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The “Master swordsman” who was reincarnated, wants to live freely Volume 1 “Swordmaster princess” bodyguard Chapter 31

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It felt like the week passed in no time.

Nothing significant happened, I just worked my job as a teacher and trained Alia and Iris.

What’s more, their abilities are of really high level.

In just three days they already managed to grasp my level of swordplay.

Of course, their strength is far from being perfect. Not that I expected them to be at that level in such a short time period.

What I wanted from them was them to be able to protect themselves against the Swordsman Gang members.

(Well the, it’s nearly time)

I waited on Iris near the back gate of the academy.

Waiting for her at the girl dormitory would raise too much attention, so it was best to meet up in a place with as few people as possible.

Though it was a sabbath day, there were still students going in and out of the academy.

It was still early, so I made sure we would meet up early.

Finally, Iris came running.

“Sorry to make you wait ~”

“There’s no hurry, so no problem. You look quite refreshing in your own clothes”

“Ah… Is it weird?”

In response to what I said, Iris looked down with worry.

Her hair was in a ponytail and she wore beige coloured clothes. It gave her a rather calm aura.

While many students wear their school uniforms or their formal clothing, Iris is dressed ever so earnestly. Even her normal clothing is like this.

“No, it suits you.”

“T-thank you” – Iris answered, while her cheeks turned red.

…This atmosphere really made it feel like a date.

In the end, it’s nothing more than part of our strategy though – It’s meant to lure out the Swordsman Gang.

“Mr. Schweiss… You’re dressed like usual.”

“That’s because I have nothing besides my teacher’s clothes and my knight regalia.”

“Isn’t that a bit too little?”

“I haven’t run into any problem as of yet, for I always work” 

Of course, I am not really a workaholic by any means. 

It used to be my goal drop work as soon as payment came in.

But it seems that that goal is getting farther and farther away from me.

Might be because I am actually enjoying being a teacher.

(I am a blademaster-class knight and a teacher. That’s supposed to make good money… But it seems it’s not that good)

You can’t just call yourself a blademaster though.

“Um… Mr. Schweiss?”

“Aa, I’m sorry. Shall we go soon? Before that though, Alia’s -“

“I’m here” – Alia said, as she popped out her head from behind Iris’ back.

She hid behind Iris, completely concealing herself. She truly is elusive.

Alia was wearing black clothes in a size that made it seem rather comfortable.

Still, as she moves you can hear the sound of metal clanging.

Seems like she’s hiding something in her sleeves.

“Good morning, Mr. Schweiss.”

“Wait, Alia! You’re supposed to be our logistical support, right?!” – Iris said in a rather surprised voice.

If we move with large numbers, then the enemy is bound to notice that too.

The plan was to move with as few people as possible, so this time it should be just me and Iris.

If Alia is going to stick around, she should do so from a distance. 

“I have to be next to you to protect you, Iris.”

“I’m happy to hear that, but..”

“That’s ok, right Mr. Schweiss?”

In a flash, Alia stood before me. 

Both in the matches we had and the training we conducted Alia always seemed rather pushy.

I get it’s because of her wanting to protect her friend Iris though.

What’s more, nothing really changes whether we move in a group of two or three.

It’s not like we are suddenly moving in masses. 

And it’s not just me that has to protect Iris, were Alia takes on her role.

(It might be better to have her close, rather than to tail us from far away…)

“Understood. Three wouldn’t be a problem, so we’ll go with the three of us.”

“Wha- whaaaaa…”

“Yay, a three-way-date.”

Alia is the type of person that just asks what she wants, with little regard for Iris and her issues.

I could have raised my voice as a teacher, but then again, I’m only a twelve year old.

From the sidelines, we might seem like siblings in this formation.

“I have to tell you though, there are some of my knights lying in wait a little bit away from us. They’re there to ensure that would a battle break out, that the people are safe.

For this strategy, the original plan was to let me and Iris fight, but now we have to keep in mind that Alia too is participating”

“Understood. Alia, if it’s getting too dangerous, just make sure to get away, ok? The Swordsman Gang is just after me, remember?”

“I understand, but I won’t flee, I just can’t. I will finish the one’s that want you dead Iris”

“You’re ever so reliable, Alia. Still, I have to ask you to not do anything reckless. Of course, I will protect the two of you with everything I have – No, I will fight together with you with everything I have.

Yet still, getting hit by just one strike could already be the end for you”

The same was for the fights with Azuma and Folt-  One proper strike could have left a fatal wound.

To make sure this doesn’t happen I will do my best, but who knows what might happen on the battlefield.

You could slip, or you could be too slow in your parry – Losing your life because of such things is the law of the battlefield.

Even after defeat you don’t have much time to grief over what had happened.

“Of course, I know. Still, I’ll make sure that that won’t happen” – Iris said while changing back to her ever so serious posture.

She’s always very good at responding quickly – Still, her words seemed to be heavy.

It feels like she has experience with things like these.

I wanted to elaborate but decided to let it slide for now.

It’s best not to disturb Iris’ concentration right now with things that don’t matter.

“Well, where are we going from now on?”

“Right. First, we had decided on a good place to play out the battle. But it seems like that would be a tad bit too suspicious, so we are going to have to detour a little. And with that I mean – We haven’t decided on a good place yet.

If you two have a place you like, I would love to hear”

“Oh.. so that’s what’s going on..”

“Well, first it was supposed to be a three-person date… But now that we are with the three of us we might as well just chose a place that we like, right? Still, I am a bit inexperienced with such places…”

“Yeah, and you’re the youngest, Mr. Schweiss.”

“Hahaha, yes, that too. Please forgive me.”

I usually just work all day every day.

If we’re going to talk about hobbies, the only thing I do is train and discipline my body – That’s something that hasn’t changed.

Still, lately, I have been taking quite a few days off.

Seems like I do have to find a hobby with those off days eventually.

“Well, then how about… We go and buy you some new clothes, Mr. Schweiss? You said you have nothing more than your working clothes, so…”

“I really don’t need them… But a clothes shop might be a good choice actually”

“Well, then our first stop is going to be the clothing shop~”

Alia went ahead as if to lead us.

It felt very much like enjoying sabbath.

Though we’re heading out for a battle, it might be nice to get a bit of fresh air before that.

“Alia, do you know the way to the clothes shop?”

“Yes, I often go there”

“Seems like we’re going to go for Alia’s taste today”

Whilst walking next to Iris we made our way to our shopping adventure.

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