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Master of Science and Technology – Chapter 24

Translator: Darling | Editor: Nebosuke

The nano-suit’s function was just like a training room. Its purpose was to stimulate the human body with a micro-electric stimulation to accelerate the development of muscle memory activity in the game.

Take note that no matter how real the environment is in a virtual reality game, it is just mental activity. No matter how well your endurance is in the game, if your body has a slow response after coming out from there, it’d the same as if you hadn’t trained at all, and it might be better to not train. If one believed they could quickly act, in the life and death situation, the body wouldn’t be able to catch up with the brain’s command, and the result could be imagined. 

The nano-suit was not a nano combat suit. Although it also had certain defense capabilities, it was more like an undergarment in the world of science and technology. This nano-suit had an automatic temperature control function so that it could maintain the temperature of the body. In addition, it had an automatic adjusting function, so that it could fit well without making people feel stiff.

Ye Zan just added the electro stimulation function to the nano-suit so that it could substitute the training storage.

“How will I be able to leave this place?” Elder Mo asked.

“Very simple. I think you want to leave, then you can leave here after the countdown.” Ye Zan explained.

He set a 10 second-countdown so as to prevent someone from using an exit to avoid the battle, just like in a game. This was the most important function here since it trained their endurance. If they were outside and there was a danger, there was no exit function for them to avoid the danger.

Elder Mo did not speak. He became transparent until he disappeared after ten seconds. This time, back in the room, Elder Mo got up from the bed while wearing the gaming helmet.

After taking off the helmet, Elder Mo looked beside him. Ye Zan was sitting there drinking tea and looking at him. He couldn’t help but ask curiously, “Don’t you need these to enter inside?”

“Hehe, no. You won’t understand even if I tell you.” Ye Zan had a brain assisted chip in his head, so he did not need the game helmet to enter the game world. But, he just entered the game to supervise Elder Mo, just like a GM. If he wanted a better experience however, he still needed a game helmet or virtual training storage to get a better training effect.

For more than a month, Ye Zan used machines and materials in the different dimension space to make hundreds of helmets and nano-suits. Although it was not that much, for the number of disciples of the Yuqing sect, it’s more than enough.

At Ye Zan’s suggestion, Elder Mo immediately agreed to it with both hands after experiencing the world of gaming. So, the two immediately searched for Wu Changsheng without delay, as well as two other Jindan masters, to let them go in to experience it.

As soon as Wu Changsheng and the others came out of the game world, it was understandable that they were shocked and excited to let the disciples enter the game world to train. They were even more willing to raise their feet to show they agreed with it.

Place the equipment!

Everyone in the Yuqing sect took one as soon as the equipment was issued with a simple manual.

When Ye Zan returned to his room, he entered the world of the game again. This was the official game world, not the one he showed to Elder Mo. This world not only imitated the Yuqing sect, but like most games, players appeared in a small village after landing, and that was called Xinshou Village.

There were shops in this village designed to motivate players to participate in more battles. There was no powerful equipment in the store, there were two main types of goods sold: one was the various kinds of impressive titles, and the other was the various kinds of impressive clothing. Both titles and clothes required points to be exchanged, and they needed to fight to get points.

There were a lot of monsters outside the village, such as swordsmen like before, assassins, pugilist masters, and so on. There was every kind of stencil-plate in battle in the form of monsters, and there were also various beasts and monsters. Of course, the strength of these monsters was their stepping stone, and the distribution area was also divided according to their strength. Also, in order to prevent someone from getting the points, the monster’s strength and the player’s strength had to be checked. If the player’s strength exceeded a certain range, they could no longer get points from the monster.

Soon when Ye Zan entered the game, some people also appeared in Xinshou Village, curiously looking around the village, and people and the NPCs in the shop kept slinging. However, the novice village was not big. After a while, people turned their eyes to the outside of the village.

The east gate of Novice Village. A couple of men and women in their twenties, carrying swords from the system, walked out of the village happily as if they were entering the wild.

However, they soon couldn’t laugh anymore. Right after they left the village, their figures appeared again on the square in the center of the village. And they reappeared, their faces pale, their bodies shaking like sifting chaff, and apparently they had not escaped from the shadow of death.

On this day, such a situation was not a minority. The monsters outside the village told them with bloody facts: Want to kill us for points? You are still far away!

“Will it hit them too much?” Elder Mo Da’s figure appeared next to Ye Zan, and the young disciples who watched the continuous rebirth of the central square looked so unbearable.

“What blow could this be? It is better to be hit here than to lose your life outside,” Ye Zan said disapprovingly.

“Brother Mo Dao, Ye Daoyou, you guys are here too. Why don’t you go out and play?” An individual came out from the square and went straight to Elder Mo and Ye Zan.

“How many times have you gone out?” Ye Zan asked with a smile.

Liu Qian old blushed and said: “Not many times, it is not my direction. Unfortunately, there is no alchemy here. I still have a few Danfang to study, so I will not chat with you. “

Hearing Liu Qian’s words, Ye Zan moved his heart and said quickly: “This is a good idea, but you still need to cooperate.”

“Really?” Liu Gan was a little excited.

Danshi was a very good profession. Just look at Liu Qian’s status in Yuqingzong. If one wanted to be a Dan teacher and wanted to achieve Dan Dao success, it was not only a matter of will as it was more important to have enough “money”.

To put it bluntly, Master Dan piled up resources and got a strange Danfang. Every failure meant that a lot of herbs were wasted. Therefore, many Danshi cards were at the level of Master Dandao, perhaps not because of insufficient talent, but because they do not have enough resources for him to accumulate enough experiences of failure.

Yu Qingzong was not a local tyrant. After all, it was impossible to provide Liu Gan with unlimited resources. Liu Gan was equivalent to a high-paid wage earner. If Liu Gan let go of his hands and feet to attack Master Dan Dao, Yu Qingzong would be removed from the world without waiting for his success.

In this game world, as long as there were various detailed data of those herbs, endless herbs could be simulated. If alchemy is done in this world, if it fails 10,000 times, it is just a pile of data. However, the experience is real.

Anyway, Liu Gan left a soul lamp. If he could really be promoted to the Master of Dao Dao, it would definitely be a great thing for Yu Qingzong. Moreover, as there was a game world, even if the other Zongmen didn’t want to dig corners, they would not be able to let Liu Gan move.

Thinking of all the benefits, Ye Zan decided to upgrade the game as soon as possible and join the alchemy system.

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