Chapter 21

Translator: Darling | Editor: Nebosuke

In the living room of the outer courtyard, Prince Xu sat firmly on the chair in the center. At this time, the sun was shining brightly. The bluestone floor that had just been cleaned in the morning glowed with soft light, which was projected on Prince Xu’s emerald white silver thread robe. ​There was a silvery-white faint glow on the whole body, so people couldn’t open their eyes, and even more, he set off his​ luxurious expression.

He looked so confident with a cold smile on his face, and he seemed to completely treat housekeeper Yu standing beside him like air.

   “…Prince, please forgive us. It is really inconvenient for Mrs. Fu to see guests…”

   Although​ housekeeper Yu​ said that, Prince Xu acted as if it was just wind​ passing over​ his​ ear.

  “Oh? Then what you mean is​ today I​ came here to​ wasting time​ and​ I​ have​ to​ let​ go of​ my​ horse?”​ Prince​ Xu held the teacup and blew the tea leaves floating on the hot water leisurely, “Or are General Yu’s military achievements are getting bigger and​ even the Yu​ family​ can treat me​ badly like​ that?!”

    Housekeeper Yu immediately bowed his head and dared not speak again.

   Although this Prince​ Xu didn’t have​ anything special with​ Yu home, he was notorious in capital’s influential officials surrounding, not because of how violent he was, but because of how he behaved unexpectedly and never made sense. When he is in a good​ mood, everything is ok and if​ he​ is​ in​ a bad mood, even an egg can make you​ dig up​ your​ bone.

   What’s even more frustrating is that he is to be respected, just because he is the adorable 9th Prince​ of the current emperor.​ This just decides one thing: if he provokes you, you have to be forced to​ suffer in​ silence, but if you provoke him, you just set​ the horse’s house on fire.

   All nine sons of​ the​ emperor​ were​ different.​ As the youngest Prince, Prince Xu surly behaved as he pleased. No matter who provoked him, that person would have a headache for a long time.

  Housekeeper Yu looked at the mischievous prince on the chair, hesitating to speak or not, anxiously like the ants on the hot pot.

     At this time, a cold voice rang from​ the​ outside of the hall: “I didn’t know​ ​about the​ honorary presence of​ Prince​ Xu, what’s the matter?”

   Hearing the voice of his savior, he hopefully raised his head. Finally Master came out to​ meet the​ Prince, and he could now rest.

      But in the next moment, he was fixed on the spot as he​ was​ hit​ by​ a lightning strike, and now he couldn’t even speak.

    He only saw​ Yu​ Linglong​ in​ a​ red dress standing at​ the​ door under the​ sunlight, and looking directly at  Prince​ Xu​ on​ the​ chair​ with​ a​ cold​ look.

   Wasn’t it the​ path to​ the​ enemy? Everyone​ closed their​ doors, but this 4th miss still​ dared​ to​ come out!? 

  He​ saw Prince​ Xu​ smiled slightly and put down the teacup in his hand: “It turned out to be the fourth miss of the Yu family. I thought I met a female thief last night!”

   Did he just say that he was a​ female thief? Yu​ Linglong​ sneered slightly. Do you want to fight? Let’s see​ who​ will​ win! 

 “​Prince, you are overpraising me. My skills are not good​ enough as you, riding a horse while drunk in​ the​ late​ night!” Yu​ Linglong​ opposed back.​ “Disturb everything, everyone, I wonder is that what the​ Prince​ wishes ​for?”

   “Okay, you are really is the daughter of​ the tiger father!” Prince​ Xu​ suddenly opened the​ folded fan​ in​ his​ hand, and on the fan, there was​ a​ panoramic​ landscape painting with​ fine ink, which added one more layer of​ nobility for​ him. And since he was​ also a refined noble, he didn’t want to lose the​ elegant vibe.

   “My life is​ good, there’s nothing more than aesthetic wine​ and​ a fine​ horse.​ Now, you took away my horse, so how should I deal with​ this​ crime?”

  The man in the seat seemed to be laughing, but a pair of his eyes​ kept staring at Yu Linglong — his eyes examining and displaying impatience.

  This girl, even after knowing his identity, still dared to stand in​ front​ of​ him proudly like an arrogant​ unique lotus. She really was impressive. 

    Yu Linglong sneered, raising her little chin without fear: “Then I dare to ask the prince: by​ riding a horse in the middle of the night, disturbing the civilians, and disturbing the passers-by for no reason, how will you name this​ crime!?”

   If you​ are​ a needle, then I am the awn. Let’s see who’s harder, and who’s afraid of who!?

  The housekeeper by​ the​ side was shocked to hear that and​ was so frightened that he fell on his knees and stuttered: “Prince, Prince Xu, our 4th miss arrived at the house only a​ few days​ ago, she doesn’t understand the rules, and I beg the Prince to​ forgive…  “

   In the living​ room, two tit-for-tat people didn’t even look at him at all. Their eyes met volley, one with slight inquiry and surprise, one unrelenting and untamed like a galloping wild horse in the vast grassland. Fire sparks almost appeared in the air.

   At this critical moment, a very weak sound came over, breaking the tension in the room.

     “The Prince has arrived. I am late, and I hope the Prince would forgive me.”

     Prince Xu snorted slowly and he slowly looked away. His eyes fell on the person who had just come in.

    He saw Mu Shi with the supporting maid walking out tremblingly. The thick fat powder still couldn’t cover the bruise marks on her face. Her footsteps were a little bigger and she couldn’t help the twitching of the corner of her eye, which was obviously painful and unbearable.

     There was a trace of surprise in Prince Xu’s eyes, and he quickly glanced at Yu Linglong.

     He​ felt that the reason why Mu Shi became like​ that was related to the girl in front of him.

     Mu Shi gritted her teeth and endured the pain, saluted Prince Xu, and tried to squeeze out a reluctant smile, saying, “May I know what is the reason for your visit?”

    Prince​ Xu smiled slightly, leaning leisurely on the back of the chair, and it seemed to restore the image of the usual royal prince. He said casually: “Don’t pretend. If you are really respectful to me, you will not leave me here for​ a​ long​ time.”

    Mu Shi tried hard​ to​ come out​ and​ meet the​ guest, and after hearing Prince Xu’s words which regarded her as disrespected, this made her speechless and​ she​ couldn’t even​ say a​ word.

   She could no longer support her aching body. She fell onto her knees on the ground and cried, “Even if I had ten thousand courage in my body, I would not dare to disrespect the Prince. I ask the Prince to understand that I​ am​ sick and forgive me!”

    Yu Linglong looked at Mu Shi’s tears and begging, and she looked away in disgust.

     Was this the same Madam Yu who was the one​ urged her the night before? She was so cruel and vicious to the girl, but so humiliating to the Prince of a wine bag. It really was a model of bullying and fear.

    Prince Xu glanced at Mu Shi, but his gaze fell on Yu Linglong who kept her head upright.

     Mu Shi said she was sick? How ridiculous. Everyone​ could tell with​ a glance that she was hurt!

    But how could a lady in a deep house compound be so seriously injured? Looking at the​ Yu​ Linglong​ by​ the side, even a fool could also guess the clue.

   Prince Xu swayed his fan leisurely and stayed like a gentleman, but his tone slightly changed: “Come on, get up, if other people see this, they will think I am​ bullying an​ old, weak, ill madam!”​

   Mu​ Shi secretly stated in​ her mind, ‘What other people, currently, in the Yu home, there is no master. He​ obviously came to​ bully this weak, old, ill woman.’ 

    Thinking this way in her heart, she dare not to​ say so out loud. Mu Shi lowered her eyes, slowly stood up, and asked respectfully: “The Prince arrived in person, may I know why?”

      Prince​ Xu​ looked at Yu Linglong with a smile: “In this case, Madam, ask your 4th miss!”

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