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A young girl in a village without protection Volume 1 Let us start managing the land – Chapter 2

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“Ehhhh !?…………..I didn’t hear that he was coming !!”

For a moment she only blinked and then quickly stood up.

She smiled at Soratek as she was wondering what was happening.

“Lord Soratek, welcome. I wasn’t aware that you would be coming so I’m a little surprised.”

“Ah, I’m sorry for the sudden visit. I had some urgent work with the Marquis.”

“Is that so. My mother’s health has been bad since last night and hence my father couldn’t make it to the castle.”

As she began to explain, Soratek cheerfully replied that he already knew.

“Even so, for Lord Soratek to come over personally………It wouldn’t have been unreasonable for you to call him over though.”

I tried to apologize for the fact that the Crown Prince himself had to come over. I was a little curious and empathetic.


“It’s alright since I could use this opportunity to meet my fiancé. That’s why it’s better that I came here instead of calling the Marquis.

“Lord Soratek……..”

Hearing him say something like that, Selesina was shocked.

“Thank you for coming to my birthday banquet. As I had thought, that color really suits you Selesina.”

“The color of the baby pink dress that you gifted to me right?”

“Yes. It’s the same color as your eyes and it lovely with your white hair right?”

Once he said that Soratek ran his fingers through Selesina’s hair. Her hair is well maintained and very silky. It sways lightly as he passes his fingers through her hair.

Seeing Soratek touching her hair so happily, she leaned her head a little.

Ah, huh…….?  Haven’t you already started to get captured by the heroine?

I’m sure that’s the case. Then why are you speaking so kindly to me, smiling at me and touching me? I thought that you weren’t interested in me at all.

I guess it’s because the game has just started so he hasn’t come to like the heroine too much yet.

Does that mean that Soratek will start to become colder from here on?

……….I would hate that.

Selesina shook her head lightly in order to forget that.

The game’s capture target; Soratek Lily Alvard.

He had beautiful sky blue colored hair. Some of it framed his face and the rest was tied at the back. A strong-willed man with deep blue eyes. He wore a black suit with a brilliant red tie.

His well-balanced features are exactly like him. It makes it easy to see why he is the capture target of a fantasy game for girls. Selesina loves the kind smile that he usually her but that will soon be directed towards the heroine.

The Crown Prince of the Alvard Empire and Selesina’s childhood. At the moment he is still my fiancé. But soon he’ll be a former fiancé or ex-fiancé.

Soratek noticed Selesina’s gaze and smiled questioningly.

‘Ah, how cool…………!’

Selesina screamed in her mind but cheerfully responded to him saying that it’s nothing.

She was just appreciating his beauty even though they weren’t really connected anymore.

“Come to think of it, Anna will soon come in with tea, let’s sit down on the sofa……”

Selesina was about to guide him to the sofa when she suddenly became anxious. The details of the arrange marriage candidates were resting on top of the table.

Even if she was to break up with Soratek soon, this would really not bode well.

‘Damn, I need to clear them out somehow……..’

Even though she quickly gathered herself so that Soratek wouldn’t be able to notice, Soratek instantly seemed to become a little suspicious.

“Sele, what is that?”

“Umm…….it doesn’t concern Lord Soratek, it’s related to the territory.”

Even if it was to deceive him, there was no way that she could lie to him like that.

“Please don’t mind it.”

She said cheerfully but he extended his hand out without saying anything.

‘Ah, it means that he wants me to hand them over right.’

It’s not a good idea to ruin the mood of the crown prince. But it’s worse to hand over the documents.

‘What should I do?’

Her body froze as she was wondering what to do when a low voice called out.



He left her with no choice but to hand over the documents to him. She resigned to her fate as she handed the documents over to him.

Soratek looked through all the documents as he slowly stopped smiling till he was expressionless.

“I, I’ll……..go check on Anna. Soon she should be bringing tea…..”


“Ye, Yes………”

It would have been a good idea to leave this room right now but looks like he wouldn’t let me escape.

“These are the documents of the territory? I can only see bio data and investigation reports for potential candidates for arranged marriage though?”

“Eh…….uh…..that’s right isn’t it.”

“That’s right?”

As she obediently nodded, Soratek asked her coldly. She wasn’t able to think of anything at the moment as she those blue eyes spoke to her.

“Sele, do you know that you have a fiancé ?”

Didn’t she have an escort to the evening party? He seemed to ask.

How could she forget? 

He gave her a baby pink dress, they entered the hall together and shared a dance.

Selesina looked away and replied with wavering eyes.

“Yes……for now, Lord Soratek is my fiancé.”

“For now?”


Damn, she made a mistake.

She immediately brought palms to my mouth but it was useless since she had already spoken. 

She looked away and wondered what she could do now.

But Soratek moved before that.

He threw the documents onto the table. When I looked into his eyes, they were furious.

“So these are the kind of men you prefer?”

He pointed to the guy with the mother complex and Selesina quickly shook her head in protest.

“Then, this one?  He’s 50 and you’re 16 so he’s even older than your parents though?”

“No, never……”

‘It’s not me that wants to break the engagement. It’s going to be you, Lord Soratek. So there is no reason for you to be so angry.’ Selesina thought.

If I think about what to do after Lord Soratek decides to break his engagement with me then it’ll be too troublesome. 

Am I supposed to be miserable after marrying a man that I don’t even like, with a bio data like that, after you break up with me?

‘I also want to be happy.’

But honestly, speaking you have a lady that you like already right? Why haven’t you told me about it?

‘But isn’t this a good development for Lord Soratek?’

The one to wants to end the engagement with Selesina quickly and marry the heroine – Soratek.

The one who wants to quickly find a new partner for marriage after the engagement is broken – Selesina.

The reason why Selesina wants to quickly find a new marriage partner is that she doesn’t want to worry the Marquis and Soratek who will be married to another girl.

If the girl he broke up with cannot marry again and lives an unhappy life then Soratek will also feel guilty right?

‘But it would surely be difficult to break an engagement without reason…….’

It’s absolutely necessary, a reason to break the engagement.

The fact that Soratek fell in love with another girl is not a good enough reason.

‘Even so, I cannot break the engagement with the crown prince from my end.’

If there is a good reason, the engagement can be broken but we obviously cannot do something about it from our side…………..because it’s the Royal family.

So if you get along well, it’s meaningless to be engaged from childhood. Selesina is the Marquis’s daughter, the heroine is the Earl’s daughter so it doesn’t make sense to break it.

Fortunately, though, Soratek has a good reason for breaking his engagement to Selesina.

That’s also the reason why Selesina is the villainess.

“I’m an incomplete person who hasn’t even received the blessings of the spirits or the Gods. I’m isn’t good enough for a person who has the blessings of the war God Thur.”

“Sele, are you still concerned about that kind of a thing………..?”

Everyone who is born into this world gets the blessings of the Gods and the spirits. Selesina was the only exception.

The beautiful villainess who was abandoned by the Gods, that is who Selesina was.

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