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Master of Science and Technology – Chapter 25

Translator: Darling | Editor: Nebosuke

In fact, not only alchemy, even talisman, lianqi, tactical deployment of troops, formation, and the methods of Daoism could be practiced in this game. Of course, the premise was that the corresponding data was required. The more detailed the data, the more realistic the simulation will be.

The simplest way to concoct a pill is to know how to set it up correctly, troubleshoot it, and what kind of elements will cause an effect. Thus, he would reach the correct standard as long as he kept practicing, and he would be able to refine the right elixir.

But that was based on the idea of a skilled worker. The inflexibility would not bring any insight if the alchemist only knew how it worked but didn’t know why it works. For example, even if a person has enough cultivation but does not practice alchemy, he could refine and produce an elixir after entering and practicing for tens of thousands of times. Still, he will not be able to become an alchemist.

If someone wants to be successful in alchemy, he can’t rely on this simple and rigid repetitive practice. He needs more detailed data support. For example, there is the data of various herbal medicines, the data of elixirs, and the data of the changes inside the pill furnace for the elixir at every moment during the refining process, and so on. This was the real and perfect simulation, almost the same as the real one. It could make people know why it is right, and why it is wrong.

Ye Zan originally planned to collect data from Liu Gan. For example, he’d let Liu Gan refine a few elixirs for real. But Ye Zan felt that this method would not work after exiting the game. Since Liu Gan was just a master of alchemy, he would likely build a master-level pattern of alchemy if he would be the object of data collection. Moreover, when collecting data from Liu Gan, he has to worry about confidential matters and think about excuses, which is too troublesome.

Ye Zan’s eyes suddenly lit up thinking about it. He finally thought of the most suitable candidate right on the main peak of the Yuqing sect which was banned.

Elder Xuan Yuan was a powerful immortal. Although he only had only one remaining soul left, his knowledge and experience were not lost. Neither was he an alchemy master, a lianqi master, a talisman master, or even a master of tactical deployment of troops. Even if he only cultivated these, his achievements couldn’t be compared to that of ordinary people.

Knowing that immortals were the strongest people in this world, close to everlasting life, he especially had a profound understanding of “Taoism”. So, spending a hundred or two hundred years by taking a small amount of knowledge in other fields meant that his achievement was far beyond that of ordinary people.

Ye Zan took a jade plate which was the jade plate of the remaining part of Elder Xuan Yuan’s soul and became his key to enter the main peak. Elder Xuan Yuan’s instructions before were to put the jade plate on his forehead and imagine going to the Yuqing sect’s main peak.

When Ye Zan put it on his forehead, the jade lit up and enveloped his body. Then he turned into a light and vanished from the room.

“Hey, why did you come here? Do you have a clue?”

When Ye Zan returned to normal, he heard a voice behind him, and he turned and saw Elder Xuan Yuan. Although He Zan couldn’t see his face clearly, it seemed to be a little better than before.

When he heard Xuan Yuan, Ye Zan turned around and hopelessly said, “Elder, do you know how much the Yuqing sect has changed these past ten thousand years due to the experiences we have been through from those years till now? Not to mention your blood, but the entire lineage of the Yuqing sect has been thrown away almost one after another. Where could I find clues? It is clear that each one is a clue.”

“This bunch of worthless things!” Elder Xuan Yuan cursed angrily.

Ye Zan pursed his lips and saw himself on the battlefield, “I have made several clones which are made of genes that are said to be extremely qualified. Otherwise, you will simply choose a good one.”

“Oh? I haven’t noticed it yet. Where did you find a body that easily?” Xuan Yuan glanced at Ye Zan. Even though he seemed a little surprised, he could tell that Ye Zan had gotten smarter. 

“I met old Mo’s unfortunate disciple by chance.” Ye Zan casually said, and briefly told him about Qi Qianjun. 

“How hateful. They were simply pushing him too hard. If I could cultivate again, this group of shameless people will be wiped out.” Elder Xuan Yuan stamped his feet, but now he was just a remaining soul, he didn’t have the ability to do anything. 

Ye Zan said, “Anyway, I think it’s difficult to find your drop of blood. It’s no use even if you really hate it, even if we find a drop of your blood and pick a clone, how much can you recover it?”

“What do you know, I realized that there was a trace of the great way in the essence blood back then. If only I could get the essence blood, I could restore my strength back to those times as soon as possible,” Elder Xuan Yuan said in low spirits, but soon revealed a trace of excitement, he said, “Speaking of the clues, I have some clues.”

“Is there a clue?” Ye Zan got excited too. After all, if Xuan Yuan really recovered his strength, it would be beneficial to him.

Elder Xuan Yuan nodded and said, “I used the power of the great array to calculate, and my drop of blood probably fell in the east.”

“In the east?”

“In the south as well.”


“Yes, from the east to the south… southeast. In short, this is the range,” Elder Xuan Yuan said affirmatively.

When Ye Zan heard this, his expression darkened. And when Xuan Yuan finished his words, Ye Zan burst into fury all of a sudden, he said, “East, south, southeast! You mean, your so-called clue is one of the four corners of the world!”

Although the Yuqing sect was not in the center of Shenhua’s boundary, it was more towards the south, and Elder Xuan Yuan said that this range was not much smaller than a quarter of the domain. Within this range, there were hundreds of big and small sects and few had not cut into the Yuqing sect.

“Oh, take your time since you can’t do anything even if you find it.” Elder Xuan Yuan was a little embarrassed — this range was indeed too large. He turned and asked Ye Zan, “Do you need anything else while you’re here?”

“Of course, I’m waiting for you.” After that, Ye Zan opened the door of his dimension, several robots moving machines to the square.

The machine was somewhat like storage, with a glass cover on the front, but the glass cover was embedded with complex silver circuits, and there was no electrode wiring in the game storage. This indeed was a game storage transformation, not for humans, but specifically designed for Elder Xuan Yuan. 

Elder Xuan Yuan was not a person but a soul, or a conscious body. If he wanted to let Elder Xuan Yuan enter the game, an ordinary game storage or helmet won’t do.

Elder Xuan Yuan walked around the machine twice and curiously said, “What is this thing for?”

“Come, I will teach you how to use it,” Ye Zan said and switched on the machine, then he let Elder Xuan Yuan enter the storage.

Soon, Elder Xuan Yuan and Ye Zan appeared in the world of the game, and Ye Zan also began to inform him of his plan.

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