Chapter 20

Translator: Darling | Editor: Nebosuke

Early ​the​ next morning, the kitchen sent two maids to​ deliver​ breakfast to​ Yu Linglong and​ Xuan Cao.

The reason was very​ simple: one of the people from Li Fengnian’s family was​ beaten up by the​ 4th miss in the kitchen, and even madam Mu Shi was​ beaten,​ and​ she still​ couldn’t get out of​ the​ bed.​

Two lively bloody examples were in front of everyone.

Who else in the house dared to provoke this​ savage 4th​ miss​ of​ this Yu house?

Although​ the​ higher ones​ step on​ the​ lower ones​ in​ this​ house, it is human nature for​ the​ weaker ones​ to be afraid​ of​ the​ stronger ones.​ 

Now, after seeing the 4th miss​ even​ surrender to madam​ Mu​ Shi, everyone had to act​ according to the situation.​

They didn’t dare to step​ forward, and they also cannot be offensive.

This was Yu​ Linglong’s purpose. To catch the thief, they first had to catch the​ leader.​ She didn’t have much time​ to​ act​ slowly.​

One had to kill the chicken to​ give​ the monkey a​ look.​ The best target, of course, ​was​ madam​ Mu​ Shi.​

If you want to blame someone, just blame her for being​ the Madam​ of​ this​ house.​ If she didn’t target her, then who should she target!? 

Xuan​ Cao​ served Yu​ Linglong​ and​ washed her up well.

Then she put on a red embroidered butterfly pattern dress that​ they bought last​ night.​

Yu​ Linglong’s snowy skin​ looked even more like​ jade, just as clear as a new moon, like a tree in snow heap, and her pair of eyes shined brightly even in the daytime, making it hard for others to​ stare.

After glancing at the two trembling girls on the ground, Yu Linglong’s face showed a faint smile, which made people unable to understand her mood at the moment.

After a pause, she asked, “Who let you come?”

As soon as she spoke, one maid fell to her knees subconsciously, and the other maid also knelt down quickly, trembling, “We were sent by​ Ms.Li to​ serve you​​ food.” 

From Li Fengnian’s family?

Yu Linglong couldn’t help but sneer, it seemed that these people finally learned well.

If they don’t give​ her food, no one can think about what will​ happen next.

Standing up softly, Yu​ Linglong​ glanced at the food box on the table​: “Do​ you​ want​ to​ taste it?”

According to​ the​ case that happened last​ night in​ Li​ Fengnian’s​ family, the two maids knew what​ might​ happen.

As soon as they heard Yu Linglong​ say that, tears fell from the two girls’ scared faces.​

One girl trembled and sobbed: “Even​ if​ I​ have​ great courage, I wouldn’t dare to juggle your​ food! 4th miss, please act wisely…”

“All right, shut up!” Yu Linglong interrupted her impatiently, and the girl immediately shut her mouth obediently.

Sitting at the table, Yu Linglong picked up the spoon elegantly: “I​ am very generous.

I can’t say when will​ I​ give​ you​ my​ food to​ you, according to my​ emotions.​

Tell Ms.​ Li to think wisely as to what will be the​ result of​ her​ actions!”​ 

After hearing these few words, the two maids were already sifting bran, and they promised in a hurry: “We​ don’t dare, we don’t dare!”​

“Okay, go back.”

Watching the two maids respectfully exit the room, Xuan Cao asked worriedly: “Do we really have to eat this meal?”

Yu​ Linglong​ glanced at​ her: “​What? Do​ you​ want​ to​ eat out​ every day?”​

Xuan​ Cao choked and grabbed the spoon in Yu Linglong’s hand: “Then let me taste it first. If it is not poisonous, you can eat it again, Miss!”

With that said, Xuan Cao quickly tasted the side dishes on the table one by one, and then stood on the side with a serious face, as if she was waiting for an accident to happen.    

Looking at Xuan ​Cao​ as if​ she were dead, Yu Linglong couldn’t help laughing: “What are you doing?”

Laughing back, Yu Linglong’s heart flooded inexplicably.

It was clear that Li Fengnian’s family had poisoned the food last night. Xuan Cao still dared to try the food herself.

If she was not loyal to Yu Linglong, what motivating force could allow a person to do such a thing?

Xuan​ Cao met Yu Linglong’s gaze, but with tears in her eyes, she said firmly: “I​ have followed you since you​ were a child.

If something bad happens to you, I will only die!  There are so many people in this house who want​ to​ hurt you – I cannot let this happen!”​

Looking at Xuan​ Cao’s serious face, Yu Linglong didn’t even know what to say.

Although the two days passed by and they did not have a good time, she was lucky to have such a loyal maid.

Yu Linglong gazed down and lowered her eyes, trying to focus her attention on breakfast: “It’s alright, let’s eat.”

Xuan Cao tried hard to feel if there was something strange in her body, and when it was not there, she smiled: “Well, it’s okay, miss, you can eat with confidence.”

Yu Linglong’s chopsticks paused: “Since you are so uneasy, let’s make a small kitchen by ourselves and just hire a few cooks and girls.”

Xuan Cao suddenly said: “Miss, this idea is good! I​ will go out to find someone later.”

How did she forget that​ her miss​ was rich? Hiring a few cooks was not a big deal.

As the two were discussing, and suddenly there was a panicked voice outside: “The​ 4th​ miss,​ it​ is not good, something is wrong!”

Yu Linglong frowned slightly. She had just arrived here for only two days, what could’ve happened?

Xuan​ Cao​ hurriedly greeted them and said, “Miss is having breakfast, who dares to be noisy here?”

A terrified voice came from​ the​ courtyard,​ “I don’t dare, but…​​ Prince Xu is​ coming and​ he has asked the​ 4th​ miss​ to​ come out.” 

Prince Xu? Suddenly something flashed in Yu Linglong’s mind. The man in a snow-white shirt, who stood beneath the hazy lantern, heard someone called him “Prince”.

Could he be​ that​ Prince​ Xu?

It​ seems that​ the​ man​ could​ find Yu​ LingLong​ that​ quick.

Ignoring the trembling girl in the yard, Yu Linglong got up and said coldly, “Let’s go out and​ see.”


On the​ other​ side, Madam Mu Shi was listening to​ the​ report from the maid,​ “…… Prince​ Xu came​ to​ our house​ so​ early​. He is sitting in the outer courtyard​ living room and​ refuses to​ go​ back.​ The housekeeper already said many times that​ the​ General is not home and there​ are​ only​ women in​ the​ house. Moreover, Madam is not feeling well, so she can’t come out​ and​ meet you, but the Prince still refuses to​ go​ back……”

Madam Mu’s ears were dizzy. Her wounds still hurt. She just woke up from a coma but heard such horrible news.

Prince Xu… The​ one​ who​ filled with capitals, everybody knew that he was hard​ to handle and difficult to deal with! 

Madam​ Mu​ Shi rubbed her head, barely cracking her mouth open to ask: “…… Didn’t he​ say anything?”

The maid who came to report hesitated for a moment, then carefully said: “Prince​ Xu said… He said that the 4th​ miss of our house robbed him of his horse, so he came to ask for his​ horse.”

It’s that Yu Linglong again!  It was not enough to beat the Madam at home -she even got into trouble outside! Not to mention, it was with the difficult Prince Xu!

Madam​ Mu Shi​ only felt her blood rising, and her eyes went black. She really wanted to faint and die so she didn’t have to suffer this live crime.

But the fact is, she has to face this mess!

Mu Shi clenched her teeth and stood up, holding the pain of her whole body: “Come here, dress me.”

Qian Mama, with a swollen nose and a swollen face, limped forward: “Mrs. let’s take a rest first if you are like this… I’m afraid it’s not convenient to go out and meet guests.”

Mu Shi looked at the servants next to her. Shuangtao’s arms were still hanging around her neck. Qian Mama’s face was covered with a thick white cloth. Cui Mama hurt her teeth and​ could only move slightly…

The rest were​ not​ all​ good either. Everyone is scared with a wounded face, and a group of remnants is defeated!

For the time, Mu Shi was sad and angry, and she almost shed tears. Why did she have to suffer such a big loss?

Now she is not only the​ one​ in​ pain, but also everyone in the​ house​ has​ scars on​ their body, and they completely lost their reputation!

After gritting her teeth, Mu Shi ordered: “Go, bring back Brother Wu!”

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