Chapter 38

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After the weekend was over, after school.

Freshmen’s room in the newspaper office of the General Club Hall in the central area.

“Hey Sae ron, what are you going to write about? Your investigation for the clocktower failed.”

“Oh I don’t know, I’m screwed. I’m just going to investigate the Silver Light ghost story and write an article about it.”  

Moon Sae-ron, the loser, replied to the question of a freshman in the newspaper department.

Moon Sae-ron also had a tracking skill, so she would have tried to catch the one responsible, all weekend by fully operating her skill and brain.

‘To think that Moon Sae-ron wasn’t able to catch them…… I wonder who the culprit is.’

He knew that the culprit was one who wasted their talent, abilities, and time. 

“Hwang Ji-ho, what are you going to write about?”

“The taxi levitation incident in front of the main gate.”

Looking at the hologram floating in front of Hwang Ji-ho, there was an excellent hoaxing article that did not contain a single word about things like the Tiger tribe, the Ung tribe, and descendants.

Getting a free article to write and covering up the case at the same time.

Hwang Ji-ho also had a strategist like-self to him.

“Cho Eui-Shin! I want to investigate the silver light ghost story too. I’ll check the back page of the general bulletin board a year ago. You check from the front page, we cool?”

“Okay. I was starting from the front page anyway so that’s great.”

He nodded at Moon Sae ron’s suggestion.

A comprehensive gossip bulletin board of silver light where the number of pages increased frightening pace every break.

The bulletin board of the school, which can be used by students on leave of absence and graduates, has been updated very actively even during class hours.

‘There is also a bulletin board for current students, but most information gathered is on the general chat board.’

From the beginning, he thought it would be difficult to see everything alone.

If he can check it with Moon Sae-ron, it will be a little less work.

‘Let’s start with the two recent ghost stories.’

First, the red lightning that struck the dormitory.

In the ghost story, the skill of Jeokho, Red Lightning was treated as a curse.

There was an opinion that it was a phenomenon of psychic ability caused by a student’s spirit who committed suicide in a dormitory building. 

‘When facts and imaginations come together, this kind of ghost story arises….’  

Second, two students possessed by ghosts.

There were two students who did not return home all night.

At the request of a parent, the two devices were tracked and they were found fainted in an old school building in the closed area.

They didn’t know why they were there.

The facility management team looked at the recording devices installed on the campus, but there was no recording of students entering the closed area.

There was an interpretation that the ghost of an unfairly framed faculty member who had died in the old school building in the closed area called out the two.

‘The reason they weren’t photographed is probably because they chose a road without a recorder to avoid being reproached later. Just like I did.’

When facts are distorted, it was easy to become a ghost story.

Most of the causes of urban ghost stories in this world were related to abilities, but there were still many people who believed in the existence of ghosts and were afraid.

Even in this prestigious player specialty high school.

‘It was only 100 years ago that abilities appeared. It would be impossible for the ghost stories related to ghosts that existed before then to disappear completely.’

“Wow…… There are many more scary things than I thought. No, it’s not that scary. Yes, I’m not scared. But among the kids living in the dormitory today, who wants to come to my room to sleep tonight? I’ll buy you food, please. Oh, it’s never because I’m scared!”

Moon Sae-ron, who was reading a ghost story next to him, muttered to himself and clung to the other female members.

Even though she was not scared of hiding in front of the clock tower at the front gate all night, the ghost story was scary. 

‘Shall we look for other ghost stories besides these two ghost stories?’

If you go to the research building area in the middle of the night, you will see an unidentified building connected to the underworld.

In the basement of Eun Hwi-gwan, the board of directors holds a ritual every month to try to revive a corpse.

On a moonless night, all trails of Cheonik Mountain lead to the door to the underworld.

There is a ghost screaming at 6 pm, the previous garbage incineration time at the old school incinerator.

When there is fog on Cheongnang Lake, ghosts who lost their mate during the war wander around the lake in search of their mate.

If you enter the central library after midnight, you will be able to access the cursed secret library.

The student council and the leadership team form a secret association and hold a questionable ritual with live animal sacrifices. etc.

‘There are a lot of ghost stories in this school.’

It was when he was sorting out a reasonable story.

Hwang Ji-ho, who finished writing the article, looked into his hologram and said a word.

“Uh, this became a rumor. Where did the information leak?”


Hwang Ji-ho was smiling with a meaningful face.

He wanted to think of it as a joke.

Are any of these numerous ghost stories real?

‘… Let’s act like I didn’t hear that.’

Hwang Ji-ho laughed with an innocent face when he saw him turning away.

Maybe it was just him teasing him.

His depressed self not long ago seemed like a lie.

“Hey, eat dinner at my house.”

Hwang Ji-ho setting wise was a close relative to Hwang Myeong-ho.

Hwang Ji-ho was set to lodge at the chairman’s house, so the “my house” was Hwang Myung-ho’s mansion.

Hwang Ji-ho’s voice got a little quieter.

“Didn’t you have many stories to hear from me?”

He nodded at Hwang Ji-ho’s words.

*    *    *

Bark Bark!

Cotton Ball. No, as soon as Snare saw him, he rushed at him happily.

He was running more naturally than the last time he saw him as if the rehabilitation training was going smoothly.

It must have been difficult, but he was proud of Snare who endured the rehabilitation, so he immediately hugged him and stroked him. 

‘To think this cute thing was a Heavenly Beast.’

When he tickled the stomach, the cotton ball-like dog looked like it would die from happiness, but to think this guy was a Heavenly Beast that was accepted by the Tiger tribe.

‘I hope that I will continue to be close even if he gets back his Heavenly Beast form.  

Thinking so, he patted Snare’s ears. 

“……It seems to follow Cho Eui Shin more than me.”

Hwang Ji-ho’s expression of dissatisfaction made it more healing.

After that, he attended the dinner prepared by the Automatic Maid.

It was him, Baekho, Hwang Jiho, Jeokho, and three little kids who seemed to be descendants of Eunho.

The main menu was Chateaubriand Steak with Chateau Potatoes and Bearnaise Sauce.

The tea served after the dinner was a limited blend of Unnam Jeonhong and Assam, which was served a long time ago in commemoration of the Queen’s crowning.

Black tea was served in a teacup from a tea set that was designed just to serve black tea.

“You seem to know your teas.”


“I’ve seen you drinking tea three times, but it looked like you are used to it. You seem to be recognizing the value of tea sets and the manners are perfect.”

Hwang Ji-ho’s eyes were glowing a little.

Once in the chairman’s office, once on April Fools and including this time it was three times.

He put the teacup on the plate and thought of a college junior who was not here.

‘I studied hard because of Seongheon.’

Cheon Seongheon was the bastard son of a third-generation rich household.

Cheon Seong-heon had been invited to his mansion several times before he ran out of the house saying he would go his way.

He who invited him was afraid that he would be embarrassed because of his ignorance, so he learned table manners, and learned to see the brand.  

‘Although it was eventually unnecessary.’

It was vivid that Cheon Seongheon, who was a tea lover, laughed that he liked the mixed coffee at Gosiwon.

‘Was he doing well?’

Would the Paranormal Universe answer him if he had asked?

However, it will be difficult if he thought about how to communicate.

He’s doing well or he’s not doing well would be the extent he would be able to find out, and even if he found out, there’s nothing he could have done.

“I like tea. I like coffee and tea, and I also like traditional tea.”

“······Is that so?”

Hwang Ji-ho had a suspicious face.

He was the eldest son of three brothers and sisters who barely earned a living through double-income, and now he was the only one left.

He must have done a background check, so it would be a little strange to be familiar with such high-class culture.

When he changed the topic, he gave up his suspicions and went to the point.

“Starting from the conclusion, as you said, it’s clear that there was a traitor among the Alliance of the 12. The protective barrier, a joint work of the Alliance of the 12, was disabled. Had it not been for the higher being Jeseokcheon’s involvement, the Rabbits would have been annihilated.”

He had heard a great story.

He waited to talk about it, hoping it wouldn’t surprise him while he ate, but it didn’t make any difference because he was still digesting.

‘It is unlikely that the Rabbits are traitors. If the Rabbits had made up their mind, they would have lived without knowing whether Eunho’s descendants were alive or dead.’

The Rabbit tribe and the Moon Rabbit were famous for getting along.

Even in the game, there was no sign of antagonism, so it was difficult to think that someone inside had betrayed.

“We decided to cooperate with the Rabbits to find a traitor among the ‘long-tailed’ ones. These kids will be homeschooled and will be protected in my mansion. Anything else you want to ask?”

That was enough for the current situation.

As he shook his head, Hwang Ji-ho asked again.

“I have a question, why did you ask us to hold the Alliance of the 12 meeting?”

“To catch the culprit.”

“······The meeting takes place in a special way. All we can check is the voice and the silhouette. But you said you will catch the culprit? Even though there was no clue except being long-tailed?”

There was a clue.

This was a clue that only he knew of in this world.

“I have a clue.”

He glanced at Jeokho, listening quietly.

This was the clue that Jeokho caught before he died.

Even though he died without passing it on to the protagonist’s party.

The character that appears often in fictions where they find an important information but fails to deliver it because they are found dead.

Jeokho was the protagonist of the event that gave fans quite the shock and caused many of them to quit the game.

“Let me watch the Alliance of the 12 meeting.”

There was also information that was remembered by him who was a veteran of the trash game.

Hwang Ji-ho, who saw his face with confidence, lit his eyes.

“Okay, got it.”

It was so good that he did not ask what the clue was.  


“I’m sorry, I’ll come again next time.”

It was when he tried to leave the front door that Snare trying to hold him back with all kinds of cute acting because of the regrettable parting.

The three descendants of Eun-ho approached.

The two above looked around 16 years old, but the youngest child only came up to his waist.

“I…… I’m sorry I couldn’t say proper greetings back then. I was told by the sacred tigers that they would not have been able to help us without Cho Eui-shin nim. Thank you for rescuing me……!” 

It was the child he saw on April Fools’ day that greeted him.

He was still only sixteen, but he was very polite.

“I didn’t do anything. The one who saved the taxi was a guy named Sawol Seum as well. And why are you calling me nim, just call me brother.”

He really did not do much on the assassination of Eun-ho’s descendants’ case on April Fool’s Day.

All he had to do was use flight skills and concealment items to chase a taxi.

Because the Ung was taken care of by the Tigers, and Sawol Seum finished it.

“But Hwang-ho nim and Jeok-ho nim said that. It was all thanks to the Unknown Supernova.”

“My mother who passed away always told us to become descendants who never forgets grace.”

“Please let me repay the grace someday.”

The three descendants of Eunho gathered together and looked up at him.

They are said to be descendants of Eun-ho, who succeeded the blood of Eun-ho, the head of the family, but they were still small children.

Looking at these three, he remembered his younger brothers who had gone ahead a long time ago.

“······Ok, thanks. Still, don’t worry about the grace and anything. I’m glad you guys are safe.”

Without knowing, he reached out and patted the hair of Eunho’s descendants once.

They closed their eyes a little as if they liked the touch and stayed quiet.

At his feet, Snare was showing his stomach, asking for a pat.

Baekho, Hwang Jiho, and Jeokho, who came to see him off, were watching the scene without saying anything.

He was fortunate that they didn’t say anything about patting their descendants.

*    *    *

The day after visiting the mansion, after school.

Moon Saeron whined, saying she did not want to investigate the ghost story because she was scared.

She seemed to be going to sleep in another friend’s dorm room today.

He came to the Jiik Center after finishing the noisy newspaper activity.

The place he visited was the Jiik Hall of the dormitory self-government association among the Jiik Hall.

“Hey Eui Shin, welcome! Would you like a snack? Among the snacks that came in today, the black sesame honey pancake is delicious. The crackers with almonds are also delicious.”

As soon as he entered, Jiik Chairman Seong Si-wan greeted him.

At the conference table in the center of the Intellectual Society room, snack boxes that were believed to have been thrown together by graduates were piled up like a pile.

There were people from the Intellectual Society who were eating snacks and doing self-study or chatting here and there.

Among them, Seong Siwan was watching a real variety show with a hologram, but as soon as he came, he turned it off and dealt with him.

He felt sorry, so he decided to work quickly and leave.

“Hello, senior. I haven’t had dinner yet, so snacks are a little…I had something I wanted to check.”

“Huh? What did you want to check.”

As the background of its establishment was a bit peculiar, all the notes from the meetings and books were always open to all students and faculty members.

It was possible to access and view them on the webpage of the Intellectual Society using a school device or visit the Intellectual Society room where anyone can go and check it.

‘Because I am a close friend of Seong Si-wan, it is less noticeable and natural to come directly to the Intellectual Society. I don’t want to leave a history of accessing through the school device.’

“Because this task of the Newspaper Department is an investigation of a silver light ghost story. There are quite a few ghost stories related to Cheonik Mountain and the dormitory, so I would like to see the minutes of the Intellectual Society meeting… Is it okay?”

“Of course it’s okay. The hologram chip is in that cabinet, and the paper meeting minutes recorded at the request of Mr. Kim Shin-rok are on the bookshelf over there.”

Kim Shinrok talked about preparing things because other faculty and students prefer analogs.

He guessed he did it because he liked paper.

“Thank you.”

“If you need anything else, tell me, Eui-shin.”

He thanked Seong Siwan and went to the bookshelf.

The thing he had to confirm was in the last year’s minutes.

‘Most of them are accident training meetings that occurred last year because of the first grade 0 class!’

It was more than he had thought.

It was worse than what came out of the game. 

‘Mr. Jegal Jae-geol…… I think he was the homeroom teacher of class 0 last year, but I am worried he might get hair loss from all this.’

The teachers in the second grade tried to change the class teacher in the second grade because it would be difficult for Mr. Jegal Jaegeol with class 0 causing so many incidents.

However, the class 0 who figured that out freaked out.

It was recorded that the Intellectual Society also supported because of the students in Class 0 who occupied the lobby on the first floor of the residence building of the faculty and staff in the residential area.

In the end, Jegal Jae-geol directly declared, ‘I will be your homeroom teacher until you graduate,’ and the situation was finally over.  

‘Anyway, I found what I wanted to find.’

After reading all the minutes of the one-year-long meeting containing the brilliant biography of Class 0, he greeted Seong Si-wan and left the Intellectual Society.

*    *    *

He arrived at the restaurant at Jiik Hall and looked at the dormitory dinner menu.

Today, Korean, Western, and Chinese foods were prepared, but looking at the menu, Western looked the most delicious.

He liked the pasta, which was flat like knife noodles, but the noodles were thick, with bolognese sauce and mushrooms.

‘Let’s eat pasta today!’

Thinking so, he went inside to the holographic menu board installed in the lobby of the restaurant.

In the dormitory dining room, unexpected characters were seen wearing unexpected clothes.

“······Maeng Hyo-don, Irena. What are you doing here?”

Maeng Hyo-don and Irena.

Two people, wearing sanitary hats and aprons, were carrying buffet dishes in the dormitory dining room.

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