Chapter 17

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In​ the​ ready-to-wear shop, it was almost the situation of​ being looked down again because of dressing poorly. But ​the​ shop assistant’s cold face immediately becomes soft​ and​ greasy like​ mud when he saw the​ money ingot that​​ Xuan Cao threw on.

“Two ladies, this is a first-class gold brocade, five top-grade embroiderers made it​ for​ ten days. Look at this quality; this work fits no one else other  than you……”

Yu Ling Long didn’t even take a look. He randomly pointed to a few clothes and said: “Wrap this​ one and this one​ for​ me.”

God​ knows​ Ling Long didn’t have​ any interest in​ shopping. In the past, her clothes were all designed and​ made​ by a first-class designer. Why did she need to think now?

After choosing for​ her, Yu Ling Long pointed to​ two more clothes​ and​ said: “Give​ me​ these two, and Xuan Cao, you try it.”

“What?” ​Having still not looked back​ to​ the​ unexpected​ money management, Xuan Cao was surprised again​ and​ said, “I have to buy clothes, too? I…… I am​ just a servant!”

Yu Ling Long glanced at​ her and​ said: “What’s up with you, servant? Servant doesn’t have to wear clothes? I​ want you​ to​ try; just try it. Why are you talking so​ much​ nonsense!”

Based on how Xuan Cao maintained herself, how could she match with these ​two clothes?

In​ her previous life, when she was a miss, Yu Ling Long always managed to​ be strict, but she was clearly rewarded and​ punished according to​ the merits and demerits of​ her subordinates. Since this​ girl, Xuan Cao, followed her, she shouldn’t suffer any grievances.

The shop​ assistant gladly took the​ clothes, smiling without closing his mouth.​ He didn’t expect that even in​ the​ late​ night, they could still do such a big business, which was really unexpected.

Yu Ling Long​ looked​ at​ herself in​ the​ bronze mirror. She only saw a girl​ wearing a light green​ long​ skirt brocade with birds flying.​ Even a tinier dazzling face​ was refined with face​ powder, bright eyes, and gestures filled with nobility.

She slightly nodded​ her head with satisfaction.​ As expected, people relied on clothing and​ gold adornments. Wearing such clothes made the person look completely new.

As we​ are in​ ancient times, let’s make a new start now.

The master and servant just changed their clothes, and suddenly a nervous voice came from the door: “Quick! Close the door quickly!”

 The​ shop​ assistant was shocked and​ looked up.​ He saw a middle-aged man​ wearing a long​ coat rush into the​ shop​ and​ shout to​ those in​ the​ shop: “Don’t you​ hear me? Hurry up!”

The​ shop​ assistant couldn’t​ care for​ Yu Ling Long and​ Xuan Cao. He hurriedly welcomed him and said: “Shopkeeper, what’s wrong?”

The​ middle-aged man​ nervously stamp his feet and​ said: “Didn’t you​ hear it? That​ evil​ one is​ coming again!”

Just after he finished speaking, he saw Yu Linglong and Xuan Cao, and he didn’t expect to have guests at this late hour. The shopkeeper only recovered after a while, and he quickly put on his smile and said: “Two ladies, our shop is going to close. I want you to leave, and please come again later.”

Without waiting for Yu Linglong’s interrogation, the sound of various stores closing their​ doors​ was heard outside, and the clothing store’s shopkeeper was more anxious: “Otherwise, I will keep these clothes for​ you, and you can come to pick it up again the next day!”

While speaking, the shopkeeper made the gesture of sending off guests.

Yu Linglong furrowed her eyebrows. What happened? Why did the shopkeeper not want to do business and want to send customers away?

She quietly picked up the dresses already wrapped on the counter and said, “No problem. Xuan Cao, pay the bill.” She turned around and walked out of​ the door.

After a moment of sorrow, the shopkeeper quickly walked forward a few steps, hesitating for a moment before saying: “The two ladies should go home quickly, the outside is… don’t stay here for too​​ long!”

At this time, the sound of horseshoes from far to near were heard on the street. The shopkeeper could not say much, and he hurriedly closed the door behind Yu Linglong.

Yu Linglong raised her eyebrows. It was really interesting. She didn’t expect going out to eat a meal and buying clothes would also lead her into watching the lively scene.

Before returning to the main street, at this moment, the doors of every household were closed, and the few people on the street hurriedly disappeared in the alleys. In the blink of an eye, there were only two of​ them in the street.

“Miss, let’s go quickly.” It seemed that she was also infected by this tense atmosphere. Xuan Cao looked around uncomfortably and urged in a low voice.

Yu Linglong nodded and​ headed to​ the​ road.

Just arrived in ancient, she didn’t want to provoke trouble. By the looks of​ the people, it was really not a good​ situation.

It was pitiful that although you don’t want to cause trouble in this world, things will cause you trouble.

Just before the sound of the horseshoes reached around the corner, it was accompanied by a burst of laughter: “Haha-good wine, good wine-“

Yu Linglong frowned slightly, could this man be drunk?

On the quiet street late​ at night, there was only a sloppy horseshoe sound​ and the man’s arrogant laughter, which were very disturbing.

No wonder​ every house closed its doors.​ If this man wanted, he could randomly enter any house and​​ disturb them, and maybe he could dispatch everything.

The rumbling horseshoes sound​s were getting closer and closer, and they arrived behind Yu Linglong and​ Xuan Cao. Yu Linglong raised her eyebrows and looked back.

A buckskin horse with a golden jade saddle came by. Even in the late night, it still looked extraordinary. If the horse was like this, the one riding on the horse would be more elegant and graceful. By the faint shimmer of the lantern at the end of the street, I saw that the man’s gown was like snow, and several strands of scattered hair randomly scattered in the wind, the smart face was more and more perfect. Although he was drunk and dim, he still showed his grace and handsomeness.

The man held a bluish-white wine bottle in one hand. He pulled the reins very casually in one hand, which made people wonder if he would accidentally fall off the horse. Still, he just sat so calmly, from time to time, urging the horse to move fast, while chanting verses aloud: “The hidden mountains and rivers are long flowing, and who loves me a lot…”

Just looking at his well-dressed clothes and noble style, Yu Linglong could easily draw a conclusion that this person was either a second-generation official or a second-generation rich man. Only this kind of person can drink too much wine in the middle of the night and gallop on the street, regardless of the feelings of ordinary people.

Yu Linglong glanced at him and pictured this kind of man with only one word to describe him: useless person!

The​ street is​ not wide, and the man was riding the horse back​ and​ forth.​ He only noticed Yu Linglong​ and​ XuanCao​ when he passed Yu Linglong for​ the​ second time.

“Hey, you obviously saw me riding the horse, why don’t you avoid it!?”

With a wave of gold and jade inlaid, he pointed at Yulinglong with impoliteness. The man’s slightly hoarse voice due to drunkenness suddenly sounded full of arrogance.

Yu Linglong’s cold eyes flashed impatiently.​ Did he own this road?  Why did other people​ have​ to​ avoid him riding​ a horse? 

Xuan Cao on the side was a little scared, and quietly twisted the corner of Yu LingLong’s clothes, and whispered: “Miss, ignore this wine maniac, let’s go quickly.”

Since last night, the temper of her miss had changed, and she no longer wanted to be bullied like before. The men in front of them were obviously rich. It was better for the two weak women not to confront each other directly.

Yu Linglong snorted coldly and turned to leave. Xuan Cao was right. This man drank too much, and they didn’t need to know him.

Who knew that when the man saw that Yu Linglong was going to leave, the horsewhip in his hand was thrown straight over. Although it was not strong, it still brought a faint cold wind behind Yu Linglong.

“I​ am​ talking to​ you, how dare you not answer!?”

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