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Auto Assigned Villainess Chapter 50

Auto Assigned Villainess
Chapter 50

Extra 1 Villainess Young Lady DLC (5)

“Welcome home, Young Lady.”

“Welcome home.”

We arrived at the Aldington House.

The servants bowing down as we entered the mansion is something I had seen before.

Saying, “Welcome Home,” is like a conditional reflex they developed solely for the “Villainess” Young Lady coming back home.

We walked down the corridor and arrived at Eileen’s room, where I finally am able to relax.

“Haa, dear me!”

“That’s very unrefined of you.”

Eileen commented thus to me who is ungracefully lying down on the sofa.

I’m giving my best in an unfamiliar environment already, so I would like you to overlook this much.

Win gave me a glass of cold water. I have a few gulps so I may calm down and listen to the upcoming plans.

“There are no lessons today.”

“Is that so?”

“Today is the Holy Festival Day after all. All lessons are on a break.”

It is treated as a holiday. I understand. However,

“Weren’t there classes today?”

“I have the same question in my mind.”

This is different from my world, but students seemed to have a similar sentiment in that regard. Eileen is frowning too.

Or maybe, it was done by the game designers to make the chances for meeting the capture targets, but whatever.

I groaned with my brows raised. In the end, I have to prepare a present.

And then, as I kept being like that,


Win called me with a smile.

“The most important thing about the Holy Festival Day is not gifts, but rather, to have a good time together with the people close to you, those that have helped you reach where you are today.
 I don’t know how the Young Lady had talked about it, but I think you are bothered about something unnecessary.”


In response to Win’s words, Eileen folded her arms and turned away.

“I know from the start that you can’t bring anything into this country, even if Win didn’t specifically point it out.
 And most of all, I was just trying to prank you a little… You completely failed to read your master’s thoughts. This is why Konami is still immature as a servant……
 ーーWhat are you both grinning about? Win, you should prepare tea right away!”

“As you wished, Young Lady.”

In response to Eileen’s command, Win bowed down as usual and left the room.

It suddenly gets quiet, and only the sound of the door closing can be heard.

I sat back on the sofa and tilted the glass again, -haa- sighingーー

That was when I noticed Eileen’s strange behavior. She is at the edge of the room, sitting beside the bookshelf and searching for something.

What in the world is she doing?

……I sneaked up behind her and asked in a whisper,

“What might you be doing, Eileen?”

“N-nothing at all.”

In a fluster, she hid something behind her back. Noー she’s trying to hide “something”, but can’t.

Her face turns red and her gaze is wandering about. What she had behind her is,

“A stuffed cat?”

She seemed to briefly think about something, and revealed it.

She has a stuffed calico cat with a large red ribbon, about 20 centimeters in size. It has a large head and a deformed design. It’s mouth is wide open, as if it is about to cry, “nyaa” at any time.

However, it made me wonder a bit when I saw that.

There are a lot of girly interior designs in this room. So it shouldn’t particularly be embarrassing to find a stuffed cat.

So why does she bother to hide such a thing?

Then, Eileen took a deep breath, twice, and said in a stiff voice,

“Y-you, you said before, that you were more of a cat-person than a dog-person.”


“It’s, it’s not like I especially did it for you… Umm… Well… T-that’s right! You, you’re not a person from this country, so this kind-hearted me is going to teach you the customs of the country ー W-what, what are you laughing about!?”

“That’s not it.”

I know I shouldn’t, but I can’t hold the laughter that’s wanting to come out.

The redness in Eileen’s cheeks grew and reached her ears.

In the end, Eileen seems to have prepared a festival gift for me.

Just for me, without any promise, not even knowing if that day will ever come.

What a truly loveable Villainess Young Lady!

The plush toy is soft and warm. The fur is disordered at the point Eileen gripped. I gave it a stroke to fix it.

“Thank you very much. I will gladly receive it.”

“I know you can’t take it home. So I’ll allow you to decorate the shelf with it.”

She pointed to an open corner on the bookshelf. I placed the stuffed cat there and bowed to Eileen, and said, “I’m honored,” half jokingly.

To which Eileen replied, “What a deliberate thing to say!”

She left her bright-red ears as is ー but she tried to hide her cheeks that are loosening on their own, to no avail.

“Ah, I was able to move past that. But above all,”

I went out of Eileen’s room alone, and saw Win waiting there. He was looking at my face as I went out with an easily noticeable gentle smile on his face.

“You probably waited till our conversation was done, right?”

“No, I just arrived here, but I can understand it somehow. Usually, when the Young Lady is too embarrassed, she will call out, ‘You are late in preparing tea, get to it’ or something similar, and she even kicked me out this time. So?”

“I see.”

I get it well. Win laughed.

“The Young Lady really wanted you to come today. Thank you for receiving the gift.”

“Don’t mention it. But in the end, I have nothing to return at all.”

“That’s not true.”

It may be most important to spend time calmly with close friends. But because of such exchange, I wanted to return a gift, to not regret it, and to make sure it doesn’t end up as just a joke.

But Win shook his head, and said,

“I think the Lady has already received her gifts from you.”


It is a very precious gift indeed to spend time together ー is it.

Such a cheesy phrase came to my mind, but Win isn’t one who will say something that would be found in a cheap 3rd rated story.

“Have you ever thought about it, Konomi-sama? After you returned to your country, after the Young Lady returned to being the Young Lady, she was the only one that remained. You were next to her before that, but there is no proof of such.”


So that’s how.

At the moment of my realisation, the smell of tea gently reached my nose. The source of the smell is Win’s gloves. He had been preparing tea up until a while ago.

He turned his palm up and opened lightly. There’s nothing in his handー

“The stuffed animal you receivedー 「It belongs to you, Konomi-sama」 How glad would the Young Lady be for its presence?”

He looked down and smiled as he said so.

Memories generally fade. Some get fragmented and are eventually forgotten.

I am not confident that I’m a good friendー or rather, a “servant” to Eileen. But when I was about to leave this world, and I said it was time for me to leave, she begged me, “Don’t go.”

But I have to leave.

I am not a human from this world in the first place, I can’t bring anything into this world, and I can’t leave anything for her.

Once the game is cleared, the Eileen that remains in this world may have doubted her memory.

After all, she has no solid evidence that I existed.

Win saw the state Eileen was in after I returned, because he is a human from this world. He saw how Eileen lived during the time I am not in this world, not in the game scenario.

Also, what kind of face does she have? What kind of thoughts does she have, what kind of behaviorー

He is an excellent servant through and through.

So, how does he see her?

“That’s why, Konomi, thank you very much for coming here today.”

I simply lowered my head.

However, I am not the one who deserved to receive the gratitude. If at all, the merit should be given to my Kouhai who lent me the game and the developer who still haven’t fixed the bug

But I know I can’t afford to say that.

“In Japan, this day is also said to be a day of miraclesーー It’s definitely thanks to this day that I can receive the gift today.”

“That might be so.”

We stopped and stared at each other, and laughed while killing our voices.

If we laughed out loud, our Young Lady will surely hear it and get irritated again.

“Now then, I’ll be in your care once again… Also the tea is ready, The Young Lady will demand your presence.”

“Thank you very much. I’ll be in your care as well.”

“When it gets a little warmer, how about having tea while viewing the flowers in the garden? The flowers in this mansion are pretty good, though not as good as those in Cummings Annex.”

I want Konomi-sama to see them, could very well be the words that follow.

It’s as if he has no doubt that I will continue to be with them even after winter and spring.

ーThen, he knocked on Eileen’s room.


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