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The villainess that got pregnant with the crown prince’s child decided to run away – Chapter 56

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In the end, Makoto assumed I was lying. As a result, I was confined to a certain room in the royal palace.

Under normal circumstances, it wouldn’t be strange if I was in prison for this. But since Lord Edward hasn’t been in the royal palace for the past few days, I’ve been able to avoid that.

In their eyes, I’m a suspicious liar. But I haven’t actually done anything and they can’t don’t have any proof that I’m plotting anything either. So in a way, I’m being let free.

“What a warm reception. Though isn’t it bad for them to confine people they find suspicious within the royal palace?”

I mean, it’s not like I’m actually planning to do anything to Lord Edward. But I feel like they’re really being careless here.

This is supposed to be a house arrest of sorts, but if I say that I want to go to the garden, then they let me go.

Honestly, this doesn’t feel any different from when I was the crown prince’s bride.

Now that I think about it, it felt more like I was a prisoner when I was his bride.

At that time, I wasn’t even allowed to go to the garden at times.

I feel like I’m being treated better right now than I was back then, although the stares I get from the maids kind of hurts.

“Say, when does Lord Edward come back?”

It’s been 3 days since I have last seen Lord Edward.

It seems like he went somewhere and has not been back since.

Did he go back to Yakumo? Even though he was so heavily wounded?

I wonder if this emperor just thinks of Lord Edward as just a mere tool or something.

My doubts kept increasing and I couldn’t help but continue thinking about it.

“I do not know.”

Whenever I asked one of the maids about his whereabouts, I would always get that response.

I didn’t have anyone to talk to, so these days have been very boring.

Although I had these kinds of days in the past, thanks to Makoto and Yuki, I never actually felt bored. Even if I was anxious.

“I see. I suppose you’re not going to change your minds and just tell me then, huh?”

“I apologize, but I cannot tell you.”

I wonder how many times I’ve had this conversation. Their answers are always the same.

I wonder how long I am going to be stuck here.

I’m curious to know what happened to my child too.

With those thoughts in mind, I suddenly realized something. How come just until now, I forgot about my own child?

Even though such a precious being was inside of me all this time. Even though it’s an existence I should wholeheartedly love. Up until just now, I have never even once thought or wished to look for my own child.

“In that case, may I ask for Makoto to come over here?”

I finally realized that maybe… Just maybe I’m not exactly Rachel.

Maybe… Mr. Pukey Pukey #18’s assessment was actually right.

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