Chapter 5

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“Don’t come closer….. Don’t’!”

Minki mumbled again and ran towards the back.

Still, he was able to make a rational judgment so he threw spider web trap.

The effect of the flower extract recovery lasts for more than 1 minute.

3 items were used on Sanghoon so 2 items were left.

The effect of spider web trap lasts for 5 seconds.

After 10 seconds, Minki will play tag with the monster while risking his life.

‘There are four minutes until the block will be deactivated. Minki can’t endure during that whole period.’

There should be a last resort.

What is Rhinoceron’s status right now?

<Viewing enemy’s status window.>

[Enemy name] Rhinoceron 13

[Rareness] R+

[Title] Domestic monster. Owned by bear tribe

[Mission] Your master orders you. ‘Destroy everything.’

[Status] Completely submissive (Unable to deactivate). Lower recognition skill, sense skill, increased intuition. Decreased HP 12, Power 15, Defense 8, MP 6, Anti MP 9, Agility 6, Anti Special Attack 13.

[Overall Level] Lv. 19


Heavy dash Lv.3




It was a block made by the prestigious Eungwang high school’s staff and was enhanced by the bear tribe.

As expected, the block’s abnormal status effect had been duplicated more than 70 times and re-applied.

There was no damage to ‘block for candidates to measure off-floor’, but it caused an abnormal status effect.

‘Still, it is strong enough to kill all the middle school students in here.’

Although it decreased to 50%, the Rhinoceron’s ability is still at Lv. 19.

My ability is Lv. 10.

Based on strategy and skill, the battle result may change so ability didn’t matter.

The opponent is a monster with a high battle skill level rather than a human.

‘I can do it, I can……’

I took out a ‘trainee assassin’s folding knife’ realized from a card.

When I unfold the blade, it was only 6cm.

The monster’s shoulder size is more than 2 meters while walking with 4 feet.

There is no way I’m not afraid.

Me dashing through the monster as I was waiting for death while looking at smart phone?

I felt like my heart would pop out.

I held the knife but I couldn’t move my feet.

The hand holding the knife was shaking.

The simulation fight inside my head was completely different than the game onscreen.

“Ah….. Ahahah….. Help me. No!”

While I couldn’t move, the 10 seconds given to Minki was over.

The valuable 10 seconds was over for me as well.

The Rhinoceron left the trap and dashed towards Minki.

Minki started to run, but he was caught by the monster.

Slam! Smash, smash…..

“Arghhhh, Ughhhhh!”

There was the sound of something getting destroyed and exploding.

The Rhinoceron didn’t stop and dashed with a huge horn against Minki.

Smack, smack, smack!

After a certain moment, Minki didn’t scream.

That caused greater intimidation.

‘If things don’t go as planned, I will be the next one.’

I took another deep breath, but my feet didn’t move.

The Rhinoceron could move freely.

It could sense my attack as a threat and attack me instead of Minki.

“Move, now….!”

I saw Sanghoon who started to run away after hearing a scream and Namwook who was assisting him.

Namwook, who is healthier, may luckily survive with little energy.

Most of his body parts would disappear.

‘Sanghoon will surely die.’

After the tutorial, polygon pieces will be shown on the screen, and the dead NPCs will be those two.

When I thought until then, I was already running towards the monster.

<Activated ‘Use anything’ skill.>

My hands were moving unconsciously. 

As if I were holding a hammer, I held the knife naturally sideways and stabbed the monster which was attacking Minki.

While trying to attack the monster, there was a red HP gauge above the body.

It didn’t decrease at all.

Once, twice, three times…..

I attacked the monster by stabbing, cutting without giving pressure to the arm but it felt like cutting a stone with a glass knife.

It was impossible to injure a monster wearing a scarf made out of metal.

It was due to the low knife performance and my ability.

Even if I try a dozen times, the Rhinoceron’s HP gauge didn’t decrease by even 1%.


Namwook, who was watching the scene from afar, gave a nervous face.

Namwook, who had an intuitive skill realized that the damage given to the enemy was almost zero.

Still, it’ll be over if I stop here.

I have to do it while the monster attacks Minki.


The flower scent was completely gone and my nose was filled with a rotten meat smell.

The bloody monster left Minki who wasn’t moving and stared at me.

‘I want to run……!’

It was a pressure incomparable to overseeing the smartphone.

Soon, I may end up like Minki as well.


The monster shouted once and then abandoned me.

Perhaps that’s because the accumulated damage is close to 0.

It assumed I was harmless so the monster decided to ‘destroy everything’ instead of attacking me in order to follow the order.

<Warning, enemy ‘Rhinoceron’ uses skill ‘heavy dash.’>

When the enemy used the skill, the Rhinoceron’s body gave off red steam as an effect coming out of the body.

After a few seconds, my body will become ash due to a shock coming from the skill that the Rhinoceron will be using.


A bit faster!

I moved my knife.

“No……..! Stop and run Euishin!”

Namwook shouted from afar.

Still, I didn’t stop and waved my arm towards the body beyond the red steam.


<Weapon’s matureness: 100%.>

There was a system notification sound.


I held the knife up high, shined it, and stabbed the Rhinoceron.

<Weapon’s rareness has changed from N- to N.>

The knife that changed rareness.

The knife in my hand stabbed deep inside the monster passing the red steam made by the Rhinoceron.

Meanwhile, there was no damage at all as the blade was penetrating towards the monster’s pressure point.


<Special attack ‘Immediate death’ has been activated.>


The Rhinoceron couldn’t resist at all and collapsed after making a last shout.

After the collapse, I was standing while holding the knife for a while but the monster didn’t move anymore.


I breathed heavily while looking at the monster that couldn’t move.

If I was slower, I would end up like Minki.

The hand that held the knife wasn’t shaking anymore, but I still had scary thoughts in my head.


Namwook and Sanghoon ran up to me while shouting my name.

It was way faster than running away.

That made me feel relaxed and I laughed.

“You killed it……. Good job, Euishin!”

“It was close. Did you aim for it?”

Namwook was frowning as if he is about to cry and Sanghoon was laughing brightly.

Maybe the rush of adrenaline allowed Sanghoon to make jokes while forgetting the pain.

“You think? Good job, guys.”

I tapped Namwook’s shoulder so he wouldn’t cry.

Although they were middle school students, if they cry in front of someone; it will become a shame.

I tapped a bit stronger so he gave a bright smile while feeling the pain.

“Sanghoon, did it stop bleeding?”

“I’m a bit better after Minki sprayed recovery medicine.”

Although it stopped bleeding, if he moves, the wound may open up again.

Sanghoon wouldn’t say anything weak before he dies.

‘He would keep his mouth shut even if the wound opens up again.’

Just in case, I made a temporary dressing by cutting his uniform jacket.

I made folding knife into a card before wrapping the dressing over his chest.

Before carding the knife, the item information seemed to be updated.

<Viewing updated item information.>

[Item name] Trainee assassin’s folding knife

[Type] Weapon

[Rareness] N

[Experience] 102%

[Effect] 10% bonus experience, +2.5 agility, +0.5 strength

[Additional effect] Opponents die immediately with extremely low chance


A crude weapon that can be purchased at a supermarket.

Contains a grudge of revenge seeker who trained endlessly to penetrate the enemy’s neck.

If he didn’t give up until the last moment, his last surely…….

There was a huge risk of facing enemies with big level differences, but there were many gains.

‘One of those is the experience for the weapon.’

This knife had the lowest rareness and bonus for experience.

So, there wasn’t much experience needed for a rareness upgrade so it could level up quickly by attacking the enemy at a high level.

Also, this weapon had a special effect when it leveled up.

That meant immediate death, a special attack.

‘Low immediate death possibility, very low rareness, and weapon ability so it won’t be used in the game.’

It was different when there was a block that gave an abnormal status effect.

‘I was lucky.’

I had the worst luck in choosing the item.

If I choose items with higher rareness or usefulness, it would be easy to survive for 15 minutes.

Still, if the destined skill wasn’t activated, one would die from Minki’s plan.

“Euishin, aren’t you tightening it too much?”

“Bear with it. You need to oppress the wound to prevent it from bleeding.”

Sanghoon didn’t say anything while frowning.

Namwook commented all the time

It felt like looking at a happy ending of the game while dying.

It was a determined life that had no future anyway.

It wouldn’t be bad to see the happy ending of this world.

There were still doubts about my current situation.

‘However, right now……’

Now, it’s time to share the happiness of surviving by clearing the tutorial quest with colleagues.

We will be the first and last people who will clear the ‘tutorial for supporting role’ in this game.

“Why did you give it to him?”

Sanghoon’s attention was towards Minki who was lying down in a bloody puddle.

He seemed to be in shape, but his body was destroyed everywhere.

It was hard to find out if he was dead or passed out.

‘There is a high chance that Minki is alive still.’

Near Minki, there were 4 traits of ‘cotton puppet’s sacrifice’ which Sanghoon transferred the rights to me.

“It’s an item to decrease the damage.”

Namwook seemed to find out with the intuitive skill.

When the ‘spider web trap’ was deactivated, I used the ‘cotton puppet’s sacrifice’ on Minki.

“I gave it so he can survive. The Rhinoceron has a lower ability, so if there is less damage, Minki will survive despite being handicapped.”

The player with extraordinary skills is stronger than normal players, so they don’t die easily.

Comparing a player and a normal person’s level, my ability is Lv. 10 as an 8th grader.

Normal people have their differences, but their level is between 1 and 5.

Normally, people would die in shock if their limbs are destroyed simultaneously, but Minki is a player who is aiming for the best school.

He won’t die easily.

“I gave it to you because you are taking on a dangerous role. I didn’t give it to you to betray someone.”

“I know.”

“You are also going to let go of someone who tried to kill you?”


Sanghoon made a furious face.

“Nothing will happen if he repents, but he won’t. That’s fine.”

I won’t forgive such a trashy person.

‘Still, I can’t let Minki die here.’

One dead and three survival students at Eungwang player master high school, the prestigious school in Korea.

All blame will head towards the three people who survived and the school.

I’m the one who executed it, but the other two will be involved as well.

I’m okay, but I’m not sure if the two middle school students can handle their lives getting destroyed.

‘Based on my thought, even if Minki survives, he won’t repent.’

The risk of death doesn’t change human nature.

What we saw at the risky moment was Minki’s characteristic.


Sanghoon calmed himself.

It became awkward.

Namwook made a comment after looking at Sanghoon.

“Umm…… Did I give you 2 item cards? I thought it was 4 cards so I made a mistake, but thankfully it turned out well……”


Namwook’s attempt to make the atmosphere better was futile.

Before Namwook finished his comment, the gym door split into two.

‘There is still one minute left until the block is deactivated.’

The one who can destroy the block is someone who has such an ability.

Namwook, Sanghoon, and I all looked at where the sound was coming from with nervous eyes.

‘What is it…….’

Something went into my eye and made me feel dizzy.

In front of the destroyed gym, there was someone holding a bright white sword.

I knew well what that sword is.

It’s a white tooth from a tiger.

It’s the white tiger’s tooth that can destroy clouds and cut thunder if it’s swung to the sky.

‘It’s a white tiger…….!’

I could sense it by looking at the silhouette without looking at the white sword.

The white tiger was the only playable character in the last battle of the final chapter.

It was the main character that I used the most.


‘The white tiger doesn’t appear in this event.’

Something that I knew about this game seemed to differ from this world.

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