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Master of Science and Technology – Chapter 21

Translator: Darling | Editor: Nebosuke

Not only the two sects but even the outer disciples of Yuqing felt that Ye Zan had won because of his tricks. It was really hard for short-sighted people to see how extraordinary Ye Zan’s skills were. They felt like he had a strange style, so his opponents didn’t have their guard up against him which ultimately led to their defeat. 

In addition, what most people were accustomed to, or better yet, what they used to see, was a match with both sides using exceptional and elegant fighting styles by fighting dozens or hundreds of rounds on the platform. Displaying a dazzling show and then a certain skill that exceeds others’ expectations would state a victory. Real competition would let people see the stronger and weaker ones in a match.

As such, real competition in most people’s eyes is when the disciples of the Jinguang and Wuzhu sects defeat the disciples of Yuqing in three matches. In this match between Ye Zan and the disciple of Jinguang, everyone could see who was winning and losing in the match. Even before the other party could show the real martial skill of the Jinguang sect to the fullest, the disciple lost without even showing his full strength. Not only did the onlookers see that he didn’t bring out his full strength, but they even felt like Ye Zan had the advantage.

If Ye Zan knew that the following disciples would think that way, perhaps Wu Changsheng would’ve immediately driven them out. In a real life-and-death match, no one would wait for their opponents to reveal their true strength before making a move, neither would they take a chance after spotting their opponent’s weakness. Just like interplanetary warfare in the world of science and technology, no one would wait for one to fully carry out their strategy and prepare their shield and weapons before officially starting a battle.

Although Wang Lianshan was the master of the Jindan sect, he knew the shortcomings of his disciple compared to those disciples. Wang Lianshan didn’t know how to decline Ye Zan’s offer; it was a pity that his disciple had asked for a fight. This time he had no other choice but to agree; otherwise, Luo Miao would really hate him.

“Don’t let him get close to you…” Wang Lianshan whispered to his disciple and stepped down the platform. In his opinion, if his disciples could land more attacks on his opponent, they’d be able to say they were at least better than the Jinguang sect. Even if they lost, it would not be as embarrassing.

On the platform, only two people were left again.

“Senior, please enlighten me!” The disciple of Wuzhu greeted Ye Zan, but he did not call him Martial Granduncle. He called him Senior instead. Then, he swung his sword and carefully put on a so-called hand gesture with his eyes fixed on Ye Zan. His gaze was not as arrogant as those from the disciples of the Jinguang sect.

Just like earlier, Ye Zan did not change into anything just because his opponent changed. He smiled as he raised his hand and hooked his finger, “Come.”

The disciples of the Wuzhu sect liked to strike first impressively. His long sword multiplied into thousands of flashing swords. It was dazzling yet dangerous. This undoubtedly was an effective move to prevent his opponent from getting close to him. Although the thousands of flashing swords were just an illusion, it was not easy to tell which was which. If Ye Zan rushed into it, he would likely get stabbed, and he’d turn into a honeycomb.

The average person usually poses a defensive position in response to such a move, waiting for the opponent to show a decline in attacks before making a counter-attack. After all, such a move consumes Qi, and no one could maintain such attacks all the time. Of course, if one couldn’t stop it, it only meant that he was weak.

The disciple of the Jinguang sect felt ashamed seeing that the disciple of Wuzhu showed such a move. He thought, If I just guarded against that like the earlier opponent, maybe I wouldn’t lose face like that. Maybe I still have a chance to beat him.

The outer disciples of Yuqing got worried all of a sudden. One side was thinking of how they would deal with it if they were in his place, and the other side was worried for Ye Zan. Whether he is the Martial Granduncle or not, there’s no doubt that he is a part of Yuqing sect, and he also got revenge for them earlier.

Beyond everyone’s expectations, Ye Zan did not have a trace of hesitation facing such an offensive opponent. Just like earlier, he stepped forward and threw himself into the terrifying sword web.

In Ye Zan’s eyes, the thousands of flashing swords were like a lame trick. It multiplied and moved through essential Qi. He could tell which was real and which was an illusion with just a glance, so he was not worried.

Everyone heard a sound in the middle of suspensive shouts. Ye Zan flicked the Wuzhu sect’s disciple’s open sword, then the front door suddenly opened. As for Ye Zan, he approached him, and his hands were like a fluttering butterfly. Then a cracking sound burst out when he struck each part of his body.

In a blink of an eye, the flashing swords vanished, then Ye Zan turned and moved toward the side. The disciple of the Wuzhu sect behind him suddenly screamed, then he collapsed to the ground with a strange look.

No one knew what happened after seeing this situation, but the disciples of the Wuzhu sect obviously ended up like that disciple of the Jinguang sect.

Wang Lianshan didn’t say much; he immediately went into the platform when he saw his opponent fall to the ground. He lifted his disciple worriedly and returned the dislocated joint back in place. The Wuzhu school disciples were lucky compared to the disciple of Jinguang because Wang Lianshan treated him immediately. Thus, he didn’t suffer much more than the disciple of the Jinguang sect.

“Now, you have gotten what you want, so if there is nothing else, please don’t disturb this competition.” Ye Zan finally brought back honor to the Yuqing sect, and immediately made Wang Lianshan and Luo Miao leave. 

Wang Lianshan and Luo Miao had nothing to say this time. They just wanted to teach Ye Zan, but everyone in the Yuqing sect was glaring at them. Even if they wanted to play a little trick, they couldn’t hide it from the elder of Yuanying, Mo Rushi.

They had come to slap them in the face, but they got slapped instead. Wang Lianshan and Luo Miao had no face to keep staying there; they just said a few words and left.

After the two sects left, the competition continued. Although the outer disciples were curious about Ye Zan’s identity, he made them feel concerned about their future in this competition. After a moment of curiosity, they began the game again. Ye Zan followed Mo Rushi and walked around every platform to watch the so-called “wonderful” matches.

But Ye Zan lost interest after watching it for a long time. In his eyes, this match was just a show — they were like adults watching children fighting, but they didn’t have that kind of interest.

“Junior disciple, what do you think of these disciples?” Mo Ru asked him, seeing that Ye Zan was not interested.

Ye Zan glanced at Elder Mo and casually pointed to the platform in front of him. He sluggishly said, “How would I know that their skill was so poor? Those two have been going around a few times on the platform. They were fighting, but I don’t know if they think it’s a turning point. Those two as well. Is fighting for hundreds of rounds better than physical power? You’re worse than me.”

Mo Rushi smiled bitterly and said, “You know that they couldn’t go down the mountain to learn, so they usually just get some experience from each other. Therefore, it’s not that bad to have such a performance.”

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