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The villainess that got pregnant with the crown prince’s child decided to run away – Chapter 36

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I felt a wet lukewarm sensation on my legs and my body was shaking.

What’s happening to me…?

“…Her water broke. We need to lie her down in a clean bed…”

I trembled in light of what Anri just said.

My water broke…?

Am I going to give birth?

But according to Marianne, there was still a month left before I gave birth.

“…Lord Edward…”

Overcome by anxiety, I called out the name of my darling Lord Edward.

A single tear fell from my eyes.

God, please help.

I beg of you, please don’t take this child away from me.

“It’ll be all right Rachel, Marianne is coming right now, so it’ll be all right.”


Anri said while gently stroking my back.

The gentle touch of her hands made me feel a little bit at ease.

At the same time, I felt like the pain in my stomach was just slightly subsiding.

“Can you stand up?”

Anri asked, she was being very patient as she seemed to understand my condition.


I place a bit of strength into my legs while holding Anri to stand up.

“I’m sorry, I don’t even have the strength to carry you.”

“No, I’m sorry. I’ve caused a great deal of trouble for you.”

“That’s not something you need to worry about, you should be thinking about that child in your stomach right now.”

“Thank you very much.”

I put a bit more strength into my shaking legs while being supported by Anri and enter her house.

“Hold on just a bit.”

Anri said, she then disappeared into her house.

As soon as I heard the noise of heavy footsteps, Anri came back.

In her hands, she had a futon and some clean sheets.

She immediately laid the futon and sheets by my side.

“Can you lay down here?”


As I lay down on the bed, I felt a prickling pain in my stomach.

Seeing that I was in pain, she started gently rubbing my back.

“Rachel’s going into labor!”

“Ah! Her water broke.”

Marianne noisily ran over and checked my condition.

“It looks like she will give birth a bit faster than planned.”

“I’ll go call Yuki.”

Anri placed me under Marianne’s care, as she was about to leave the room, Marianne told her to wait.

“Your husband is already on the way for Yuki, can you please prepare a bath? Also, some clean towels as well.”

“Got it.”

Anri noisily ran around the room.

While examining my stomach, she was also telling me encouraging words.

“Don’t give up Rachel. It’s a bit earlier than we thought, but the baby wants to come out. You should cheer that child on as well, ok?”


I tell the unborn baby that’s yet to come out “good luck.”


Yuki rushed over to my side. Her eyes were red.

She held my right hand and grasped it.

“I’m so sorry Rachel! I wasn’t there when you needed me the most!”

“Yuki… Please don’t cry.”

Yuki held my hands while crying.

Her hands were warm and felt very pleasant to the touch. I felt slightly relieved.

It’s the kind of sensation that felt like everything will turn out all right.

I wonder how much time has passed since? It felt like an endless surge of pain that would rush towards me over and over again.

And each time I felt those surges of pain, Yuki was right there calling out my name and encouraging me.

“It’s coming out!”

Marianne called out. I felt a surge of pain that was far more intense than anything I have felt before.

“Waaahh. Wahh.”

“It’s born!!!”

I could hear the cries of a baby.

Was it born?

Was it born safely?

“Hey Rachel, it’s a baby boy!”

Marianne hands over the baby to Anri. Afterward, Anri carefully dips the baby boy into the lukewarm bath she prepared to wash away the blood.

Yuki tells me that the child was born and it was a baby boy.

I’m relieved.

I’m glad that it was delivered safely.

While feeling relieved, I also felt my eyes lids getting heavier and heavier. Before I knew it, everything went black.


I heard Yuki’s pained scream before I lost consciousness.

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