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The “Master swordsman” who was reincarnated, wants to live freely Volume 1 “Swordmaster princess” bodyguard Chapter 37

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Iris’ blade clashed with that of Adyl. 

As they did you could hear the ground rumble around them.

Adyl infused his great sword with magic, making him look like an ogre.

On the other hand, Iris wore her magic which converted to lightning. After colliding with Adyl, she’d send a shock through him. 

“Me.. uu…”

Adyl’s expression became cloudy.

Iris wasn’t going to let that opportunity slip by.


She kicked the ground and made her way to Adyl, in an attempt to push him over.

Yet Adyl strengthened his legs and prepared for the hit to come. Adyl wasn’t just going to fall over from a mere push.

“Iris, leave it to me!”


These two were the most competitive. Underneath Adyl’s feet, a Black Hole appeared.

Adyl tried to retreat to evade it.

But Iris wouldn’t let him. She was going to trap Adyl with a fierce strike.


One breath. 

That moment Iris’ blade let out a flurry of attacks. 

Adyl moved his blade minimally, yet still managed to block. As her flurry ended- 

He was going to counter-attack.


Iris left out a large breath. Her flurry had come to an end.

Adyl stepped forward in an attempt to strike himself. That was the very moment Alia was waiting for.

She went out from Iris’ rear side, onto Adyl, in an attempt to strike back at him. She attacked at high speed with her two short blades.

Alia wasn’t planning to give him any fatal wounds with this attack – Even just damage would eventually even wear down someone like Adyl.

Iris took this chance to breathe in and move. But that very moment –



While he left out a battle cry, Adyl swung his sword.

Alia moved backward.

Adyl’s surroundings began to break, the very atmosphere shook.

Iris and Alia took their distance.

“One minute has passed, you know”

“.. Understood, you two make a fine combination. Out of the two of you… No, you’re both pretty strong”

“I’ll take that as a compliment”

“Sure. Must say, that lightning body of yours does bring me back. Like watching your father”

[Purple Lightning] – It is, as the name implies, a purple-colored magic, that uses a mineral that comes out of [The Violet Dragon].

It is a material that works just like lightning, that would make anyone that touches is numb by shocking them, and can only be used by humans who can withstand the lightning itself.

Even for people that excel in lightning magic, it is a hard to use material. Yet, Iris has still mastered its use.

The electricity that flows through the body amplifies her bodily functions too.

Iris is right now exerting however-many times the power she usually would.

She prepares her sword and asks Adyl

“…Did you kill my father because someone ordered you to?”

“No, at that time I was simply intrigued… I wanted to know who was the Kingdom’s strongest man.

Perhaps I was willing to take that title for myself…”

“No, enough. Once I beat you I will feel what I need to”

If there is no one that ordered my father dead, then I am fine with that. 

For Iris, this meant merely that killing Adyl would make her get rid of her enemy.

Iris and Alia stood next to one another and prepared for battle.

At this moment they had the upper hand. Adyl’s sword surely was massive, with a lot of strength – But it was not nearly strong enough to be unblockable for Iris.

Nor did his attacks have much reach, so Iris and Alia were able to dodge his attacks. That is if things stay as they are.

“…I must confess: I seem to have overlooked something. The one that defeated Azuma and Folt was Schweiss, ye? 

Seems like he exceeded my expectations”

“Your expectations? Look, I told you before, I am not here to entertain you, alright? – We’ll end it with our next strike, Alia”

“Yes, I agree” – Alia said, in response to Iris’ comment.

They made their move once more.

“Well then, this time I want you to last for one minute”


The ground around Adyl began to break. His whole body was overflowing with magic, which caused the ground to tear apart.

The air was roaring even as if a typhoon was approaching. 

“Here I go-“

That moment, as the ground was trembling, Adyl made his move.

It sounded like he attack the ground when he kicked it. 

But as soon as they noticed, Adyl was already in front of them.

(He’s even channeling magic into his blade..!)

All Iris saw was Adyl, overflowing with magic.

His great sword too resonated with the sound of magic overflowing. It was even shaking.

“Alia, behind you!” – Iris shouted. 

She signaled her to pull back.

It was Iris’ blade that countered Adyl’s blade coming down – Her blade was infused with lightning.


However, she couldn’t block it.

Iris was flung backward.

Adyl kept on the move, as to continue his attack.

“You didn’t even take 10 seconds”

“I won’t even let you…”

Between Iris and Adyl now stood Alia. With her short blade, she was never going to be able to defend against the next attack – Alia knew this.

She made her self small and began overflowing with magic, just like Adyl did. Then, she went for the attack and jumped at him.

Adyl’s greatsword clashed with Alia’s short blades. But that very moment, Adyl’s sword exploded.


Alia’s small body was sent flying. 

That wasn’t just a magic outburst – Adyl changed his magic and caused the explosion himself.

Alia then hit the wall with great force.

“Ka… Ha….”

“If she flew the other way she would certainly have died… Well, at least now she won’t be able to move. Well then, Swordmaster Princess, we’re finally alone”

Iris took her distance.

Along with his overwhelming power, he was able to move faster than Iris as well.

But he definitely wasn’t the type that would last for a long period of time. 

If he keeps using his magic like this he will eventually run out, so Iris still has a chance of winning.

(I can’t just evade and deflect… I have to kill him with one good hit–)

At that moment I realized I could do it.

From the corner of her eye, she could see the silhouette of a frightened young girl hiding in the shadows of a building.

(Why are you in a place like—!)

Iris finally realized.

The place where she and Adyl were fighting was already quite far away from the actual battlefield.

Adyl was right on her tail – If she was about to block his attack right now it will hit the little girl.

(If I can’t evade it, then, I have to take it head-on…!)

Iris stopped in her tracks and infused her blade with magic. 

A shining purple hue came out of it, and a piercing sound could be heard.

Adyl’s blade gained more speed as it was exploding – The lightning and explosion clashed, and an explosive wind was unleashed.

While he was flung backward, he looked at Iris.

“So there’s actually someone that can take the hit, hmm?”


I took the explosion right where I stood. I could feel both pain and a burning sensation. I could see a massive burn wound on my right arm.

Iris kneeled.

“Like father, like daughter. Defending children”

Adyl too noticed the child behind Iris. 

The frightened child as just there, trembling in fear. She wouldn’t be able to flee either.

Iris stood before the child and laughed.

“Why are you laughing?”

“No, just like my father, is exactly right”

“Insignificant welp. That weakness will undo you in battle. But you don’t need me to tell you that here. Because you’ll die here”


Iris didn’t respond to Adyl’s words.

Iris had already chosen – The path to protect others. 

(…I can’t even see my surroundings. Seems like I am still in need of some more training. I really can’t face Mr. Schweiss like this, now can I?)

Without controlling her breath, she took her pose.

She was ready to move in any way in order to protect the girl behind her.

“Come then..!”

“I praise you for still being able to say such a thing in a situation like this. I will end it”

Adyl made his move. He swung his greatsword in Iris’ direction.

She couldn’t block another one. Iris too knew this.

But she could still take her blade in hand and fight.

The greatsword came down – But it didn’t hit Iris. It was slightly to her side and hit the ground, where an explosion occurred.

Iris was about to lose her balance due to the explosion, but someone helped her not lose it.

Then, three attacks came forth  – The Wind Blade hit Adyl, and he was flung away.

The one that repelled Adyl’s attack was a young boy.

“Mr. Schweiss…?!”

“Sorry for being late”

Said the young boy – Alta Schweiss.

Never did I feel so relieved.

“If you’re here, then that means that Fiss is dead?”

“Yup. You’re the last one”

Alta readied his blade.

The youngest knight and the last Swordsman Gang member finally stood face to face.

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