Chapter 85

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Xiao Qing was so frightened that she kowtowed again and again: “Miss, please don’t kick me out. I promise that I won’t dare to say anything in the future. If I make another mistake, you can cut off my tongue!”

Yu Linglong sneered: “What do I want to do with your tongue, grow flowers with it or fertilize the fields? Clean yourself up and get lost. Don’t let me see you again!”

Seeing that Yu Linglong had made up her mind, Xiao Qing didn’t dare to ask anything else, so she stood up with tears in her eyes and said, “…I will obey your orders.”

This time, she could imagine her fate. How could she be reused in the future if the mission Mu Shi entrusted to her was not completed? What’s more, her deed was still in Yu Linglong’s hands, and Mu Shi will never use her again.

Her whole life was ruined in one sentence.

After kicking Xiao Qing out, Yu Linglong felt a little happier. Xuan Cao walked in, put the sour plum soup she was holding on the table and smiled: “I wanted to tell you. Xiao Qing was looking crafty every day, either by asking around or interrogating the kitchen. She was even ‘concerned with’ what you eat. Something would happen sooner or later.”

Yu Linglong took a sip of the sour plum soup and said, “It’s too late now. If I didn’t kick her out, you wouldn’t say anything.”

Xuan Cao smiled and said, “I thought, since it isn’t easy for anyone, it’s better to give her a chance.”

Yu Linglong snorted coldly: “Give others a chance. They may not accept your love, so why bother to be such a bad person!”

Xuan Cao looked to make sure there was no one outside, and lowered her voice: “Miss, should we go and see…Ling’er is too young, and I’m still worried.”

Yu Linglong put down the small bowl in her hand, thought for a moment, and said, “It’s almost time. I’ll go over at night, and you will stay at home to guard.”

Xuan Cao wanted to say something, but in the end, she couldn’t say it. She said softly: “I will get ready.”

Deep in the night, the layers were revealed.

There was an inconspicuous courtyard on the outskirts of the city. The gate was heavily locked all year round. The neighbors in the neighborhood knew that the owner was doing business abroad and that no one was living there.

That night, at this unmanned courtyard, a slender figure climbed over the back wall and quietly entered the inner house.

From the yard, the room looked pitch black and there was no sound at all.

Yu Linglong nodded with satisfaction. Although Ling’er was a young girl, she was still very careful. It was indeed a wise decision for her to let Ling’er come over.

She had always known the reasoning behind having multiple plans. Although the money she got from Mu Shi was not much, it was more than enough to buy a few small businesses. She bought this house. Because of its remote location and its dilapidated condition, the price was very low. At this time, it was indeed an excellent place to hide.

The little white hand gently pushed the door panel, and immediately felt that it was latched on the inside, and Yu Linglong whispered, “Ling’er, it’s me.”

The door opened immediately. Yu Linglong stepped into the room and closed the door.

A small oil lamp exuded a dim light, and the doors and windows were covered with black cloth to block all the light that may leak.

Ling’er’s eyes lit up and she looked very surprised: “Miss! Why are you here?”

On the simple bed, a tall figure stood up when he heard the sound, but unexpectedly pulled the wound on his body, and couldn’t help but let out a muffled grunt.

Yu Linglong’s gaze fell on Feng Xuanyuan, and she nodded lightly, but said to Ling’er: “How’s it going?”

Ling’er poured a glass of water lightly and handed it to Yu Linglong: “His injury is getting better, but…”

Ling’er paused, and couldn’t help pursing her lips and grinning: “It’s just that the oil paint on his face is too much. Brother Feng is afraid that he won’t be able to wash it off, so he was worried for several days.”

Yu Linglong knew what Ling’er was laughing at. It was a bit ridiculous that a big man was so concerned about his appearance.

Feng Xuanyuan stood up strongly, apparently enduring the pain of his body. He slowly walked to the table and sat down, and his narrow eyes looked straight at Yu Linglong: “You saved me.”

Yu Linglong nodded casually: “It’s really not easy to save you. You should thank me very much.”

She knew that after Feng Xuanyuan followed her into the Yu Mansion, the entire Yu Mansion was closely monitored by the men in black. In this case, it was really difficult for her to send out the seriously injured Feng Xuanyuan.

From planning for Ma Changgeng to wait for the chef to deliver the waste, to asking the Lubao troupe to come to the Yu house to sing, there was reality in the emptiness, and there was emptiness in the reality. She deliberately diverted the attention of the people in black and consumed their energy.

Taking advantage of the opportunity to have the Lubao troupe sing in the Yu house, she ordered Ling’er to find an actor whose stature was about the same as Feng Xuanyuan’s. She hid him in the commotion, then put Feng Xuanyuan in a costume and painted on a big face for singing, crammed him in the carriage, and sent him out of the Yu house. As for the actor, she asked Xuan Cao to give him a lot of money and asked him to leave the capital immediately. She thought he would pass through the hands of those people in black, and they would not pay attention to an unremarkable actor.

Feng Xuanyuan was seriously injured. She asked Ling’er to bring him here and serve him to recover from his injuries. After three or four days, this man should be able to take care of himself, and Ling’er should return home with her.

Feng Xuanyuan had already changed into a clean robe. His face was pale due to excessive blood loss, and his narrow eyes were fixed on Yu Linglong. His eyes were very complicated. He seemed to be puzzled, but he kept looking at her.

Ignoring his expression, Yu Linglong took out a purse from her arms, put it on the table, pushed it towards Feng Xuanyuan. She said blankly: “You can’t stay here for a long time. Take your money and leave soon.”

Although it was very hidden here, she still refused to take in Feng Xuanyuan for a long time. After all, this courtyard was her property. If someone found out, it would still affect her.

Feng Xuanyuan’s gaze fell on the red-and-gold embroidered purse on the table, and a self-deprecating smile appeared at the corner of his thin mouth: “I never thought I would have fallen into poverty.”

Yu Linglong raised her eyebrows slightly. Why did it sound like she had treated him harshly?

Did he still feel that it was shameful to use a woman’s money?

Yu Linglong snorted coldly: “Why, don’t you want it?”

With these harsh words, filled with provocation and contempt, she originally thought that Feng Xuanyuan would be furious, but he just raised his eyes to look at Yu Linglong, and the evil face showed a slight smile: “Do I still have the right to refuse it??”

He was seriously injured and penniless. If he didn’t take this purse, Feng Xuanyuan would fall to the streets as soon as he left.

Slender fingers hooked up the purse. Feng Xuanyuan lowered his eyes and said, “I will pay you back in the future.”

“No,” Yu Linglong stood up and looked down at the tall and desolate man in front of her. “As long as you don’t mention me when you’re caught, you will thank me.”

Feng Xuanyuan suddenly tightened his lips, and the anger he was suppressing seemed to suddenly jump out. His dark eyes were gleaming, suddenly adding a little boldness to his evil face.

“How can you look down on me like that?”

Yu Linglong smiled contemptuously, turned around, and left, obviously not wanting to argue with him.

She didn’t know what Feng Xuanyuan’s identity was, but she saw with her own eyes that Feng Xuanyuan and the others lost in the battle between the people in blue clothes and the people in black. No matter what excuses he had, they eventually lost to others.

She didn’t care if they were good or evil, she only saw the result. If they lost, they lost. How could someone who lost be so arrogant!?

He shuddered from head to toe under her gaze. Feng Xuanyuan was stunned and immediately clutched the purse. The silver ingots inside made a creaking sound, which was obviously deformed by pinching.

Ling’er was taken aback, and subconsciously stepped forward to hold Feng Xuanyuan’s hand: “Brother Feng, your injury has not yet healed—”

Yu Linglong glanced at his pale knuckles and said coldly: “Let’s save the strength to escape, why bother to scare women here!?”

Unexpectedly, Feng Xuanyuan really let go of her hand, and the expression on his face gradually turned cold: “Feng Xuanyuan never owes anyone anything. If you go to a place and take something, it will be my reward for you. “

Yu Linglong turned her face. Her beautiful eyes swept over him lightly, but she didn’t seem to care: “Oh? What is it?”

Feng Xuanyuan looked at Yu Linglong deeply, and said meaningfully, “Go, of course you know.”

After a pause, he added: “I promise, you will think it’s worth it.”

Before Yu Linglong could speak, Feng Xuanyuan leaned forward suddenly, grabbed Yu Linglong’s hand, and wrote a few words in the palm of her hand.

The plain palm of her hand glowed dimly under the oil lamp. Yu Linglong looked at the words in her palm, and her eyes gradually became serious.

Feng Xuanyuan finished writing but didn’t let go of Yu Linglong’s hand. The faint fragrance of the girl came from her fingertips, which made him lose consciousness for a while.

Feeling the temperature of Feng Xuanyuan’s palms gradually getting hot, Yu Linglong frowned slightly, and with a light effort, she got rid of Feng Xuanyuan’s big hands.

“Ling’er, let’s go.”

Ling’er followed Yu Linglong to the door, but she looked back at Feng Xuanyuan uneasily: “Brother Feng, you have to take good care of yourself.”

Feng Xuanyuan didn’t seem to hear her. His narrow eyes were fixed on Yu Linglong’s back, and the corners of his thin lips opened slightly. He said in a deep voice, “One day, I will give you everything you could ever imagine.”

Yu Linglong paused but didn’t look back. She lifted her foot and left in a flash, leaving Feng Xuanyuan sitting alone at the table, slightly depressed.[Read this novel and other amazing translated novels from the original source at the “Novel Multiverse dot com” website @]

It was already the second watch. The road was quiet, and no one was visible. On the corner of the street, there was the shadow of the night watchman, knocking on the clappers listlessly. He shouted the news in a long voice: “The sky is dry and everything is dry. Watch out for the flames—”

Yu Linglong wore a dark green silk cloak. She was walking in a hurry, and Ling’er closely followed her. They did not say a word to one another, they were just looking at the road.

Although there was no curfew in today’s peaceful and prosperous world, the sight of two girls walking alone at night was still very eye-catching.

Whatever you were afraid of would soon appear. With just one turn before they reached the back door of the Yu Mansion, a drunken voice suddenly came from behind: “Don’t stop me, I’m going to find her—”

Yu Linglong’s eyebrows frowned slightly, and she signaled Ling’er and her to avoid him. Unexpectedly, before the two of them had time to get out of the way, a staggering figure slammed into Yu Linglong’s body.

Sensing that her clothes were stained, Yu Linglong swiftly pushed the man aside. The man obviously drank too much and couldn’t stand still, so how could he stand with Yu Linglong pushing him? He actually sat down on the ground.

Two figures rushed up immediately behind the man. The one with red eyes swiftly supported the fallen man, the other spoke with a sharp voice, aggressively questioning Yu Linglong: “You are so bold! How dare you push our prince! Do you want to die—”

Before he finished speaking, the figure sitting on the ground seemed to have discovered something. He jumped up and grabbed the corner of Yu Linglong’s robe. Even in the dark, she could feel the excitement in the man’s voice: “Linglong, is that really you!?”

In the hazy moonlight, Yu Linglong could see the person in front of her clearly. He wore a moon-white gown, with a tall figure, a handsome face, and dark eyes as deep as the night sky, which were full of surprise. Who could it be except Lord Xu?

“Linglong, why are you here?”

Yu Linglong secretly sighed. She was so unlucky. It was really an inevitable clash between enemies. Why did she have to run into him again?

Unceremoniously throwing away Lord Xu’s hand, Yu Linglong said coldly: “Why does it matter to you where I’m going?”

Two personal eunuchs hurriedly supported Lord Xu. Now that they knew that the woman in front of them was the sweetheart of their own prince, the two eunuchs did not dare to say anything, so they had to firmly hold on to their drunk master and kept silent.

The intoxicating scent of wine floated in the air, mixing with the faint minty scent of Lord Xu. The stench of a drunk man filled her nostrils. Yu Linglong frowned and turned around without saying a word.

Seeing that Yu Linglong was about to leave, Lord Xu quickly reached out and grabbed Yu Linglong’s hand: “Linglong, don’t leave, I have something to tell you—”

In one night, Yu Linglong was touched and rubbed by two men, and she was very upset. She tried as hard as she could to break free, but unexpectedly, Lord Xu had drunk too much, and his strength was amazing. Not only could she not break away from his clinging hand, but he took the opportunity to hold her in his arms.

Suddenly falling into his solid chest, Yu Linglong became annoyed and angry, and shouted in a deep voice: “Let go!”

Lord Xu had finally managed to get close to her, how could he easily let go? Hearing Yu Linglong’s words, the force in his hands tightened: “I won’t let go.”

Watching Yu Linglong get caught by Lord Xu, Ling’er couldn’t help but get up anxiously, and immediately rushed to pull Lord Xu away. But her small arms and legs could not shake Lord Xu’s tall body free. It was so tight that she was even pulled and almost bit him.

Unconscious of Ling’er’s fight, Lord Xu put Yu Linglong in his arms and looked down at her. His thin lips had a rich aroma of wine, and his voice sounded sad and dull in the dark: “Linglong, why don’t you like me?”

With this, the two little eunuchs stepped back in shock, and even Ling’er stopped in shock.

Yu Linglong tried to push away the confinement of her chest, but she knew that all her strength seemed to be pushed against a thick wall, with no effect at all.

Yu Linglong couldn’t help but angrily say: “Yu Lieyang, are you crazy? Let go of me now!”

The angry shout was exchanged for the man’s further action. Lord Xu slid his big hand to her slender waist and pressed it tightly as if the sky had fallen and he would never let it go.

Through the thin clothes, the scorching temperature of the man’s palm passed through layer by layer, and Yu Linglong felt that her skin was almost burnt, and a layer of redness appeared on her pretty white face unknowingly.

Lord Xu’s deep voice resounded above her head, as soft as a whisper: “Do you know how good it is when you lose your temper?”

Yu Linglong was so angry that she could tear this kid to pieces. What kind of molesting love was this? With her as a teenage girl?

The small embroidered shoes suddenly lifted up and kicked fiercely on Lord Xu’s ankle. His reaction was too slow after drinking, and he was caught off guard. As a result of this suffering, he could not help but let out a muffled groan and unconsciously let go of Yu Linglong.

“Master!” Although the two little eunuchs behind them stood farther away, they were still paying close attention to Lord Xu’s every move. Seeing that his ankle was hurting and that he was about to fall, they immediately rushed to support him.

Yu Linglong clenched her fists tightly, wishing she could beat that handsome face. But after all, she still disdained the experience of a drunkard, she said coldly: “Hurry up and take away your master. Sober him up! “

After speaking, Yu Linglong quickly turned around and walked away quickly with Ling’er.

Lord Xu broke free from the hands of the two little eunuchs, staggering to chase Yu Linglong: “Linglong, wait for me—”

With a bang, the answer to him was the sound of the back door of the Yu house slamming.

Yu Linglong had no idea what happened on this night that she was out of the mansion.

As soon as she walked in from the back door, she saw a brightly lit area in the inner courtyard of the Yu house. Yu Linglong couldn’t help but be a little startled. Why would lanterns be lit everywhere at this hour?

Glancing at Ling’er, Yu Linglong knew that something unusual must have happened in the Yu house.

They speeded up their pace and went straight to Pinlan Garden.

Outside the courtyard of Pinlan Garden, Xuan Cao and Ma Changgeng were waiting with a group of maids, as jittery as ants on a hot pot. They kept moving around, but they were all at a loss and didn’t know what to do.

Seeing Yu Linglong returning with Ling’er, Xuan Cao and the others immediately surrounded them as if they had seen their savior.

Yu Linglong looked down slightly, looking at the group of maids who mostly only wore their pajamas. It seemed that something was urgent and they didn’t even have time to change their clothes.

“What’s the matter?” Yu Linglong asked in a low voice, her calm face and calm voice quieting the panicked crowd.

“Miss, it’s okay!” Xuan Cao wiped the tears that came out of her face and tried her best to make her voice sound less timid. “In the night, a lot of officers and soldiers broke into the mansion, saying that they wanted to search, but the servants really tried to stop them. We couldn’t stop them, so they drove out the servants and are now searching in the yard!”

Ma Changgeng and others said: “I don’t know what happened in the mansion. Except for our yard, the other yards are also full of officers and soldiers. I don’t know what they are looking for…”

Yu Linglong narrowed her eyes slightly and walked straight to the yard without answering.

“Miss—” Xuan Cao couldn’t help it, so she had to trot after Ling’er and follow Yu Linglong.

The yard of Pinlan Garden was now a mess. Things like bedding, broken porcelain, and paper were scattered all over the ground. In the main room, there were banging sounds from time to time, and there were obviously people rummaging around inside.

Was this a search or a ransack?

Seeing the scene in front of her, Yu Linglong’s pretty face was suddenly covered with frost, and she walked in quickly.

The voices of a few men talking and laughing came from the room, which seemed particularly harsh in the middle of the night.

“I don’t know which young lady’s boudoir this is. It smells good everywhere. I wonder if the young lady also smells like this?”

“Your kid wants all the damn good things. Are you thinking about the thousands of ladies in the house? Hurry up and find something valuable, and it won’t be in vain to run like this in the middle of the night…”

“Hey, look here! This much jewelry is worth a lot of money, right? This is big!”

The sound of chaotic footsteps, the sounds of opening and closing cabinet doors, and the triumphant laughter of the men ignited Yu Linglong’s anger in a flash. She stepped forward and kicked open the door with a bang.

Everyone in the room was startled, and their movements suddenly stopped.

Yu Linglong looked around the room and saw that the originally clean and tidy shed was full of open drawers, opened trunks. Even the vases on the tables were pushed to the ground, and the flowers inside were spilled on the floor.

In the middle of the room stood several men in military uniforms, all with sabers slung around their waists, apparently from the government.

Yu Linglong suddenly broke in, stunning them, and then they came back to their senses in an instant. A soldier walked over and said unceremoniously: “Hey, we’re searching for fugitives. Who let you in?”

Yu Linglong’s gaze fell on the golden hairpins in his hand. This was a search for fugitives? It was obviously a blatant robbery!

Raising her foot swiftly, her fierce leg kicked the soldier’s stomach firmly, kicking him directly into a ball, and sending him rolling into a corner before his momentum stopped.

With a scream like a pig being butchered, Yu Linglong’s cold voice was like a scraping steel knife, revealing a strong hostility: “Get the fuck out of here!”

These soldiers were used to being overbearing and domineering. How were they willing to suffer this loss? What’s more, the other party was just a charming little girl, who immediately scolded them, and their filthy words were endless: “Where did this little bitch come from? She even dares to fight us, don’t you want to die?”

“Smelly bitch. Kowtow to us, or we won’t leave!”

Yu Linglong didn’t bother to talk nonsense with them and stepped forward to pull out the soldier who seemed the happiest. Before he could resist, he got a violent kick in the chest, and she kicked him again before he even had time to groan. He fell to the ground softly.

Seeing that it was not good, the remaining two soldiers immediately drew out the sabers from their waists, and rushed towards Yu Linglong one by one!

“You little woman—”

Yu Linglong swiftly turned sideways, letting the first knife stab. She pinched the wrist of the person holding the knife, twisted it down, and slashed it on the other person’s thigh fiercely!

Aiya, fuck—” a scream resounded throughout the room, along with the stench of the blood that spurted straight out and spilled all over the floor.

The only soldier who was still standing saw the knife hit his companion and was stunned. Before he could recover, the knife in his hand had been snatched by Yu Linglong. He flipped his hand quickly and was hit by the back of the heavy knife on his nose, which immediately made his face burst open!

Looking at the soldiers tumbling and crying, Yu Linglong said coldly: “Get out! Don’t ever let me see you again!”[Read this novel and other amazing translated novels from the original source at the “Novel Multiverse dot com” website @]

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