Chapter 88

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The man’s voice had a strange tone. His inky eyes were hidden in the dark, but he couldn’t conceal their cold light. His eyes were filled with unpredictable emotions as if trying to hide something.

Yu Linglong didn’t expect that he would make such a condition. This man, who appeared by her side several times, seemed to understand her thoughts well, and even knew how much she didn’t want to meet him again.

After a moment of silence, Yu Linglong raised her face, looked straight into the man’s eyes, and said in a deep voice, “Okay, I promise you.”

If she could really stay out of things, it would be the best thing for her. Yu Linglong was never afraid of things, but she was not willing to cause trouble.

Her involvement in this incident was a complete accident. If the accident could end like this, it would undoubtedly be the best result.

In the dim night, the man’s figure seemed to be shaken slightly, and the roses on the side of the road seemed to feel the man’s vibration, and the luxuriant petals fell sternly, spreading all over the ground.

His figure stood in the darkness, almost blending with the night, and his deep eyes looked at Yu Linglong, more distant and indifferent than the night sky above his head.

“Do you really agree?”

Yu Linglong raised her eyebrows. Did this man think she had promised too much, so he refused to believe her?

Raising her bare hand in front of the man, Yu Linglong said coldly: “If you don’t believe me, then we’ll swear an oath!”

The man slowly raised his hand, paused, and finally clapped Yu Linglong’s hand: “Alright, I hope you remember today’s promise.”

The slightly rough palm slowly slipped from Yu Linglong’s hand. On this hot summer night, the man’s hand was actually cold at his fingertips, as if the silver mask on his face was so cold that there was no trace of warmth.

Taking a deep look at Yu Linglong, the man turned and left, and soon disappeared into the darkness.

Yu Linglong breathed a sigh of relief. For some reason, the boulder in her heart didn’t seem to disappear, and it still pressed heavily on her heart.

Would things really end like this?

Gulian Tea House was located in the western suburbs of the capital. The water used to make its tea was entirely taken from the Gulian Spring. It is said that every tea set in the tea house, whether purple sand tea bowls or ice crack porcelain bowls, were only taken out to hold tea after being warmed in the spring water for 49 days. Therefore, the tea brewed here can stimulate the aroma of the tea itself more than ordinary water, which was tasty. It is said that after tasting it, you can’t give it up.

Although Gulian Tea House was located in a remote area, it was often overcrowded, especially with the literati, high-ranking officials, and nobles, who all regard it as an elegant thing to be able to taste the tea here.

Yu Linglong arrived not too late but saw Hong Jian already waiting at the door, and when she saw her coming, she greeted her with joy: “Miss Yu, our eldest lady is waiting for you in a private room upstairs, please follow me.”

Yu Linglong looked up and saw that the first floor was a huge open room. There were fine bamboo curtains hanging on the doors and windows. The breeze blew in from the gaps, bringing the light fragrance of the bamboo forest outside. It felt very sophisticated.

There was a huge red sandalwood table in the center. The weight revealed the simplicity and the elegance of its exquisiteness. There were no seats beside it. There was nothing on the table and it was not dusty. The surrounding area was obviously specially set aside. She didn’t know what its purpose was.

In the rest of the place, dozens of tea tables were neatly arranged with tea sets and fruit dishes. At this moment, people were already sitting, and everywhere literati sat shaking their heads and chanting poems.

Yu Linglong felt it was a little strange. Shi Huiru came from so far. What did she do in such a place, was it just for tea?

On the second floor, Shi Huiru was parting the bead curtains, and looking downstairs. When she saw that Yu Linglong was coming, she immediately smiled and waved to her: “Linglong, over here!”

The two of them took a seat in the private room. It was said that it was a private room, but in fact, it was just a small single room separated by carved screens. A beaded curtain was hung in the door, which not only added a barrier to the people in the room but also allowed them to see the scene downstairs.

Yu Linglong took a sip of her tea, but she didn’t think it was so surprising. It seemed that the reputation of Gulian Tea House was quite exaggerated.

This was probably the case in this world, where a place with a great reputation was not necessarily so outstanding.

After being locked up for a long time, Shi Huiru seemed very excited when she left the house. She kept pulling Yu Linglong to say this and that, but Yu Linglong was sensitive to discover that Shi Huiru’s gaze floated to the large, empty table downstairs from time to time, as if she was waiting for something.

When Shi Huiru questioned her again, Yu Linglong finally said: “Are you here just to drink tea?”

Shi Huiru’s round face suddenly flushed: “I didn’t want to talk to you here—”

Before she could finish speaking, there was a commotion from downstairs, followed by Hong Lian yelling outside the door: “Miss, here it comes, here it comes!”

Shi Huiru stood up abruptly. The tea bowl was even spilled, but she didn’t care at all and walked to the door in a few steps.

Yu Linglong felt that something was off. She had already guessed the answer internally, and she stood up, walked to Shi Huiru’s side, and looked downstairs with her.

On one side of the huge sandalwood table, there was already a slender man, dressed in a navy blue gown, with gentle eyebrows, who clasped his fists in a gesture of applause, which looked very elegant.

Yu Linglong smiled faintly and looked at Shi Huiru. When she saw the man, her face was instantly filled with a happy smile, as warm as the sun.

In this world, there was probably only one man who could make Shi Huiru so concerned. Yu Linglong thought so, but she was very curious. What was Yang Huanian doing?

The question was quickly answered. The book boy on the side laid three-foot-long plain white rice paper on the desk and concentrated on preparing various paints to serve Yang Huanian in painting.

For a while, it was silent upstairs and downstairs, and nearly a hundred pairs of eyes looked at Yang Huanian.

Shi Huiru dared not pant any more and didn’t even blink her eyes. She was looking straight at Yang Huanian.

It seemed that he didn’t feel the gaze of so many people. Yang Huanian held the paintbrush in his hand and contemplated for a while, then began to write slowly, and after a few strokes, a rough outline was drawn.

In the next room, someone whispered: “Is Prince Yang going to paint beautiful people? Isn’t he good at splashing ink and landscape?”

With Yang Huanian’s flying brushwork, the characters on the paper gradually became clear, and they turned out to be really a beautiful picture. There was a woman in the painting, with a long and slender figure, beautiful like spring flowers. She had eyebrows like distant mountains, and her eyes were covered with ice and snow. Although it was only a picture, the painting was vivid, as if the woman was standing in front of everyone.

The painting was completed in less than fifteen minutes. Yang Huanian put away his paintbrush, and the boy on the side immediately stepped forward and carefully dried the wet ink with blotting paper. Then he picked up the picture and showed it to everyone. There was a thunderous applause from upstairs and downstairs, followed by various praises and comments from everyone.

Hong Jian stood next to Shi Huiru, craning her neck and looking hard. After seeing the beauty in the painting, Hong Jian couldn’t help but be surprised: “Huh, why does she look so familiar?”

The smile on Shi Huiru’s face gradually disappeared, and her face immediately became pale. She suddenly turned her head and looked straight at Yu Linglong, her eyes full of shock and surprise.

The unobstructed voice of Hong Jian immediately sounded, as if she suddenly realized: “It looks like the Fourth Lady!”

Yu Linglong’s heart shook slightly, and when she looked intently, she saw that the woman in the painting was dressed in red with a pile of hair, and she looked a bit like herself.

Seeing Shi Huiru who looked like she was about to cry, Yu Linglong said indifferently: “There are many people in the world who look alike. How could it be me?”

That is, she only met this prince of Changting Hou once before, and she didn’t even say anything. How could the person in Yang Huanian’s painting be her?

After hearing this, Shi Huiru was skeptical, and looked downstairs again, as if to confirm whether the person in the painting was Yu Linglong.

In the noise of the discussion downstairs, a clear voice suddenly sounded, and it was especially clear in the noisy teahouse: “Brother Yang is really talented, and he didn’t fail to live up to my request!”[Read this novel and other amazing translated novels from the original source at the “Novel Multiverse dot com” website @]

Hearing this familiar voice, Yu Linglong frowned slightly and looked down. Among the crowd, someone in a white robe was very eye-catching. It was Lord Xu, who had not been seen for a few days.

At this moment, he shook the fan in his hand, with the usual smile on his face. He slowly walked to the picture hanging in front of the table. After looking at it carefully for a moment, he smiled at Yang Huanian: “I thought you had forgotten. Now it seems that if you can draw my sweetheart like this now, even if I wait two more months, it is worth it!”

Seeing Lord Xu suddenly coming over, Yang Huanian’s face changed slightly, and his gentle smile was restored in a flash: “I am overwhelmed.”

When the two spoke, the crowd next to them gradually understood what was going on, and they all started talking with smiles. Who in the capital didn’t know that Lord Xu’s favorite woman was the fourth lady of the Yu house? It’s just that Yu Linglong had always been simple, and few people had seen her true face. Now, after hearing Lord Xu, everyone knew that Yang Huanian drew such a beautiful picture for Lord Xu, and the beauty in the painting was naturally the legendary fourth lady of the Yu family.

Everyone immediately rushed forward to see the true face of the Fourth Lady.

Shi Huiru, who was standing next to the handrail on the second floor, opened her eyes and smiled immediately. She was in a good mood. She took Yu Linglong’s hand and said with a smile: “Look at how good Lord Xu is to you! He specially asked the prince to give you a portrait. This is something that many people can’t ask for!”

Yu Linglong snorted: “How is it that rare? It happens all the time!”

Although she was not like the conservative women of ancient times, all of them regarded their appearance as a great secret, for fear of being looked at, but she still felt a little awkward to be stared at so intently.

This Yu Lieyang can really go to hell!

Ignoring the people downstairs who were enthusiastic about their opinions, Yu Linglong picked up the bead curtain and went back to the table to drink tea.

Shi Huiru was embarrassed to be with Yu Linglong, and exchanged a knowing look with Hong Jian, who then wittily never mentioned it again, and went back to the room to chat with Yu Linglong.

At noon, the crowd downstairs gradually dispersed, and Shi Huiru and Yu Linglong also got up and left the room.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve been out. Are you hungry?” Shi Huiru saw her sweetheart, and she was obviously still in a good mood. “I heard that there is a restaurant nearby and the steamed fish is very well done. Let’s try it.”

The water near Gulian Spring was good, and there were many fish ponds. The fish here were famous for their delicate meat and smooth flesh. Yu Linglong responded affirmatively, and the two of them walked up the stairs together.

Just walking to the room in the corner of the corridor, a cold and alienated voice suddenly came out from the private room.

“I have covered up today’s affairs for you, but remember, I will not give you another chance.”

Yu Linglong stopped immediately. How could this voice be so familiar?

Before she remembered who was speaking, Yang Huanian’s voice sounded, although it was very low but very clear.

“I see. Don’t worry, there won’t be another time.”

Yu Linglong faintly felt that something was wrong, and did not wait for any action. Shi Huiru on the side heard Yang Huanian’s voice and happily opened the door: “Brother, are you here?”

As soon as the door opened, the four people inside and outside were surprised.

As if it was an illusion, Yu Linglong saw a trace of coldness flashing from Lord Xu’s face. In an instant, Lord Xu stood up and looked at Yu Linglong with a smile: “Linglong, why are you here? “

Yang Huanian was very surprised, staring at Yu Linglong in a daze with complicated eyes.

Shi Huiru walked in and smiled and said to Yang Huanian, “I told Linglong just now that you painted her really well! Brother, haven’t you only seen Linglong one time? How can you paint her so lifelike? “

Lord Xu on the side said with a smile, “What’s weird about this? Brother Yang has brilliant eyesight and never forgets. Painting landscapes and beautiful people are the same to him.”

Feeling the excuse of Yang Huanian in Lord Xu’s words, Yu Linglong glanced at him, but just in time to meet his smiling eyes: “It’s noon, have you eaten yet?”

Shi Huiru smiled and said: “We are about to go. If the prince is okay with it, let’s go together!”

Lord Xu immediately agreed, and he took up the scroll on the table and put it away, then got up to leave: “Excellent, let’s go now.”

Yu Linglong knew that Shi Huiru tried her best to stay with Yang Huanian. She couldn’t think of a reason to refuse, and Shi Huiru had already been pulled out of the room.

As Lord Xu and Yang Huanian walked behind them, Yu Linglong faintly felt that there was a pair of complicated eyes behind her, staring at her.

When she returned to the Yu house, it was already time to light the lanterns, and Yu Linglong entered the second door. She felt that the atmosphere in the mansion was different from before. From time to time, a maid walked by in a hurry, and everyone had a cautious look on their faces.

Could something be wrong?

Yu Linglong quickened her pace and arrived at Pinlan Garden in a short while before entering the yard. Xuan Cao hurriedly greeted her: “Miss, you are finally back!”

Yu Linglong nodded lightly, and asked directly: “What happened?”

Xuan Cao immediately said: “At noon, the Ministry of Defense sent someone over to issue a transfer order, and ordered the master to go to southern Xinjiang to supervise the battle. He will leave in three days!”

Yu Linglong sneered. Minister Feng’s revenge came too soon. General Yu had returned to the capital for only a few days, so he will be sent out so soon, and he should go to southern Xinjiang! Who doesn’t know that the Miao people in southern Xinjiang are the most brutal and venomous? Even if they can escape with their lives, they will often suffer injuries.

Yu Linglong kept walking and walked straight into the room. It didn’t matter to her where General Yu was going, she didn’t even take the news to heart.

But then, Xuan Cao’s words stopped her.

“As soon as the old lady heard the news, she immediately fainted because of an old illness. Now the imperial doctor has been hired in the house and the old lady is being treated.”

After all, it was the connection between mother and son. Although Lady Yu was very angry at what Yu Peng had done, she was very worried when she heard the news, and it would cause the old illness to relapse.

Yu Linglong thought for a while, and said, “Let’s go and take a look.”

In Jingshan Hall, the lights were brightly lit, and many maids came in and out. They were very busy, but they didn’t dare make any noise.

Seeing Yu Linglong coming, the eyes of the little maid at the door lit up, and she hurriedly whispered to the door: “The fourth lady is here.”

The curtain opened immediately, and an older maid looked anxious and whispered: “Fourth Lady, come in and have a look.”

These maids all came down from the mountain with Lady Yu, and they experienced the thrilling scene on the mountain road. They all trusted Yu Linglong very much, not to mention that the servants of Yu’s house now knew that Lady Yu valued the fourth granddaughter the most.

Yu Linglong entered the room, and a strong smell of medicine rushed out. The curtains in the room were hanging down to keep out the wind.

A man dressed in official attire carefully wrote a prescription in the outer room. In the inner room, almost everyone in the Yu mansion surrounded the bed, all looking worried.

As soon as Yu Linglong entered the room, she only felt it was extremely hot and stuffy. When everyone around the bed saw her coming in, they immediately gave way to her.

Yu Linglong ignored them and walked straight to the bed, only to see Lady Yu with her eyes tightly shut. She was short of breath. Although she had not yet woken up, her face was full of pain.

Yu Linglong reached out to Ningshuang and Yinghan: “You guys, go and open the window!”

Glancing at Yu Qianliu, Yu Weide, and others that surrounded the bed, Yu Linglong said impatiently, “Get out!”

Their whole bodies trembled in fright by her voice. Nobody dared to speak out, and all of them retreated silently.

The window was quickly opened, and a cool evening breeze blew into the room. The smell of medicine in the room gradually dissipated, the breathing of Lady Yu finally stabilized, and her frowning eyebrows also slightly relaxed.

Mama Wang and the others, who were standing by, were relieved a little, and hurriedly moved the stool to pour tea: “Fourth Lady, please sit down.”

Yu Linglong sat at the end of the bed, looked at Lady Yu who seemed to be asleep, and asked, “What’s the matter?”

Mama Wang wiped the corners of her eyes and said, “The old lady said that her heart hurt a little bit in the first few days, but she didn’t think it was because of the heat. You know, Fourth Lady, the old lady has always been healthy, except occasionally she suffers chest tightness and shortness of breath, but it’s not a major problem. Who knew that today when she heard that the master was going to supervise the battle in southern Xinjiang, although she would probably be anxious for a while, she suddenly passed out and has not yet woken up.”

Yu Linglong nodded intently. At this time, a maid came in and whispered: “The imperial doctor has prescribed a prescription.” Then she handed over a piece of paper.

Yu Linglong took the prescription and looked at it. There were a lot of words scribbled on it. Only a few of them were the names of medicines, but the rest were incomprehensible.

It seemed that ancient doctors, like modern doctors, prescribed prescriptions in cursive script, with a mysterious appearance.

Seeing Yu Linglong frowning, Mama Wang leaned forward and said: “This imperial physician was invited by the lady. His name is Tuo Jiang, and I heard that he is very experienced in the treatment of old diseases.”

After she finished speaking, she added another sentence: “Doctor Tuo Jiang is the father of your future sister-in-law.”

Yu Linglong paused before trying to understand the connections here. Yu Weiwu was about to get married. It turned out that he was going to be married to a young lady from Doctor Jiang of the Imperial Hospital.

For General Yu, it was difficult to get an imperial doctor to come to the mansion for treatment. It was probably because Mu Shi asked her future in-laws to invite the imperial doctor.

Would Mu Shi be so kind? Maybe she wanted to take the opportunity to show off her filial piety, right?

Yu Linglong nodded faintly and passed the prescription in her hand to the maid: “The prescription prescribed by the imperial physician is naturally good. Go and grab the prescription.”

On the couch, Lady Yu snorted and finally opened her eyes.

mama Wang and others on the side rushed forward to serve her, and Lady Yu whispered: “What time is it?”

Ningshuang replied, “It just turned seven. Would the old lady like some water?”

Lady Yu nodded slightly. Ying Han hurriedly poured the white water and supported Lady Yu’s head to feed her little by little. After taking two sips of water, Lady Yu exerted her energy and smiled bitterly to Yu Linglong: “When you are old, it’s no longer acceptable to refuse it.”

Yu Linglong felt a little bitter when she heard her, and her tone was soft, “Don’t think too much, you’ll be better in a few days.”

Lady Yu paused and said, “I have suffered a lot in my life because my temper is too hard. Otherwise, I probably won’t make Peng so tired…”

Yu Linglong frowned slightly: “How can I blame you for this?”

Minister Feng was deliberately looking for faults, even if Lady Yu was as soft as Mu Shi’s pleading, she would not be merciful, but instead would put herself in a more humble position.

Yu Linglong never wanted to put her destiny in the hands of others, let alone rely on the pity of others. She would rather rely on her own hard work than let others control her destiny.

Just like in Minister Feng’s case, since he had thoughts of revenge, no matter how Lady Yu and Yu Linglong reacted, they would not change his decision.

She could understand the mood of Lady Yu, but she could not accept it. The fact that Yu Peng was transferred to supervise the war in southern Xinjiang could not be just because Yu Linglong beat Feng Sihuai, or that Lady Yu did not give Minister Feng a good face.

The affairs in the court were complicated, and even if you were only on the edge of the whirlpool, it was difficult to control your own destiny. She can only blame General Yu for his bad fate.

Lady Yu sighed deeply and raised her hand to hold Yu Linglong: “Granddaughter, your temper is very similar to when I was young, but I want to persuade you: having a little temper is not a bad thing, but you can’t do everything, lest you suffer.”

Yu Linglong’s little hand trembled slightly in Lady Yu’s palm. Granddaughter?

She had been a human for two lives and had almost no family affection. In her previous life, she lost her parents when she was very young. She had always been a wild girl who fought on the street. In this life, she was the daughter of a dead commoner. Although she had entered the Yu Mansion, everyone was against her. Only Lady Yu cared about her sincerely, protected her, and treated her as a granddaughter.

Yu Linglong’s heart was moved, and she squeezed Lady Yu’s hand: “Lady, I will remember your words.”

The grandmother and granddaughter looked at each other speechlessly.

In the silence, a gentle voice suddenly sounded outside the door: “Lady, are you feeling better?”[Read this novel and other amazing translated novels from the original source at the “Novel Multiverse dot com” website @]

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