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A young girl in a village without protection Volume 1 Let us start managing the land – Chapter 1

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“Haa… each and everyone one of them is strange…”

She let out a long sigh as she threw the bio data and the investigation reports onto the table. These were proposals for an arranged marriage.

“One has a mother complex, the other hates children. And this one…….eww, this one slaughters pets and other animals.  I don’t believe this, this one’s the worst.

The alluringly beautiful girl was in a terrible mood.

She had beautiful white hair, which was braided at the front and beautifully tied up with a ribbon at the side. Her beautiful, big, baby pink eyes gave her a lovely appearance.

Her dress was made with laces and matched her delicate personality perfectly.

Contrary to her appearance, she let out some sloppy language.

She was almost doll-like. Selesina Rinklat.

She was a 16-year-old girl who still had memories from her past life.

There were a total of 17 bio data sheets on the table. All the men were from noble families. Unfortunately, she couldn’t decide who to pick.

At least if the were poor, she could happily jump into their arms. 

She at least wanted someone who was poor so that she could see what else they had to offer.

There was no way that she could fall in love with these kinds of men.

“I’m the daughter of a Marquis, therefore I have no intention of denying a political marriage………but I’m sure that there has got to be something better than this !?”

I absolutely hate disastrous promises.

While roaring, she reached out for the papers once again.

The bio data had all of their pictures, names, personal history, hobbies, etc but she had also separately got an investigation done. 

Unfortunately, none of them matched with the data that was provided on the bio data.

The bio data only had data that they wanted to show off and lies.

Even so, she still wanted to get married. But she didn’t want a loveless marriage, moreover, there wasn’t a single guy that interested her. She hated this.

It would be great if she could find love through an arranged marriage but she didn’t see a single guy that she thought she might come to love.

She slumped back onto the sofa. The daughter of the Marquis was no slop! Even if she says that, there was no one here to see her right now.

“What should I do ?”

As soon as she said that, there was a knock on the door.

“Is that Anna?”

Selesina sat up straight on the sofa and gave the person knocking, permission to enter.

As expected, the one who entered was her maid, Anna.

Selesina corrected her rough expression from earlier and smiled cheerfully at Anna.

“What happened? Anna?”

“……..I’ve brought the last bio data and investigation report.”

“Thank you.”

As Anna handed over the documents to Selesina, she started to speak with concern.

“Lady Selesina, you are Lord Soratek’s fiancée…even so, isn’t doing something like this wrong?”


“Since you ordered me to, I prepared the files but as I thought…”

Why was Selesina looking around for arranged marriage candidates, Anna just couldn’t stop wondering.

If everything goes well, Selesina and Soratek would soon be married and there would be nothing more to worry about. That’s what Anna thought so she certainly found Selesina’s behavior to be very strange.

“I’m sorry for bothering you.”


That’s right. Even though Selesina was looking through bio data, she already had a fiancé. Moreover, he was the crown prince of this country.

Selesina said with a small sigh.

“……….Because this engagement will soon be broken.”

Since she said it in a very small voice, Anna didn’t hear it.

That’s right. This engagement would end soon.

He is supposed to marry a beautiful woman who is also very popular.

He would soon fall in love with the heroine, rendering Selesina into a……burden.

This hadn’t taken place yet but it was certain to happen in the future.

For that reason, she was searching for marriage partners that she could wed after their engagement ended.

Anna looked at her worriedly and asked.

“Lady Selesina, you’ve always longed for Lord Soratek haven’t you?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

“Then there is no problem is there? Lord Soratek will certainly cherish you.”

Selesina responded to Anna’s statement with a lifeless nod.

“Anna, can you bring me some fresh tea?”


Once the maid had left the room, she once again looked at the documents on the desk. But the looked up immediately.

She looked around to confirm once again that this was certainly the room of the ‘Villainess’ Selesina Rinklat.

Rose-red colored curtains and rose-patterned carpet.

As if to point out that this was a room in a Marquis household, high-quality white furnishings adorned the room. There is a table in between two sofas.

The bedroom is prepared separately and behind it is a dressing room.

She stood up and looked out of the window that overlooked the balcony. 

She could see the main gate, which was about 300 meters away.

There were 2 rose gardens and a fountain in the center.

It was a fitting mansion for a villainess.

This world is from a very famous fantasy game from girls in Selesina’s previous life – The maiden from Asgarl.

Selesina was a Japanese in her previous life who lived her life as a gamer when one day she was transported into her favorite game.

In reality, this would have made her ecstatic but the problem was the character that she was reborn as.

“The villainess, Selesina Rinklat.”

Selesina regained the memories of her past life when she was six years old.

After a raging fever for 3 days and 3 nights, the only thing that she knew was that her beloved Soratek would end their engagement.

But………the heroine may not choose the Soratek route. It was small but there was still a possibility.

“But it won’t just become easier because of that.”

The worst part is that the current route of the game is progressing towards the route of the crown prince Soratek.

It’s easy to tell why I know that.

A few days back at Soratek’s birthday party, he wore a pink tie. This was proof…….. that we were progressing towards the Soratek route.

Selesina slumped back on the sofa since Anna wasn’t in the room.

“To think that I’m finally engaged to my favorite character and I’ve broken up with him……..that’s really sad…..”

But there is something even more important than that.

That’s the ending of this game.

There are two endings available on the Soratek route; the happy ending and the hard ending.

That may seem obvious but it’s not something to be ignored.

1st one –

The heroine and Soratek will be in love with each other and it will a happy ending.

The engagement will be broken.

Selesina will be banished from the country for bullying the heroine.

2nd one –

If the love level of Soratek and the heroine is low.

The villainess will poison the two of them to death out of jealousy.

In this case, she’ll be caught as the criminal and executed.

Both are bad but if I had to choose one then I would rather be friends with the two of them and let them have their happy ending.

Even if I’m Selesina, I don’t wish to die. Moreover, I cannot imagine Soratek dying. I don’t wish to think of that.

“I really don’t think that I would be overcome with jealousy to kill the two of them……..”

Regretfully, this is the world of a game.

Maybe there is some kind of power that ensures that the events follow the storyline. Maybe my body will move to do certain things without my will.

I’m terrified when I think of that.

Just by imagining it, chills were running up my spine.

“It’s alright. My beloved Lord Soratek certainly won’t let me die!”

That’s why Selesina was searched for new fiancé candidates so that Soratek and the heroine can live happily ever after.

…………….However, there weren’t any good marriage candidates.

Selesina and Soratek were engaged to each other at the age of five.

They were young and adorable with a bright future ahead of them………

But the reality was different.

“Because I’m not the heroine that was promised happiness.”

At least it natural to wish for Soratek’s happiness  right?

“…………Well, I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t jealous of the heroine.”

No, I’m probably really jealous of the heroine.

I regained my memories at 6 and I’m 16 right now.

How many times have I wailed about the fact that I’m not the heroine………..

When I thought that I had finally sorted out my feelings, the story started following the Soratek route… I really wanted to cry.

“No,no,no,no,no I’m alright. I always wondered what I’d do if the story follows the Soratek route !!”

Selesina was shaking her head, to get rid of her feelings so that she wouldn’t cry.

“It’s alright. I don’t have any lingering feelings for Soratek……..!”


There was a loud sound as she slapped herself across her cheek.

“For that reason, I’m searching for a fiancé candidate………well, if there are only pathetic men out there then there is no meaning………”

It’s alright.

No matter what happens, I’ll celebrate the marriage of Soratek and the heroine happily.

As I kept telling myself over and over that I could do it……….there was a knock on the door once again.

“Please enter,” I said thinking its Anna who had returned with tea.

But the one who entered was my fiancé Soratek.

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