Chapter 18

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“As for the hierarchy of the Azpearl Empire, the emperor is at the apex, then the Duke, Marquis, Earl, Viscount, and the Baron ranks follow.”

“Does the size of the territory depend on the rank held?”

“It’s not decided by the rank. There are cases where the person is a Baron but their territory is large whereas a Marquis has a small territory. Therefore, the aristocratic ranking is not proportional to the size of the territory.”

“Is it inherited through the family line then?”

“It’s basically inherited, through the male family line.

But that doesn’t mean that if the father is an Earl, the son will be an Earl.

They may be given a Viscount or Baron ranking in the beginning and the ranking can differ.”

“I see. Is this only for Aristocrats?”

“Only Aristocrats.”

Smith affirmed.

“Let me add to that.

It’s not only for aristocrats. If a person makes a big contribution to the empire, they may be given a Viscount or a Baron rank.”

“I see.”

“……….Then I’ll continue.

Even for soldiers who are commoners can be awarded an aristocratic rank for one generation. That is the rank of ‘Knight’.

They can become Knights through achievement or examination.

The Lord of each territory can recommend names and the examination or appointment of the Knights is done at the royal capital.”

Takeo nodded.

“By the way, what is the breakdown for the 1000 Knights?”

“First the rank of the Knight Commander, followed by the Knight Chief, Knights, Soldier captain, Platoon captain, and the soldiers.

Knights are officially candidates for knighthood because the Knight chief and above are subject to examination.

For our Elvis territory, we have 1 Knight Commander, 10 knights chiefs, 290 knights, 1 soldier captain, 42 platoon captains, and 840 soldiers.”

“…………….doesn’t that exceed 1000?”

Takeo asked the simple question.

“Yes. When we say 1000 soldiers, we mean the ones that we can send to the battlefield.

But the stationed soldiers are 1184.

Moreover, we have corps in case of a war so the number will further increase.”

“I see. Even if there is a war it doesn’t mean that you can empty the town. It’s pretty complicated.”

There are various things to think of during times of war, Takeo took an interest.

“I roughly understood the land and army.

Please tell me about this town.”

“This is a town at the frontier in the northeastern part of the empire.

Since the roads intersect with the Dwarf in the north and the Demon Kingdom in the east, tax revenue from trade comes in.

This is a small 5 km square fortified town.

The two main roads are the front road to the gate of the castle and the back road to the back gate of the castle.”


“Do you want to know anything else?”

“What about the currency?”

“The currency in Azpearl Empire is gold, silver, and copper.”

“……I won’t really understand the value of each type isn’t it.”

“Then how about you ask the price of common items?”

Alice suggested.

“I see. Then how much is 1 bread?”

“That’s right. 2 pieces are bought with 1 copper coin was it?”

“How about alcohol?”

“1 bottle is 10 coppers I guess?”

……….. I don’t understand…….Takeo was confused.

“What is the value for exchange of the gold, silver, and copper coins?”

“1 gold coin = 10 silvers = 1000 copper.”

……….I guess that 1 bread is 50 yen, a gold coin is 100,000 yen, a Silver coin is 10,000 yen and the copper coin is 100 yen.

Takeo converts easily.

“Would you like to ask anything else?”

Smith inquired.

“I think I’ve understood roughly.

Only the details are left so it’s okay.”


Smith’s role as a teacher was over.

“I’m tireddd” he said.

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