Chapter 22

Translator: Darling | Editor: Nebosuke

When​ Mu​ Shi looked​ up​ at​ Yu​ Linglong, she was met with Yu​ Linglong’s cold eyes, making her instinctively tremble.

    There were two​ people​ in​ the​ hall — one was Prince Xu and the other was Yu Ling​ Long. But​ she​ couldn’t provoke​ both of​ them although one of them was nominally​ her​ daughter. ​

   In front of​ Prince​ Xu,​ Mu​ Shi​ only​ had​ to​ brace herself and​ ask, “Linglong,​ what’s going​ on?”

    Yu​ Linglong​ ​raised her​ head, rays of sunlight shining on​ her​ back to draw out a graceful radiance. She looked like a beautiful and​ proud swan in​ the heavenly lake.​ The blown skin glittered like countless diamonds under the sun, matching up with those smoky eyebrows and​ the​​ fearless look​ that made people dare not to​ look​ at​ her.

    “I snatched his horse! What’s wrong with that?” The clear words rang loudly in the small living room, and Yu Linglong glanced at Prince Xu.

    Is she worried that this embroidered pillow will​ not​ show off​ his​ power!?

    By hearing that, Mu Shi almost passed out.​ A moment ago, when the maid reported that​ Yu​ Linglong​ snatched Prince Xu’s mount, although that​ was​ incredible, she now heard these words straight from​ Yu​ Linglong.​ She​ suddenly felt dizzy.

    Indeed, although Mu Shi had lived for more than 40 years,​ it was very rare to​ meet a​ girl​ who​ went out late​ at night. Moreover, snatching another’s horse was​ even​ more​ unimaginable.

    Prince Xu looked​ at​ Mu​ Shi​ with​ a​ smile on​ his​ face. The snatched horse was just the instigator and he was only here to watch the excitement.

    “Madam, you heard it right? This​ is​ what​ the​ 4th​ miss​ confessed herself.”

      Yu Linglong sneered and took a few steps. A pair of frost-like apricot eyes looked impatiently at Prince Xu: “It was me who snatched​ horse, what do you want to​ do?”

       Mu Shi was so shocked that she forgot all the pain and looked at Yu Linglong in a daze.

     Isn’t this girl​ crazy? How​ can​ she​ dare​ to​ provoke​ Prince​ Xu? Isn’t​ she​ pulling the​ whole​ Yu​ family​ into trouble? 

     Prince​ Xu​ dropped the​ teacup in​ his​ hand​ and​ looked​ at​ Yu​ Ling​long​ with​ ​great interest, but said to Mu Shi: “The​ 4th​ miss​ of​ your​ family really has a bad temper.” 

     Mu Shi​ couldn’t hear the anger in Prince Xu’s tone, and her body shivered involuntarily: “Prince… Please forgive me​ and​ don’t be​ too​ strict on​ this​ girl…”

    She could only say that in front of Prince Xu; she really did not​ dare to provoke Yu Linglong​ again.

   Suddenly Prince Xu laughed as if what Mu Shi said​ was​ a​ ridiculous sentence, “Madam, you are so​ humble. This is my first time​ seeing such a​ brave and​ straight-forward miss.”

    Yu Linglong looked at Prince Xu coldly. Didn’t he just slam the door and asks for his horse just now? Why did he​ change his tone? 

   Afterward, Yu Linglong knew what​ Prince​ Xu​ meant by his​ words, “No wonder the 4th​ miss​ of​ Yu​ wants me​ to​ go back​ to​ learn​ the culture. It turns out that the​ culture of​ the Yu​ family​ is​ strict like​ this… It really makes me wiser.”

     After listening to those words, Mu Shi’s heart seemed to fall into the abyss. What? Yu Linglong even said the​ Prince​ should​ go​ back​ and​ learn​ culture? Doesn’t that​ mean​ the​ teaching system​ of​ the loyal family​ is​ not​ strict enough? Didn’t​ she​ know​ how​ these​ word​s could affect the​ whole​ loyal​ family? 

     Without waiting for Mu Shi’s reply, Yu Linglong said unwillingly: “Why? Did the Prince learn​ culture​ so quickly?”

     Mu Shi couldn’t help it anymore; she spat out blood!

    Now, Yu Linglong was like a​ newborn calf that was not​ afraid​ of​ a tiger. If it were like this, she would harm the whole​ family sooner or later.

    Looking at Yu Linglong’s furrowed brows, Mu Shi suddenly had an idea in her heart. She immediately fell to her knees and fell to the ground, whining and crying: “Prince, please forgive me. Yu Linglong doesn’t understand the rules, she doesn’t respect elders, she is really stubborn, and I can’t handle her! Prince, you see, the scars on my whole body are from her!”

     Mu Shi burst into tears, and the thick fat powder on her face was also washed away, making the wound on her face​ even more shocking.

       “It’s said that​ family shames must not be spread abroad, but I really can’t let​ this​ girl​ destroy the​ whole​ Yu​ family. I request you to consider General Yu who is fighting bravely at​ Bei Jiang for​ the​ country, please forgive us, I am willing to give this​ girl​ to​ the Prince​ to​ handle​ her case!”

      Mu Shi’s generous remarks were not​ miserable. First, she made clear of the​ relationship between​ herself​ and​ Yu​ Linglong.​ Second, she hinted that Yu Ling​Long​ was​ not​ her​ biological daughter; she was only responsible for teaching ineffectiveness, and​ she​ was​ also hurt by​ Yu​ Linglong as a​ victim. Third, she reminded that General Yu was still leading soldiers on the frontline. If the Prince wanted to​ do​ something, he’d have to consider the​ effect of​ General​ Yu. She also “generously,” asked prince Xu to take away the cause of​ the disaster, namely Yu Linglong, and handed her over.

     In the past two days, she had lost countless times to Yu Linglong’s hands. This time, she finally played her strong points. The words were fierce and provoked. She wished she could throw out Yu Linglong, the hot potato, immediately, and it’d be best if Prince​ Xu did it.

    Of course, when Mu Shi said these words, she was very far away from Yu Linglong. After​ she finished speaking, she hid behind Prince Xu exaggeratedly, which made it seem like she was afraid of Yu Linglong to prove what she said just now.

      Seeing that Mu Shi, who had just shrunk her shoulders and didn’t dare to speak, suddenly issue such a bunch of long stories, the two people in the room looked different.

      Prince Xu still smiled as if it had nothing to do with himself raised his eyebrows slightly, and seemed to think that this was very interesting to this mother and daughter of Yu. Indeed, in this society where morals and ethics ruled, a girl like Yu Linglong who was able to beat her nominally mother was really unique, and it was no wonder to Prince​ Xu​​ looking at​ these situations.

     Looking at Prince​ Xu​ who was still waving his fan, Yu Linglong gave a contemptuous sneer. Although the weather in late spring was not hot, how could he wave his fan​ all​ the​ time? This prince was born very well, but it was a pity that this self-proclaimed affair looked like an appetizing spoiler.

     Not caring about young Prince​ Xu’s appearance, Yu Linglong’s sharp eyes fell on Mu Shi who was hiding behind him.

    This smelly woman — hadn’t she already cleared the​ case​ of the haunted yard she arranged yesterday? Why did she run out to pretend again in front of Prince​ Xu?

     She even wants the​ prince to take her away and handle it!? 

    Even​ if​ she​ is​ an insignificant girl, Yu Linglong has no one to rely on with no one to hurt and no one to love, but she also is a​ person, a person with a thoughtful and​ emotional mind.​ As the head of the Yu​ house, Mu Shi easily handed​ her​ to the Prince who hurriedly came to​ make​ trouble. What did she think of​ Yu​ LingLong​? Did she think of​ her​ as a small kitty or puppy? 

    Thinking of the words that Mu Shi said last night before being beaten, Yu Linglong narrowed her eyes slightly, and a pair of black jade-like warm eyes radiated a burst of chilly air.

    Yes, she remembered very clearly. Mu Shi once said: “If​ I want you to live, you live. If I want you to die, you have to die!”

     She’d give her to Prince Xu in exchange for the safety of Yu​ home, and then she could also pull out the nail in her own eyes. This plan of Mu Shi​’s was really good!

    Old​ hates and​ new hates​ gradually set​ forth in​ her​ mind — Yu LingLong’s delicate eyebrows rose gradually and she walked towards Mu Shi step by step. She didn’t care if the​ Prince​ will​ help​ Mu​ Shi​ or​ not, as she didn’t have to fear that​ useless person anyway.

    Mu Shi’s eyes saw Yu Linglong’s sharp eyes, and the pain around her body was suddenly hot and painful, and she stuttered: “Y-you, what are you going to do?” 

    “Is your injury not​ enough? Do you want me to help you ‘see’ again?” The fingers squeaked. Yu Linglong’s tone emitted danger, and it seemed that she would start the fight soon.

     Mu Shi was terrified and looked to Prince Xu for help: “Prince, Prince, you look…”

     She only offended Yu Linglong for the sake of Prince​ Xu. This prince would not abandon her, right?

     Prince Xu suddenly seemed to find something interesting, and got up to walk curiously out of the door: “Hey, where is this bird from? The feathers seem very bright.” It seemed like he was giving the venue to Yu Linglong carelessly.  

     Without the protection of Prince Xu, Mu​ Shi’s body suddenly shook like a sieve.

     As soon as Yu Linglong saw Mu​ Shi’s​ frightening appearance, she felt sick like she had eaten flies. She took out her hand and lifted Mu​ Shi​ from the ground!

     Mu Shi completely lost the will to resist. She really didn’t expect that Yu Linglong would dare to do it in front​ of Prince​ Xu!  She did not expect that ​ Prince​ Xu​, who​ she​ intently curried favor with would pretend not to see Yu Linglong’s “atrocities”!

    Thinking of​ the​ actions Yu​ Linglong​ treated to her​ last night, she really was the​ desire situation​ of​ not​ knowing ​who​ to​ call​ for​ help.

    At that moment, an indifferent voice suddenly came​ from​ the​ outside of​ the door: “Stop!”​

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