Chapter 9

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Han Moo-jin, who was tapping lightly on the desk, looked at the documents on the desk with a strange look on his face.

Lee Chang-wan, who was asked for specialized classes several times, responded with such unsatisfactory classes that he was hated by the students.

Namgoong Ryun openly ignored the requests of influential people for teaching untalented students and thus caused problems.

Both were troublesome teachers, and Han Moo-jin thought no Silver Class students would be involved with them.

‘I thought so, but…….’

However, those two teachers accepted Kang Yoo-sik, the student of Silver Class, for their special classes. Han Moo-jin watched the sparring video again after the unbelievable fact.



Kang Yoo-sik simply dominated Ban Kyeong-hoon with Lee Chang-wan’s ignition magic that he learned in the morning class.

The ability showed that Kang must not be in Silver Class, and Han Moo-jin agreed with it. The problem was that he could not explain the situation with Kang’s record measured earlier in the admission process.

‘Silver class was definitely his limit according to the measurements.’

It was natural that there was a difference in the pace of growth for each person and no one knew when and how it would evolve.

Therefore, Seongjin Military Academy closely monitored the mana inside the body to find out the potential of students before drawing up a curriculum based on the measurements.

The technology was the power to be promoted the Sungjin Military Academy into the top 3 of the world in a short time, and at the same time, it was competitive against other incubators on this small land.

‘And he breached the custom.’

This guy, whose potential could never be promoted above Silver Class smashed Ban Kyeong-hoon who was scheduled to be promoted to the Gold Class. Not to mention, he even won specialized classes for Lee Chang-wan and Namgoong Ryun.

It was understandable to defeat Ban Kyeong-hoon who was still growing. However, having Lee Chang-wan and Namgoong Ryun’s attention was beyond imagination. Thus, this rumor became a hot topic among teachers. 

Some of them visited Lee Chang-wan and Namgoong Ryun and asked them, but the answer was very subtle.

“He’s worth teaching.”

“I don’t know why I started teaching such a guy.”

Interest and sighing. Because of the opposite answers, some people said Kang had talent and some people said he had no talents. Han Moo-jin was the former.

‘If it was meant to be broken by a coincidence, it would have already been broken.’

Kang Yoo-sik broke his limits with whatever he did. In other words, no one could guess how much growth could be made in the future.

‘If he is really promoted to Gold Class…….’

Han Moo-jin, who tapped slightly on the desk, raised the corners of his mouth slightly as he looked at Kang’s profile.

‘I’d better sound out his views.’

Han Moo-jin, the Silver Class dean, refused to be promoted to S level in the past and entered Sungjin Military Academy.

He also began to pay attention to Kang.


‘When you have time, browse the Internet and put it on your nut.’

Lim Jung-min, the marksman of the guild who glanced at me while sitting absentmindedly, talked indifferently with his cigarette in his mouth.

It was advice that sounded like he was talking to himself but also serious. Normally I would have answered roughly, but that day I asked back for some reason.

‘Why should I?’

Normally, he would have been fretful and started cursing, but that day he just inhaled the smoke deeply and let it out.

Then he looked up at the dark night sky and muttered as if he were talking to himself.

‘You have to know something to get out of this fucking place.’

‘…… I see.’

At that heavy answer, Kang took out his cell phone and read something, and after a short break, they went back into the dungeon inside the gate.

That day, Lim Jung-min’s body was gobbled to death by a monster and Kang survived.

It was thanks to the monster’s information he read during the break.


Kang Yoo-sik, who naturally opened his eyes, looked around with his head slightly down.

Lunchtime after the third period about Monster Characteristics. Realizing that he had a dream while dozing off for a while, Kang touched his eyes.

‘Rather, the dream of a lottery number.….’

The comparison of future information while surfing the Internet all night seems to have stimulated memories.

Kang Yoo-sik, who recalled the days when he was in the midst of a flurry in the gutter, frowned and looked around the empty classroom.


Kim Jin-hyuk was sleeping on his stomach while snoring. Dark circles were thickly placed around his eyes and bandages were rolled up around both arms.

With evidence of Kim’s swinging the sword all night long, Kang Yoo-sik looked down at the figure with his chin in his hand.

‘What an easy-to-handle guy.’

In the future before the return, he was also dumb, but at that time, it was not easy to exploit him because he was distrustful.

However, he was now working day and night to live up to Kang’s expectations, thanking him even though Kang only used him.

Sometimes Kang suspected that Kim was pretending to be stupid, but sometimes Kim felt grateful to Kang when he saw the system notification showing that his debts had increased.

‘At the present rate of progress, I don’t need to care about him.’

If Kang made Kim feel grateful at every moment, the debt would continue to pile up even if Kang didn’t do anything.

After returning, the strong effect of debt rating was added, so the interest would continue to rise unless the accumulated debt was collected.

‘Then let’s leave this guy behind and start controlling the other guys.’

Although Kim Jin-hyuk, a former Kumkang Shingum, was the strongest hero before his return, that did not mean that other students at the Sungjin Academy were worthless.

Die or retire without developing their talents fully. In the distant future, some were recognized, and others were degraded due to poor conditions.

Kang Yoo-sik intended to approach such people and make debts to them and exploit their talent or strength.

‘I made a rough list yesterday, so I can look it up in order.’

He decided to start with the specialized classes of Namgoong Ryun today.

Kang Yoo-sik tapped Kim Jin-hyuk on the shoulder, looking forward to seeing how many would be hooked.

“Get up. It’s lunchtime.”

“Lun, lunch…….”

“Mr. Namgoong Ryun told us to visit him before class after lunch. Get up, man.”


At Kang Yoo-sik’s urging, Kim Jin-hyuk got up from his seat half-asleep, and the two immediately left the classroom and headed for the school cafeteria.

Perhaps because lunchtime was almost over, the inside of the restaurant was quiet, and Kang Yoo-sik sat down with beef curry and fried shrimp while Kim Jin-hyuk sat down with a double serving of salmon over rice.

“Ugh. I was starving.”

“Ugh. I was starving.”

“How can you die of hunger at every meal?”

“Because I am practicing hard…….”

Kim Jin-hyuk, who was about to answer Kang Yoo-sik’s scolding, suddenly felt strange and looked around.

Then the students, who were looking stealthily, jerked their heads away in surprise.

“Hey. Don’t make eye contact.”

“I think I just made eye contact with them. Hey, let’s eat and go.”

“Are they?”

“I heard so. It doesn’t look that special, but…….”

The same freshmen classmates avoided eye contact, while sophomore and junior students glanced at them as if they were looking at a strange animal.

Kim Jin-hyuk asked in a low voice about the subtle glances that had changed completely overnight.

“What did we do?”

Kang Yoo-sik looked at Kim Jin-hyuk, who was wondering and similarly smiled at those who avoided his gaze.

“They are keeping a distance because we are the ones to be sent.”

If there was only a sparring yesterday, there must have been quite a few people who refused to acknowledge their skill while probably saying that they were lucky or opponents were in bad condition. I was lucky, and the opponent was in bad shape.  

However, if it became known that they would take specialized classes from Namgoong Ryun who only taught geniuses, the story would be different.

Two people will be promoted above the gold class. Those people were Kang Yoo-sik and Kim Jin-hyuk.

“So that’s why it was empty around us in the classroom?”

“Right. And we were both secretly ignored because of our poor grades. That’s why they are afraid of us.”

Nice words for nice words. Those who disliked them might be scared to get it back.

Kim Jin-hyuk had a complicated look on his face by the first glance in his life, and Kang Yoo-sik calmly added a story to it.

“Better to be scared than to look down. I don’t want to beat each one of them up.”

It was much more pleasant in everyday life than when the enemy needed to be killed. That was why Kang always showed his teeth clearly.

To make sure that the middle guys didn’t rush easily, and to show bravado to the strong guys who couldn’t be threatened, that let them their guard down.

It was a simple and useful know-how that helped Kang knock down Hunters and Wizards or those who were stronger than him.


Kim Jin-hyuk, who was pondering over Kang’s advice, quickly smiled.

“You’re right. It’s annoying to fight one by one.”

Kim Jin-hyuk, who became more comfortable, naturally passed the gaze of other students and ate the thickly stacked salmon rice while Kang Yoo-sik also ate curry normally.

And the two, having finished their lunch a little late, headed to Namgoong Ryun’s lab at the main building of the Gold Class.


Namgoong Ryun welcomed them with a bright smile as soon as he opened the door.

Kang Yoo-sik looked surprised at how he looked like a completely different person, although he still looked like a crippled person.

“Welcome. Sit here.”

Namgoongryun treated Kang Yoo-sik like an invisible man and gave Kim Jin-hyuk a clean chair.

“Uh… …that’s…….”

Kang Yoo-sik stood in the middle, and Namgoong Ryun didn’t even glance at him once. Reading the subtle atmosphere between the two, Kim rolled his eyes and offered a clean chair.

“Yoo, Yoo-sik. You sit.”

“Okay. Thank you.”

At Kim Jin-hyuk’s recommendation, Kang Yoo-sik sat on a chair and raised his mouth proudly, and Nam Goong Ryun’s eyes cooled down.

Kim Jin-hyuk, who realized that he was trying to change the mood but failed, only rolled his eyes again.

“…… Sit here.”

The mood got better when Namgoong Ryun handed over another chair.

Seeing the two students sitting side by side, Namgoong Ryun returned to his chair with a tired look on his face. 

“I called you two today because I have a few things to tell you before class.”

Namgoong Ryun, who was rummaging through the messy desk, soon took out two sheets of paper and handed them one by one.

“This is the support you will receive this semester. Check it out.”


Kim Jin-hyuk, who received the document, read the contents curiously and soon opened his eyes wide.

“This, this is… …”

The pure support amount is 50 million won. In addition, the miracle drugs that support the growth of the stats were written as supporting items, which were worth more than 200 million won.

Kim Jin-hyuk couldn’t come to his senses due to the support beyond his imagination, and Kang Yoo-sik, who was sitting next to him, looked over the items without much response.

“I was thinking of getting some skill books, but I focused on the wonder drugs because we thought you two had to raise the stats first.”

Kim Jin-hyuk and Kang Yoo-sik showed outstanding skills with their own know-how, but the stats were still at the bottom level of the silver class.

That was why raising the stats was a priority to compete with the top-class students, and Namgoong Ryun also focused on it.

“Of course, classes will also be tailored to the training of the stats, and the skills and potentials will be developed slightly. Tell me now if you don’t like the policy. Don’t grumble later.”


When asked by Namgoong Ryun, Kim Jin-hyuk naturally looked at Kang, and Kang Yoo-sik answered with a sneaky smile.

“Nothing I don’t like. Because our stats are low.”

“Me either!”


As soon as he heard Kang Yoo-sik’s answer, Kim Jin-hyuk answered vigorously. Namgoong Ryun looked at the desk again, looking as if he had been betrayed by Kim.

“Then the class will be focusing on the training of the stats, and the last one is…”

Unlike the previous paper, Kim Jin-hyuk had a curious look on his face when he first saw something with mana parchment, and Kang Yoo-sik’s eyes became shiny.

‘Written oath.’

An item that forces a promise with mana.

Similar to a creditor’s skill, if they break their promise, the oath puts restrictions on them, but it was hard to see because it was hard to find such an item with a good performance.

However, it was clear what Namgoong Ryun would do when Kang saw two precious items in front of him.

“Sign there.”

This is Namgoong Ryun’s secret, which is still unknown to the public.

“Then I’ll double your growth rate.”

In the future, he had invested in his student, who was an F-level hunter, into an S-level hunter in a year, and turned him into a disastrous wizard.

The opportunity for upgrading their skill had come to them.

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