Chapter 11

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Wherever you go there are always people unsatisfied with their positions even if they are already a part of an elite group. 

To further categorize many of these unsatisfied people came from the B or C groups. 

They had big ambitions and rage. 

The easiest way to vent these feelings was to take it out on the weak. 

For that very purpose, they had organized the auction called “dream world” which was the main event of the night. 

‘When I had played it as a game I strategized by constructing the map myself, so I remembered where the secret passageway.’

I referred back to my memory and easily found the secret passageway. 

Soon I reached the location I had planned to reach, the backstage of the banquet hall. 

That’s how I had reached backstage. 

Every individual item card was packaged on a golden box waiting to go on stage. 

‘The item qualities are not bad.’

They didn’t look more than SR rarity but there were SR—— and R+++ rarity items. 

They were sufficiently rare items.

Seeing how there were a few large boxes there seemed to be a few items up for auction that wasn’t convertible into a card form. 

In terms of cost, these items were worth thousands and millions. 

But of all the one that caught my attention was the gold plated birdcage. 

‘What bad taste…..’

The dress code for the party was Vegas gold. 

There was a boy wearing an angel costume made out of gold. 

He was the playable character 

< Identify information>

[Name] Saeum of April

[TITLE] Last lineage of the royal family’s messengers

[[BELIEF] None


[CONDITION] Sealed for sale applied – those sealed are preconditioned to level 1

[Overall skill] Lv.1


Messenger Lv.1

Flying Lv.1

Mastery of wind Lv.1


Last lineage of the royal family’s messengers

The last king of the royal lineage had said “Even though the saying goes that people’s ranks are decided from birth for me all are of the same rank to me”

The king had dissolved the rule of slavery for 66 thousand slaves and liberated his messenger who had no name or identity. 

The messenger had been born in April so was named with the last name “April.’

He, Saeum of April,  who had been in the shadows in no name or identity served to deliver the ‘words of the king that should not have been recorded in history.’ 

Those of the April lineage had the ability to display the power of what had only been heard as a myth since the collision of the world. 

The known abilities of the messengers were ‘messenger skills’, ‘flying’, and ‘mastery of wind’.

Only Saeum of April had all these three skills combined form the April lineage. 

The great Saeum of April was now locked up in a birdcage. 

With a blindfold over his eyes, and cuffs around his wrist. 

He who had been breathing softly must have sensed my presence and asked.

“Who are you….?”

Saeum of April was a prized item. 

They would not have used violence or treated him poorly in case his cost dropped. 

Yet Saeum of April had sunken cheeks and dry lips. 

He looked small and weak enough to have passed off for a primary school kid.

“How long has it been since you’ve been here.”

“A week..a month…?”’

He seemed to have lost his sense of time.

In the game, the kidnap of Saeum of April had been straight after the Eunkwang high practical exam.

I had alerted the police but due to the death of one professor and four secondary school kids at the practical exam his disappearance had been buried. 

And with Minki’s controversy, it buried even deeper. 

‘Even those of the April lineage were not in the state to actively search for his disappearance. They must have had no choice.”

The lineage of the king’s messengers lived a secluded life for a long time. 

After 100years of consideration, they finally decided to come out. 

The first step they made was to enroll Saeum of April to Eunkwang high. 

‘The family of the April lineage had wanted to avoid revealing Saeum of April to the world….’

He had finished his primary, secondary education as a private candidate and wanted to go to Eunkwang high for his tertiary education. 

Due to Saeum of April’s determination his family allowed him to do so. 

‘But unfortunately, he was identified by the King’s enemy’s descendant. 

The professor in charge of the administration documents was the descendant. 

The moment the professor saw the family name “April” he knew it was he. 

He set a trap to kidnap him and sold him off to the auction. 

‘In the storyline, Saeum of April is only rescued two years from now.’

It was when the main character and his team infiltrated the auction to resolve the issue of the stolen cultural heritage theft case. 

The first item for sale was Saeum of April who had appeared for the first time in two years. 

The owner of Saeum laughed and unveiled the cage as he described his item, ‘To be a messenger is to be a bird.’ 

That was when the main character and his team saw him. 

Saeum of April with wings of the barbaric Grifagnas forcibly attached to his scrawny back. 

I did not want to see such a future. 

“I came to save you. Let’s go.”

“Bu…But…my uncle Saemin is captured….”

The uncle of Saeum was….

He was the one who had searched for Saeum and was eventually turned into an enemy after being caught by the sadistic commander.

Had he been caught at this point.

“They said he would be used as a sacrificial sample at today’s opening show…”

Saeum of April burst into tears. 

He must have known that making a sound would attract unwanted attention and tried his best to stay quiet by pressing his mouth to his shoulder to not make a sound. 

“I will unlock the cuffs. But pretend they’re locked. I will save your uncle too.”

The presence of his uncle was an unexpected turn of events but wouldn’t be a big issue. 

“Yes…Yes…thank you….I am okay so please…save my uncle.”

“Okay. Stop crying or you’ll lose your strength. Save it for later.”

I felt uneasy about leaving Saeum behind alone when he looked as though he was about to pass out but I had no choice.


My head felt like it was going to crack as an after effect of putting up my entire status window. 

I tried to make out all the participants in the party and tried for a few seconds but gave up. 

‘I found the character I wanted so that’s enough.’

I started to greet the participants slowly. 

There was no need to be overly friendly. 

They tried to start a conversation just because I was in the guise of Yeom Junyeol’s face. 

The single son of Yeom Bangyeol the master of the red lion team. 

He himself was also a star player. 

For the B and C group elites, he was a tempting network to have. 

“Hello, it’s my first time here. Did you all receive the coin? This is my first time seeing such an item.”

“Yes. Of course, it is an SR+++ rarity item given from a royal lineage.”

These people held on fiercely to the coins and brought it up during their conversation to flaunt it proudly. 

Afterall an SR+++ item was something most people couldn’t even dream of holding. 

‘They must want to savor the feeling of holding it since it is only a prop and will soon disappear.;

There were some who intentionally avoided me but every one of them was the same when it came to the coin. 

Even if they didn’t engage in greetings they were all holding on tightly to the coin. 

Only after I had made one full round of the party hall I felt at ease. 

I moved away from the crowd and went to the window after excusing myself. 

‘It’s a shit hole.’

The lights reflected by the chandelier and the gold velvet curtain got on my nerves. 

I had the sudden urge to pour the non-alcoholic champagne on the curtain. 

I was frowning when someone approached me. 

“Hello, senior Yeom Jun Yeol. I am Lee Lena, I just entered Eunkwang high.”

“Oh, I see. Hi.”

She had a Vegas gold ribbon bowed her head and greeted me. 

Half her hair was tied up in a ribbon and she wore a sequin embroidered dress that suited her.

‘Lee Lena was a playable character. Next year she would join the enemy before she is appeased by the title hero and joins….’

I was about to open the status window using the menu skill but my head ached badly stopping me in my tracks.

I had to use my esteemed ability later on. 

I wasn’t confident to lose my focus any further. 

‘Lee Lena is not a dangerous character yet so let’s wait and see.’

If I lost my energy here and failed to rescue both April Saeum and Saemin and ended up getting caught myself, it was truly the end. 

“I actually, saw you on TV before.”

“Is that so.”

“For someone of your caliber…you probably don’t need to come to such a place.”

“Such a place?”

Lee Lena seemed taken aback by my sudden question. 

She blinked her unusually round eyes and covered her mouth. 

That was the effect of the coin’s oath. 

‘Had she already taken the oath? The auction hadn’t even started.’

Lee Lena gave up trying to talk and folded her hands together to her heart.

In between her fingers, you could see the ‘copy of the silent oath coin’.

The coin was a prop. 

The moment the person took the oath it bound the user and the coin disappeared. 

So for Lee Lena, it must have been the effect of her oath from the year before. 

‘Why would Lee Lena’s parents bring a 16-year-old child to such a place.’

Lee Lena was the same age as Jo Eushin of this world

If she had come last year she must have been near 16. 

No, it was even possible that she came when she was younger. 

“For me, I was told it would help to memorize the faces of the people here for the future.”

Lee Lena seemed uncomfortable. 

I knew how she felt and her situation but I could also sense that she was trying to warn me with the best of her ability. 

“….It’s very late so why don’t you go back home? Your parents don’t seem to be here, so wouldn’t they be worried?”

“Yes. My parents would be worried.”

“Yes. I heard the ‘red lion’ team master was a fool for his son…no, he doted on his only son.”

I knew that. 

When Yemo Jun Yeol died at the age of 19. 

The king of the red kingdom and Yeom Bang Yeol led the whole red lion team and the royal family that had doted on Jun Yeol to attack the National Assembly which turned the city of Yeouido into a sea of flames. 

‘It compares too much.’

There were the kind of fathers who would risk everything they had to avenge for their son’s death like Yeom Bangyeol. 

But there were parents like Lee Lena’s who would push their child into the pits of hell for their own gratification. 

“You don’t have to worry about me.”


I wished Lena would worry more for herself than Junyeol.

“Before school starts apply for a dormitory at Eunkwang high.”

Lee Lena should be distanced from her parents as much as possible. 

“Once the host of the event goes up on stage, throw that coin away. I have to go for now.”

Just as Lena had shared a piece of advice, I returned the favor. 

I left the girl looking surprised and disappeared back into the crowd. 


“Ladies and gentlemen. May I have your attention, please! I Byeong Soon Hui, the organizer, and host for tonight’s party of dreams, announce that it is 2 o’clock. We will kick off the first fantasy and dream of this year! With this, I announce the Dream auction officially begins!”  

His exaggerated voice filled the hall. 

The lights went off and the stage soon flowed the contents of dry ice. 



Then one by one the lights started to turn on and people cheered to each spotlight.

The golden spotlight highlighted a gold-framed acrylic case containing an item card. 

‘Saeum of April….’

The last item to be shown was the birdcage at the center of the stage, entrapping Saeum.

Saeum’s blindfold had been removed and his eyes looked bloodshot. 

“Huhu, I heard. Apparently he is the last heirloom of the royal lineage. How rare.”

“Oh my, how shabby. I want to take him home and teach him some manners.”

“I want to ask a Jin lineage for a favor and release him in the ‘garden’ to see how many days he can survive.”

Saeum of April’s face turned pale at the words of the audience. 

Saeum pressed his lips tightly and looked around the room. 

He must be looking for me. 

Although he had never seen me with his blindfold. 

“Before I start the auction proper I have a surprise.”


Byeong Soon Hui lightly clapped his hands. 

“We captured this little rat and his accomplice that fearlessly tried to reclaim the captured bird!”

It seemed like it wasn’t only Saemin of April who was caught. 

Speaking of which, how would Saemin who had no almost no connections have found his way here? 

‘Someone at this party, or more clearly someone involved with the organizer must have slipped the news to Saemin.’

The security guards pulled a man and a woman who looked like a wreck and threw them to the center of the stage. 

The man, assuming he was Saemin, was covered in blood and passed out. 

The woman who was dressed in the same uniform as the guards was injured everywhere but still conscious. 

She glared with murderous eyes at Byeon Soon hui. 

“Now, how’s this. Why don’t you take the coin of silent oath, and return to….”

“Shut your trap.”

The woman cut Byeon off. 

She must have been beaten up while being dragged over as the black earring she had was smashed and her face was covered with blood and scars. 

She didn’t back down. 

“Had I known that this was such a horrid job I would have chosen to be jobless. You are worth less than the enemy you scum!”

“Oh my!”


“So vulgar!

“This is why they’re like rats that aren’t taught any manners.”


Byeon kicked the woman in the stomach himself. 

The woman who couldn’t even seem to breathe properly didn’t even scream. 

Saeum started shedding tears as though his eyes could melt away. 

“I shall leave it to the audience to decide the fate of the betrayer.  The first auctionable for tonight are these rats.”

Byeon lifted the silver coin in the air. 

“Now, can all of you hold your coin of oath, please? Please swear an oath that you will be a silent spectator for all that is about to happen. Only those who swear the oath can participate in the auction!”

Those in the party hall held their coins with eager eyes. 

I didn’t lift my hand and cut Byeon off. 

“I have a question.”

“Yes? Small…No, red dragon Yeom Jun Yeol, sir. Please ask anything you wish!”

Byeon seemed taken aback by the sudden intrusion but was not in a position to ignore Yeom Jun Yeol. 

I adopted Yeom’s tone and nuance as much as possible. 

“Do you know that the burning point of silver is higher than copper?”

“I beg your pardon…?”

<Using skill of chosen character, ‘targeted ignition’ is selected>

The moment I stunned everyone with my unexpected question. 

The hundreds of silver fires that had hidden flames started to burn collectively.

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