Chapter 6

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A world that changed due to collision with an unknown world 100 years ago.

In a confused world, players turned mankind into normal life by fighting against the enemy.

People who are born with a player’s special skill are 20%.

People who have a special skill above 17 are 15%.

All potential players need to maintain special skills until 17 and can become official players by getting approval from the player’s association.

When a player turns 17, they are allowed to use a light skill that gives a time miracle for a specific period.

For white tigers, the light skill appears by summoning the weapon.

If mental power is full, he can summon an EX rank weapon for a short period of time.

‘When I think about it, it was a character that broke the game balance.’

There was a reason why the white tiger was way stronger than the other characters.

Even if I got buffed from God, the white tiger is one of Korean legendary myths.

The white tiger is the highest in the legend.

<Viewing White Tiger’s information.>

[Name] White Tiger

[Title] Noble Legend. White Tiger in God’s world.

[Order] None

[Light Skill] Summon White Teeth that block cloud and thunder

[Status] God’s wrath – Locks partial skill and light skill, significantly decreases all skills and skill level

[Overall Stats] Lv. 55

[Skill] Sword Lv. 10

Magician Lv. 10

Leap Lv. 10

Brightness Lv. 10

Roar Lv. 10


The white tiger that appeared during the legendary myth.

Received skill of ‘going anywhere’ from God but lost his name while playing around so it angered God.

God wanted to punish the white tiger’s pride so God locked up his skills and ordered him to write his sins.


I felt suffocated all of sudden while reading the explanation.

I forcefully tried to take a breath and I made eye contact with the white tiger.

The white tiger was staring at me.

‘Does he know I’m using the exclusive skill menu?’

I tried to naturally change my attention.

However, the white tiger’s vision was hitting my body, almost feeling like it was being turned into a thousand needles.

He didn’t activate the ‘Bright’ skill.

<Bear tribe’s interference ended. Recovering communication.>

After hearing the sound system, all lights inside were turned on.

There was a flash and it made my eyes bright so I looked around while pressing my eyes. I saw the atrocity clearly.

‘It’s a mess…..’

The testing center had traits of destruction.

The monster didn’t move after the collapse.

Minki and the examiner were in fatal status.

Sanghoon was injured severely.

Namwook and I were not injured but extremely tired.

All of a sudden, the white tiger moved its attention away from me and slowly looked around.


There was a different alarm sound than my system sound from the menu.

It was the sound which I heard many times in the game.

‘Player’s association exclusive satellite… It’s an enemy alarm sound for satellite ‘Player SAT-K’ in charge of Korea.’

Normally, when the enemy reaches a certain distance, the smart device beeps an alarm from the satellite and guides evacuation.

Because the communication was completely restricted, it beeped late.

‘Too late.’

Based on this world’s scientific technology, it was possible to tap all the warnings appearing on the smartphone with one’s fingers.

This world was similar to contemporary Korea but it had way advanced technology due to the unknown world and special skills.

‘Everyone uses wearable devices.’

The white tiger, Namwook, and Sanghoon loaded the hologram screen in front of their eyes as they were wearing wearable devices.

On the screen, a notification on defeating Player SAT-K appeared consecutively.

-Wanted enemy, Rhinoceron 13 has been defeated.

-Player SAT-K successfully approached the region’s record device.

-Player SAT-K is analyzing the detailed defeat process.


The white tiger’s hand reading the hologram notification removed the white tooth.

-Biggest contributor: Jo X X (Unregistered person: Limited information)

Player SAT-K began to collect the dead enemy’s body so the Rhinoceron turned into particles.

Namwook and Sanghoon, who were surprised by the white tiger’s appearance shouted Player SAT-K’s notification.

“Euishin! Congratulations!”

“Good job. If you get a bounty, treat us to a good meal.”

The outside became crowded.

Followed by the white tiger, players from Eungwang high school arrived.

When teachers from Eungwang high school talked to us, the white tiger had already disappeared.

Namwook and I, who had no injuries, were sent to the hospital for a checkup.

Sanghoon, who was injured, had a separate cure and was injected with on a linger after changing his clothes.

“I just want to use a recovery item.”

“We are not official players yet so ‘player insurance’ doesn’t apply. We will be bombarded with medical bills.”

“Ah… right. We should get hurt next year.”

“If we use too many recovery potions, there will be side effects. Calm down.”

“Namwook, you talk way too much!”

While I was getting diagnosed, Sanghoon and Namwook were giggling around while making jokes.

They seemed to get along well.

The hospital we were at now was founded by a medical institution that owned Eungwang high school.

‘It feels like a temple instead of a hospital.’

Is it due to the foundation being rich or the hospital is making a lot of profit…?

There was an outstanding hospital facility view.

The medical staff looked healthy and the employee benefits seemed good.

‘They must be earning well.’

PMH. Inside the game, recovery items and skills would shake the medical field.

However, recovery items and skills were barely effective for people other than the players.

There were little players with recovery skills and recovery items were traded at high prices compared to their effect.

‘Based on the item price, Namwook was the luckiest…’

‘Flower extract recovery medicine’ was picked by Namwook.

It was a low rare item that healed minor wounds, but without player’s insurance, it would cost 3 million won to purchase.

‘Based on the setting, players that earn a high income can obtain items from the other world so it’s affordable, but players still need to use hospitals.’

That’s because the player’s level decreases.

After a paper is released on the repeated use of an item decreases the player’s ability in the long run, players begin to use hospitals often.

When the player is raiding or life is in danger, it was normal for players to consult experts on using recovery items.

As a result, the medical field which thought items and skills would make them go low was in a boom due to injured players.

“Next, Namwook.”

After my examination, it was time for Namwook to take his blood out.

Unlike me who answered vaguely towards the doctor’s question, Namwook sincerely answered the doctor’s questions.

“Do you also want to go home quickly? I do.”

Sanghoon spoke to me as I was responding vaguely.

“Right. I want to go home quickly.”

I spoke like that, but I didn’t want to go home.

I don’t know the exact information on middle school student Euishin in this world.

If I speak long, he may ask for unknown information that cannot be viewed by people’s information located in the menu window.

“Euishin? Come here for a second.”

Jegal talked to him.

He is a teacher from Eungwang high school who contacts everybody everywhere with the wearable device.

Jegal, who was panicked by the exam center’s situation, fixed the situation like a veteran teacher and led us to the hospital.

‘Nobody is here.’

There was nobody in the hospital’s hallway.

There was a small quiet step from afar and birds singing.

“There was a call saying that the teacher who was registered as a guardian can’t visit due to a business trip and there was no substitute teacher. Is there anyone to call?”

I’m an 8th grader right now.

It was a fall when my parents and siblings were in an accident.

In December of that year, I was taking an entrance exam for high school.

In the past, I was roaming around rooms with little inheritance.

Detailed information on the menu said the following: “No, nobody.”

There was a far relative from my mother’s side.

However, I don’t know if he is in this world and I don’t want to call him.

“…..Okay. Call me when you need me.”

Asking such things made him feel sorry.

He seemed better than in the game.

Jegal gave a business card with a sorry face.

‘Poet Jegal’

The business card given by Jegal had the player’s name and contact information.

Jegal is one of the characters appearing in the game.

Teachers working in Eungwang high school were qualified players and those who were related to the story were mostly playable players.

Jegal retired in the beginning so he doesn’t appear in the story.

“Yes, thank you.”

I accepted the business card with two hands.

The business card made out of paper seemed heavy like lead.

“Mr. Jegal!”

The hallway became crowded.

A man in a cashmere coat waved his hand and came forward.

“How did you manage to get here?”

Jegal bluntly frowned his face.

Wow, is there any character that can make Jegal frown like that?

“Hello. I’m from the Player’s Association Korean branch and I’m PR manager Hong Gyubin. Mr. Jegal.”

What, manager?

Why is the manager from the Player’s Association here?

I saw his face in the game but I don’t remember it well.

Perhaps he is an extra with only one or two lines.

“I know. This place is restricted to outsiders.”

“How am I an outsider? I just came to see Mr. Jegal.”

“Yes. I will meet you next time. Goodbye.”

“Haha, the media is focusing on this incident. Shouldn’t I cooperate well with you, Mr. Jegal?”

“I will contact the institution.”

“That’s fine. I already know.”

Gyubin was laughing.

Jegal was defending.

They were having debates while abandoning me.

‘Can I go back to the examination room…….?’

While thinking like that, Gyubin found me and talked to me while facing Jegal.

“Mr. Jegal, is he Euishin? Nice to meet you. I saw your records on Player SAT-K. You are terrific!”

Jegal didn’t reply and made a weird face.

Gyubin didn’t expect a response and continued to speak to me.

“Can you tell me your bank account for the bounty? It deducts tax but it will be over 200,000 USD. If you don’t have an account, contact me after making one by next week.”

The business card was in my hand before I replied.

The paper that overlapped Jegal’s business card was light.

“You had outstanding adaptability and bravery, but what I liked the most was your response to the sudden situation. Even if your choice is controversial, I will be on your side. Ah, speaking of which, the response towards the enemy was very fast and what skill do you have? If you agree to share a player’s detailed information, I can support mentoring based on your path and provide programs to improve the skill level.”

Sharing detailed information?

Some words were mixed like sugar-coated poison.

If I agree to share my information for the association, it’s like telling my weakness to the whole association.

I did get such support, but I don’t want to be trapped.

Jegal knew that so he was frowning.

‘How can I reject without having a grudge with the player’s association and Gyubin?’

Even if I don’t do anything, Jegal would stop me, no?

The dilemma didn’t last long.

“Hey move!”

A loud voice came from afar and moved like a gust of wind.

A movement and sound held me and Jegal stepped back.

It was the movement of Eungwang high school headteacher.

As a manager player from the association, Gyubin moved lightly to avoid colliding with something.


Somebody who dashed the hallway opened the door aggressively.

Between the open door, Namwook was putting a patch to prevent bleeding after the examination.

Sanghoon stopped after opening the door while on his way to the examination room.

“Stop, Nobody can come in as the examination is in session!”

A girl high schooler approached Sanghoon while wearing a school uniform and ignored the nurse’s warning in front of the door.

Sanghoon was holding a linger stand and looked at the girl with doubt.

They stared at each other for a few seconds without any word.

Sanghoon spoke first.

“Why are you here?”

The girl held her fist and went onto Sanghoon.

“What are you doing?”

Namwook who became surprised tried to stop the girl.

However, before that, the girl started to cry while collapsing in front of Sanghoon.

“Sanghoon, you crazy guy!”

Namwook stopped by her vibe.

Sanghoon tried to calm her by tapping her shoulder but she removed his hand and continued to cry.

“Okay. Okay. Stop crying.”

“Who’s crying! Gosh… getting hurt like a moron…. Sob…”

“Yes. Just cry.”

“Shut up!”

“What do you want me to do?”

Sanghoon who gave up comforting shut his mouth.

He made a loud noise but it was because he didn’t know what to do rather than being angry.

Namwook asked in a confused face.

“Who is she?”

“My mother’s daughter Sanghee.”


“Well… My sister.”

That girl is Sanghoon’s sister Sanghee.

Sanghoon avoided Namwook’s eye contact as if he didn’t want to explain anymore.

Namwook made an odd face thinking ‘is this how siblings talk’.

There was a quiet silence while Sanghee was crying.

Gyubin who made sweet comments had to shut his mouth.

Thankfully, they didn’t need to find an excuse.

Soon, Namwook and Sanghoon’s parents arrived at the hospital.

The Guardian’s appearance made it impossible to talk with Gyubin privately so the conversation ended naturally.

Next day.

The institution that owns Eungwang high school uploaded an apology to their school website.

The last line of apology said the school will be responsible for all medical bills that are incurred by victim students as they are responsible for this incident and they will give full support.

‘The school is not legally liable for injury as they received a sign from students’

If the enemy really decided to invade, it would be almost impossible to block them.

However, Eungwang high school only allowed one interference out of 300 test sites.

That was only for 15 minutes.

Instead, it proved Eungwang high school’s security level.

Still, there was a lot of criticism against Eungwang high school.

Luckily, half of the media’s attention was towards students who survived.

Students who do not have light skills used test items to get wanted R+ enemy was a hot issue not only in Korea but also overseas.

Also, the hottest person was Minki.

[Small hero Minki. ‘Sorry that I couldn’t fight with my friends until the end in a risk….’]

Such bogus headline articles were all over the internet.

One day, Minki became a star.

‘Taking the worst movement.’

I thought while tagging the article.

Minki was making a step towards perishing.

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