Chapter 37

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Day after April Fool’s Day.

The road was buzzing with the mischievous events that took place on April Fool’s Day.

“Did the one who messed with the clock tower get caught?”

“Was it Moon Sae-ron the first-year part of the newspaper club? He wanted an interview so he lurked around the front gate all night, but he didn’t catch him.”

“I’ve seen the video on the bulletin board, but in a moment it returned to how it was.”

“I don’t know. What is that, that is pretty scary.”

The main gate clock tower had been transformed into a neon sign tower.

Within seconds, the clock tower had returned to its original image like a ghost, and the one who was responsible was not captured in the video.

‘······I’m curious what kind of ability they used on the clocktower.’

There were also a number of other incidents that became a hot topic.

A dinosaur shadow on the other side of Lake Cheonglang.

The fake ghost species of Enemy that attacked the dormitory.

A giant upright walking plant that walked out of the Conservatory no. 6 in the Research Building area.

A maze on the 13th floor of every building in the third-grade area.

An aerial garden that disappeared after an hour in the central area.

and so on.

“I don’t think there’s anyone who was crazier than 2nd grade 0 class.”

“The broadcast club was a big hit, but it still wasn’t enough to be on the level of 2nd  grade 0 class.”

The biggest event was a head-to-head confrontation between the 2nd grade 0 class and the broadcast club.

‘In the game, it was just text so I wanted to see that.’

Last April, the second-year 0-class seniors, who were in the first grade at the time, infiltrated the broadcast club and turned the morning class into a waterphone that sparked the confrontation.

‘The percussion that they use to make horror movie sound effects… It costs around 3 million won but to buy that to play around with it for a minute.’

For one minute, the water phone was played as the class bell, and the broadcast club received a lot of swear words from people.

Last year, class 0 of the first year sent a set of 20 limited spring cherry blossom black and red raspberry dacquoise, sold at the Air Hotel Icaros to apologize.

However, half of its contents were very good for the body, but it was dacquoise, a herbal medicine that was very bitter on the tongue.

The broadcast club had played … No, it was forced to play a random game with medicine tasting dacquoise.

The broadcast club, which was hit on the back of their head back-to-back, decided to get revenge.

‘Was this the result?’

This year, the class bell of April Fool’s day suffered an attack.

Glass cracking, baby cries, low frequency, construction site noise, a labyrinth of yellow weapons, This is Terror by Passenger of Shit, etc.

Throughout April Fool’s Day, a list of music that did not make any sense, which was famous for inter-floor revenge, continued.

In response, the second-year class took over the broadcast clubroom after school created a barrier, and fought a battle.

There were also reporters who broadcast that live on the school’s web page taking advantage of the situation.

‘It’s looking like Mr. Jaegal Jaegeol will be busy .’

Of all the class 0s to date, the second-grade class 0 was considered the strongest and worst of them all.

Fitting of their reputation, since they charged into the broadcast clubroom after school, they must have been busy playing other pranks before the end of class.

He could see the struggle of the second-year class 0 teacher, Jaegal-Jaegeol.

‘Our class is really calm compared to them.’

The first grade class 0 of this year was treated as the most modest class 0 of all time.

Since they don’t even attend school at all.

However, today’s first-grade class 0 has renewed its highest attendance rate after admission.

“There are seven in our class now. It almost doubled in a few days!”

With an emotional face, Kim Yuri looked around the first grade class 0 of seven students.

Four men. Cho Eui Shin, Hwang Jiho, Maeng Hyodon, Sawol Seum.

Three women. Kim Yuri, Han Yi, Irena.

Thus were the seven.

‘Now seven out of sixteen… What are the other nine doing now?’

Are they going around eating food at least?

Nine people who had not shown even their faces throughout the month made him wonder if they were even eating well.

Even if he was the vice president, he did not have the authority to view the attendance, so he did not know who all the remaining nine were.

Although he knew of the few characters who turn out to be in the first-grade class 0 in the game.

“I am Sawol Seum. Nice to meet you. You are the one I saw yesterday. I’m sorry I left you with that yesterday. Thank you so much. Eui … Eui Shin.”

Hwang Ji-ho, who came earlier than him, seemed like he was already done with introductions looking at Sawol Seum introducing himself to me.

He looked at his nameplate and called his name before he finished speaking.

He must still feel awkward being informal.

After a year of being in the same class, he’ll get used to it.

“Yeah. Nice to meet you too. I am Vice President Cho Eui Shin. Did you say you’re going to stay in the dorms? Me and Maeng Hyodon also stay in the dorms, so if there is something you want to ask about feel free to ask.”


He smiled brightly.

Kim Yuri and Irena said while looking at Sawol Seum.

“Seum’s last name is pretty unique. This is the first time I heard of the last name Sawol.”

“I heard a lot of new last names were created after the other world conflict. Seeing the statistics released by the court, I was surprised to see all the unique last names.”

“Oh, true thinking about that Han Yi has a pretty unique name too. Last name Han, first name Yi. If you pronounce it quickly, it sounds like “Honey” so it’s cute.”

“Uh… Thank you, Kim Yuri.”

Kim Yuri, Irena, and Han Yi were talking naturally as if they were pretty close.

In the meantime, the topic of the conversation changed, and the three praised each other’s names.
What floor are you on? The Vice President and I are on the 17th floor.”

“It’s the same floor. I didn’t see you guys yesterday!”

“If the time is right, let’s eat at the dorm together.”

“Okay, Hyodon! I ate for the first time at the dorm yesterday, and the restaurant facilities were good and the food tray was pretty too”

He seemed to have spoken to him in consideration to help Sawol Seum not be anxious on his first day at school.

He knew how anxious it can be when he didn’t get used to the classroom.

Sawol Seum chirped away like a bird, and Maeng Hyo-don listened to him and matched him.

‘Our class is slowly becoming normal.’

But today there was a guy who couldn’t fit in at all.

“Hwang Ji-ho.”

“······ You’ve come, Cho Eui Shin.”

Hwang Ji-ho looked the same as usual, but he seemed to have no energy.

His thoughts must be complicated by the Eunho’s descendant incident.

‘I have a lot I want to ask him though’

What was going on with the interrogation of the captured Ung?

What happened to the Rabbit tribe who were protecting the descendants of  Eunho?

How are the three descendants of Eunho doing?

‘I don’t want to ask Hwang Ji-ho, who seems powerless like this.’

He sat next to Hwang Ji-ho and said,

“Hey, let’s make sure to do it next year.”

“Do what?”

Hwang Ji-ho had forgotten about it.
“April Fool’s Day prank. You decided to help, in exchange for pulling a prank remember?”

Hwang Ji-ho helped him very well with the deal they made at that time.

Even if the prank was canceled because of all the things that came up.

He started to blink with a very stupid face and laughed loudly.

“Hahaha… Okay, let’s flip the school over next year!”

This was his school.

What was he planning to do to turn it upside down?

He didn’t know what will happen next year due to the chairman’s mischief.

Hwang ji-ho had already begun to devise what to do.

Then the topic turned changed to sub-activities.

“Did you check the message from the newspaper club?”

“Which message?”

“Guess you didn’t check the message that came in the morning. There’s been a few hype gossips in recent times.”

Silver Light gossip?

“The red lightning that covered the dormitory and two people who were found in the old school building looking like they were possessed by a ghost. It wasn’t spread far yet but students that love to gossip have been talking about it on the Silver Light school community site.

Hwang Ji-ho was looking at him with a face that said something like, ‘This was all your doing right?’

The latter was probably what he did.

But the other one was his families doing.

“It’s the manager’s policy that new students have to investigate the silver light gossip. Since you already finished the Bread Shuttle match article. So, you are going to have to work hard for us first.”

Hwang Ji-ho cheered and shone.

As soon as he wakes up, things are like this.

‘I guess I’ll be busy in the future.’

Today’s class bell was ‘I Got Rhythm’, composed by George Gershwin.

The concert of jazz, piano, and string instruments was arranged a little faster than the original song.

As he listened to the cheerful tone of the vibrato main, a minute passed by.

*    *    *

Saturday, Hwang Myung-ho’s mansion.

There were three Tigers, one descendant, and one heavenly beast.

The heavenly beast still forgot its dignity and loving moved around in the arms of the Baekho, and Jeokho and descendants were staring at the Hwangho with a face saying sorry.

“Jeokho, what is going on with the interrogation of the enemy, the caught Ung?”

“I’m sorry, Hwang Ho. My descendant is excellent at this kind of thing, but he can’t use his strength against the Ungs.”

“Hwang Ho-nim, I’m trying out different ways. We will definitely have better results soon.”


Hwang-ho did not expect it in the first place, so he showed no signs of disappointment.

“Those damn moon rabbits. The talks with the Rabbits are done.”

Hwangho looked at the two Tigers and one of the descendants in the living room.

“As early as next weekend, at the latest the week after that, we will hold an Alliance of the 12 meeting. Don’t forget and join in. Free up time on the weekend. Baekho, Jeokho, Kim Shin rok.”

Hwangho added a word.

“Don’t forget to call Cho Eui Shin as well.”

*    *    *

Today was Saturday, the weekend promised with Yoo Sang-hoon.

They met for lunch and ate a pot of spicy rice cakes that had cheese, rice cakes, eggs, and ramen noodles at a restaurant near the school, even making stir-fried rice after.

He came to the field in the first-grade area with Yoo Sang-hoon’s suggestion for a basketball game to help digest the food.

‘Even though it’s Saturday, there’s quite a bit of people. The students in the dorm usually work out at The Jiik Hall, so these people must live nearby.’

The word was playground but,  when you run a simulator in each zone, you’ll be able to customize the stadium according to your chosen sport.

Football, basketball, catchball, badminton, and tennis were the main focus.

Like the players of the prestigious silver light, they casually used the advanced skills of professional players.

Sombrero Flick, Hawkers Focus, Free throw Line Dunk and bullet-like ball and shuttlecock moving between the students were impressive.

The difference between the players and the general public’s athletic ability was felt.

“Cho Eui Shin, the setting is over!”

Yoo Sang-hoon said as he started the simulator in a section of the playground.

When the simulator sounded wooung- the floor was turned into urethane, the coat line was drawn and the hoop was formed.

“Let’s do one hoop, half-court. The base score is 1 point, 2 points if put outside the 3-point line. The first side to score 21 points wins.”


Since it was a one-on-one, they decided to apply the rule 3X3.

And after about 10 minutes.

Except that he was a little taller than Yoo Sang-hoon, Yoo Sang-hoon had far more experience than he did and so he miserably lost.

The active basketball team was too strong.

It sounded like an excuse, but he was strong.

“Oh, Yoo Sang-hoon. You aren’t going to go easy on me.”

He barely managed to avoid the double score.

He took his breath and sat on a bench next to the simulator court.

“I did go easy on you.”

“What, yeah right.”
He threw the basketball a little harder because he got irritated, but he giggled and received the ball lightly with one hand.

He can’t confirm because it was a one-on-one, but he thought his passing skills were amazing too, looking at him being able to do that.

‘When you get into a shooting position, you just get it in.

It wasn’t a skill to get in a day or two.

He must have been playing basketball since the old times.

“Have you played basketball since you were a kid?”

“······ Uh, no.”

Did you, did you not.

He did, but he didn’t, is that what he was saying.

“Before the otherworld conflict, I wasn’t able to go out, because my body was weak. After that, there were very few kids around that had abilities so I couldn’t. I did play on my own though.”

Oh, that’s why.

It would have been difficult to team up together and play basketball.

“I like silver light because I have a lot of kids to play basketball with.”

Yoo Sang-hoon smiled brightly as he spun the basketball on his fingers.

He also sat on the bench and started talking about the silver light basketball team.

Boring morning training.

A basketball game between the first, second, and third grades.

The first and second-year team’s disappointing defeat.

Overly enthusiastic basketball advisors and professional coaches.

Yoo Sang-hoon generously unraveled the basketball club’s story.

‘Yoo Sang-hoon really likes to talk.’

His expression, saying more than usual, looked brighter than ever.

“Hey, let’s play another game.”

“I’m not going to go easy on you this time too.”
Yoo Sang-hoon dribbled.

Damn him.

It looks like he wasn’t going easy on him the entire time.

At the end of the match, he lost to him again.

Even though the scoring gap was reduced by a certain number.

He played a few more matches to his regret but ended up with total defeat.

They played basketball until late in the afternoon and headed to the dorm.

*    *    *

His room on the 17th floor of the first-grade dormitory building.

“It’s so nice. It looks wide enough for two people to use but you are using it alone. Must be nice.”

Yoo Sang-hoon marveled as he toured the dormitory room.

After visiting the dormitory room, he put the delivery food that was delivered to the front gate in the living room.

Today’s delivery food menu was a Chinese restaurant menu, which was part of the essence of house visiting.

Jajang, champong, fried rice, each one with medium size of sweet and sour pork.

It was about four or five servings, but it probably wasn’t enough for two hungry teenagers to eat.

Next to them, they stacked bags of potato chips with original flavors, onions, bacon flavors, consommé, etc. to be eaten as snacks.

“Hey, let’s tease Jang Namwook.”


They set up the device camera in a position where the interior of the dormitory room was clearly visible and connected the video call with Jang Nam-wook.

Call latency 5 seconds, 6 seconds, 7 seconds.

“What’s up, why are you answering so late.”

Jang Nam-wook responded slower than usual.

He answered like really fast usually, just like how he was a snob usually.

It was only when the device was connected.

“Jang Nam Wook are you seeing this, Silver Light High school dormitory is so nic…..?”

Yoo Sang-hoon looked at the screen and closed his mouth.

It was a stranger who appeared on the screen.

Who was he?

They didn’t know who he was, but what he was wearing was the glasses of Jang Nam Wook.

“You guys, you are too close to the screen. If you look too closely at the hologram, your eyesight is going to go bad so keep a good distance. Your posture doesn’t look good too. Straighten your back and stare at the hologram.”

He flimsily imitated Jang Nam Wook.

Although the words and tones were the same.

‘Isn’t that the guy from the senior military academy!’

It was that guy that was interviewing with Jang Nam Wook a while ago.

The guy from the academy nagged at them, imitating Jang Nam Wook for a long time.

He and Yoo Sang-hoon watched him imitate Jang Nam wook with blank expressions.

“Hmm… you aren’t laughing.”

The guy shriveled when he saw their reaction.

What the hell, was this guy.

Yoo Sang-hoon was thinking the same thing next to him.

“Then I’ll show you a secret gag.  Look forward to it

They weren’t expecting anything.

“If you pronounce Jang Nam-wook kun quickly…”

He didn’t want to listen to the rest of it.

He had a short thought of whether he had to end the video call or not.

He was late.

“Jangnamukkun, Woodcutter. Hahahaha!”

He and Yoo Sang-hoon looked across the screen with strict, majestic, and serious expressions.

The academy’s senior, who had been laughing on his own for a long time, saw the dead reaction and again had a shimmering face.

After a long silence, the voice of Jang Nam Wook was heard from across the screen.

“Hey, Do Shi Hoo. Who in the world uses Gwanglim to tease people!”

His identity was the senior student of the Player Military Academy. Do Shi Hoo.

The “peculiar” guy who was roommates with Jang Nam wook was this guy.

Jang Nam Wook, who was wearing tattered clothing, finally appeared on the screen and took his glasses away from Do Shi Woo.

‘······ Jang Nam Wook is also living in trouble.’

By the way, the silver light was overflowing with lunatics who would use their Gwanglim to play around.

At the academy high school, the senior must be one of those types.

“I want to talk to your Silver Light friends.”

Looking at that attitude, it seemed to him that he usually teased Jang Nam Wook often.

It was a lot of fun to see the hard-nosed and sincere Jang Nam Wook getting teased.

“You are the Unknown Supernova Cho Eui Shin. And the guy next to you with the basketball must be Yoo Sang Hoon.”

He must have heard from Jang Nam Wook.

“Yoo Sang-hoon, you said you were part of the basketball team? I’m a basketball player too. Should we organize a match between the schools?”

“Yeah, let’s do it!”

Yoo Sang-hoon, who continued to look smiling, replied.

They talked about basketball for a while.

As he heard, each basketball captain will be introduced to each other soon to organize a match.

This time, the topic changed after talking about the Silver Light vs. Military Academy High School Basketball Friendly Game.

“You guys know Joo Soo hyuk? Is he doing well there?”

A name came out that was not unexpected at all.

There was a sudden sinister feeling in the words of Do Shi Woo.

In the game, Joo Soo Hyuk did have a close friend in the academy.

He was a man who was assassinated without anyone knowing while spying for him.

“Do Shi Woo, don’t you have any relatives in the TC group?”

At his question, he blinked and answered.

“Not really relatives but. TC is my great grandfather’s company.”

One of the four largest groups in South Korea was his great grandfather’s company.

He was sure.

‘He was so meticulous that it was sad that he was assassinated.’

The 4 group spying scenario.

Do Shi Woo had mixed passwords with device messages several times to convey important information in order to save Joo Soo Hyuk.

In the game, the name did not appear, but it only appeared as a chat nickname.

‘Was that this looming guy?

When Jang Nam Wook changed his clothes and reappeared, the four of them made a statement and exchanged their device codes.

Doo Shi woo was a very unusual character, according to Jang Nam Wook.

After all, he was related to the main story of the game, so it didn’t hurt to know him.


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