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Master of Science and Technology – Chapter 23

Translator: Darling | Editor: Nebosuke

Elder Mo stood silently, watching the surrounding scene change from the wide grassland to mountains and rivers. He was shocked and speechless. Although he knew that there must be a reason as it was impossible for someone who cultivated lianqijing to do this, he was still shocked by this scene.

“How is it Old Mo, isn’t this beautiful?” Ye Zan finally put down his hand.

This place resembled the Yuqing sect. The place where the two stood was one of the platforms in the competition for the Yuqing sect’s outer disciples on Chaoyang Peak.

“Th-this is Chaoyang Peak? No, Supreme Martial Uncle, what place is this?” Elder Mo was at a loss for a while, but he immediately came to his senses. This wasn’t the real Chaoyang Peak. With his cultivation of Yuanyingjing, it was really impossible for him not to sense if someone entered, let alone watching everything appear all of a sudden. 

Ye Zan smiled and said, “Just wait. There’s still more, but you have to remember that you can only use the power of the lianqijing to deal with it.”

“What?” Elder Mo froze for a moment — he did not understand what Ye Zan meant.

But soon Ye Zan waved his hand, and figures appeared from nowhere. They were tall and big, wrapped in heavy armor with giant swords like planks. 

“Swoosh!” The swords rushed towards Elder Mo to slay him.

If he was just an ordinary person, he might be scared to death before he got killed while facing this big and strong sword. But Elder Mo was Yuanying, he used magic to strike it back when he saw the sword was coming toward him.

But he suddenly remembered what Ye Zan said to him just now — he must suppress his lianqijing strength. He now understood what he wanted to do. He dodged and stretched his palm, striking the sword, then the giant sword was thrown to the side.

“Interesting. It feels so real. It’s not as simple as huanjing.”

The six armored swordsmen were ninth rank cultivators of lianqi, they even had a joint attack which made the zhuqijing at a disadvantage. Elder Mo could play as well, although his cultivation was suppressed to the lianqijing, but since his vision and what he learned were far from lianqijing, he directly waved his palms to greet those swordsmen.

Ye Zan floated in mid-air, watching the match under him, which was much more exciting than the match between outer disciples. The six great swordsmen were just like a demolition team. The plank-like sword broke with its fragments flying in all directions, several platforms were torn apart, and holes appeared on the ground.

Elder Mo was a bit dejected for a while. Since he had mastered the yuanying for hundreds of years, it was hard for him to be over-cautious if he suppressed the lianqijing. If the six swordsmen were just ordinary outer disciples, Elder Mo would be able to deal with them just by playing with them, but the ordinary disciple was no match against these six swordsmen.

Bracing himself was still Elder Mo’s resort, but even if it suppressed his power, it wasn’t really suppressing it at all. Since lianqijing and yuanyingjing didn’t really have a difference in amount, they instead had a huge gap in quality. Just like substances, there is gas, liquid, and solid. If you would take some part from the solid, then it would transform into a huge amount of gas.

Even if an ordinary cultivator of lianqi could compete with the six swordsmen at the beginning, they would eventually use up their lianqi. But Elder Mo didn’t have this problem. If he maintained this level of lianqi, perhaps there would never be a day when his essential qi would be used up.

For a moment, Ye Zan could not tell which side would win while watching the fight below for a long time. Ye Zan was a little irritated as he floated in the air. He shouted to Elder Mo, “Old Mo, you’re almost there, don’t resist.”

Elder Mo was stunned for a moment, but he didn’t hesitate. He didn’t shield himself from the huge swords and watched the two giant swords coming to chop him.

Then, the two giant swords instantly cut Elder Mo Da into several pieces, and the scene looked very bloody. After chopping Elder Mo, the six swordsmen disappeared, and the chopped Elder Mo’s body on the ground it became transparent as well until it disappeared.

“How does it feel to be chopped?” Ye Zan turned and asked.

Elder Mo’s figure appeared next to Ye Zan. With a bitter smile on his face, he said, “It doesn’t feel good, but it’s a strange experience. It’s my first time getting chopped into pieces in my whole life.”

“What do you think if we bring all of our disciples to train here?” Ye Zan said while waving his arm, then Chaoyang Peak suddenly returned to its original state.

Elder Mo Da frowned and nodded, “That’s a good idea. Although I don’t know what really happened, everything felt so real. It won’t really harm you even if you die here, so it’s a perfect training place for those kids. The Yuqing Sect originally had Mijing where the disciples could train. Unfortunately, as the main peak was locked, no one could enter there.”

In fact, not only the Yuqing sect but even the top sects used to bring their disciples to train in Mijing. They often had monsters and beasts in Mijing, some imprisoned demon cultivators were the disciples’ training opponents. However, for those disciples to train inside the Mijing, it was so dangerous that they might die inside.

For the well-known sects, they have many disciples, so they did not care about those who died. Like big waves washing away the sand, the rest was gold. Even if the gold washed away together with the sands, they weren’t worried. Due to the fierce competition among the disciples, the disciples who died in Mijing may not all die in the hands of the monsters.

However, these disciples of the Yuqing sect now won’t regret it even if they die unlike those days, but at least it was better not to lose as much as possible. If he protects these disciples too much, however, and can’t bear anything that might happen to them, they would become flowers in the greenhouse. They would quickly die with just a gust of wind.

Ye Zan thought it was a good place. Not only did everything feel real, but they also won’t really die even if they died here. Of course, dying doesn’t feel that great, otherwise, if they get used to dying inside this realm, they might neglect their life outside this realm, and that would be bad.

This was the power of science and technology that Ye Zan had been using for more than a month to produce results, a realm where the Yuqing sect disciples could train.

In fact, the nature of this realm was a very common virtual reality game in the world of science and technology, but artificial intelligence could recompile this in the framework of a game.

Of course, it doesn’t take too long to recompile a game with the power of artificial intelligence.

Data gathering was really time-consuming. Since there was no such thing as essential qi in the world of science and technology, and there were no martial arts techniques that used essential qi. Besides, it consisted of the design and creation of the peripheral device. To make the experience effective and could affect their real bodies, the original game helmet alone was not enough. Therefore, he had to make Elder Mo wear that suit.

In fact, the best peripherals used special game storage. In Ye Zan’s different dimension space, and even a virtual union military training storage existed. However, the game storage had too much science and technology involved and there was no way to explain it. So, Ye Zan designed a nanosuit to replace the game storage.

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