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The Girl Who Spits Up Jewels Volume Ⅰ Chapter 4-1

The Girl Who Spits Up Jewels

Volume Ⅰ The Girl Who Spits Up Jewels

Chapter 4 ― 1

(A/N: The chapters splitting and numberings are done as in the raws)

『Temporarily Closed Today』―― Those words are inscribed on a piece of paper outside the shop.

 After hesitating for a moment, Natsu slowly opens a door in the shop. Inside, there were two police officers waiting besides Sputnik.

 One hour has passed since Clue’s abduction.

 Anna said that her younger brother, who was taking a walk, happened to see two men taking an unconscious Clue away somewhere. The cause of their action is unknown, but based on the brother’s testimony that the culprits seemed to be saying something about taking jewels away, it was believed that a claim for ransom will arrive at 「Jewelry Sputnik」 soon.

 Making contact with the police was quick because of Natsu’s presence. It may as well be good luck amidst the misfortune that quick action could be taken and that the headquarters could immediately launch an investigation team to do the search.

 After recognizing Natsu’s entry, the two police officers saluted her. Then, after returning a light bow, she approached Sputnik. He glanced upwards at Natsu who was approaching him, but soon returned his gaze to the floor.

“…Contact from the criminals?”

 He asked the police officer in quite a rude manner.

 But when Natsu saw him in such a depressed state, she couldn’t feel the urge to reprimand him.


 But she answered with only one word.

 After that, he just stayed as he is, expressionless, and not saying anything further. But that is not to say that he isn’t thinking of anything at all, for he is desperately suppressing something that might burst out otherwise. As expected, even someone like him would be upset if his employee is taken away, Natsu thought to herself.

 Emotions of the victim’s family involved in cases like there are easier to read. Even if it’s the audacious Sputnik. No, rather, it’s probable because he’s too free, such thoughts popped up in Natsu’s mind. However, she is actually a bit worried that he is too quiet. And she felt that the look of frustration on his face should be because he hardly had any sleep the previous night.

 But there actually is good news. She tried to convey it to him but she spoke in quite a loud voice that it somehow seemed unnatural.

“Anyway, Sputnik. It has been known that Clue and the ones who took her are in the third warehouse on the outskirts of the city.”

“…The third warehouse?”

 Focus returned on his ashen-coloured eyes, which seemed to have been zoning out just before.

 He slowly raised his head and Natsu could see her reflection on them. It’s as though he found a glimpse of hope in her words―― Surprising Natsu that Sputnik too can look in such a way.

 She makes a big nod to cheer him up.

“That’s right. Right now, police officers are secretly approaching them while staying unnoticed. It will be fine, Clue-chan will be helped soon. That’s why, you too……”

“How many minutes.”

 Shouldn’t worry too much― Natsu tried to keep going on but was interrupted.

 It was by Sputnik, who seems to be trying hard to hold something down.


“The police officers moving in, confirming Clu’s status, securing her. How many minutes will it take?”

 Ah, I see. He wants her secured as soon as possible ― Natsu concluded, and tried to answer as gently as possible.

“It’s alright, it won’t need more than 20 minutes. Leave it to us. ――Clue-chan will immediately receive help.”

 Then Sputnik suddenly got up, and started walking slowly.

 Where are you going― He stopped his feet in front of the jewelry processing room’s door before she could even ask her.

“…Stay in the processing room”

 He said in a subdued voice, twisted the doorknob, and disappeared outside. The sound of him closing the door is also softer than usual.

 The two police officers look at Natsu, inquiring about what to do.

 But she only shook her head a little.

“Me alone is enough.”

 He whispered, but it simply disappeared beyond the door.

 The 『Jewelry Processing Room』 tag on the door does not shake at all, and he gently turns away from it.


 The door closed behind him, and he gently released his hand from the doorknob.

 He slowly raised his head and looked around the room. Light is coming in through the thin curtains and they illuminated the room ― his important workplace where his business tools are present. Now that he is not in the middle of work, the tables are clean, while the bottles lined up on the shelf contain only a small amount of cleaning agent.

 He takes a thin yet long breath. He thought it feels unsatisfactory since it doesn’t smell of cigarettes, but he didn’t want the greasy tar they produced dirty his tools.

 He looks up at the ceiling and thought to himself,

 What was it that policewoman said? ――It’s alright, it won’t need more than 20 minutes.

“Twenty minutes, huh? ――”

 He mumbled.

 And immediately, all forms of emotion disappeared from his face.

 Then an uncontrollable smile pushed up his cheeks.

 It’s not out of joy. ――It’s out of anger.

“――Five minutes is enough.”

 He said and picked up his favorite waist bag from the desk.

(A/N: The chapters splitting and numberings are done as in the raws)

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