The villainess that got pregnant with the crown prince’s child decided to run away – Chapter 37

“Rachel! … Rachel!”

When I regained consciousness, I saw Yuki with a tearful face looking at me.


If I’m over here, why can I see myself down there?

Marianne was calling out my name as well with a pale expression on her face.

Marianne rubs her hands against my chests. From her hands, I could see her emit a warm yet soft light.

It was being absorbed into my chest.

“It’s still early for you to go… You still haven’t even held your own child yet.”

Anri mutters out while holding my child.

The child I just gave birth to has the same hair color as Lord Edward and me.

His face was covered by Anri’s arm, so I couldn’t see it.

I wonder who he resembles more?

Let’s see.

I floatingly move towards my child. While still covered by Anri’s arm, he suddenly looked up at me.


He was crying and his face while a bit wrinkled up, I tried to gently touch him, but for some reason, I couldn’t.


Anri, Marianne, and Yuki looked like they were all about to burst in tears.

Meanwhile, I’m just sleeping over there.

Am I dead?

Though it sure doesn’t feel like it.

“Makoto! Rachel is… Rachel is…!”

“Yuki, calm down. What happened to Rachel?”

Yuki, while sobbing, was trying to talk to Makoto telepathically.


Usually, I can’t hear what they’re saying, but for some reason, I can hear them this time around.

How strange.

“Rachel gave birth. But, but she lost so much blood… Her heart stopped beating.”

Yuki says to Makoto while sobbing. I shuddered in response to those words.

So… I’m dead after all?

“Yuki… You’re saying that Rachel passed away?”

Makoto’s voice was also shaken up.

“No… Marianne brought her back. But she won’t wake up! What should I do…?”

“That’s impossible…”

“This wasn’t in the scenario!”

It seemed like both Makoto and Yuki were at a loss due to my condition.

I can’t die just yet.

I haven’t even gotten to hold my baby yet. 

I haven’t even given him a name yet.

“This is just the worst… There was a scenario that was kind of similar to this one on the second part…”


Yuki lifts her face up in response to Makoto’s words. 

What does she mean by that?!

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