Chapter 7

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Due to yesterday’s incident, the world’s betrayer became a hero and a star, but life goes on.

Workers were going to work and students went to school.

‘Right now, I’m a middle school student. Do I need to attend school?’

A special high school entrance exam including Eungwang player master high school began in November or December and ended in December by the earliest and latest by February.

The final exam for the 2nd semester in middle school was at the end of December, so the score considered for the exam was until the 1st semester of 8th grade.

‘I don’t need to go to school.’

With my case, I was already admitted before coming to this world for the written exam and documents.

Based on Jegal, I anticipate passing the theory exam.

So, I’m free since I don’t have to attend as I have already decided to be accepted.

‘In the past, I attended school despite knowing that I was accepted.’

After the acceptance, there could be penalties such as getting a zero for general score due to absence as retaliation.

Still, if I take the final exam, it doesn’t matter if I attend or not.

If I fulfill the minimum number of attendances, I normally wouldn’t get my acceptance canceled unless I get expelled.

When I apply for a job, there are almost no companies that look at the secondary education details, and even if they did, they only looked at high school so there was no disadvantage.

‘There are a lot of things to do, but let’s just go once.’

I decided to attend school to investigate myself.

Letting go of a small room in a slum that only had a single-sized electric mattress, I went to school.

‘My personal information displayed on the menu is similar to my past.’

Recently lost parents and siblings.

Attending Jinsu Middle School.

These were all the same as my past.

‘However, this world is different from Korea.’

Eungwang High School and collision with the other world were stories inside the game, but it existed naturally in this world.

Korea’s history was a bit different.

The address where I lived and the middle school’s address were different than what I knew.

‘It’s not only the address that is different.’

The Seoul here is different from the Seoul I know.

Based on looking at Seoul’s map, the line that divides the district somewhat differs and there are unknown names.

At first, ‘Seoul, Eunpyeong district’ where Eungwang High School is located didn’t exist on the map.

‘Still, the flow of history is similar to life in Korea.’

After seeing the last 100 years of history, most incidents were similar, other than the collision with the unknown world.

Published artworks, movies, dramas, and songs were the same as well.

There was a subtle difference, but it was very similar.

‘This world doesn’t have anyone I used to know.’

There were no relatives or friends who existed in the old world living in this world.

To express it more clearly, this world had an extra collision with an unknown world and was a parallel world that changed normal people’s components.

‘I don’t see the lowest point.’

As I was talking while thinking about things, I had already arrived at the middle school I was attending.

In front of the school, there were numerous journalists.

The defeat notification on Player SAT-K had one word ‘Jo’, but it seemed like my personal information was spread among journalists.

Yesterday, if I didn’t request Gyubin to hide my name by sending a message while telling my bank account information, journalists might have explicitly put my name on the article.

‘Even in the world that collided with the unknown world, journalists are the same.’

Perhaps the world colluded with the unknown world, but journalists were more excited and tried to take it far.

Journalists forcefully held students in uniform and carried out interviews.

They put a microphone and camera next to students who were walking and studying vocabulary.

‘I should run as it is annoying to deal with them.’

I felt sorry for the students who were caught by journalists, but it would become worse when I appeared.

I was looking for a place to detour and found a small hole.

I was hesitant after looking at the hole, but I was a middle school student right now.

I was barely able to pass through a small gap that adults would get stuck in with their big waists.

In front of 8th classroom for 8th grader in Jinsu middle school—

While entering the classroom, I looked around the school and it was different from my memory.

The building design and interior did not match my memory.

I also looked at the staff room and I didn’t know anybody.

‘Only the school uniform is the same.’

I tried to choose a random person from the hallway to check the information.

<This character is not registered in the database. Cannot view personal information.>

Personal information wasn’t available.

Maybe because this middle school doesn’t appear in the game?

I kept trying to choose other people, but it was the same.

There was no available information from the menu.

I had to check it out by myself.

The door opened and I went in after opening the classic door.

Students with old fashioned uniforms were chatting everywhere.

The hot issue was the monster raiding Eungwang High School yesterday.

“Did you see the news? It’s awesome.”

“There was an interview and it was amazing. Is it true that the biggest contributor is from outside the school?”

It is from our school. That’s me.

“Is there anyone who has the score to attend Eungwang High School?”

“The best student hid his power.”

“The best student didn’t have skills.”

There was nobody who knew me here.

There were no alumni I knew from middle school here.

While I was listening to the conversation near the door, I talked to a student who was closest to me.


“…..Huh? Students from the other class can’t come in. If you are looking for someone, I can call them.”

“I’m from the 8th class.”

I showed my student id.

[Jinsoo Middle School 8th grader 8th group Jo Euishin]

The student who saw the id was surprised and nodded his head.

“What? Well….. I see. I’m sorry, you may be in our class.”

It was a dull eye that seemed like he was under hypnosis.

“Nevermind. There is something I want to ask.”


“Was our school uniform old-fashioned for a long time?”

“No, it changed from our class. Seniors wear good-looking uniforms.”

I kind of understood what was happening to me right now.

Afterward, I roamed around the staff room and asked.

The teachers were confused.

They gave the same reaction: ‘Do we have any student who is capable of attending Eungwang High School?’

‘I don’t know who the homeroom teacher is.’

My homeroom teacher who came back from a business trip was someone I didn’t know and the homeroom teacher didn’t seem to know me.

The homeroom teacher tried to be friendly to me, but it was very awkward.

After looking at the teacher and the staff room, the record of my middle school was perfectly stored.

However, everyone reacted, ‘By the way, was he always here?’

I checked what I wanted to check.

“I don’t feel good so I need to rest at home. Can I call it a day?”

The homeroom teacher generously allowed me to do so while telling me that if I needed help, I can ask for help at any time.

While leaving the staff room, teachers gave me compliments and greetings.

Still, they were confused by who I was as they didn’t remember.

The assumption became certain.

I left the school and went back to my small room at the slum.

Am I really inside the game?

If not…..

I know who has the answer to this question.

<Viewing Jo Euishin’s personal information.>

[Name] Jo Euishin

[Title] Appropriate for two-dimensional future transformation. One small hero.

[Order] (Failed to load)

[Special skill] (locked)

[Status] Normal

[Overall ability] Lv. 10


Use things Lv. 1

Exclusive menu for two-dimensional future transform Lv. 1

Communication with imaginary space Lv. 1

Destiny Lv. 3

(Failed to load)

The title almost made me curse.

Yesterday, Minki who gave a quick interview made him a ‘small hero’, and the biggest contributor, aka myself, landed a supporting role.

‘I should endure patience.’

Anyway, it’ll get difficult if I get attention now so it may be for the better.

I chose ‘Communicate with imaginary space’ from the menu.

<Viewing skill explanation.>

[Skill name] Communicate with imaginary space

[Rareness] UR

[Skill level] 1

[Effect] Communicate with imaginary space

[Explanation] Communicate with imaginary space beyond dimension and the level will grant a huge burden on the skill user.

If the communication result exceeds the skill user’s information capacity, the skill will be automatically canceled.

Communication that surpasses dimension, time, space, and universe.

If I talk to someone who brought me to this world, there will be an answer.

I was worried about the ‘excessive burden’, but I wanted to find out before attending Eungwang High School.

<Using skill ‘communicating with imaginary space’.>


It felt like my brain was floating in the air.

The floating brain with senses were separated into my different dimension, time, and space.

Following the brain, I turned into powder.

I slapped myself as hard as I could.


My palm and cheek were hurting.

Thankfully, I’m back to normal.

“I’m not inside the game.”


There was no change.

However, my head turned blue and it was easier to breathe.

The answer was positive.

“That failed game was a process to bring people here.”

The investments in ads were very little. It operated for 10 years despite having revenue close to 0.

The game did not reflect the user’s opinion.

When I looked at it now, it was very weird.

‘If the imaginary world can do anything, it won’t call me.’

The world could edit the future of this world.

Also, other than using the menu, it didn’t allow me to view normal people other than the main characters from the game.

It was certain that the imaginary world couldn’t do anything.

‘I see why I was called to the ‘two-dimensional future transform subject’.’

<Warning, excessive communication with imaginary world and two-dimensional future transform subject can cause excessive burden to the body.>

There was a steel smell coming from my throat.

“You called me from a different dimension as you can give limited interference. You emptied a ‘supporting role’ in this world, changed my past by transforming the information, and gave power the same as a game to change the future.”

I couldn’t continue to speak so it was hard to make a complete sentence.

My vision became blue.

My whole body was going through the sky and floated in the universe before it felt like I was sinking again.

There was no language, but I was certain that the other person affirmed what I said.

It felt like the mentality and body were close to the limit so there was blood coming out of my mouth.

<Warning, two-dimensional future transform subject’s body is close to the limit.>

<Restricting access to two-dimensional future transform subject.>

I heard a system sound and unknown senses that dominated me disappeared.

<Dimensional understanding for two-dimensional future transform subject has increased. Skill ‘two-dimension future transform subject exclusive menu’ level increased from 1 to 2.>

My assumptions seemed to all be correct.

I understand why I came to this world.

Because I know this game well.

I cleared the final stage.

‘They are right as well….’

The reason I’m here.

That was because I sincerely wanted a happy ending in this game.

For the happy ending, I would replay this game and this world.

‘…..Ah, my skill level went up so I should see the changes.’

However, after such a thought, my vision became black.

Before I checked the menu, I passed out.

I woke up 3 days later.

My lips were very dry as I didn’t drink water and my head was heavy.

It seems like I’m dehydrated and the world looks black and white.

I barely went to the kitchen and felt better after drinking water with sugar and salt.

‘I didn’t expect to pass out for 3 days just by having a conversation for a few seconds.’

If I knew such a thing would happen, I should use the skill while on a blanket.

I removed the school uniform.

It took a while to take off as my body was sore.

When I wore comfortable clothes, I saw a smartphone with a dead battery.

As I charged and turned it on, it was full of missed calls and unchecked messages.

Gyubin, Namwook.

Those two were bombarding me with messages.

Gyubin said check to the bank account as he transferred money and he wanted to see me at the player’s association with a meal or if I needed something which was a hassle.

Namwook said, “You are not picking the phone. Are you eating well?”

I didn’t have much to say so I decided to postpone the response.

While I was looking at the drawer to check for noodles, there was a call.

The name that appeared on the phone was Sanghoon who didn’t say anything after leaving the hospital.

….. I can assume why he called.

Should I pick up Sanghoon’s call?


[It’s me. Namwook said he can’t get a hold of you.]

“I was a bit busy. Why did you call?”


Sanghoon slurred his words.

“Is it due to Minki?”

Sanghoon didn’t deny it.

Minki was worse than I thought.

What Minki did to Sanghoon was attempted murder and battery.

It would be complicated if I had to consider myself and Namwook as victims, but Sanghoon was surely a victim.

‘At least I thought Minki would pretend to apologize to Sanghoon.’

I never expected Minki to say, ‘If you let me go, I will give you money,’ without an apology.

Sanghoon’s family was extremely furious, but they weren’t in a good situation as Minki made an interview first.

“So, Euishin and I need to give a testimony?” Namwook said furiously without hiding his anger.

They were inside a room of a Korean restaurant which Sanghoon invited them to.

Sanghoon didn’t say a word other than the greeting.

Sanghoon’s parents appeared to be very serious.

The person who led the conversation was Sanghee, Sanghoon’s sister.

“Yes. I will compensate you much as you want. The skill I have is rare so if you become a professional player, you will earn quite a lot. Of course, as a senior at Eungwang High School, I can help you in many ways.”

It was comparable to her laughing while moving her hair to crying at the hospital.

I know another face of Sanghee’s.

<Viewing ‘Sanghee’s personal information.>

[Name] Yoo Sanghee

[Title] Eungwang High School 10th grader, Student council secretary, Trainee for AKEA, Cure

[Order] Akea’s theme: ‘Let me help you.’

[Special skill] (Deactivated)

[Status] Normal

[Overall capability] Lv. 34


Cure magic Lv. 5

Defense wall Lv. 3

Hand blade Lv. 3


Owns extremely rare cure skill.

With Cure Goddess Akea’s name, she can use Akea’s all mighty skill.

An outstanding student who was never below 10th rank for academics in Eungwang High School.

Values family.

“It’s completely different from the Sanghee I know in the game.”

In this world, there was a ‘superior existence’ beyond the enemy.

To say it simply, it’s ‘God.’

The superior existence didn’t stay all the time like an enemy, but it interfered with this world by order, miracle, possess, reign, and revelation.

Sanghee was getting the order and protection from Akea who was the God of cure.

‘I remember Sanghee’s title was ‘Contractor for Nemesis’.’

Sanghee’s order was to have a contract with multiple Gods for her life and increase the enemy’s attack by 3 times.

That was why Sanghee was the final boss inside the game and it was a recommended character for the quest where the monster appeared.

‘Well…. Speaking of which, there is a setting that is written on the guidebook about before becoming a revenge seeker. What is needed for the game is afterwards so I just read it briefly.’

Sanghee got rid of the rare Akea’s title and made contact with revenge Goddess Nemesis in order to kill the monster who killed her brother.

‘That brother is Sanghoon.’

She hunted the monster with rough hair and was killed by the monster before she graduated.

“There’s no need for compensation. Even if the litigation is long, I will testify until the end.”

Namwook spoke confidently.

Also, he looked at me expecting ‘to join as well.’

I thought after turning off Sanghee’s status window.





I organized my thoughts one by one.

The answer was there already.

“I won’t.”

Namwook made an explicit disappointed face but Sanghee replied in a soft voice.

“Okay…. Thank you for saving this moron. If you weren’t there, he would be dead.”

“Whatever. Euishin. Let’s eat.”

Sanghoon opened his mouth for the first time while he didn’t mind about my rejection.

Sanghoon’s parents thanked me many times at the hospital and thanked me again with a warm smile.

However, I wasn’t done.

“Please have an accord as fast as possible. It would be best if it’s done by today or tomorrow.”


The atmosphere became quiet.

“Also, I will give a condition that the agreement won’t be leaked outside,” I added after drinking plum tea.

“To keep Namwook and I quiet, it’s better to raise the compensation.”

“What! I’m testifying!”

Namwook shouted intensively.

“It’s better to put a penalty for non-disclosure as twice or triple the agreed amount.”

If Sanghee could kill with attention, I would be dead three times already.

Sanghee’s eyes had a murderous spirit in them.

“Are you telling me to take the money and shut up?”


Sanghee’s warm traits were removed and wild words came out of her.

I overcame white tiger’s attention.

I talked with the imaginary world.

I won’t be upset by such a murderous spirit.

“If you can get money while getting revenge…”

Taking the money can make Minki collapse.

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