sangki Beak’s voice came out.

– Yea. Have you decided?

“I’ll contact you when I find helpful information.”

– Yea, Good choice. This Sangki…


She hung up on him and put her phone on the table.

She stared at the table for a moment and then picked up her head towards Kimin.

“I’m sorry for that time, Kimin.”

“The people who have to apologize aren’t apologizing. Why are you sorry?”

Kimin smiled.

“Unbelievable… Oh god.”

Saehyun mumbled and grabbed Kimin’s hands tightly.

“You’ve suffered, sir. You’ve suffered a lot.”

“Thanks to you, I started to let go of my hatred of this world a little bit. Thank you for treating me warmly.”

They talked about this and that.

The main topic was how he survived and came back.

Kimin hid some details, for example, the energy stones, and dramatized the story.

They lamented that Saehun Choi’s portal was connected to the deep ocean.

They were surprised that a whale ate him in the ocean and spit him out on the beach.

After listening to Kimin’s recollection, their hands were wet with sweat.

“It’s like a movie…”

“I wouldn’t have expected that the return stone came out from there…”  

“Even I couldn’t expect that either.”

Sera couldn’t control her surprise and open her mouth.

“Let’s save the revenge story and listen later. It’s a waste if we listen to all of the story now.”

“Sure. Also, I still have a long way to go. If I talk about the revenge story now, it’s going to be too short.”

Kimin wore the mask type artifact again.

“Oh, are you ok with me taking revenge on the rulers? If you have close friends…”

“Well, I’m not that close to them. I couldn’t hang out with those that treat humans like that.”

“I’m glad to hear that. I would’ve felt uncomfortable.”

Kimin and Sera giggled.

“You told her to cooperate with him… It’s to release fake information, sir.”

“Not only that but also I want to check how much Sangki Beak knows about me.”

“Good. That’s good.”

Saehyun nodded his head.

“Sera, I’m sorry for making you bend your pride.”

“No, it’s ok.”

Sera’s eyes drew an arc.

“Isn’t Sangki Beak also on your revenge list?”

“Of course, he is.”

He smiled at her.

“Then he’s someone who’s going to die soon anyway. It doesn’t matter if I bend my pride for now.”


He laughed at Sera’s words and nodded.

“It won’t take too long. Sangki Beak seems to be invincible, but he must have a weakness.”

Kimin’s eyes sparkled.

“Let’s release the first fake information.”

“Good. Listen to my plan.”




“…There is a possibility that he might be related to the foreign group?”

Sangki Beak’s eyes narrowed while reading a text from Sera Lee.

“Hm… Saehun Choi’s portal might have opened abroad at that time in the secret room in Ohsung. It’s possible. That son of a bitch would do that to me.”

Sangki nodded and recalled that moment as much as possible.

He definitely didn’t like Saehun even then.

“We had some friction… Then he opened a portal. Yea, Sera’s right. It had to have been abroad.”

“He must’ve set the portal somewhere like a remote mountain and not in a city. That has to be it since he survived and came back. I didn’t think about that. How insightful. Genius. Why didn’t I think about that?”

Sangki snapped his forehead.

Sera’s text was short.

Many words, including ‘possibility’, were in her text.

Even though it was hard to say that she gave him accurate information, Sangki nodded for a long time.

He was thinking that it was a good choice to work with Sera Lee.

‘Definitely, my decision was wise.’

Then, he became startled.

He stopped nodding his head.


He came up with someone.

On the day he failed to catch the guy, someone gave a strong impression on him.

He picked up his phone hurriedly.

– Hello, Mr. Beak.

Jinbum picked up the phone with a tired voice.

“Yea, you know at Ohsung hospital back then.”

– Yes, sir.

“Do you remember the foreign guy? We took off his mask type artifact and he was a foreigner.”

– Of course, I do.

“I gotta know his identity. He might be related to the guy.”

– Oh… They cleaned up right away. I will tell my subordinates to find out again.

“Yea, quickly.”




– So… We have to find out his identity.

“Sir, we pulverized and incinerated his dead body with his belongings a few days ago… There is nothing we can do.”

– You dumbass! What did you say? You should’ve figured out his identity before doing that!

Jinbum made a howl of rage at Mr. Kwan who was making excuses.

However, Mr. Kwan was already riding on a tiger’s back.

It was too late, to tell the truth.

“Mr. Park. We tried to find it out but failed.”

There was nothing he could do.

His lies tripped glibly off his tongue.

If Jinbum faced Mr. Kwan here, the situation would be different.

However, it was only if.

– Ha… You guys…

Jinbum agonized for a moment.

Soon, his mouth was opened.

– Didn’t Sangki take him out of his car?


– Have you searched the car?

Mr. Jo and Mr. Kwan started sweating again.

‘Oh, the car. Shoot…’

“We haven’t….”

Jinbum let out a sigh instead of yelling.

– Search quickly and call me.

“Ok, sir.”

They came out of the meeting room and didn’t have a conversation.

If they killed the foreigner and cleaned the dead body, his car would be left in the parking lot.

Jinbum had a point, but…

“Hasn’t the car been left for a few days already?”

“I think the car’s already towed… It’s driving me crazy. Why didn’t we think about that?”

Mr. Jo nodded at Mr. Kwan’s question and then scratched his head hard.

They became wordless again.

They were praying for one thing in their mind.

‘The car, please be there. Please…’

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