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Master of Science and Technology – Chapter 15

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In the space of different dimensions, a huge sleeping cabin would be filled with light green liquid. Through the glass cover on the front, one could see a person soaked in it. There were some pipelines in every part of the body. From time to time, some liquid medicine would be injected into the body through the pipelines, causing the body to vibrate.

This man was Qi Qianjun. After a month’s treatment, he was no longer the same as before. His limbs had been cut off, but now he had grown new hands and feet again, and there were a pair of eyes rotating freely in his empty sockets. Even the mutilated limbs had grown out, and those injuries that couldn’t be seen were more obvious.

Of course, thanks to Qi Qianjun’s severe injury, the other side might be afraid that he would die too easily, and he did not lose his cultivation. With the help of technology and Qi Qianjun’s own real spirit assistance, the treatment was smooth. After just one month, it was like a complete replacement.

On the other hand, Ye Zan also completed the gene optimization drug by using Qi Qianjun’s genes. However, he didn’t plan to take out the genetic optimization medicine for the disciples of Yuqinism. After all, the loyalty of the disciples of this sect had yet to be investigated. If a few gifted disciples were found here, they would be poached by other sects in an instant. It was not free to make wedding clothes for others.

Besides, this gene optimization did not mean that a single injection represented the end of the matter — it also required targeted modulation, as each one had their own different situations. Ye Zan couldn’t move the laboratory outside, let alone bring people into this space of different dimensions.

Moreover, this was not the same as preparing the best refining pill. No matter what the best refining pill was like, it could only be used in the refining environment. And to change a person’s aptitude, especially the supreme aptitude of having no time for Tao and body, if it spread out, it would cause a huge problem. Such temptation was enough to make people ignore the so-called morality, enough to tear off the last mask, and that would mean disaster for Yuqinism.

Qi Qianjun’s encounter was an example and a warning to Ye Zan. In this world, there were too many enemies of Yuqinism. A genius disciple was calculating. What will happen to a person who could make talents in batch? If the Xuanyuan Taoist priest has only half of his strength at the peak, he can frighten the vast majority of people. But now the Xuanyuan Taoist priest still expects Ye Zan to get back that drop of blood essence.

It was a pity for Ye Zan who urgently needed to improve the strength of Yuqinism, as he couldn’t produce a blatant batch manufacturing geniuses.

Of course, Ye Zan was not the only one. At the other end of the laboratory area, in a row of ten cultivation tanks, ten human bodies were soaking in a nutrient solution or the clone culture with Qi Qianjun’s genes.

The ten clones just like two peas of the same pod in Qi Qianjun were genetically modified, but their qualifications were absolutely identical. The only thing was that these clones had no self-will. In the words of the world, there were no spirits, just empty shells.

However, without self-will, one could only be controlled by a smart chip, even if there may be less spiritual motivation to change.

There was no need to worry about other ideas. As for their strength, it was not useful at present. They also needed to practice like normal people, which would be a great help for Ye Zan in the future.

Of course, Ye Zan’s biggest achievement during this month was the change of his qualifications. In this world, his own strength was the real foundation of his life, and he finally realized the role of qualification in cultivation. If the former meridians and orifices were like a stream, they were now like a big river, and the cultivation efficiency increased more than 100 times. In addition, the strength and toughness of meridians and orifices had also been greatly improved. Even if Ye Zan practiced continuously 24 hours a day, there would be no discomfort in his meridians and orifices.

If one changed to someone else, and even if the meridians could endure 24 hours of continuous cultivation, it would be actually very difficult to achieve this. On one hand, the state of Qi refining had not reached the state of Bigu, so there were many problems with eating, drinking and Lhasa, and there was no way to sink into the cultivation with a hungry stomach or internal anxiety. On the other hand, there were also people’s psychological problems, or mood, which was difficult to maintain for a long time.

Ye Zan didn’t have to worry about these problems at all, because he gave all the cultivation to the brain-assistant chip. Now, no matter what he did during ordinary times, the auxiliary chip would control the meridians and orifices to run the Qi refining skill, just like the so-called dual-use of one mind or the online game hang up program. What he needed to do was to throw two excellent Qi refining pills into his mouth from time to time, so as to maintain the efficiency of cultivation.

As for meditation, in fact, it was more for the sake of being easy to settle down and enter the state of cultivation. The cultivation procedure in the brain-assisted chip was completely independent of the influence of the main idea, so it naturally did not need to rely on meditation to settle down.

After a few days of testing, to determine the effect of the hang-up program, Ye Zan was relieved to give up the daily meditation practice. Ten days after the success of gene optimization, his accomplishments reached the fifth level of Qi refining. At such a speed, he could reach the perfect level of Qi refining in less than a year.

However, this was still limited by Reiki. If Ye Zan’s meridians were the river of the river and Reiki is the river of the river, the river is only half full every day. If the spirit is enough to fill the river, Ye Zan’s cultivation speed can be greatly increased.

Ye Zan spent more time in the library of Yuqinism without special meditation. On one hand, we could understand the world through books. On the other hand, we hoped to find clues about the blood essence of the Xuanyuan Taoist.

Xuanyuan Taoists could confirm that the drop of blood essence still existed in the world, but it can’t sense its position. The reason for this situation was either that drop of blood essence would be sealed and suppressed, or it would be stored in a secret place. To find that drop of blood essence, first of all, you need to know how it was lost, which required Ye Zan to look through various historical materials.

“Tomorrow will be the day of great competition. I wonder if you are interested in seeing it.” Mo Rushi rushed to the top floor of the library to deliver Ye Zan such a message.

The so-called big match between the outside and the inside is a decision to let the outside disciples in.

At the same time, they were going to open the gate to recruit foreign students. This was a grand meeting for the clan and its disciples. Although Yuqinism was only a third-class sect nowadays, it was also one of the orthodox sects, which was quite attractive in the eyes of secular people.

“Tomorrow is right. OK, I’ll go and have a look.” Ye Zan lost his cultivation to the auxiliary chip and spent every day in the library. In fact, his life was very boring. In tens of thousands of years, Yuqinism experienced numerous changes. It was not easy to find the clue of blood essence.

After listening to Ye Zan’s response, Mo Rushi hesitated for a moment and asked with some trepidation, “I don’t know what happened to the Qi Qianjun presbytery.”

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