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Master of Science and Technology – Chapter 19

Translator: Darling | Editor: Nebosuke

“Oh, this child was good at everything — he’s just too proud. I wanted to find an opportunity to teach him this: ‘Behind any skillful man, there is always someone better,’ and ‘There is always a mountain beyond a mountain.’ But I think it’s hard to do it now.” Luo Miao seemed like he was sorry — he shook his head while speaking. He was talking about his disciple, yet it also implied that he was looking down on the Yuqing sect. 

After seeing and hearing these things, Wu Changsheng knitted his brows. However, when the facts were revealed in front of him, that his disciples had failed him, they had no way to refute them even if they wanted to.

As for those outer disciples of the Yuqing sect, despite their glare at the one flaunting on the platform, upon seeing that Zuo Ming had been knocked out of the platform, they were so furious that they wanted to tear him apart. Yet, no one dared to go up the platform anymore.

Ye Zan looked bored — he took out a fruit from his sleeve and took a bite. As he chewed the fruit, he quipped, “Do you want to know if there is a skillful one behind any skillful man and if there’s a mountain beyond a mountain? This isn’t simple. Your disciples are good at the game, but there is always someone who can teach them.”

Suddenly, Wu Changsheng’s eyes lit up. That’s right. We have nothing to say if you come just to bully people, which makes the disciples devastated. But we, the three sects, have set a competition for that reason. However, if you’re saying you want to teach your disciples, then they should have been better in fighting. In battles there are always weak and strong opponents — you could win or lose in a fight. 

Luo Miao and Wang Lianshan were really caught off guard. They originally came to disgrace the Yuqing sect and teaching their disciples a lesson was just an excuse. This was the so-called doing something for the right reason. If the Yuqing sect did not agree with the other party, then their excuse would be baseless. But if they agreed, then their excuse would fall short. So, no matter who lost between the two sects, the Yuqing sect would still redeem their reputation. 

Luo Miao glanced at Ye Zan and rolled his eyes all of a sudden. He said as he smiled, “This kid is so arrogant he made you into a laughingstock. May I be bold and ask for a favor? I wonder if it’s possible for you to teach these two children on my behalf.”

Luo Miao’s trick was quite shady, as he did not consider Ye Zan’s position. However, it was true that his cultivation was not as good as those disciples on the platform. Luo Miao assumed that even if Ye Zan won, he shouldn’t have to be proud of it. But if Ye Zan lost, not only would it be Ye Zan’s disgrace, but also a big disgrace for the Yuqing sect.

“Hey, who does he think he is? It doesn’t matter if those two little bastards fight him, but wouldn’t I be at fault in case they hurt him? That can’t be.” Wang Lianshan waved his hands repeatedly as if he was someone from the Yuqing sect. However, one couldn’t be swayed by the kindness he showed. He was trying to get away with the right conduct, so he looked like he was worried about Ye Zan getting injured. And if Ye Zan really got injured, people would think the Yuqing sect was just making an excuse if they made another argument because they were all worried about Ye Zan getting injured and the embarrassment.

It had been less than two months now since Ye Zan formally started his cultivation. He had only been cultivating qi refining, but he had not engaged with Yuqing sect martial arts that much. For Wu Changsheng, even if Ye Zan had a higher cultivation than the other party, he would be at a disadvantage if he fought under this situation. But Wu Changsheng who was about to speak suddenly stopped when he heard Wang Lianshan.

Ye Zan smiled slightly and casually spoke when Wu Changsheng felt embarrassed, “Martial nephews, you are very concerned about them, but I think those two should really learn some lessons. You might regret it if I teach them on your behalf — you should know that capable students are trained by strict masters.”

Ye Zan really agreed with that! Luo Miao and Wang Lianshan were both surprised. Of course, this was what they would like to see, but Ye Zan calling them “martial nephews” made them very angry.

But no matter how much they hated him, Luo Miao and Wang Lianshan did not show even the slightest amount of disrespect. Luo Miao smiled even more and said while looking quite respectfully, “Brother Ye, rest assured. Just like what you said, capable students are trained by strict masters — it’s their privilege to be able to learn from you. Although you forgive their behavior, you just let them suffer a little. But they can only blame themselves for not learning the skills well if they get killed on the spot. It’s better than falling into the path of evil.”

Everyone knew Luo Miao was just putting on hot air despite how good his words are. If the two disciples really died there, it was really hard to say what Luo Miao and Wang Lianshan would do. Of course, the most important thing was they thought that Ye Zan didn’t have the skills. Aside from his position, Ye Zan was just like a chick with level five Qi refining.

“Child, don’t!” When Ye Zan agreed, Mo Rushi got worried.

However, Ye Zan glanced at him and smiled, then he slowly walked towards the platform. Mo Rushi didn’t know what to say after seeing Ye Zan like this. He could only secretly make preparations, and in case Ye Zan experienced some difficulties, Ye Zan should be rescued without delay even if he lost face.

On this side, Ye Zan was finally in the front of the platform. The crowd of people who were watching the competition went up the stairs on the side of the platform. The platform was two meters high. Generally speaking, people could directly jump on the platform, but some people jumping off the platform to show their nimble moves was clever too. There was a staircase leading up to the platform, and only a few people walked there. 

Ye Zan walked on the stairway slowly. The Yuqing disciples couldn’t help but hold their breaths, not to mention the disciple of the Jinguang sect on the platform. It was really their first time seeing the person on the platform and he even walked on the stairs, how shameful! 

But the two-meter-high platform did not have many steps, so Ye Zan quickly got onto the platform and went to stand in front of the Jinguang disciple.

“Who are you?” The disciples asked with his eyes squinted toward him, but he obviously didn’t care about Ye Zan. 

“Kid, your master called me brother, so it’s only natural you call me Granduncle.” Ye Zan said with a smile as he took another fruit out from the sleeve of his robe. He said to the disciple, “Here, if you call me Granduncle, I will give you this.”

The disciple looked so arrogant in his previous match, but now, he suddenly became indignant when Ye Zan teased him. He raised his sword and pointed it at Ye Zan. He furiously said, “You humiliate me, so don’t blame me for being ruthless. Draw your sword!”

Ye Zan threw the fruit, shook off his hands, and said, “Oh, eating fruit while chatting was better. Why bother to fight?”

“Cut your nonsense, just get lost if you don’t have the courage to fight. Don’t waste my time here,” the disciple said impatiently.

Ye Zan had a sword around his waist, but he didn’t pull it out. Instead, he threw it aside and posed with his bare hands. He hooked his finger to the disciple and said, “Come, your master asked me to teach you how to behave. So don’t cry, just blame your master.”

“How bold. The Yuqing sect only knows how to boast!” The disciple was furious. He spoke no more and dashed forward, aiming the sword straight at Ye Zan.

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