Chapter 16

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There was a strange atmosphere in the living room.

Grandpa Elvis had a difficult look on his face, Alice and Smith were shocked. Fredrick was as usual.

Generally, there was a feeling that you couldn’t say anything.

“Hmm…….you came from another world?”

“When I say it myself, it seems like a lie doesn’t it.

But I thought about it yesterday as well and I don’t think that there is any other explanation than this.”

“……So, there is some proof right?”


Said Takeo as he removed various things from his bag and arranged them on the table.

Wallet, notebook, cellphone (already switched on before breakfast), LED light, cigarette, lighter, ball pen, etc.

“Fuu, I haven’t seen any of these before.”

Grandpa Elvis said as he looked at the things on the table.

The other 3 also looked at the items with great interest.

“Mr. Elvis, I would like Mr. Fredrick to see this as well so can we have him sit with us?”

“Hmm, Fredrick, sit down with us, and participate in the conversation.”


With that, everyone surrounded the table and sat down.

“What is this? It feels like leather to the touch.”

Alice held it up and showed.

It was the wallet.

“This is my wallet.  It’s processed cow leather.

There are currency notes and cards inside.”

He removed the contents of the wallet.

“We have notes and coins for currency in the country I come from.

The higher the number, the higher is the value of the coins.”

“There is something very detailed written on this paper.”

Smith asked while holding up a 10000 yen note.

“These notes are not written by hand, but by a machine and they can be produced in 10’s of 1000’s.

The small details prevent the counterfeiting of money.

If you put light on it, there will be a technology called a watermark visible.

An image became visible in the white area right?”


Smith was surprised to see the watermark.

“These coins have different artwork on them. Is there a meaning to it?”

Fredrick said while checking out a 5 yen coin.

“The coin that you are holding right now, represent the cornerstones of the country: the agriculture, fisheries, and industry.

The images of plants on some of the other coins also have some kind of meaning behind it.”

“I see.”

“Takeo, what is this card?”

He showed various cards.

“Basically these are store cards.

For example, if you buy something from the store, you get 1 point and once you collect 10 points, you can exchange it for something.”

“Hmm. Is there some gain for the shop by doing this?”

“Yes, there is. Firstly there is a high possibility that the shop will be viewed favourably.

Since customers are weak to words like ‘free’ and ‘special’.

And the, you can understand the mechanism by finding the highest selling items.”

“I see. There is profit in this kind of transaction.”

“Sir Takeo, this is?”

Alice asked about the notebook.

“This is a notebook. I write down my schedule of the day and what I’ve done during the day.”

“I see. By the way, there are some numbers from 8 to 22 here. What is it?”

“Yes, this is the time at my place.”


“Lady Alice, how are the time intervals expressed here for the whole day?”

“Eh? The bell rings 8 times during the day and that is used to validate the time.”

“In the place where I’m from, the day is divided into 24 intervals.

For each interval that passes, we say that 1 hour has passed.”

Takeo showed his watch.

“When this small needle moves, we say that 1 hour has passed.”

Alice stared at it.

“Sir Takeo, this only divided into 12 parts though?”

“Yes,  that is because trying to fit in 24 intervals will make it difficult to see that why its expressed as 12 hours.”

“I see.”

“This device is used to talk to people who are far away.”

Takeo started talking while holding the cell phone.

“Far as in how far?”

“…….Other countries or people even further away than that.”

For a moment Takeo was about to say ‘anywhere on planet earth’ but he wasn’t aware of the mindsets of people here so he said something that was more familiar.

“How do you talk? How many days would it take?”

“No. If I speak here right now, I can speak to the person in another country or very far away immediately.”

“!? That is amazing!? Can this be used right now?”

“Unfortunately it cannot be used unless the other party also has a phone.

But anyway, this can take a photograph.”

“What is a photograph?”

“……It will draw a detailed picture in a moment.”


“Lady Alice, is it alright if I take one?”

“Eh? I’m afraid so I don’t want to!?”

Alice refused seriously………..But.

“Haha. It won’t bite.

……..Then, take it together with me.”

“…….if it’s together then……”

She reluctantly agreed.

Takeo stood next to Alice and positioned the camera.

“Please look here.”


She was quite nervous.


It took a picture as usual.

Takeo showed Alice the image as he said,

“Nothing happened right?”

He explained.

“It’s strange. I’m drawn here but the face looks a little weird.”

She coughed as she stared at the picture.

“You were quite nervous, isn’t it? Of course, the person is prettier when looked at directly.”

He followed up.

Alice immediately blushed.

“You’re a smooth talker aren’t you.” She said a little angrily.

The others also picked up various things and asked questions.

Takeo answered them one by one.

“Hmm, there are many rare things.”

“It’s a strange experience.”

“There are a lot of interesting things.”

“There was quite an effect.”

Everyone gave their impressions.

“So, what is Mr. Elvis’s judgement?”

Takeo asked grandpa Elvis.

“Hmm. I’m half-convinced that you came from another world.

By rare or unknown items and some unknown knowledge is not enough for confirmation.”

“It’s about enough to prove that I’m from a different country right?”

“Hnn, that’s a compromise.”

“Then I’ll also speak.

I’m Elliot Henry Elvis.

I’m the Earl of this region in the Azpearl Kingdom.”

Grandpa Elvis smiled and said.


Takeo responded.

“Takeo, your reaction is weak. I’m an Earl !?”

“……..It must be something great I’m sure but is it alright if I ask you a basic question.”

“What is it?”

“What is an Earl?”


Everyone was shocked.

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