Chapter 44

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With the last remarks of the Sheep tribe, the Alliance of the twelve summit again became a blight.  

戌[The guy who says it’s like a dog is the most doglike] “I’m ashamed. I thought for a moment that the Sheep guy was cool.”

申[Jecheondaeseong, the strongest in the universe] “You are one to talk since you have never had a moment where you were cool.”

戌[The guy who says it’s like a dog is the most doglike] “The heaven’s horse caretaker should just go clean after the horses.”

午[A sensitive black horse] “Would you like to come to clean it?”

申[Jecheondaeseong, the strongest in the universe] “I’m watching you. I’m really watching you.”

戌[The guy who says he is like a dog is the most like a dog] Why is the guy who bothered me first getting angry? What are you going to do? Watch me all you want then fuck off to the stables.”

The talks continued between the mutual hatred.

Hwang Ji-ho continued to have a serious face after the word “nightmare” came out.

He looked at the messy conference hall and asked him.  

“Cho Eui-shin, is this enough?”


“I guess you figured it out. Let’s think about the nightmare thing later. From now on, the damn moon rabbit and I will deal with it.”  

Ok To-yeon was muttering with her red eyes looking down.  

“Ugh. It’s not like the nightmares are random or anything. I hope it’s not one of us here? For the time being, I’m not going to come here or go even near the locations of the 12.”

“You are welcome to do that. On the condition that you do not have access to the Silver Light district for half a year, the school will serve moon rabbit rice cake for a month in the cafeteria.”


“The contract is established. Even the name of coming to see Eun-ho’s descendants doesn’t work.”

As Hwang Ji-ho laughed triumphantly, Ok To-yeon lost her confidence for the first time.  

“Uh! That’s kind of… Oh, I want to cancel, cancel! I want to meet them often!”

“You know that the contract has already been signed?”

“······Eunho, please come back.”  

It seemed that Hwang Ji-ho was more skilled with words than she was.

In the end, Ok To-yeon in exchange for yapping her mouth signed an unfair contract.

On the condition that there was no access to Silver Light District for two months, the moon rabbit rice cake was sold at the Silver Light school cafeteria for a month at 1/3 the market price.  

‘It’s a great deal from a student’s point of view. Moon rabbit rice cake for lunch…!’  

Hwang Ji-ho, who was feeling better, was smiling with his golden eyes twinkling.

“I am now dead to Sister Toyoon…… The more I sell, the more I lose, This!”

“If you die, I’ll pay enough condolence money for your funeral.”

Hwang Ji-ho smiled the brightest and had the brightest face he had seen today, and then looked towards the conference hall.  

寅 [Tiger] “I order you as the host of the Alliance of the Twelve Summit. Quiet!” 


At Hwang Ji-ho’s words, the sequence of texts and voices that burst out heating stopped.

The conference hall, where texts and voices were actively flowing, was completely stopped as if a pause button had been pressed.

A tremendous pressure was felt outside the magic circle.

The parties to the communication would have detected it more clearly.  

酉[Gugutakyesulrak in Gyeryongsan Mountain] “His power is still as strong as ever”

辰[Max Level Blue Dragon] “If it wasn’t that much, I wouldn’t leave my colleagues and descendants in his care.”

巳[Molting] “The mythical tigers that we can trust and entrust.”

亥[I am Zhu Bajie] My ears hurt, huh why do things like that? You have to make a notice and write it. Even among the Jin tribe, we should be polite.”

未[Sheep Zzz] “Ah, I woke up.”

The boss of the Sheep tribe must have been sleeping.

As the atmosphere calmed down, Hwang Ji-ho spoke heavily with magical power in his voice.  

寅 [Tigernim] “Let’s go to the main point. A traitor emerged from the Alliance of the Twelve. There are people who have violated the non-aggression treaty and attacked the barriers of Silver Light high school and the descendants of my tribe.” 

The silence continued for a while.  

卯 [Damn Moon Rabbit] “I was also attacked…… We were about to be wiped out? The protection barriers of the Alliance of the Twelve have been properly disabled. One of us, it’s sure to be someone of a boss level person. The attacker would know who they are, obviously.”

寅 [Tigernim] “I couldn’t figure out exactly what they were aiming for. All keep in mind. Now that this 12-way alliance’s protection barrier is not absolute.” 

It was the Dragons who broke the silence.

辰 [Max Level Blue Dragon] “······I declare as the head of the dragon tribe. The Dragons will fully cooperate with the Tigers to capture the traitor. Aiming for Silver Light high school is like targeting my own people and descendants.” 

The head of the dragon tribe did not try to hide his anger.

The 辰(Dragon) area swaying with blue flames made it seemed like he was emitting a powerful otherworldly energy wave.  

辰 [Max Level Blue Dragon] “If our descendants, especially Jun-yeol, is injured, whether we are in an alliance or not, know that all of your territories will be turned into a sea of ​​fire.”

申 [Jecheondaeseong, the strongest in the universe] “Ah, okay, okay. Stop making the Jin tribes who have no descendants sad enough to die.”

辰 [Max Level Blue Dragon] “Then they just need to die.”

戌 [The guy who says it’s like a dog is the most doglike] “I hope monkeys would just go and die.”  

It seemed impossible for the atmosphere of the conference hall to become serious for a long time.

子 [Cunning rat] “The Korean Peninsula where the otherworld conflict first occurred. The Mythical Tigers are considered the oldest myth on the Korean peninsula. Tigers, and even the Dragons… Well, as a bonus, it is worth trying to get the anger of the Tho people?”

酉[Gugutakyesulrak in Gyeryong Mountain] “If it weren’t for the god of heaven, I would like to go and lie down immediately.

午 [Sensitive Black Horse] “Do we have to worry about a traitor and the demons now? Ah······.”

丑 [Honest cow] “Our Jin tribe existence Fighting^_^!”

巳[Molting] “Next time, when the revelation of the superior being comes down, I’m going to have a chat.”

未 [Sheep Zzz] “A nightmare, a traitor…… If it wasn’t for intellect; I would have left the Korean Peninsula already”  

The atmosphere at the conference hall slowly faded.

Jin Tribe, who was a traitor or not a traitor, will have to start moving to cope with this incident, so it naturally became an atmosphere of ending the conference.  

寅[Tigernim] “Of course, I am not going to remain still since I was attacked. As soon as the traitor is revealed, the traitor will be expelled and condemned in accordance with the agreement of the Alliance of the 12.”

卯 [Damn Moon Rabbit] “Me too! If they get caught, they’re dead!”

Hwang Ji-ho is talking cool words, but Ok To-yeon’s sensational mood didn’t fit at all.

Hwang Ji-ho finished firmly.  

寅 [Tiger] “I don’t think we need a greeting between us…… The next meeting will be a place to condemn the traitor. That’s it.”

When Hwang Ji-ho’s words were over, the magic circle gradually lost its light.

At that moment.

<The skill ‘understanding of the dimension of the two-dimensional future adaptation’ has increased.>  

It was a system phrase that he hasn’t heard in a long time.  

<The skill level of the ‘Second-Dimensional Future Modification Special Menu’ was increased from 2 to 3.>

Was it because he had contact with the heads of the Alliance of the 12 on the Korean Peninsula?

Or is it because he succeeded in guessing the culprit behind the major events?

Either way, leveling up was always thankful.

‘Then let’s check it.’  

The menu opened due to the rise of the exclusive menu level was ‘Reread Log’.

When entering a specific map in the game, it was a function to reread the conversation history on the map.  

‘The log seems to be cleared after a large amount of conversation or after a certain period of time, but it will be useful for collecting information or reconfirming information.’

 The record of the summit remained faithfully.

Meanwhile, while he checked the new exclusive menu, the magic circle completely stopped, and Hwang Ji-ho’s eyes and hair color returned to its usual colors. 

“Now, Cho Eui-shin. Let us listen to what you have to say. First, let us move. We cannot stay at this place for too long because the density of magic, otherworld, and holy powers is too high.”

*    *    * 

1st floor, reception room.

The tea produced by the Automatic Maid was a traditional tea in which pine pollen, was dissolved in honey water and pine nuts were floated on top.

Pine pollen came out in a celadon glass made with inlay techniques.

The dessert served with it was a set of moon rabbit rice cakes that Okto-yeon was supposed to bring.  

“Well…… I don’t think there were any kids who said anything suspicious! Although everyone seemed to have a strange head on their shoulders.”

“There was no problem with the content. Then, the problem outside the content would have been a clue.”

Two rice cakes lovers, Ok To-yeon and Hwang Ji-ho, said while eating rice cakes with azalea flowers on them.

Their relationship was not too good, but the food tastes were the same.  

“Hwang Ji-ho, you are right. I figured out one of the culprits.”

“One of the culprits…? Is the traitor that Cho Eui-shin found out has a short tail?”  

Both Hwang Ji-ho and Jeok-ho were sharp.

He answered Jeokho’s question.

“Yes. I couldn’t figure out who the long-tailed traitor was.” 

In the game. Joo Soo-hyuk’s end of first grade.

Jeokho was desperate amid increasingly worsening conditions.

He started thinking that maybe there were traitors among the alliance, but he couldn’t find any evidence.

He wasn’t sure if the real enemy was the Ung Tribe or if there was someone else.  

‘It was a rare luck for Jeokho.’

One day, Jeok-ho accidentally saw a teacher admonishing Andain.

He was anxious about Andain and hid for a long time to listen to the admonition.

When he had heard the bullshit for almost an hour.

Jeokho realizes that the teacher has a habit of talking that resembled one of the leaders of the Alliance of the Twelve.

Phrasing, word, tone, speaking speed, etc.

They were similar enough to think it was an imitation.

‘He probably wasn’t sure at all, but Jeokho would have thoroughly investigated the teacher with the feeling of grabbing for any clue.’  

And the result.

Jeokho learns that the teacher was setting up five decadent establishments in the Silver Light environmental protection zone.

It was also said that the positions he had were the positions of Kim Shin-rok, who died, the first grade, first-class teacher, and the Intellectual Society advisor.

The teacher’s name was Choi Pyeon-deuk.

‘Jeokho caught Choi Pyeon Deuk because he knew the habit of talking by the leaders of the alliance. Conversely, if you analyze Choi Pyeon-deuk’s speech habits, you will be able to capture that leader.’

There is a saying that the habit of speaking is transferred and contagious.

Among the “highest people” Choi Pyeon-deuk encountered, the highest was the leader of the Jin tribe.

Choi Pyeon-deuk, whether it was intentional or unconscious, had a habit of speaking very similar to the boss.

For those high-ranking people, it was likely to be intentional to treat Choi Pyeon Deuk that way considering he could not live without them.

‘It was worthwhile to listen to Choi Pyeon-deuk’s disgusting class.’  

There was also a reason he wanted to take Gong Cheong-Hwon’s class.

If it was just that reason, he would have used earplugs or skipped that class.

But he sat down to the end and listened to the bullshit.

‘At that time, I thoroughly analyzed Choi Pyeon Deuk’s way of speaking.’  

Tone, intonation, the habit of speaking, speaking speed.

He had remembered it with all the senses of the player.

And thanks to that, he was able to find an original that mimicked the tone of Choi Pyeon-deuk among the Jin tribe.

“The words Choi Pyeon-deuk used. It mimics the highest person he can reach.”  

‘It’s a word’ at the end of the sentence.

The sound of a cough.

The sound of ‘hmm?’ halting in the middle

Besides that, the tone or speed of the speech.

Of all the Jin tribe chiefs, there was only one being with this trait.  

“The people who have a habit of speaking very similar to that of Choi Pyeon-deuk are the Pigs.”

When he looked at the way Choi Pyeon-deuk said when he was interrogating, it seemed that he did not know that he was a Pig tribe even though he knew he was a Jin tribe.

They couldn’t risk revealing their identity to a guy like Choi Pyeon-deuk in a situation where they have to attack the Tigers from behind.

Kim Shinrok and Jeokho nodded as they looked back at their memories.

“······I didn’t know well because I had never heard the head of the pig tribe. When I think of it now, I think it sounds alike.”

“Because I only heard Choi Pyeon-deuk’s words during the interrogation…thinking about it now you are right…”

 The speech habit and the evidence left by Jeokho weren’t the only clues.

“There is one more  evidence.”

Amidst the indifference of Chairman Hwang Myung-ho, the Silver Light high school was heading in the wrong direction for a long time.

The school held together for so long because of the will of great teachers and students. 

“The Cheonik Mountain and residential areas have been plagued by wild boar infestations for a long time. However, until the creation of the Intellectual Society, the negligence, embezzlement, and misappropriation of the supervisors and managers were not corrected.”  

On the day when he was slapped with meat by Maeng Hyo-don and handed the ribbon to Irena, he read the minutes of the meeting at the Intellectual Center and confirmed it.

In the minutes of last year’s meetings, there was a record of organizing a wild boar eradication party at the intellectuals society.  

“One of the biggest tasks of the Intellectual Society in 15 years was ‘to fight wild boars’.”

Free quests that nobody did because the rewards were bad in the game.

‘Exterminate wild boars that have invaded the dormitory’.

It was the Intellectual Society who ordered the quest.

Perhaps the attempt to get Choi Pyeon-deuk to serve as an advisor to the Intellectual Society was to take over and interfere with the Intellectual Society.

“The culprit who cut the veins of Cheonik Mountain. That would be the Pig tribe. Wild boars won’t have great power, but if you slowly dig for the vital spots in the mountains over the decades, it’s possible to break the ley. Although the progress has been delayed by the Intellectual Society for the past 15 years.”  

It wasn’t an Enemy or direct tribe members, but it wouldn’t be work for the Pig tribe to hint at wild boars to make them move.

And the protection barriers of Silver Light High school cannot prevent the invasion of wild animals.  

“As Kim Shin-rok survived and Choi Pyeon-deuk was defeated, they failed to take control of the Intellectual Society. In addition, it seemed that the invasion of wild boars has ceased, whether it was because the Heavenly Beast was protected and the investigation of Cheonik Mountain happened.      

Among the party recruitment bulletin board history, there was no wild boar subjugation party by this year’s Intellectual Society. 

“Because it’s not a long tail…… There must be one more traitor among the other Jin. I don’t know who other traitors are.”

He was done telling his thoughts.

The three Tigers, the one Rabbit, and one descendant of the Tiger and Ung tribe.

None of them contradicted his words.

“It was the Pig sons of bitches.”  

Ok To-yeon put down the half-eaten rice cake and muttered. 

“I think this kid’s thoughts are correct? Pigs can’t handle barriers well. When I heard about the silver light entrance exam incident, it seemed like they messed with it very delicately. They made it tricky to figure out if Jin Woong pal-seon messed with it or if one of the 12 messed with it. Probably the more proficient one did, the one with the long tail.”

Seeing Hwang Ji-ho not refuting it, Ok To-yeon seemed to be saying the right thing.

“It’s my fault. Even after three years of being an advisor to the Intellectual Society, I haven’t been able to express doubts about the wild boar’s movement.” 

Kim Shinrok lowered his head with a dark face.

No, that would have been difficult to understand without other clues.

The invasion of wild animals was what happened in most of the Korean dorms along the mountains.

If you look for it on social media, you will be able to see pictures of elk and wild boar who raided the university dormitory without difficulty.

Jeokho changed the topic as if covering for Kim Shinrok.  

“We can start with the Pigs and slowly catch that long tail. It is difficult to monitor all the alliances, but if you narrow them down to the Pigs, it’s okay. It’s looking like I will be leaving Silver Light district for the time being.”

“Yeah. Then, shall we send one person as well? Damn Pigs, they are all dead!”

When Jeok-ho and Ok To-yeon finished talking, Hwang Ji-ho said.

“My long carelessness has made the situation develop like this.”  

Hwang Ji-ho had a face, that made it difficult to determine his age after a while.  

“I like my friends whose eyes have changed, the descendants left by Eun-ho, this school, and the 1st grade Class 0 that I am currently attending. From now on, I will move with all my heart.”  

Hwang Ji-ho patted Jeokho’s shoulder.  

“Jeokho, don’t do anything too dangerous.”  

The Alliance of the 12 summits today.

The biggest harvest maybe that bystander Hwang Ji-ho was motivated.

*    *    *

On the way to the dorm after eating dinner.

He came out with Baekhogun and Snare for a walk.

Snare’s favorite was him and Baekho.

With the leash in his mouth, Snare who was waiting at the front porch asked the two of them to go for a walk.

It means that he wanted to stay with him even on his way back.

Baekhogun would mean escorting him back to the mansion.  

‘The last time I left it behind trying to stop me from leaving despite its charms, I think he came up with a different method.  

This couldn’t be helped.

He couldn’t help but reward the cute and smart Snare.

Of course, they had to be together.

Honestly, if it wasn’t for the ban on bringing pets in the dormitory, whether it was a Heavenly beast or a Tiger tribesman or whatever it was he wanted to raise it.

Bark Bark-!  

“You are going to get hurt acting like that.”

Baekhogun, who hadn’t said a word all day today, was excited and told Snare who was running.

Even the silent Baekhogun couldn’t help it in front of Snare.

Yes, he understood him.

He had to ask what he was curious about while Baekho opened his mouth.  

“What is a nightmare?”  

The Jin tribe reacted violently to the word nightmare more than the fact there was a traitor amongst them.

From the content of the conversation, he can see that it is a ‘high-ranking person with a great deal of authority that intervened in the present world’.

It was also powerful enough to swallow the leader of the Jin Tribe. 

“You don’t have to worry at all. Cho Eui-shin.”  

The document answer came out.

Explain in more detail, he looked at Baekhogun with the meaning of protest.

But Baekhogun said only what he wanted to say.

“Do not care, do what you want to do, do what you need to do.”  

There were a lot of things he wanted to do and a lot of things he wanted to do.

His playable character said this, so it made it more difficult to investigate further.

*    *    *

After a long walk with Snare and a tearful goodbye, he arrived at the dormitory.

When he turned on the device notification, all kinds of messages, videos, and photos spilled out.

‘When will I check all this?’  

The contents were about the basketball game between the first years of Silver Light high school and the Military Academy.

He was surprised to see the faces he knew while watching the video of the game. 

‘Ju Soo-hyuk and Bang Yoon-seop also participated.’  

If he thought about it, there was no way that Joo Soo-hyuk, the best friend of Doshi-hoo, who led this basketball game, could not come.

Seeing that there is a pile of bread near the court that seemed to have been bought as a snack, it seems that Joo Soo-hyuk dragged Bang Yoon-seop to the game.

‘That’s not the amount they can buy with the money I gave. Did Joo Soo-hyuk spend some of his own as a  treat?’  

Because of the number of people that participated, two teams per school came out, and four teams played a tournament-style basketball game.

In the final, was Silver Light Team A and Academy B Team.

In any case, since it was a battle between schools in the first place, they also picked up a replacement player from their respective losing teams and played a close game.  

‘My bread shuttle Bang Yoon-seop made an accident again….’  

In the second quarter, Bang Yoon-seop lost more than 30 points by himself due to all kinds of fouls and mistakes that he made as a beginner.

What’s even funnier is that this guy didn’t do that on purpose, but that it happened even though he worked hard with all his might.

And in the third quarter, Joo Soo-hyuk replaced Bang Yoon-seop.

Joo Soo-hyuk, the all-around munchkin, overwhelmed the game with brilliant play and frightenedly covered the mistakes Bang Yoon-seop made.

‘He’s not the main character for no reason…… I didn’t know he would be good at basketball.’  

After the third quarter, which was like Joo Soo-hyuk’s solo stage, was over.

In the fourth quarter, Doshi-hoo was introduced to the military school team, marking Joo Su-hyuk as one-to-one, and the Silver Light team was stalled.

Silver Light was pushed back by two points.

The remaining time was 5 seconds.

At the last moment, Joo Soo-hyuk’s pass led to Yoo Sang-hoon’s three-point shot, putting a buzzer-beater, and Silver Light won a big win.  

[Yoo Sang-hoon] I won. Can you see it! Watch the video and when you see it all comment.

[Jang Nam-wook] Ah we barely lost… It’s too bad… 

Ju Soo-hyuk was chosen as the MVP of today’s match, but Yoo Sang-hoon was the top scorer.

Jang Nam-wook showed good defense by taking advantage of his big height, but he had no choice because he didn’t have enough skill.

[Yoo Sang-hoon] Your bread shuttle cried.

In the attached photo, there was Bang Yoon-seop’s swollen face.

He cried when he was beaten one-sidedly by Maeng Hyo-don in the preliminary round before, but he seems to have a weak tear gland.

There was a group photo underneath the photo of his bread shuttle.

The white T-shirt was silver light, and the black T-shirt was the military academy.

The color of the T-shirt was different, but everyone looked good.  

‘Everyone looks good together.’  

Even though they were divided by winners and losers, the schools did not look obscured by that fact and took photos together hand in hand looking friendly with each other.

These guys enjoyed their youth while he listened to the trash talk by the Alliance of the 12.

‘Even if the date was different for one day, I would have gone to both the submit and the basketball game….’

But life and time are limited.

It was impossible to have everything you wanted.

It was during the midterm exam period of this Silver Light where he truly felt it.

Soon the midterms begin.

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